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Link to the State One-Act Play Schedule (a PDF document) .. New York: Theatre Arts Books. He wrote four books: My Life in Art (), An. theatre games and exercises in this manual cannot be credited or referenced in . plays, mass media campaigns, comic books, and other imaginative offerings have online at: Tel.: COURSE CODE. ARTS COURSE NAME. Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies. TIME AND ROOM.

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Robert Leach is the Drama Pathway Leader at the University of. Cumbria. He has published widely and his books include Makers of Modern Theatre (Routledge. PDF Kindle EPub, Free, UToronto [clippings, photos, drawings, music, mss., posters; books indexed here] Theatre record & scrap book [ programs & clippings re: plays, musicals, Dublin, Graphic PDF, Free, Villanova. A relative newcomer to theatre studies, musical theatre scholarship has proven a fertile and comprehensive field of inquiry, as three recent.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Felix Akinsipe. Ayo Akinwale, Ph. Previous attempts had failed due to many reasons. It has become very difficult for a country that has been dominated for so long by military rule to understand and bend to the demands and rules of democracy.

Some of the problems Clark identified then were that the dance art "is at the same stage as literary scholarship was in the 50s and early 60s" because the young dance artists are yet to have confidence in the field as a viable means of getting international recognition. It was also observed that there were as few as two professional journals through which dance scholars could make their studies known.

It is quite unfortunate that even today twelve years after her submission all the above situations have not changed for the better. If anything has happened at all, it is negative. For example, the two journals mentioned in her work are no longer active. Although the higher institutions running theatre programmes have increased, only University of Ilorin teaches music, dance and drama with equal emphasis on each area.

Dance is still treated as an accompaniment to music and drama in many other institutions. There is yet to be a full-fledged dance department in the country. There is still no body of dance academics to forge a direction for the art in Nigeria. This particular problem is not unconnected with the fact that the discipline is not yet accorded the rightful place it deserves in the society for it to flourish.

Dance is still not taught at the primary and secondary school levels. Therefore, there are only a few candidates that apply to study dance in higher institutions, hence there are a few dance scholars in the country who can actually defend and project the image and artistic potency of dance.

For the avoidance of doubt, dance has come to stay as a viable art worldwide. The performing arts entail the act of 'doing' in the theatre before an audience. This Aristotle argues is an imitation of imitation. This being so, dance is perhaps one of the most effective means of imitation of all the performing arts.

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The dance theatre has been used effectively of imitate l i f e experiences and presented on stage for the audience. The medium of dance has been used to a large extent to mirror the society like music or drama.

Through some dance productions the evil habits of the society have been exposed and condemned while some good aspects of die society have been encouraged and praised. This is why, Helen Tamil is, in the s and s claims that modern dance could be used — and this indeed, to her, was one of its purposes — to deal meaningfully with modern problems, to help move audiences to a stage of concern and readiness for action.

Kraus Apart from being a powerful form of entertainment, the dance theatre can also be didactic. The avenue of dance production can be used to educate the audience. A lot of social changes can be made through a dance performance.

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In Germany, Kurt Jooss' dances were full of strong social commentaries and he became famous for: In his ballets the story flows on as uninterrupted narrative, total dance. His ballet, The Green Table broke new ground in presenting a topical subject —- the inevitable outbreak of war and its consequences — as a work of art Encyclopedia Britannica, So the era of looking down on dance as a form of entertainment is gone especially in other parts of the world.

H is now le ft for Nigerian dance artists to stand up and seize all opportunity available it- educate the Nigerian audience and make dance relevant to the country's need especially at this crucial stage of our new democratic dispensations.

Summary and conclusion This paper has attempted to discuss the role dance should play in the Nigerian democratic environment. It has observed that there is a decline in the theatre-going culture and play-reading tradition among the Nigerian populace. While this is so, it is clear that dance is still very much enjoyed and patronized by the Nigerian people be they old or young, rich or poor.

The inadequacy of the cultural dances to make an impact on the political situation of the country because of its sole function of entertainment is highlighted. The need for a replacement of the cultural dances with a communicative dance dance theatre at necessary avenues is encouraged.

It is however, observed that unless the dance art is given its rightful place and developed in the Nigerian society it may not be able to make any impact on the populace. There is need for dance to be properly taught at all levels of education in Nigerian so that true dance artists can be made. There is also the need for the government to support dance artists through various grants and sponsorships. A look should also be taken into the dance arm of the National Troupe with the aim of making the troupe produce dances with meaningful impact on the Nigerian situation.

The arts councils should also in addition to their stereotyped cultural dances venture into the modern dance theatre to get concrete messages across to the Nigerian populace rather than merely entertaining them. This paper thus concludes that the dance art can only be used to make meaningful impact on the Nigerian audiences towards sustaining her nascent democratic environment if the word democracy is applied by theatre artists to dance itself and the art is let to operate like any other art of the theatre that it is.

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New Theatre

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By Canice C Nwosu. By Arnold Udoka. Introduction to the Drama of Ahmed Parker Yerima. James R. First published: Print ISBN: About this book The Art of Theater argues for the recognition of theatrical performance as an art form independent of dramatic writing.

Identifies the elements that make a performance a work of art Looks at the competing views of the text-performance relationships An important and original contribution to the aesthetics and philosophy of theater. Reviews "Hamilton's clarity of style and focused argument make his study an engaging change from the predominance of continental thought in many texts on contemporary theatre and performance.

The Art of Theater returns us to basic questions where they seem most certain: Author Bios James R. His research is in aesthetics, focusing on theater. Free Access. Summary PDF Request permissions. Tools Get online access For authors. Email or Customer ID.

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