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A free online story by Lisa McMann. A companion to the first Dream Catcher novel, Wake, this is Cabel's perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with. Lisa McMann is the New York Times bestselling author of the middle grade dystopian fantasy series The Unwanteds, the YA paranormal Wake trilogy, and. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 9 Up In Lisa McMann's first title (Simon Pulse, ) in a projected series, we are introduced to.

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WAKE WHERE IT BEGINS Evening, December 23, Janie Hannagan is eight. She wears a thin, faded red-print dress with to Author: Lisa McMann. FADEALSO BY LISA MCMANN Wake This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or r. I think everyone knows how much I LOVE this series so when I heard you can download the first book, Wake for FREE I was super excited!.

This preview shows page 1 - 10 out of pages. Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. Boston College. This book is a work of fiction.

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. Saturday Situation: Comments Ooh, I don't know whether I should do it! I've been thinking about starting these! LunaMoth, Fade is even better! Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. I've been looking all over for this!

OMG I wanted to download it. Hi There! Omololu C. Redwine C. Molly Backes M. Putney M. Cast Pam Bachorz Paperbackswap. Looking for something?

Some Recent Posts: Dig by A. King Review: The close proximity of the other girls caused her to experience their dreams and not get any rest for herself. Anytime someone around her is asleep - she gets sucked in - at school, on the bus, driving down the road, etc.

All she knows is that she loses feeling in her limbs and becomes paralized. The more frightening the dream, the faster the numbness occurs. Janie has an alcoholic mother, an unknown father, and is extremely poor.

She lives on the "wrong" side of town and has one loyal friend. A new addition to her life is Cabel. He lives in her neighborhood and seems to be a loner.

She has several interactions with him throughout the book, but their lives become intertwined when she has to let him know about her problem while they are on a school trip together and she is stuck on a bus for several hours with her napping classmates being sucked into one dream after another the whole way.

Cabel must help her through. This is a comfort to Janie as well as a new stress. She grows to like Cabel very much, but when she begins to get sucked into his gruesome dream and hears some particularly damning rumors about him, she questions her feelings for him.

With the help of an unlikely person she meets at the nursing home and some books from the library , Janie begins to gain a little control over her "curse. Your heart will go out to her and cheer as she makes her way through life given the obstacles she must overcome.

View all 9 comments. Feb 17, Kat Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is short, sweet and simple. I think it's the simpleness of the story that gives it the most charm. There are no intricate or twisted plots. Nor is than any great climatic action to this story. It is a gradual growing of a girl and a boy as they learn to deal with an unusual psychic ability together and face their nightmares. There isn't much to say about this book.

There isn't much plot or pacing to speak of though it doesn't drag on. It's hard for this book to drag on because there simp This book is short, sweet and simple. It's hard for this book to drag on because there simply isn't much of it. I read it in three hours. The characters are complex, compelling and well crafted. Though the character of Cabel has convinced me of one thing that I had already suspected. In literature, we like our men obsessive. We like them to be doggedly persistent in their chase of our heroines.

It's not enough that they summon the courage to attempt to speak or interact to them. It's not enough that they put themselves or their hearts on the the line. They must win us, well and truly. They have to be obsessed and consumed with us. I think it's a sad reflection on the high expectations that we have on men today, but Cabel is different from the norm.

Because you can actually understand why he would risk everything for the female main character. He's reasonable, lovable, and flawed. Over all, I love this story though it's not one I'd pick up to read over and over again. It's a nice story to have read and enjoyed. I look forward to reading the sequel.

View all 6 comments. I've read countless YA novels in this past year, but Wake is by far my favorite. To be perfectly honest, it's not the story that I like so much - it's very interesting and well thought out, but it was the writing that blew me away. In her review, Tatiana called McMann's writing style flawless, and I must admit I was very intrigued by her choice of words at the time.

I understand now exactly what she meant. Wake has a steady rhythm that you can almost feel in your bones while reading. I adore its simplicity and unpretentiousness. Lisa McMann's writing is every linguist's dream.

Linguists are usually very sensitive when it comes to language economy, and we especially dislike redundancy. There isn't a single part that is redundant in Wake. In Delirium, the MC leaves the house in the middle of the night to go to an illegal party and warn her best friend about a raid. While she is on her way to perform this very important task, Lauren Oliver takes the time to describe the streets, and even trash cannes she walks by.

Writers tend to dilute their stories with descriptions and unnecessary facts. In literary theory, those parts of a text are called catalysts. The sentences are clean and short, almost bare. From my strictly structuralistic point of view, that makes them almost perfect. I'm in love with this book. I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

View all 7 comments. Oh… this was bad. I already had low expectations, because it was a random cover buy, but it surpassed them?. The plot seemed so interesting… but the writing was so choppy. The characters were underdeveloped and there wasn't even a plot… it was just bad. I enjoyed the incorporation of lucid dreaming. I liked the first few pages? The character of Janie seemed interesting before I realized she was never expanded upon? Everything else. The writing style was so absurdly choppy.

Like I get stream of consciousness writing. I get it. Then the fragments were just broken up further with divisions in time. Then broken into itty chapters and spliced together paragraphs.

None of the characters were ever expanded upon. I never learned anything about Janie other than how inconvenienced she was by her circumstances.

What does she want? What does she enjoy? Or Melinda? Or Shay? Or anyone?

Free Download of Wake by Lisa McMann!!

There was no plot. At all. Just Janie walking through random dreams and becoming more and more upset by them. But I expected her to have an idea of how to fix it, discover some horrible secret about someone, meet someone else with the same ability-- anything.

There was just no plot. Random things just kept happening. What was that romance even? It came out of nowhere. There's a whole scene where Janie determines someone is a lesbian because they are dreaming of another female with huge cartoon-esque boobs. Like just seriously massive tits. And then it becomes a joke that continues the rest of the novel In conclusion: It's like a sequence of dreams with a little plot that's it!!

The only reason I finished it was because I was curious to see if it changed. It so didn't and i'm so not reading the sequel, yeah it's so bad i'm not even giving it a chance. View all 4 comments. Mar 05, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: First read in February of , Wake is one of those rare gems that I keep coming back to. In spite of the later ruin of the series, truly Gone was atrocious, Wake still possesses some element of reading magic for me. Quick read status or no, Wake can boast of containing not one, but two fantastically imperfect characters, a unique and heart breaking supernatural element, and a mystery that never dulls, even after multiple re First read in February of , Wake is one of those rare gems that I keep coming back to.

Quick read status or no, Wake can boast of containing not one, but two fantastically imperfect characters, a unique and heart breaking supernatural element, and a mystery that never dulls, even after multiple re-reads. The writing is sparse, befitting of the story, and is rather lovely in its own cold, lonesome way.

I would recommend Wake to anyone, just stop the series after Fade. View 1 comment. I don't love it as much as many of my Goodreads friends but this could be because I started out listening to this and finished the last pages in book form. I'm glad I did so because I can say that I liked this book loads more in audio format. I'm fairly sure the writing style just wasn't doing it for me. You know when you are trying to write a paper for school and you are a couple pages short?

You start playing around with the margins, change the font around, block quote a few times, and ta-da! You're suddenly at the length requirement. That's what this book felt like--a substandard research paper. Sure, it was enjoyable but when you hold it up against other YA lit, it falls short because it's missing something. Also, though I enjoyed the development of Janie and Cabel's relationship, it was lacking the attraction for me. The pacing is lightning speed--I think someone could read this in an hour and a half, no joke.

I'll finish this series because the story is interesting and it won't take much time. Honestly, though, I'm sorry to say I could really take it or leave it. Mar 17, William rated it liked it Shelves: But Wake does create something different: A pleasant surprise with this novel was its set-up for a sequel: Twilight this is not, but Wake has an opportunity to send a few young readers toward the darker streets traveled by Dennis Lehane and Patricia Cornwell , which is company, I think, of higher caliber.

I think I'm too old for this young adult book. I just didn't like the abrupt sentence structure and simplistic thought process of the characters. To me, it just isn't well written and the characters aren't bright. Janie is seventeen and has been dealing with getting into other people's dreams for years. She hates it, can't control it, and wonders how she will ever survive.

Oh, and then the boy Cabel comes along. He's trouble maybe and Janie does the typical teenage angst thing by liking him, g I think I'm too old for this young adult book.

He's trouble maybe and Janie does the typical teenage angst thing by liking him, getting mad at him, and then ignoring him. Come on, girl--that is so 's teen lit! So to me, there's no "lyrical" going on--and I won't read the sequel. I think this will be popular with the lower level readers of my high school who don't want to think much as they read.

I best get this review out of the way before I start the second book in the series: In short, the story is about Janie, a girl who finds herself dragged into the dreams of those sleeping around her - a big problem, as you can imagine, in the majority of high school classes.

With no idea why she has this strange ability, Janie begins to discover that, not only can she see the dreams happening, she can also interfere and change what happens. I really liked the story and, surprisingly for a yo I best get this review out of the way before I start the second book in the series: I really liked the story and, surprisingly for a young adult novel, I also liked the romance going on between Janie and Cabel.

3- GONE.pdf - ALSO BY LISA MCMANN Wake Fade GONE The final...

The characters are interesting and I found the novel to be at times really funny and at others quite sad. I think it's the kind of book that grows on you the further you get.

I wasn't overwhelmed with wonder in the first chapter but I noticed that the book quickly got better and better. What I couldn't get used to and still find really strange when I think back about it, is the fact that the novel is written in 3rd person present tense narrative.

It kept confusing me and just seemed rather weird. There were a number of times whilst I was reading the novel where it would say "she did this" or "she did that" and I'd be thinking "who's she?

I thought Janie was the only one there But, on the whole, it doesn't detract from the overall story and I found it a different and enjoyable read.

Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)

Thanks to readitswapit, I have book 2 already sitting on my shelf. Apparently, though, according to the ever-wise Tatiana book 3 is a no-go. I'll probably stop after Fade. View all 5 comments. May 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: Although we sometimes may not remember them, they often take us on a journey that we may or may not want to happen. For Janie Hannagan, though, dreams are her worst nightmares.

Not like any other normal teenage girl, Janie witnesses the dreams that anyone within close proximity is dreaming. Of course, she doesn't really want this to happen, but it has been going on ever since she was eight.

Janie is able to see the ordinary dreams, from falling to drowning to going to work without wearing any pants. Along with that, she is able to see people's secrets and what they desire the most. There is nothing Janie can do about this but to just keep the knowledge to herself. That all changes when Cable, the guy who everyone thought was a pothead and a dealer, enters her life as she enters his dreams.

Half the time, the dreams are somewhat sweet and romantic, but then other times she witnesses the nightmares that have been haunting him. As Janie tries to sort out not only his dreams but her own feelings for Cable, she learns that the only way to survive her reactions towards other people's dreams is to control them -- and to help the people complete the tasks that they so desperately want to accomplish.

Every now and then a novel gets published and becomes a work of art that we all will long remember. WAKE is one of those novels that is not only unique but also mesmerizing and exhilarating.

With her debut novel, Lisa McMann creates something that will be on our minds and change the way we think about what we read. Mar 29, Tammie rated it did not like it Shelves: I liked the idea behind the story okay, but there were more F words in this YA book than any of the adult novels I've read.

It just wasn't necessary. This book contained a lot of content that just wasn't appropriate for teen readers. I'm also not a huge fan of the writing format. I'm not sure if it wasn't just to cover up the fact that maybe the writer isn't all that good at writing. View all 3 comments. Jul 30, Tijana rated it it was ok. This book went from random, confusing and pointless to freaking epic and intriguing, just to end up as a huge predictable cliche that 10 year olds could find highly enjoyable.

Nothing else to add, your honor. I rest my case. Nov 24, Cory rated it it was ok. I wonder why I keep doing this to myself. I could be doing Calculus homework. I could be writing my novel. Instead, I devote my time to reading badly written YA fantasy. Perhaps I just like to procrastinate. I wish these authors would quit being so crafty. It's like they only focus on the first few pages of their books.

Conveniently, those first few pages are the ones that show up on the book previews. Luckily, I didn't have very high expectations for Wake. It was just sitting on my desktop and I I wonder why I keep doing this to myself. It was just sitting on my desktop and I was bored. Two hours later and I'm still bored. I didn't have a problem with the writing style. It's written in third person present, like Loser. However, this writing style is misused. First Person narration is for character driven stories!

Harry Potter was not a character driven series. That's why it was written in third person narration. No one cared about Harry, they just wanted the mystery.

Fade (Wake Series, Book 2) - PDF Free Download

Catcher in the Rye is not a plot driven story. It relies on it's characters. Holden's voice is what drives the story. Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction are typically written in third person because they rely on plot and setting while Contemporary is typically written in first person because it relies on it's characters.

I know what you're thinking. Cory, this is a fantasy novel. Why are you complaining? This isn't a fantasy novel. Sure, it has fantasy elements, but it's really just Contemporary. Janie is our main character. We're drawn into the story from her experiences. Therefor, we should have access to her thoughts first hand. This book has no plot.

It's just Janie wandering from one dream to the next. But the book read like an Educational Psychology textbook. Here's an example: Janie is sixteen. She buys her own clothing now. Often she buys food, too. The welfare check covers the rent and the booze, and not much else. Two years ago, Janie started working a few hours after school and on the weekends at Heather Nursing Home.

Now she works full-time for the summer. I was halfway expecting questions to start appearing at the end of every chapter. Lisa McMann did a Meyer. She pulled a plot out of nowhere in the last fifty pages. Maybe that's why I skimmed the last fifty pages. I just didn't care about what happened next. I'm not a big Orson Scott Card fan, but his novel Magic Street has the exact same premise as this, and we actually get explanations for why things happen.

You know, those little things that authors give us when they're not trying to string us along for the sequel. I hate choppy, forced, ambiguous endings. And just to spite her, I'm not going to read the sequels. It's not like this book had anything going for it outside of the premise.

Janie isn't a very compelling character. I could care less about her. Her romance with Cabel was bland. In fact, I found him somewhat annoying. You'll be rolling your eyes when you find out what he's really up to. The romance felt like it was thrown in for Janie to have a love-interest. Her mother was the only interesting character. I wanted to know what was up with her. Carrie was also annoying. I didn't even get why the lesbian sub-plot was needed.

If anything, that was more interesting than the main plot. Why don't we find out anything about Janie's powers? What was the deal with Martha?

Who is Captain? These questions aren't answered. I doubt they'll be answered in the sequel. Like Going Bovine , the first few pages are pretty good. But once you get into the story, you wish that you'd just picked up something else. Finally picked this book up at Barnes and Noble last night and once I started reading I couldn't put it down.

Well, okay, I slept for awhile last night, but I didn't sleep very well, actually, and I had some really odd dreams

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