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Exam Code: Exam Name: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) Q&As are downloadable in PDF and VCE format. 3. Pass4sure PDF Download - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read CCNAPASS$4SUER DumpsPDF Exam Questions Answers. Uploaded by. william. CCNA Free Workbook. Uploaded by. Todd Watson. Download free latest exam CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA () vce · pdf.

Watson Dumps For Ccna 200 120 Pdf

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PDF - cittadelmonte.infoq - BymTFD. VCE - cittadelmonte.infompsvby. Watsonq. Number: Passing Score: Time Limit: min. File Version: Exam Code: Exam Name: CCNA Cisco Certified Network . Download CCNA exam Premium PDF Files. Free dumps for in VCE & PDF format also you can read online. All tests, vce.

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Got it Dumps still valid.

Watson dump is all you need. Did my CCNA yesterday got Every question was from ete. Sims acl, eigrp and nat. Study references: I passed my exam on 16th nov with a score I don't know the answer but not speed or duplex,which were in the options. All the best Ahmad Youniss.

Slicknick South Africa. Watson dump is valid - ACL1 and Eigrp Sims. Know your work guys! Valid today in egypt pass and very good Actualtests. Anshu Nagdev. Thanks a lot to prepaway. Someone please tell me, dump is valid or not? Please help me. Daud Kamal. ACL 2 modification 3. EIGRP Ahmed Muhammed. Passed Just study Watson or 9 tut and labs from 9 tut with all mods. Simon Ng. This dump still valid Pass today Thanks a lot Watson Sim: Hope others all the best Hello Please help me I am planning to give an exam, is this Dumps still valid in India.

Dump is valid, passed today with ! Don't over look commands for simulation. Good Luck: Iqbal Noor Khan. Thannks watson, examtut and 9tut. Muhammad Annas Haider. Thank you watson dump and 9tut.

What is the difference? Mohamed Soliman. Good Luck to all. Hassan Al-shakarchi. Passed today.. Just study watson, examtut and 9tut its more than enough.

Amir Samy. Dump is still valid. All questions from Watson Dump,one etherchannel question from 9tut. Tint Htet. Sami Ullah Khattak. Almost all questions were from Watson.

Still Valid. Ramy ali.

Hi i took the test yesterday. Good luck!! Joshua Fernandes. RA, yes they are just multiple choice questions but i would advice just using the show run command as exams are recorded. Guys don't mess your sims up as they carry more marks than question. If you do make a mistake hopefully you can fix it as once you close the terminal it auto saves without even using copy run start.

Also the "? If after you read all the comments and still need help, i will check this page once a day to assist people in need. All questions from dump and sims from 9tut. Guys when you say the IPs change on the exam you mean on the questions too or only on the sims?

Thanks prepaway.. Just one question please, for the 2 new labs for eigrp and OSPF do we have to do the show commands and answer the questions? So just answer only 4 multiple choice questions? Guys, on ACL 1: Thanks God Thanks watsan ,examcollectio,9tut Just passed my exam! So comments help alot so i'll share my experience. There is no back button on the exam. Thanks to Watson and 9tut! Its all you need to pass but be sure to actually know the work and cheat your way through.

Hope this was alil helpful. Study the following and you will ROCK..! Harold Calderon. People are asking about Drag and drop, yeah there is about 2 or maxim 3 Drag and drop, All they are in 9tut. Passed with Practice and you will be fine. Also use 9tut. But it was from Watson. As long as you have an idea about what is in Watson. Go through them, cus, that is what you get at the exam.. I am not sure i am practicing correct sim can anyone confirm below link http: Thanks and God bless!!!

This is your key to success on the exam!! Good luck for everyone. Thanks to Watson. Watson dump is still valid. Better be careful because the answer order is jumbled. Please have an idea of the questions and answers. Watson Matthew Gillbeast Examtut Good luck all….

I will highly appreciate it.. Farrukh Naseem. Daniela Ruiz. The exam included.. Thanks Watson , Matthew's y examutut. Kindly help me on this its urgent. Ahmed Mohsen. Srinivasan V. I passed an exam yesterday. Not so difficult - need select right variant in 4 blocks of question. All information for answering contains in outputs of "show run" and "show ip int brief" of appropriate devices.

Pass4sure 200-120 PDF Download

Pakistan KPK. Does anyone tell me which new sims have been added in the ccna exam i have heard that ospf and eigrp new simulation have been added can you please explain what type of question has been asked please reply ASAP as i have paper tomorrow.

So the questions from the exam are all from dump and the labs are from the Examtut dump? Irshad Ibrahim. I studied Watson , Mathew and Gillbeast Thanks to prepaway, Watson , Mathew and Gillbeast All the best people. Be cool, exam will be easy. Just Study these 3 dumps completely and exam will be good. Best Regards, Pavi. Mohamed Idris Mohamed. Mo - USA. This dump is valid in Pakistan Thanks to, 9tut. Ahmed AlHoudaiby. Ali Qahtani. Just passed CCNA exam with a score of out of I studied dump Watson only.

Islam Bishr. Thank u Watson, Dump is valid. Did exam last Tuesday, 16th Sept. Everything you need is here. Ahsan Faraz. Ahmed Yehya.

Pass4sure PDF Download | Osi Model | Computer Network

Mahmoud Atef. Thank God I succeeded yesterday, a total of in the exam, thanks to God, and then Watson. Samm - There are almost 9 labs out of which usually 3 comes in exam. Go to this link to practice and learn those. It's the best. Good luck,. Passed today Alhumdullillah.. Hello everyone. I come from Vietnam. So who has been asked Cisco. Actualtests competition then please Watson. I just learned here and 9tut or to learn more Matthew.

Sincerely thank you. Omar Tarek. Watson's dump is valid. Sims were eigrp, acl 1 and acl 2. I study Watson Dump and 9tut. I got 1 question Etherchanel from 9tut.

Hope success for all. Hello yes pls i defeat enemiez who betrayd me cisco yes pls i noiw go to the CCAr pls any dump send me thank u great god! Moustafa Attia. Mahesh Vishwakarma. Thanks for providing such a usefull study material. Ahmed Galal. Siva Shankar. I also used examtut and gillbeast dumps but mostly questions are same in all of them. Also the labs were eigrp, acl 1 and acl 2.

In eigrp thr A. All the best to everyone preparing for CCNA. Thanks a lot to 9tut and prepaway for your permission on sharing exam dumps. So Many Thanks to Watson,Matthew,examtut dumps. All questions from Watson Dump,one etherchannel ques from Matthew Dump. All questions from Watson Dump,one etherchannel ques from Matthew Dump and 3new ipv6 address correct form single choice questions.

Wagner Almeida Gross. I prepared Watson. I wrote this exam yesterday and passed. I used both CBT Nuggets and dump. My score - and the passing score is See 9tut. Study Watson, Matthew and Examtut dumps. Hi Friends, which version of ETE simulator should i use for dumps. Unfortunately its not working which am having, even i downloaded the latest but again dumps not opening.

I really Appreciate if anybody help me on this.. Thanks be to Watson. ACL2 should be done in the following format: Everything else is on 9tut. I passed the exam Thanks Watson. Though there is only 1 question outside of it Etherchannel. You only need dump and labs from 9tut.

Good luck everyone! Supremo, No, wildcard mask isn't mandatory for ACL2. If you use the 'host' command or 'any' command in the access-list command, then obviously wildcard mask will not be needed. Wildcard mask is only needed if you used something like: I scored full marks in the labs part, just by following the 9tut explanation.

Make sure you test your config in the exam by pinging as instructed in 9tut. Good luck! Every question I had was on dump or mathew's. Thank you Watson, Mathew, and 9tut. Hey for those that did the test and had ACL2 did you enter the commands like on 9tut?

Because someone commented that you need to use the wildcard masks for each access-list, since with extended ACL the wildcard is mandatory is this the case for the test? Sultan from Kuwait you are looking for watson. Sultan from Kuwait you are lookin for watson. Is the dump still working???

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (803)

Help me plz Duration - mins Study references Watson Lab: Cans - I am not sure if its really the case as people all over the world get the questions from the same set of questions. Have a check with few more people but I am pretty sure that almost all questions should be from here itself. HI Guys ,pls let me know is dump valid in uk? I've got a pass. Tuhin kumar Mohanty. Hey is dump still valid for Canada? I saw some folks from Germany posting on other dumps stating that the dumps were not valid, and the questions are pretty much the same as this one thank you!

Good luck guys Study references Watson, Examtut, Lab: Nguyen Cuong. This Dump is quite perfect. You can learn the question from: I also used matthew, but I think that watson's dump is the best.

All questions were from dump. I had acl, acl2 and eigrp labs. Acl was exactly the same as it is on 9tut. Eigrp was also the same, with simple changes ip addresses and eigrp Passive interface command was on R1 and ISP link. It shouldn't be removed! I got acl2 modification 3. Hey Guys, Gave the exam today and passed with Duration - mins Study materials used — 1.

Jeremy the trainer was awesome and once done with the series a person would have a very good understanding on Networks. I am pretty sure that if you would learn networks through cbt nuggets all the simluations could be practiced in few hours hrs. Finally, Mr. Coming back to the exams I was asked 51 questions as mentioned before which had 3 simulations included. I would like to give you a tip if in cause you do a mistake which even I did. In Access List 2 http: Exams has 3 sections — 1.

Survey on how the exam was. I will soon be launching a website for those who wish to learn CCNA and appear for the certifications. Would post the URL on this forum. For any doubts you may drop me a mail and I will try my best to clear any doubts if I can ; Mail: I used also matthew, examtut and gillbeast, but I think that watson's dump is the best and quite enough to pass.

All questions were from dump! I had acl, acl2 and eigrp labs, all from 9tut. Eigrp was also the same, with simple changes ip addresses and eigrp 2. I got acl2 modification 3 and as a last statement I used: In server lan I had only public web server and finance web server. There was no dns server. Hello, I passed the exam cisco yesterday with score , dump still valid.

So i suggest to prepar dump and consult the questions posted in the web site 9tut. In regard to Labs: If you have any question or if you need any help i'm in your service to reply all your interrogations. Good luck for all. This dump was the primary dump I used to pass the exam. Thanks to Watson and also 9tut for the labs. Labs in my Exam: Thanks to allah Valid Dumps. This dump is still valid! Review the labs in www.

Elhamdulellah and thanks GOD i passed the exam today scored the dump is still valid and 1 new question about ether channel and one new about ospf. Thanks Today i passed marks dumps are still valid Watson examtut. Andre Wan Der Maas. Just passed Today Study Resources..

Leander Jan. Focus on Watson, Matthew and 9tut. Lito Philippines. I would like to thank GOD for guidance. This dump is valid! Keep practicing the same logic. Don't worry at all. Passed today with , this Dump is still valid. Sims were: Thank u all Still valid!! Passed with score today. I recommend u dump Gillbeast n Matthew as well but mostly this one!! Wish u good luck, guys ;. Minh Phuong. I have an exam on next week. Hope all questions from here are dump.

Hello There this message to persons that had the exam soon from date of today, any lab of frame relay? Thanks all Hello, someone can tell me if this exam still valid. Muhammad Bilal. Big thanks to my amazing friend Eng. Amr Mahmoud. Also I used examtut , Mathews and Gill beast.

And one Question from 9tut new Questions Ether Channel. Thanks to Watson and 9tut for the labs. Passed today, 25th of July, with in Germany. I have used Watson, GillBeast, Matthew and this one here. Where one can actually see a larger margin, is by the Matthew and Watson dumps so those are most definitely the things you should concentrate on. Last but not least, 9tut. Summ up: Watson and Matthew and for sims 9tut.

GillBeast and questions from 9tut. Confirmed dump I feel cool. Dump stil valid. Eigrp AS was Good luk to all. Ami Desai. I passed in this exam yesterday dump is valid 4 question are new and simulation are same acl-1,acl-2,eigrp. Just want to make sure this is still valid Exam is tomorrow morning.

I have passed my exam today. Two MCQs were not from dumps. Thanks all. Just study Watson. Labs were: Jah and God bless you all! Good luck: From 9tut.

Good Luck. Salam, Hamdolilah passed yesterday By Eigrp the AS you have to correct it in the core router and add the Network on both routers. If you try to ping the ISP after that that would not work, also just leave it like this, ping is only between the routers no ISP.

All Traffic to Public Server is working. Here Ping from router to router is also not working just leave it and test only web access.

Thank you Examcollecion, thany ou 9tut, thank everyone.. There were 51 questions. All of them from watson expect one which was from one of the other dumb dont remember which one. Dumps Practiced: ACL2 - Modification 2. Rodrigo Bernardo. Pu der Zucker. No longer valid. They changed it last week. And the labs are new too. Muhammad Hamza. Labs in Exam: Kyaw Thet Naing. This dump es valid. I passed yesterday. I used Matthew and Watson. Thanks everybody. Anyone knows if the pool is still valid?

If not, do you know what Labs are they using??? Boss Boss. Also used examtut to a lesser extent. Ahmad Masood. My exam next Monday Is this true the dumb is not valid? And what should I do? Please tell are all the questions diff?? Vielen Dank im vorraus karlheinz. Questions changed. Maybe they changed! Just got Tnkz 2 prepaway, 9tut nd mr Bright.

Ahmed Siyaad. ACL 1 same as shown in 9tut 2. ACL 2 different IPs but same concept modification 3 3. EIGRP change AS and add network as wel no drag and drops question, don,t be panic just be cool and carefull i highly recommend Watson and 9tut i prepare examtut and watson best of luck. All Qs from dump. Thanks a lot. Passed yesterday.

But there're some wrong answers. So you might want to check on 9tut page. Passed the exam on I used only Watson dump. There was 2 new question. Thanks to Prepaway and 9tut. Mohammad Omair. Watson and Mathew are more than enough to pass the exam with good marks. For those who are planning to take exam.. Good Luck and for those who passed Thanks 9tut and Watson. Shams Ul Qamar.

Noran El Ghamrawy. Passed Today. Take care: Also Do Dump Mathhew 1 or 2Q from it. Good Luck Everybody. Guys I need to write the exam in two weeks time. Is dump gonna help me to pass? Passed today, all questions are from watson except 2 which you can find no where in any dumps in-depth understanding needed to answer those , be careful of simulations, do see modifications and go Must.

Passed CCNA yesterday. I used watson and matthew dumps. IP address also changed. I wish all the ppl planning to write the exam best of luck. Where do i get the dumps my exam is 23 july 14,can any one help to get the dumps. Dump is valid, 3 SIMs: Thanks to Eng. Ahmed Abdeelah and Ahmad Nazmy. Ahmed Nazmy.

IS this Dump is valid kindly update me. Mohamed Ezz. Good Luck For all Ahmed Mostafa. I've done my exam on last 19th june score All thanks goes to 9tut. Ahmed Khalaf. I did Mathhewq,watsonq and GillBeast. Jones Mendes de Carvalho. Passed today score Osman A. Actually this exam and by examtut are enough for you to score , wish u all the best.

Ivan Oliveras. I am writing ccna on 22nd of June. I did Matthew. I used Watsons, Matthew dumps. Passed today Jun 17, scored Saqib Khan.

Wrote my exam today ie 17th June. Except for 2 to 3 questions, all are from this only. Valid as of today. Eigrp and access list sims similar to ones in the dumps..

Thanks god passed today. Warren Gill. Ehtasham Awan. I think watson is enough for exam and 9tut. Best of luck every body Muhammad Umair Arshad. John D. Thanks prepaway, 9tut and examtut. Good luck to everybody. S32q file. I passed my CCNA exams with scores and I used both examtut and watson but watson alone is enough with llabs from 9tut. I give thanks to God for His grace and appreciate all my friends and loved ones for their assistance and prayers.

I wish those yet to write theirs the best of luck. I used watson Dumps and exmtut. I wish u all the best of luck CCNA-Security next in line. Hany Adel. Khadra bdi Hassan from Kenya. The labs in my test were: Fahad Rashid. Have done my CCNA today with marks. Dumbs are still valid, all questions were same except 2 or 3 questions. Special thanks to Watson. Specially exam c etherchannel cuestions. Sims are acl 1 exactly, acl2 host b no other host and access to public, eigrp 12 passive interface to isp and wrong network in central router.

The sims labs are so good to practice in packet tracer. This is a valid dump in India. I wrote the exam in April and passed with score 9xx.

And my frnds wrote the exam on Sep 16 by the help of same dump. And three of them has cleared the exam with score 9xx. Pyae Phyo. I'm planning to write my ccna exam in 1st week of july.

Will dump be still valid at that time? I passed CCNA exam today. Thanks to God. This dump is very valid at today 16 Sep I've passed today and got a score This dump is Valid.

You should also use Matthew choose Exam C, for updated questions. I couldn't find it for lab. Alhamdulillah Passed yesterday with score I used the Watson q dump. This Dump is valid, and for more info about the test just see this: Remon Ibrahim.

Husam Bagir. Alhamdulelah passed the exam yesterday with score Alhamdulelah Passed yesterday with score I used the Watson q dump. This dump is super valid , I passed my exam 2day with , only 2 ques out of dump labs are acl , acl2 and Eigrp. Passed exam yesterday with , thank God and my girlfriend!

All questions from Watson. Mostly used danscourses. Practiced using 9tut. Good luck to all! Answer is B. DTP negotiation settings. Jung Hwan Moon. I had exam 13 may. It is still valid. Today 11th may '14 I passed ccna with marks. I just went through Watson dumps. All the 49 questions were from here but there were 2 new questions as well, cant remember those question now. Thanks for uploading dumps. Definitely some bug in Cisco Test simulator but please type as instructed in the 3rd line to get the full mark.

Study hard and good luck for those who are taking thier examz in future.. Refer 9tut, watson and examtut dump This dump is valid 2 new quetions about OSPF and etherchannel. Alhamdo lelah Today i pass the exam with This dump v Thank you. Gillbeast 2. Both are enough Need any help contact on skype id azhar. Others from prepaway 1. Need any help contact on skype id azhar.

Pass Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam in First Attempt Guaranteed!

Abdul Majid. I Use the following dumps. Examtutq Mathewq Watsonq. Ba Gyi Phyo. Have u ever seen netflow quetions in the exam? Alhmaed le allah thanks god I passed today with Dear i passed this exam with marks this is valid alhamdolilah. Best wishes for you all. Dear all I passed this exam with marks and dumps are valid. All the best to every one Thanks to Whatson , 9Tut.

One from Etherchannel, i chosed speed mismatch it was easy to find , and ospf router id that i don't remember. Note at 3rd statement permit ip any any was the right not permit ip any host "public host's id"..

I used dumps examtut,watson,ns32,9tut labs and new questions. Goodluck to all. Hi friends.. I dnt belive its my turn to say thank you Examtutq, Watsonq, N. Ans is the adreess given at loopback Friends do this 3 dumps by understanding concept and byheart answers.. Thanks to my Parents, God, Teachers, prepaway. God bless you.. Umar Hayat Satti.

Passed the exam today with But not a big issue. Passed the exam with the help of 9tut and watson. Only 2 new question. About OSPF ans. Am from Kenya, Nairobi. Passed the exam recently Watson and Exam-tut is really helpful. All questions came from Watson. I read the sims from 9tut. They were exactly the same. This dump is all you need for your CCNA exam. Good luck people. Thanks to prepaway for dumps and 9tut for Labs. Is this still valid? I will do the exam next month and thanks for the material!

Is the PDF - Cisco. Lowell still valid? I will take my exam about december. Yes, all by computer. You will have 2 simulation and other option questions. Can Some one confirm that its till valid as i m planning to go exam for next week. My current player can use your files, because they are too new! Should I use this: Don't worry, watson is very usefull! I have checked and the new VCE player is only with license.

But if you need more exams in PDF format please go to the post: For latest and updated Cisco certification dumps in PDF format contact us at completeexamcollection gmail. Refer our blog for more details http: Good morning Igor, These dumps still valid? I plan to take the ccna exam next week. Hi all.

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