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8 Introduction squares on their second move. My hope is that this book will help to allay many of their fears. Winning With the King's Gambit, as the title should in-. The King's Gambit has lost popularity, but not sympathy. Analysts Manual" by Gossip and Lipschutz, published in , devotes my opinion the King's Gambit is busted. It loses 18 d5 followed by Ne7 with a winning game for Black. 8. The modest text moves permits Black to transpose into a position usually reached by 3 Nf3. Nf6 5 Nc3. d5 4 exd WINNING WITH THE KING'S GAMBIT.

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Winning With The King's Gambit Bookyards is the world's biggest online library where you can find a large selection of free ebooks. Download or publish your. of the Ruy Lopez, as did a couple of fellow King's Gambit players. Such a change may . In this fun position White has two winners: the immediate öd5! or. Winning With the King's Gambit (Batsford Chess Library) [Joe Gallagher] on set forth in Lasker's Manual, written over half a century before this book came out.

Henry H o l t and Company, Inc. Copyright O by Joe Gallagher All rights reserved. Originally published in Great Britain in by B. Batsford Ltd. I a m inclined to t a k e t h e optimistic view and regard i t s demise a s purely a m a t t e r of fashion. Vienna's and Four Knights'. The Spanish Game o r Ruy Lopez.

I was n o t As already mentioned 10 altogether delighted with B f 6 didn't appeal to my position.. More prudent was 13 c 4 8 a6! I hadn't liked in s p i t e of his material deft h e kingside pawn strucicit.

The t e x t has one important advantage 8 Bd3 I decided t o play a plan with Bd Play could continue: White can.. Qd2 and a s Black can no longer harass t h e queen with. Qxf4 16 g f If instead B f 6 if necessary Black's ninth move in GallWhite's idea i s very risky. This w a s awarded t h e b e s t game prize and certainly made up f o r a miserable tournament..

Black has a large number of weaknesses.. Better is I t i s impossible f o r him t o untangle his pieces and he is also in grave danger of getting mated. I t seems very strange n o t t o take on b2 b u t in fact after White has ample compensation for the pawns.

Q e g 8 White's queen will take no further part in the game. Black should instead play Despite being t h e exchange ahead White is completely lost. Q e 4 22 xh7 and i t is unclear if Black has anything better than perpetual check with This seems t o give him a winning attack after xa6 n x b 2 and now: Black has a very strong reply..

White has won a rook.. This is the critical line. Otherwise Bd3 will give White a clear advantage. His only trump i s t h e passed a-pawn Qxf4 and White must liberate his position immediately.. Fischer Defence 27 Black has one o t h e r alternative. The German correspondence player Niemtz has been responsible f o r rehabilitating this line This seems more logical t o me than Makarichev's suggestion in New in Chess of d2 followed by A complicated game arises from 8 a g e 2 dS After the immediate 8.

Black might want t o exchange queens with.. An eventual a d 5 may a l s o cause problems Q e 7 leaves the fpawn devoid of protection. Black is weak on t h e f-file s o t h e good old-fashioned recipe is called for: White has a major alternative in 8 a g e 2 a f t e r which Black is forced t o advance: Dufraisse Roos. White's attack now arrives in time: Q e 7 20 a3 b8 21 Q x e 7 xe7 22 eS with a slight advantage f o r White..

Here a r e some examples a f t e r 17 QcdS! After 17 Qce2?! Black had a s t r o n g attack in Planinc Qd7 i s t o o passive a s Black n o longer has the possibility of. White will not want t o advance his e-pawn a s this would give Black a fine square on fS Black can try: Qe6 12 a d 2 and Black has problems on t h e long diagonal.

I t would have been bett e r t o play 21 adz!.. What a mess! Qxe2 o r White would have had the better chances.. Qd7 is rather passive. White has probably a good pawn's worth of compensation. Q f 5 17 Qxh4? But what about The rest of t h e game is given in brief: Black could also try t o lock the bishop o u t of the game with Bangiev also considers 9 g3!?

For the exchange Black has two pawns and every- look a t Black's position.. Black has t o take special care when he develops his queen t o f6. Qe3 23 el and Black has t h e pleasant choice between Game 8 Bangiev Figer Corr..

This both creates pressure on the f-file and sends the knight off on a pleasant journey towards cS.. I now can't find any position that 1 would feel like playing for White.. Jackson and we don't mind that! Now Black can play 8. Ljubljana continued: This gives White excellent attacking chances.. S 6 g31 The undermining process begins straight away. Black stands clearly better.. Philadelphia This recommendation of ECO is not good.. Mor hy. S d 4 is more common.. Qg4 a s leading t o rough equality after 8 Q d 4 9 Q b d 2 gf 10 c3 Qe6!

The game Gallagher. White i s forced into t h e extremely ugly.. Q c 6 7 gf g4 Bhend gives To avoid losing a pawn. White should take advantage of t h e one drawback created by Black's ninth move i..

I certainly can't see anything resembling a White advantage Qg4 8 QxgS! Maybe 8 c 3 is a n improvement a s 8. This prevents.. Will White's powerful pawn centre prove triumphant. White has sufficient play for the pawn because of Black's weak kingside.

White has to quickly 22 d6! At long last.. After the game Gary Lane said he had been most worried about 7 d2!?.

White's main priority is t o get his king o u t of the centre. Black will have t o straighten o u t White's remaining d-pawns: After 8 ed Black has succeeded in closing t h e a At first. I still managed t o overlook my opponent's reply.. Fischer Defence 33 9 1 0 cd I against knight and bishop. After half an hour's reflection In similar positions where Black has a pawn on f Qxd4 Qg2 gn f Qg2 and takes the sting o u t of.

This solid move is probably the best. QxdS also came into consideration. For a while I was tempted by a dubious queen -rifice: Qd7 16 Qdf6 17 Qg1. Now he is going t o g e t mated. Of course White could play something like 8 Qe The only way to save t h e d6-pawn.

Although they a r e doubled.. White i s a pawn up.. Bxf2 24 Qxf2 If The white knight i s superior t o t h e black bishop and.. After this logical series of moves. Black's pawn chain begins to crumble.. Q h 3 would enable Black t o l a s t a little longer.. Game 10 Gallagher.

W h a t followed can no d o u b t b e improved upon.. Qf8 11 Qf4?! Qg7 7 I t i s n o t clear whether this o r t h e immediate 7. To check o r n o t to check? T h a t i s a much Posed question in this variation. I t i s especially W p u l a r a m o n g s t t h e wellWhooled ex-Soviet players.

White has t w o main choices o n his fourth turn: The general opinion eems t o b e t h a t if t h e White king has f l a t his idisposal. Qe7 was t h e end of my theoretical knowledge b u t I had a recollection of t h e king coming to e2.

This s e e m s premature.. Black g e t s a reasonable game. Qe7 is flsually seen a s o n e of t h e most solid ways of meeting the King's Gambit. Black usually can't resist t h e check.. Wells Islington - e4 e5 2 f4 ef 3 Qf3 Qe7 4 lpce One of my very f i r s t King's Gambits w a s against Maya Chiburdanidze in a London weekend tournam e n t in It's time to bail out.

Black's l o s s of time i s a bigger problem khan White's l o s t right to castle Black calmly s t a r t s to develop bis kingside whilst a l s o Biving himself t h e option Of..

Even if you intend to play t h e 4 Qc3 variation Vienna S.. Black should a S d 3 i s passive: Zweigberk Oechslein. For 6 see game Qxd6 Qxf4 is a b o u t equal. Q f 6 and now White has: There followed: After t h i s game my appe- 14 xe3 Q h 3 and White was in bad shape. Wells Corr.

Cunningham Defence These days In previous centuries. This certainly s t a r t l e d my opponent Q g 3 36 t i t e f o r King's Gambits became insatiable. The game continued I t is difficult to say which i s 9 d2!?

I remember now spending s o m e time looking a t 11 Qgl!?.. Q h 6 12 Q x f 4 and although 5 eS White has slightly t h e The only testing move: What a baptism Q x e S leads to a very depressing rook ending f o r Black.

Previous publications have usually condemned 6 d4. That this i s a mistake can b e seen f r o m the continuation of t h e game Lutikov.. When you bear in mind that.. A good moment to opt f o r an ending. Guernsey Biel The game Hebden Fassert White's rook is much more active on t h e f i r s t rank. Leningrad QfS i s an alternative. Q f 2 8 e e l 8 a x e 3 f e 9 d3 10 Q c 3 d6 11 xe3 Q c 6 White could have obtained dangerous attacking chances by 12 e4! Qe7 13 h4. Black was already desperately s h o r t of time not uncommon in t h e King's Gambit.

E d 8 White can also steer t h e game i n t o a favourable ending. Qe3 can be answered by 10 e Ee8 12 The game Gallagher.. This is a serious mistake a f t e r which White's a t t a c k soon becomes irresistible 10 h3 Qe3 Bxe4 14 a x e 4 The f-pawn is now l o s t and White's superiority is evident. Q x d 4 15 Q x d 6 cd 16 Qxf4 n d 8 17 Eadl leaves Black helpless. B x d 6 should b e considered.

Qxd6 in Gallagher White achieves a clearly b e t t e r ending. This check gives Black t h r e e choices. Ed8 Bhend now gives He can a interpose his queen allowing..

Basel Instead of White a pleasant end-. Play could continue 1 2. White had reasonable compensation f o r t h e pawn Minsk and a f t e r Varna Kishniev And now: The game Yuneev. Simferopol Bangiev Egin. Leningrad b 6 Qd3 and Black has several moves: USSR Ch Portsmouth The queen is driven t o an inferior square Lewisham White threatens both 25 Qd3 and 25 g f h Qd3 is pleasant f o r White..

Faure Geneva S.. Q f 6 is probably best. The game continued 8. The game 10 h3 Qe3 11 Qxe3 f e 12 Hebden. The alternatives are: As usual. Game 14 Gallagher. He will then b e a t t h e mercy of White's rampant major pieces. The immediate S Qe7 Black ret r e a t s his misplaced bishop. White has a 10 xf3 f e 11 QxeS Q e 7 12 clear advantage. White wins t h e exchange and t h e r e s t wasn't too difficult. This i s r a t h e r provocative. Qe6 White's position feels r a t h e r loose and he i s now forced to sacrifice a pawn.

Be8 28 Qxf7! Ed41 Maybe Black can try Not 23 Qxe6 fe! Better i s 2 8. White m u s t try to prise open t h e kingside before Black can consolidate. Wedburg Randers Although Black may b e a b l e to gain s o m e time attacking t h e king i t is.. White obtains a promising position. By keeping his c e n t r e more compact.. Q c 6 has occurred more frequently. The complications are over and White has emerged with a clear advant a g e d u e t o his active bishops and b e t t e r king.

Although White still has a n edge. Once t h e knight on f 3 becomes unpinned White has 13Qd6. Black will face serious problems White rules o u t any sacrifices from Black. Black has no time t o profit from t h e exposed position of t h e queen. Qxf3 13 gf is clearly better f o r White 13 Q x h 4 13 h3!?

Calella Black tried a more direct approach: Black f a l l s behind in development and s o o n becomes exposed t o a s t r o n g attack.. Strangely enough. Black isn't going t o play half-heartedly There a r e many o t h e r possibilities. Golden Knights Kieseritzky Gambit 53 with a crushing attack f o r White in Szewczak.. Although 4 Q c 4 is undoubtedly of great interest. LEg7 and S Black now has many ways to combat t h e gambit.

I have t o admit t h a t I have a certain weakness f o r t h e Allgaier Gambit. Bulgaria 8 0-O! Donat o. Qe7 6 Qclt White has t o consider S QgS. Paris QgS 12 f 4 Qh6 13 Qc3 Qg7 14 f. Tashk e n t Positions of t h i s type arise q u i t e frequently in t h e King's Gambit and a r e nearly always favourable f o r White. London This is more efficient than taking t h e rook..

Qxf7 14 Qxc7! Once Black's only active piece is exchanged. Relatively b e s t i s Qd6 10 Qe6 11 Q d 3 53 and now: Black staggered o n a few more moves. As usual in t h e King's Gambit Dahl Berlin The Bretano variation.

Game 17 Teschner. This o n e i s n o exception. Black's kingside resembles s w i s s cheese. The game Kolisch.. Now t h a t Black has managed to keep t h e f-file closed t h e sacrifice o n f 7 i s n o t so clear 9. This neat tactical point e n s u r e s t h a t Black will be defenceless against t h e coming onslaught. Qxd2 O t h e r moves don't help: White has a clear advantage because of the weakened black kingside.

Now t h e queen is better off here. With this Previous authors have only considered 7 d4. Game 18 De La Villa.

Qf8 15 Qg7! Qd7 9 10 b3 The only sensible way for White t o develop Q c 6 t o defend with As Korchnoi points out.. Qe7 7 d3! This new idea seems t o give White clearly the better 9 Be With this move.. Black had a good position 14 xa7 f 3 15 gf Qxcl 16 Qxcl xf3 17 Qfl h3 with a clear advantage t o Black White has a very good ending in prospect.

A few months earlier the same two players had met in Salamanca where De La Villa chose instead 9 f3 b u t after 9. Glaskov I t turns o u t t h a t the f-pawn cannot be held and Femandez Barcelona This line doesn't have a very good reputation but..

Also possible are 11 and 11Qe White has enough for the pawn. Qg3 The main advantage of 7 d3! Keres gave the following line: Black should avoid getting mated: A correspondence game..

Qb6 this knight has performed After this. Kieseritzky Gambit 59 1 1 Qb2 R Byrne.. Keres IS. Qb4 Black probably has t o play Qb6 i s recommended by t h e t w o players QcS Qb2 x x f 3 doesn't help be14 B f 1 cause of 27 x f l..

White has a considerable positional advantage.. Qg7 11 Qe2 only 11 Q f 2? Keres USSR. White's advantage i s obvious.. If Black takes o n c3. White had clearly t h e bett e r game in Gallagher Sanchi Now a very messy ending i s reached I should just mention t h a t I have altered t h e move o r d e r of Byrne Keres Black can gain a clear advantage by Black's a t t a c k l o o k s menacing b u t Rubinstein demonstrated t h e c o r r e c t way f o r White t o continue: The position is po17 de fifs sitively alive with tactical 18 Q c 7 axc Possibilities I t i s time to exchange queens.

Dijon Vienna Keres criticises this a 18 e7? White could a l s o consider keeping t h e queens o n and play something like 13 Q d 2 o r 13 Uf Safer was 15 QxdS! White's o t h e r possibility Hresc Royan Game 2 0 Gallagher.

Qe7 10 e2 hS! I1 eS f6! Kieseritzky Gambit Marbella The Berlin Defence i s t h e m o s t popular answer to t h e Kieseri tzky. Qg7 transposes to Byrne.. Black has a clear advantage Keres game QxeS 26 Black has a wonderfully centralised position and White's king i s feeling t h e draught. This position i s more favourable f o r White than t h e very similar one reached in Byrne.

White will be able t o increase t h e pressure by exchanging t h e bishop o n d6 h e 4 o r QbS. This move has been frowned upon f o r over a century.. Jan 24, 6. Great info on a hard to find book. Jan 24, 7.

Winning With the Kings Gambit (Batsford Chess Library).pdf

IM pfren. Jan 24, 8. IMHO the opening is really not worth the effort. Jan 24, 9. Jan 24, Scottrf wrote: Certainly not a weapon you want to use regularly though. Feb 17, Feb 18, Nov 12, Tim Taylor's book on the King's Gambit. Log In or Join. Hot Topics. Illegal Position Contest! How to spot the threat EnlightWolif 10 min ago.

Brilliant move, why? Cool suggestions KingAxelson 18 min ago. Houston we have a problem!!! RonaldJosephCote 19 min ago. Richard Reti. Marco's plan idea was to revive the 19th century gambit spirit. The players he chose to invite included true gambiteers such as Rudolph Spielman.

Gyula Breyer and Savielly Tartakower. But despite the "poor" reputation of the 3 Nf3 version of the gambit accepted. Under Marco's rules. An illustration of this curious attitude: Back in We prefer to think that the gambit is frivolous. It turned out that White elected to offer the King's Gambit in 20 of the 90 games played at Baden.

That particular gambit occurred only three times. The operators asked the respected chess editor Georg Marco to run matters and he decided that it should be a gambit tournament. But they were outnumbered by youngsters who would be considered Hypermoderns. But we also don't want to be playing Black after l e4. Black tried to avoid it. Scotch or Two Knights Defense gambit lines.

Perhaps the Baden masters were influenced by what happened in the first round: Nf6 5 Nc3. And when players decided to decline the gambit. Baden bei Vienna Black won once. The modest text moves permits Black to transpose into a position usually reached by 3 Nf3.

Be7 II Qd2!. White clears the e-file for exploitation by his king rook. His king is quite safe as long as the f2-c5 diagonal remains obstructed.

Black will tum out to be the gambiteer.. Qe6 ch 9 Kf2 White. A common idea in the King's Gambit Accepted. A basic rule of the gambit is that if White can grab the pawn at f4. Be7 II Bb5 ch!. Qf6 10 c BfS 10 c5!. After 8.

The king move to f2 would have been even stronger after the other queen checks. Routine play by Black to protect f4. With 14 dxc5! Black brings his rook to safety and prepares to exploit. Typical of the spirit of a modern King's Gambit. Nxd4 16 Nxd4 Re8! This appears to win outright 15 b5 coming up but it has a serious tactical flaw..

White fights for the center even at the cost of a queen side pawn Kg7 32 R8e7 ch. Now Introduction 9 the e-file pin. Kg8 31 Rxe8 ch. Bxf7 fails to the knight fork. Qxg5 allows 29 R1e6 ch. Rxe2 ch 19 Rxe2 White made a fine queen sacrifice that avoids getting the worst of it. Black must surrender the queen since Kg8 33 Bf3 and wins with ensuing rook checks. Kg7 30 Bh5 ch.

Bobby Fischer's A Bust to the King's Gambit.pdf

Kg7 27 Re7 ch Kh6 28 Bf7!! See diagram. A wonderful stroke.. On 3 7 Rxh6 he has his own serious of checks beginning with 3 7. Rxa2 ch. Rb2 ch! Black isn't ready for burial. It was not until two Russians. Official theory concluded it was "speculative" or "quaint". Even though the best players in the world had been using the K. Here the two men most responsible for the gambit's rehabilitation slug it out in one of the strongest of the Soviet Championships.

David Bronstein and Boris Spassky. No one had found a refutation of the gambit. But in this game Black chooses the other main strategy: He decides to make it difficult for White to regain the f4-pawn. In that line Black is usually willing to exchange off his f4 pawn for the new White pawn at d5.

Spassky raised "the natural question: Why is the King's Gambit so rarely seen these days? And since defensive skill had improved so much in this century. But Spassky prefers a more dynamic policy. Black is willing to. Introduction 13 This choice is risky because i t creates the possibility of an avalanche of White center pawns with d2-d4 and later c2-c4-c5!..

Now it. Ng6 10 Qh5 or 9. Nxd5 10 c4 Ne3 11 Bxe3 fxe3 12 c5! Another characteristic series of moves. WhiLe wants to put a knight on e4 it will temporarily cost him a pawn.. Nf6 also. This second sacrificial offer would have been made against 1 5.

Spassky now makes a remarkable sacrifice whose main line runs ten moves long and leads to complex but approximately even chances. The most difficult line for White would have been 1 5. But White gains space and directs his attention towards f7 and h7.

Black returns his booty. Ng6 mate. Ne5 21 Qxg7 and now 2l.. Rg8 22 Qxh6. White will again end up with compensation for the Exchange. Kg8 19 Qh7 ch. Qb6 23 Khl. The pretty way to end the game would have been 17 Kxf7 18 Ne5 ch. Introduction 15 Kf8 19 Qh8 ch..

Who says brilliant K. Ke7 20 Rei ch.. Nxh7 20 Bb3 ch and. The modern alternatives. Be7 and When Black plays That surrender may not seem much but over the years experience has shown that if White regains the sacrificed pawn. Black Resigns After 24 Rxf8! Black will not be able to seriously continue. We will consider the pawn-chain in three forms. What both Bronstein and Spassky had discovered was the rich positional depth of the gambit.

He will probably know. They vary considerably - from endgame to slashing attack. In many. After 2 exf4 White may be called upon to conduct. For example: Not so. Black cannot easily defend! Nc6 and Bg6 14 Nd5 offers White excellent compensation.

When White offers a gambit. This game is well worth studying For example. Bf5 13 Nf4. This may technically be called the endgame but it is more of a "queenless middlegame.

Gosta Stoltz appreciated a different point: Without his queen. Rxa8 20 Bg5. Rh8 21 Nd5. Nxd7 19 Nd5 and 20 Nxc7. Bxd3 18 Nxd Kf8 18 Bxd7. Kf7 20 Nf4. Be6 21 Rf2 and 22 Rafl is coming up very strongly. On And indication of what would happen after Rac8 22 Bg5 and White pieces dominate.

Ke7 19 Bxa8. Bg6 16 Nf4. Nf6 16 Bb5 ch! An embarrassingly strong move to confront Black with.. Nc6 is this line: Kf8 24 Rxc7. Bxf6 there would follow 20 Bxf6 ch. Kd8 22 Rxf7 ch!. Ke8 23 Re7 ch. Black Resigns Black can't even reach move Kd7 21 Re7 ch. After A remarkable game. Rg8 25 Rxb7 with a winning position.

They believe that if Black returns his extra pawn he should be able to equalize. If he lets Black call the tune. Regardless of the task posed by Black. Even a great player such as Paul Keres looked like an amateur when he failed to heed this advice: Black may very well have changed from being worse in a pawn-up position to being worse in an equal-material position.

Not true: White should keep in mind certain basic principles of the K. There will also be instances cf. Another point to keep in mind is that White must retain some hopes of the initiative at all times..

Chapter Three in which the best policy is to simply go all out for mate. The first is that after 2. See Chapter Five. This may be obvious but often players. Bxe4 12 Rxe Note that here 9 Re 1 ch could even be met by 9. When White has an alternative method of attacking f4. Be6 ll Bb3. Be7 in Chapter Five. Bf5 1 1 Ne4. And here 12 Qd3!.. The rest of the game requires little comment.

Rxe2 19 Qxe White has taken too long to activate his forces and pays for it: Introduction 23 Position after ll. Even a great altacker like Keres could do little once he had lost the initiative: Bobby Fischer's "Bust" 3 d6.

Max Euwe's Defense Nc6 Chapter Eight: Other Variations Introduction 25 Chapter One: Chapter Four: Albert Becker's 3. Nf6 Chapter Seven: The Variation Without a Name Chapter Three: The Ancient 3 g Be7 Chapter Six: Emil Schallop's White secures the el-h4 diagonal against queen checks and prepares the traditional quick-development attack against f7 Bc4 and followed by Ne5 and Bxf4 or Qh5 3 d5 See diagram.

The cost to Black is usually the gambit pawn. From time to time you will find opponents who will want to avoid White's third-move alternatives mentioned in the last note by way of this clever transpositional trick: Theory has not always been able to prove equality for Black and. Be6 9 Ng5. Be7 and. Chapter One 27 Position after 3. Bd6 8 Qe2 ch. Attempts by White to retain material equality usually leave Black with the initiative.. There may be a way to exploit this move order but we recommend the simple 4 Nf He closes the dangerous b3-f7 diagonal and prepares to castle Nf6 5 Bb5 ch.

Then Black has nothing much more to say than Nxc6 7 d4. Qd8 but after 6 Bc4. Remember that after 4 exd5 material is equal.. Ne7 makes sense. Nffi 13 Bd5 with an advantage for White.. Nf6 and.. Bd6 appears to be 5 d4. Ne7 6 c4! Occasionally you will see On the other hand.. Bg4 7 Bd Black cannot afford to lose his forward f-pawn unless a he gets the d5- pawn in return.

Ba6 l l d6! His knights may go to d7 and e Bf6 7 d4. See Illustrative Game 2. Bh4 ch 6 Kfl. The mixture of A contemporary version of this 4. Best play after 4. Nf6 6 c4. Bd6 7 and after 8 Re 1 ch defenders soon discovered how much time they had lost.

Be7-h4 ch idea turns out poorly Be7 5 Bc4. Bundesliga Nb6 and now 7 Bb Nbd7 6 But there are several sub-themes. Of course.. Chapter One 29 5 Bc4!? Around the tum of the century a German master by the name of Paul Saladin Leonardt popularized this move and it remained in fashion even into the s before being pushed out by the more forcing 5 Bb5 ch.

Black cannot afford to be smug after trading his f4-pawn for the one at d5. See Illustrative Game 4. This is another basic lesson of the K. Other moves at the fifth turn.

Qe7 ch 6 Be2. He can secure a better center with his pawn at d4 being supported by another at c3. Black can out fox himself with 5. Be7 only defer the capture on d5 for no particular purpose.. Nxd5 because his queen is misplaced on e7. White usually has more control over more terrain than Black. But since White has advertised his interest in a check along the file.. Qc4 l l Qe 1 White is preferable see Illustrative Game Be6 7 Bb3!

Kings Gambit Book?

But after 1 0 Nc Typical play would run 6. In the game Spassky-Averbakh.. Ne7 9 d Nxc3 and 8. Nxc4 1 0 Qe2!. Ng6 1 0 c5!.. Soviet Championship 1 Black played the more conservative 7. Chapter One 31 played nearly two decades apart. Nb6 9 d4!?. Be7 leads into our main line. The immediate 7 Bxd5. Be7 1 1 Bxe6. Qxd5 9 Bxf4 and now 9. Qd8 doesn't seem to lead anywhere.. Bd6 8 c4! Qxd5 8 Nc3. This has the advantage of threatening to discover an attack on White's c4-bishop.

Tel Aviv 1 Bxd5 9 Bxf4 leads to a more favorable version of 9. Nc6 was considered strong enough to equalize. Ne3 9 Bxe3. Rxb8 1 5 Rae 1. Another basic point to remember.. Bc5 1 5 Bf2.

Re8 16 Ne5! Ne3 idea and prepares to complete development with Nc3 followed by an exchange of minor pieces on d5 and a capture on f4. Black continued 1 0.

White can transpose into our main line with 9 Nc3 since Black has little better than At worst. This is an invitation into an exchange of two pairs of minor pieces. See diagram.. But 1 3 Bg3 followed by 14 Nf4 is the way to exploit Black's slightly bad e6-bishop. Black both defends f7 and also threatens Although the exchange on e3 is generally a good one for Black..

But after 7. Nxd4 14 Nf In the post-mortem Kh8 14 Bxb8!. Nb6 1 4 Qd3. Chapter One 33 Position after Nd7 1l.. Nice 1 Then Black's queen side is vulnerable to a2-a4 and White's bishop can re-emerge effectively after c2-c3 and Bc2. Nc6 16 c3. Nxc3 1 0 bxc3. Nxd3 offset his spatial advantage Nc6 1 2 Bxf4. And if Black protects the threatened f-pawn with 1 1.

Nb4 because the loss of White's good bishop to. Bxc4 l l Qxc4 and now if Black relinquishes the f-pawn with 1 l White responds favorably with 1 2 Qb5.

The retreat to d3 enables White to continue smoothly with Bxf Qxd7 1 5 Bxd6. Bxf3 and l2. Qc7 14 Nxd7. It appears that Black can now force a favorable trade of bishops or win a pawn with ll. Bd6 1 2 Ne5. Qxd6 16 Rael with the familiar spatial edge. Nd7 l Qxd4 ch.

White does best to avoid Bxd5 and Bxf4 because.. Unlike the situation in the note to Black's ninth move. Bxf3 12 Rxf3. Qxd4 ch 1 3 Khl. Rf7 18 Rxh7! One of the few examples of this occurred in the correspondence game Glazhov-Crandall. Bd6 1 4 Bd2.

Winning With the Kings Gambit (Batsford Chess Library).pdf

Chapter One 35 Note. Nc6 7 Bb5 The immediate threat is 8 Re1 but White also prepares d2-d4-d5! Qc5 16 Rh Qxb2 1 5 Bc3! Nd7 Correspondence 1 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nf3 d5 4 exd5 Qxd5? A second dubious move. Black's best practical chance now may be to castle. Black's game was well beyond redemption. Paris 1 Be7 the d5-pawn requires protection.

Ne3 24 Bxf7 ch. Nxd5 because of the pinning 23 Radl Kh8 25 Qc3! White holds a substantial superiority. Now White proceeds swiftly to dominate the center. Chapter One 39 23 Ne4! Kg8 33 Rxf7 Qxf7 34 Nfg5! Chiasso 1 99 1 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nf3 d5 4 exd5 Nf6 5 Bc4 Nbd7 6 d4 Nb6 7 Bb5 ch Perhaps better than 7 Bb3 which was considered in the analysis section.

This allows White to reinforce his d-pawn with c2-c4. Now Black is committed to exchange off one of the enemy d-pawns for h is c- pawn.

Of course. The text refutes Black's pawn offer. Black had to try 8 Qe7 despite the questionable nature of the. Kxh7 29 Ng5 ch. Kg7 30 Nxe6 ch

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