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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Based on events from the film Alice Through the Looking Glass, this unique illustrated novel allows readers to follow Alice. Carroll wrote Through the Looking Glass as the sequel to Alice's Adventures in of Alice in Wonderland in terms of setting and imagery; the first book begins. Through the Looking Glass Summary. Summary. The book begins as Alice is sitting with her pet kitten, Kitty, who is playing with a ball of string. Alice tells Kitty a.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Book

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Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There () is a novel by Lewis Carroll and the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (). Alice. Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In , English author CHA. there's the room you can see through the glass— that's just In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had . 'Why, it's a Looking-glass book, of.

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Apparently this is also the plot of the recently released movie. The authors did incorporate a number of references to the original Alice in Wonderland books, which I thought was a nice touch. Aug 06, Sarah Crawford rated it it was amazing. This is a hardback Disney book based on the Through the Looking Glass movie.

It's in the style of a Choose-Your-Own Adventure genre. As with such books you read a section of narration and then are given two choices, one of which basically continues the story and the other is an ending which tells you to go back to the start. The Alice version goes through the entire movie. The other three versions are dif This is a hardback Disney book based on the Through the Looking Glass movie.

The other three versions are different points-of-view of characters from the movie and thus the ending story for all three matches the ending of the Alice story.

Their own takes on the events, though, are interesting. This is also physically a pretty book and there are a few illustrations. Definitely worth getting for your collection. The book Alice through the looking glass"by Carla Jablonski is a very good book because this book lets you choose your path like if you want to be either red queen, hatter man, Alice, or white queen. I really liked Alice than any other one because that perspective lets you see whats happening inside your head.

Like you can imagine everything inside your head and this book makes you be happy because you can keep reading it and you never get tired. I really liked how the narrator was being creative and letting you choose your own path and that some pages were backwards. I recommend this book to people that like fantasy and action at the same time. View 1 comment. Feb 06, Emily Avila rated it really liked it. I like this book Alice Through the Looking Glass: I like this book but not rthat much I kind of got bored with the book.

You should only read this book only if you watch the moive. Oct 12, Jamileh Lopez rated it it was amazing. A Matter of Time by Carla Jablonski is an amazing book! This book is about Alice going back to wonderland and something is wrong with Mad Hatter.

She helps Hatter, out but the adventure is just starting. What really like about this book is that you get to choose who yo want to be [ Alice,Mad Hatter, White Queen,and Queen].

Also you get to choose your own path! My favorite part is you can read upside down! I recommend this book to people who love crazy stuff and Wonderland! Oct 28, Katie Bettis rated it it was amazing. Alice Through The Looking Glass: In all of these perspectives, the mad hatter finds out that his family is still out there and Alice finds out where they are. You'll also find out why the red queen has an oversized head. Also in this book you get the opportunity to read upside down!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy. Jun 22, Annie rated it it was amazing. A magical and fun read that allows you to become apart of the story.

The illustrations are beyond beautiful. Readers of all ages will enjoy reading this book again and again and again and again! I thought this book was well written. I felt that at every choice, the ending was very quick. I liked how you got to choose your own character. Oct 23, TanTan rated it liked it. I enjoyed being all 4 characters.

Melia rated it really liked it Jun 27, Aeryeel Thesza rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Emma Draper-rigby rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Allison rated it liked it Jun 03, Lisa Bounds rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Laura rated it really liked it Jul 22, Clara rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Thank you.

This is the best review I have ever read it maintains interest and also gives a complete idea of the story 's background. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll book review

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But when the elevator mak The Twits Roald Dahl 8. The Twits are a couple that nobody would like to know. They are hairy, dirty, smelly and generally unpleasant. Roald Dahl's characters are possibly the most horrid peop He was a prince, he knew. Most of the main characters are represented by a chess piece, with Alice being a pawn.

The looking-glass world is divided into sections by brooks or streams, with the crossing of each brook usually signifying a change in the scene, and corresponding to Alice advancing by one square. The sequence of moves white and red is not always followed. Lewis Carroll decided to suppress a scene involving what was described as "a wasp in a wig" possibly a play on the commonplace expression "bee in the bonnet".

It has been suggested in a biography by Carroll's nephew, Stuart Dodgson Collingwood, that one of the reasons for this suppression was a suggestion from his illustrator, John Tenniel, [4] who wrote in a letter to Carroll dated 1 June I am bound to say that the 'wasp' chapter doesn't interest me in the least, and I can't see my way to a picture.

Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There

If you want to shorten the book, I can't help thinking — with all submission — that there is your opportunity. For many years no one had any idea what this missing section was or whether it had survived. In , a document purporting to be the galley proofs of the missing section was sold at Sotheby's ; the catalogue description read, in part, that "The proofs were bought at the sale of the author's Oxford, The bid was won by John Fleming, a Manhattan book dealer.

A Suppressed Episode The rediscovered section describes Alice's encounter with a wasp wearing a yellow wig, and includes a full previously unpublished poem. If included in the book, it would have followed, or been included at the end of, Chapter 8 — the chapter featuring the encounter with the White Knight. The discovery is generally accepted as genuine, but the proofs have yet to receive any physical examination to establish age and authenticity.

The book has been adapted several times, in combination with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and as a stand-alone film or television special. The adaptations include live , TV musicals , live action and animated versions and radio adaptations.

Through the Looking Glass

This production restored the lost "Wasp in a Wig" episode. Adaptations combined with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland include the live-action movie Alice in Wonderland , starring a huge all-star cast and Charlotte Henry in the role of Alice. It featured most of the elements from Through the Looking Glass as well, including W. The animated Disney movie Alice in Wonderland also features several elements from Through the Looking-Glass , including the talking flowers, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and "The Walrus and the Carpenter".

Combined stage productions include the version, produced and written by Elizabeth Swados , Alice in Concert aka Alice at the Palace , performed on a bare stage.

Alice was played in both parts by Laura Wickham.

It was staged in the summer of Laura Wade's Alice, a modern adaptation of both books premiering at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in , adapted parts of both novels. The show also merges the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen into one character. In this adaptation, the Jabberwock materialises into reality after Alice reads "Jabberwocky", and pursues her through the second half of the musical. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book by Lewis Carroll. For other uses, see Through the Looking Glass disambiguation.

Main article: List of minor characters in Through the Looking Glass. This section needs expansion.

Through the Looking-Glass

You can help by adding to it. November To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said Tune for To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said Novels portal Children's literature portal United Kingdom portal.

Enigmas and Riddles in Literature. Cambridge University Press. The Annotated Alice. Retrieved 17 January Wired for Sound". Retrieved 15 November Retrieved 16 January

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