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Malcom sighed as she spun back toward the tree, breaking their connection. It made him somehow feel colder, and damn, he was tired of feeling cold. Not the cold that came from the elements, but the kind that invaded his soul. There was a time he'd felt hot. And maybe no one should ever feel like a god, but he had.

At one time. Now he was an outsider. Always on the outside. Always just beyond. He was going inside. He was going to open the door of the shop, walk in, and feel her warmth again.

If he could feel it by just a look from her and a pane of glass between them, imagine how he could burn if he went inside. But did he want to burn?

Only one way to find out. Malcolm pushed open the door and stepped into the shop. It smelled like cinnamon and evergreens with a hint of some sweet flower.

So much different than the diesel exhaust and garbage he'd grown up on. He drew in a deep breath, wondering if her skin smelled like this. It must. She spent so much time here.

He heard her speaking but hell if he knew what she said, because at that very moment, her eyes met his, just a few feet away, and he could see,,, they were blue.

The softest blue. Like a baby blanket. And they crinkled around the edges with wonder. Surprise or curiosity. Maybe both. But they were missing one thing he was accustomed to seeing when people looked at him. His female's eyes were free of scorn. It made his throat choke up. Replaced the chill with fire. And not the feel-good kind either. He went from frozen to flaming in a breath.

Goddamn it, what was he thinking coming in here. And even though he was burning, the thought of leaving felt traitorous. He was finally inside. He'd made a move. It was progress.

You didn't fall back when you were advancing. Not if you ever wanted to win. And Malcom wanted very badly to triumph this time. So he took a step forward. And another. Burning to cinders inside, but needing every flame like an addict. This is how we heal. This is the way. But he couldn't trust the broken thing inside him. Not yet. Chapter Two Francesca Brightwood's gaze landed on the shop window and jerked away again, like her eyes were attached to a safety wire and what was outside was dangerous.

She froze with the glass ornaments dangling from her fingers where she'd been about to drop them on the last remaining tree branches. A flannel themed one, with trippy little woodland animals. She called it the Man Tree because she imagined a burly bearded one standing awkwardly in front of it, trying to pick out ornaments for himself without the help of a lady.

She figured a tree like this could make it easier for him.

P Jameson - All Is Bright (epub) - Pobierz epub z

A bachelor friendly tree. Did bachelors even decorate for Christmas? Or did they like, color a tree on the back of a pizza box and hang it on the wall? She could see that. Easy clean up after the holidays. Just rip it down and toss it in the trash. Maybe she'd just do that this year instead of decorating the big one her family had done for so many years. It just wasn't the same when she was the only one around to do it up. Whatever, Brightwoods had a Man Tree just in case.

Hands one hundred percent less steady than they were five seconds ago, she eased the last of the ornaments onto the tree, careful not to glance at the window again. Not while he was there. He was burly and bearded, but she could never imagine him standing in her shop picking out ornaments.

Even though he stared inside everyday, the look of longing not hidden by his facial hair and thick winter hat.

That he wore without a coat. Without gloves or a scarf. In the dead of winter when the highs barely tipped above freezing on a warm day. Francesca swallowed hard. She knew he didn't have a choice. He frequented the bench across the street from her store.

Used it to sleep sometimes. Though never during business hours. She'd only noticed when she arrived early one morning to be there for a pre-dawn shipment of baby firs. By the time the sun was up, he was gone.

Off to wherever he went during the day.

He usually returned in the evening when she was about to close. She wanted to believe he was harmless, but he had no shame when it came to staring. At first, she'd wondered if he was scoping out her place to take something. But Al's Circuit Center was just around the corner.

A thief would have a much better haul there over her little flower and trinket shop. And nothing had come up missing.

Maybe it was the flowers. People could have strange reactions to flowers. Sometimes a certain color rose would bring back memories of a beloved's funeral. A carnation reminded them of their first prom. Grandma's favorite bud.

Francesca had learned flowers were like fingerprints linked to memories good and bad. She'd had people break into tears just smelling a rose. Or maybe it was the window setting. Maybe the holidays reminded him of his family, wherever they were. Or maybe he was just lonely. Maybe he wanted a friend and the lady who owned a festive flower shop seemed like a good option? She let out a sound of annoyance.

What it was, was she was lonely. She wanted a friend. So badly that she was envisioning potential comradery with a homeless man she knew nothing about and who felt dangerous just from a look. The bell on her door chimed, letting her know she had a customer. But as she opened her mouth to greet them, the frozen gust of wind that pierced the warmth of her shop, stopped her.

It was more than just the chill.

The air in the place had changed on a deeper level. It felt,,, chokingly emotional. I really enjoyed it. It was only like a 15 minute read and it left me wanting an entire book.

[PDF Download] All Is Calm All Is Bright: A Colleen Coble Christmas Collection [Download] Online

It ended sort of abruptly and says there's a continuation of the story from another character's perspective in a separate short story, so I'll try to download that. Feb 11, Melissa Newhauser rated it it was ok.

It was cute but I thought it ended abruptly. Jun 05, Kayla Anderson rated it really liked it. I love Sarah Pekkanen! I so wanted this to be longer. Her writing definitely sucks you on right away and keeps you interested. Jun 02, Judy Collins rated it it was amazing. I adore e-short stories! I usually start with new ones which pull me into the author and then start backwards.

Being in the online media world, front covers are a big draw as well as reading works of my favorite authorsespecially with e-books, as the crisp colors are so appealing since you do not have the typical print front cover I adore e-short stories! Being in the online media world, front covers are a big draw as well as reading works of my favorite authorsespecially with e-books, as the crisp colors are so appealing since you do not have the typical print front cover to view.

All Is Bright has a feel good, rich front cover just as Love Accidently especially if you live in South Florida where you never see snow. The story grabs you from the beginning as Elise who still thinks about her childhood sweetheart Griff, a guy she has dated most of her life and chose not to marry him when he asked as she felt the spark was just not there.

She is so nervous and worse she invites her to their home and gets the news, Griff is engaged to someone else Isle from Love Accidently, e-short story. She is in town to see her Nana love this woman , as laughed so hardshe is in a senior home and there are all sorts of humorous women friends.

Elise has a heart to heart with her Nana about how disturbed she is about Griff marrying someone else. You read about Isle in Love Accidently. A charming story about coming home for the holidays and discovering all sorts of gifts. Look forward to reading more from this author!!! Dec 15, Colleen Turner rated it it was amazing. I am usually not a huge fan of short stories but when I recently got a Kindle Fire and saw how many great authors have short stories to inexpensively download I thought I should give a few a try.

When Sarah Pekkanen announced on Facebook that she would be giving away her new short story, Love, Accidentally, to her fans as a Thank You I was really excited. I am SO glad I did! Th I am usually not a huge fan of short stories but when I recently got a Kindle Fire and saw how many great authors have short stories to inexpensively download I thought I should give a few a try. This short story is so touching. It is a twist on a typical love story, with our heroine, Elise, still in love after her long term relationship comes to an end.

She isn't still in love with her ex boyfriend, Griffin. No, she is in love with his mother, Janice, who has always been a comforting influence and a surrogate mother to her since Elise's mother died when she was young.

Now that Griffin and her or no longer together, and now that he is moving on without her, how will she still fit into Janice's life? How can she stand to see another woman someday become the "daughter" to Janice?

I am amazed at how much heart can be put in such a short amount of pages. We get the heartache of Elise, relatively alone and trying to find her new place in the shifting world around her. We get Elise's Nana and the other "Seven Widows of Windham" which give a wonderful humor to the goings on in Elisa's life. And we get a touching conclusion that lets us know that Janice will always be in Elise's life, no matter what.

I am excited to find out that Love, Accidentally continues the story from a new perspective. I will be reading that in the next few days since I am dying to read what happens next! I really enjoyed All Is Bright. It was truly a lovely little story to read. My only problem was that it was so short - it only took me around 20 minutes to read. I wanted to know more about Elise and her past with Griffin. The premise of the story is very real. A woman returning to her home town to spend Christmas with her grandmother.

Something everyone will probably experience at some point in their lives. Elise is just unfortunate enough to run into her ex boyfriends mum. I absolutely loved Elise's grandmother and her grandmother's friends. They just seemed really cheeky in a way and up for a laugh whilst also giving brilliant advice.

She just reminded me of my own granny who is always getting up to all sorts with her friends. I also loved the ending, even if I did want more from the story. Janice just wants to make Elise feel welcome and obviously remembers the little girl that Elise was.

She is like a second mother for Elise in a way. I really enjoyed All Is Bright and would recommend it to any woman or girl looking for a nice quick read. I look forward to eventually reading more of Sarah Pekkanen's work. Dec 15, LiteraryMarie rated it really liked it.

Elise and Griffin were a couple for fifteen years, but Elise just couldn't bring herself to marry Griffin. Eight months after the childhood sweethearts broke up, Elise visits her hometown of Chicago for Christmas. She runs into a familiar person in the grocery store: Griffin's mom, Janice. After being invited for an evening of eggnog, carols and food, Elise begins a walk down memory lane. It is filled with warm memories of Griffin, but mostly of Janice's motherly ways.

Elise begins to wonder if Elise and Griffin were a couple for fifteen years, but Elise just couldn't bring herself to marry Griffin. Elise begins to wonder if letting Griffin go was worth losing Janice. Women can connect with Elise's point of view on love, loss, family and relationships of the past.

Sarah Pekkanen has a knack for writing that draws you into the character's lives. I would love for the author to either continue this short story series or write a full novel with these characters. As a bonus, both eBooks include excerpts from Sarah Pekkanen's other novels. Download for a quick, heartwarming read for the holidays.

Literary Marie Dec 14, Julie Barrett rated it really liked it. All is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen What first attracted me to this book is the cover with snow and a woman just sitting enjoying the quiet of the snow falling. Have read and enjoyed Sarah's other works. This one is about Elsie and she's home to tend to her grandmother because her father and his new wife are traveling and it's Christmas and she doesn't want her to be alone.

Griffin and her had dated many times over the years and when they broke up she was more sorry to end it with his mother than him. Sh All is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen What first attracted me to this book is the cover with snow and a woman just sitting enjoying the quiet of the snow falling. She does pay his parents a visit and is there when he calls to inform them of his engagement to Ilse.

It breaks her heart even more as she arrives at her grandmother's assisted living facility and the others in her group help her get over the loss.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

Best of Us is also featured with a sample at the end. Loved the story and wanted it to last a lot longer Nov 15, Michaela rated it it was amazing Shelves: All is Bright was an impulse download. It was free and Christmasy so I thought why not?.

This was such a great little story! There where parts I read aloud to anyone who would listen because I liked them so much. Even though this is a short story, only a few chapters, I loved the characters! I felt for Elise and her situation, I can totally relate! I got a kick out of Nana and her friends and I may heart went out the sweet Janice. Review of These Girls coming soon!

Read more reviews at Will Read for Coffee Noticed a few artists I was familiar with.

Gave the album a first listen. I like most of it. There are a few songs and artists I didn't connect with but that's what you get when you listen to a compilation. Overall I give it four stars because what I did like, most of it was out of the park and refreshing. I would have liked a broader representation of genres and maybe a song about krampus. I need to work on that. This list has most of the classics, but performed by others and are often remixes or their own takes.

There's also a selection of new Christmas songs you probably haven't heard. It's all light listening and unoffensive unless something slipped by me. Some of the songs I didn't care for, but overall they're nice. It can be hard to break out of the classic Christmas song rut and find new songs, so I thought this mix was a good way of broadening your holiday playlist, even if only a little. See all reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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