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Men are losing their masculinity. Guys are urged to get in touch with their " feminine" side at the expense of the traditional attributes that make men "male. Alpha Male Challenge: The Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude is a guide that will help men to become more successful in every. Alpha Male Challenge The 10 Week Plan To Burn Fat Gain Muscle Build True Alpha Mark Viii Fuse Panel Diagram, Vga Cable Diagram Pdf, Histoire Du Xixe .

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If you need a alpha male challenge the 10 week plan to burn fat, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that can be downloaded. Alpha Male Challenge The 10 Week Plan To Burn Fat. Page 1. Page 2. alpha male challenge the 10 week plan to burn fat alpha male challenge the pdf. Page 2. --The Psychology of an Alpha Male Chapter 2: What Are the Characteristics of an .. An Alpha Male Always Poses a Challenge for Women: He doesn't run after.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The 40 Laws of The Alpha Male: All rights reserved. Smashwords Edition, License Notes This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people.

He will count every failure as a learning experience and his mistakes will be eye openers for him. He may be arrogant, but an alpha male believes in self-improvement.

Must Have PDF Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle Build True Alpha

Failure is not an option for him, he will try and try and work harder every time to achieve success. Composure Comes Naturally: He is someone who in the hardest times will come out fighting. No matter what adversity you put him in, what the situation around him is, what his circumstances are, he may be worried, but he will never show it. Common sense will prevail above all else.

He knows what to say and when to say. No decisions will be prematurely taken without thinking of the full consequences. An Alpha Male is Driven and Disciplined: A real Alpha Male is not just self- driven but much disciplined. Once he has made up his mind about something, the only thing he needs is a little bit of time because nearly all his attention will be to succeed in achieving his goal. He will persevere and keep himself motivated.

He will keep going. His drive will charge him onwards towards his goals. Nothing more so than this is what allows Alpha males to be very attractive for women.

They are men of their own, who need not be told what to do, yet they should be or are men enough to take advice when necessary. Women love this self confidence and love a man who can make his own decisions but for the good of his goals, listen to what someone else has to say. The prototypical alpha male is seen as a womanizer and someone with a loose character and morals. Some people see alpha men as men who fail to take responsibility for their actions and have no sense of right and wrong.

This could not be farther from the truth. An alpha male is not a man who takes no responsibility for his actions. While he may come off as arrogant, he does not look down on others. He simply believes in himself more and has faith that he is better. An alpha male is not a bully and he does not force himself. He maintains a quiet, calm and composed exterior. Bullies can be ruthless instead. A Natural Leader: When it is time to stand up and be counted, there is only one man ready to take responsibility and lead from the front.

Whether it is in the army on the battlefield, in a kitchen where the food cooking needs regulation, or sport where a team needs that little bit of inspiration to make the difference, the alpha man is your man. This is the alpha male of your work place or any other profession who finds a way out, a solution, thinks outside the box and has a unique way of interpreting and deciphering solutions from problems after his own analysis. Indeed, an alpha male is gets one out of a mess more often than not by his positivity and his will to never give and stop having faith in him.

He is Always Smartly Dressed: It is not very important to an alpha male. But that never stops him as the alpha male still dresses the best way possible in a very aesthetically pleasing sense as always. It is just part of his nature; after all, he wants the best for himself in life. He Believes in Growth: He knows that change is an internal process and takes time.

He does not blame anyone for his mistakes because he knows that he has the power to make his life better and become a better man. Life for him is all about constant growth. This is the real essence of a man living a life of purpose. Every successful man in history knew this.

That life is learning process. It is only an arrogant person who thinks they know it all. Humble yourself and learn! An alpha male exudes confidence and has ultimate faith in himself when it comes to women. Women will want him, but rather than making him run after them, women will need to find ways to get his attention instead. Alpha males can be arrogant but they are leaders for a reason. They are men of their word.

They like to listen to the opinion of others such as advisors or people who are more experienced and take everything into perspective. They will make their employees feel welcomed, valued and when they find themselves in a position of leadership, they will allow everyone to share their thoughts and collectively find a solution to the problem at hand. An alpha male is a man of his word. Being man also means to accept when things go wrong and admit where he may have made a mistake.

For a real Alpha male, there is nothing neither surprising nor wrong about admitting he has made an error. For an alpha male, it is actually all about just moving along with his life, trying to finding a solution to problems and moving forward.

If he has wronged someone, the alpha male will not be scared to gracefully admit it and apologize for his error maybe even going as far to atone for it. He tries not to make a big deal out of it, ultimately moving along to the next best thing.

An Alpha Male has Nothing to Prove: This is one of the prime characteristics of alpha male. He knows his worth, he knows what he is capable of and he has supreme confidence in himself.

Alpha Males are Observant, Smart, and Analytical: An alpha male has a very keen mind. He is always on the lookout for little details that will help him either succeed personally or find a solution. An alpha male is very observant like that and he will notice even the smallest details. He will be able understand body language and facial expressions very well which would allow him to get by without saying too much, yet enough to assert himself.

He will assess situations and find the most rational and logical solution. This is why in business, alpha males do very well.

Their analytical skills are second to none. They are Prototypically Dominant: In his presence you can try and take the lead, but the alpha male will always manage to keep the upper hand.

He may listen to your opinions, but ultimately he will always step up and lead. Chapter 3: Body language and Physical Presence In the previous chapter we discussed the characteristics of an alpha male. Mostly, an alpha male was shown to be a man who was mentally at the top of his game.

He is a man who is sure footed, self confident and sometimes even shamelessly proud, but with good reason. But can an alpha male really have such a profound effect on those around him and all the women out there? If you want to be an alpha male, what do you fix first to have the most shocking results and effect on those around you? Are they really going to start taking you seriously just because you know it in your head, all of a sudden, that you are better?

Having the mentality of an alpha male is obviously the most important component in becoming an alpha male with all the supreme confidence and faith this brings into a man, but all of this comes at a much later stage. The developing alpha male needs to work on his persona, appearance, body language and making his presence felt before people realize what goes on in his head. Remember, no one fell in love with your personality on the very first day. In this chapter, the body language and physical presence are subsequently discussed.

This is the part of the book if mastered can even allow you to attract women like taking candy from a baby. Best of all, the ladies love a quietly confident man. It is true, body language is almost everything. You will never see an alpha male rush into anything. No matter what the problem, whatever the urgency, the alpha male remains calm and collected when talking.

They have a way of having their audience paying complete attention and being captivated by their speech. Every word makes a lasting impression on its own. An Alpha male knows he is important and when he talks, he commands respect and commands this importance.

They Walk Slowly: An Alpha male is in no rush. There is a difference between slow and lazy.

It is important for him to show how calm he is in every aspect. Alpha males are very controlled people.

Secrets of the Alpha Male

They are not always in a rush like everyone else. Walking slowly and not being in a rush does not mean that the alpha male will be late. He will always be much disciplined to be on time or earlier for a meeting and well prepared. He will make sure he has enough time to observe and think through his plan of action. Alpha Males are Very Good Communicators: Alpha males are excellent at communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

Remember, it is always the sign of a wise man to say more in fewer words. The authors say that a true Alpha Male is not a tough guy or bully but a gentleman with confidence and modern enlightenment. The Alpha Male Challenge will not only help men to reshape their physical bodies and improve their health but will also support positive changes in attitude that will lead to greater success in other areas of life including careers and relationships.

The dietary aspect of the program, which is described as the Alpha Fuel Solution, is basically a Paleo style diet that has been adjusted in accordance with cutting edge research. In general terms it is a high protein, high fiber, moderate carbohydrate diet that can be adapted to support both maximum fat loss and muscle gain.

The Alpha Male includes the MaleScale assessment questionnaire that is used to evaluate the physical and mental attributes that define a true Alpha Male. Fruit, vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, shrimp, buffalo, beef, almonds, walnuts, beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, tortillas, olive oil. Smoothie made with two scoops protein powder and one banana Exercise Recommendations The exercise regime outlined in the Alpha Male Challenge is called the Alpha Wave Basic Training program and is designed to help men build muscle, increase endurance, maximize strength, boost explosive power and increase testosterone production.

The workouts are suitable for beginners but will also be challenging enough for intermediate and advanced exercisers. The workouts involve a combination of cardiovascular activities, such as boxing or basketball, and strength training exercises. You should train for at least six months to a year or more in at least one discipline. I encourage you to investigate the programs in your area and see if any of them make sense for you.

This kind of training is invaluable and essential for your growth. I know that women have been more than just a little turned on when I demonstrate a fighting form for them, as well as train them in their own self-defense. Learn how to throw a punch. Learn how to block a punch. Learn how to read aggressive male behavior.

Get comfortable with the possibility of physical confrontation. How would you handle that kid that looks like a gang member? What would you do if he took a swing at you? What would you do if he pulled a knife or gun? A great martial artist once used an exercise where he would close his eyes and meditate, imagining he was doing battle with a snow-white tiger.

He imagined how he would defeat such a ferocious beast with nothing but his hands and his wits. Imagine your own fierce opponent. Imagine every detail of the arena where you finally confront your opponent, ready to do battle. Let yourself feel the fear you would in real life, and turn that energy into the force you need to overcome your enemy.

Imagine the injuries you sustain from the bites and the punches and the kicks, and focusing that excruciating pain into your attacks. You see everything while seeing nothing, controlling your temper and fighting from the calm center of your confidence. This stands for: We both know that. Is that the real you? Use this acronym to help you when you find your confidence is a little low. Chant it to yourself if you have to. Dominance Dominance is a display of power, one animal over another.

Sometimes this power is implied and not displayed, though more likely this status will be challenged constantly — depending on the species. In the human kingdom, your dominance is challenged just about every day of your life. Dominance actually has very little to do with strength. Dominance is all about wisdom, guile, smarts. The cleverest animal is often the one that dominates in the herd. Especially in the human herd, where we no longer fight to hunt down our next meal anymore.

Domination is where you ensure that you are heard. That you get your way when it comes to the things you want from life. When I was looking to move to a new flat in the San Francisco area, I focused on finding the place I wanted.

Then I made a bid and aggressively contacted the seller to find out what was going on. Without being pushy, of course. So I called back and sweetened the deal a bit, as well as asked what other offers they were looking at. As it turns out, they were about to offer to another couple. I countered their offer and got their hesitations out in the open.

They were leery of accepting a dog owner, so I offered a higher deposit to ease their mind. In the end, I got the flat. I was persistent and I made sure I dominated in the negotiations. Dominance is also a combination of persistence and wisdom.

And, ultimately … Dominance is all about knowing how to outsmart and outwit those who would seek to dominate you. Submission Submission in the animal kingdom means the act of backing down from those that are more dominant. Confrontations that put animals together inevitably establish a pecking order see more below by which the more dominant males become more status-separated. Being submissive in our terms means being supplicating, obedient, and dependent.

Submission in the context of the Alpha Man and the pecking order means that any man who submits to another is forfeiting their Alpha status. Except those that do so as a clever trick, so that they can retain their Alpha status. Submission — or appeasement — will become clearly explained as we go through the concepts. All apes learn the delicate art of appeasement.

There are numerous ways to appease an irate Alpha, and all of them are needed. What you are saying is, "See? I know you're superior and I'm inferior. Humans have similar appeasement gestures. Whether considering a formal, 17th century Japanese bow, where every centimeter of bending was duly noted, or a curtsey before a Queen, or a salute to a senior officer, we have our own assortment of appeasement gestures. Showing your hands, palm up or forward is another method of demonstrating appeasement.

All of them mean, "See?

Watch the behavior of men you know, and watch how often they act to appease rather than to express their own desires and needs. Most men express submission and appeasement to women these days, and this is one area that needs to be corrected. Appeasement is sometimes necessary, but not as much as you might think. You win more respect by knowing when to take a stand.

Especially with women. This is a manipulative tactic that puts you on the defense and will set you up for a bad dynamic. Women do not want men to bow to them or treat them as authority figures. The Pecking Order The pecking order is defined as the social hierarchy in a flock of domestic birds in which each bird pecks subordinate birds and in turn submits to being pecked by dominant birds.

This occurs in all species, such as pigs, dogs, horses, humans, but was named from the studies of bird nests. It was observed that the dominant or stronger of the young chicks would aggressively attack the weak members of the nest, by pecking and deprivation of food. Many birds are also shoved out of the nest to their death. The pecking order of hens was revealed to be as rigid as in any army, to such an extent that when taken away for a few weeks and then returned to their original flock, each immediately resumed its own rank.

The reward was that the flock lived in peace, did not fight over food and produced more eggs. The price was injustice. Those at the bottom of the hierarchy not only got less to eat, but had fewer offspring, suffered from stress, deteriorated physically and in moments of danger - when food ran out, when the population became too dense - were made scapegoats and mercilessly attacked.

The same principles were observed in other creatures: Nature seemed to be saying that equality was impossible, and that only the strong can hope to be respected. In nature, there is no good or evil, only the circumstances of survival.

Think about the concept of seniority. The new person to any job or position is always the one to get the worst tasks. When you were a kid, I guarantee you that you had a pecking order in the group of people you hung out with.

One kid was the leader, the Alpha Kid, and the others respected his abilities in some way. Usually it was the ability to kick the shit out of you.

Every so often, someone would challenge his authority and possibly even beat him up in a fight. After that, the victor was the new Alpha. We put each other down to build ourselves up. Our conversations are structured around demonstrating superior knowledge or authority.

One thing women rarely grasp is that when you talk to a man you do not belittle or bruise his ego in any way. A man at the bottom of the pecking order is going to have a fragile sense of selfesteem. This will also reflect itself in your ability and attitude with women. You have to find your power and authority in life and exercise it. Always work to increase your level in the pecking order. The men at the bottom are the subjugated, whipped-dogs of the world, and their attitudes tend to show it.

Strive to achieve a position of power in your life so that you feel like the force acting rather than the one being acted upon. Make a list of all the people in your life, and place yourself in that pecking order.

Make sure you include your boss, your mom and dad, others in your family, and your circle of friends. Rank yourself in terms of their status in the pecking order, and make a note of why you put them above or below you in status. When I did this exercise, I noted that the people I ranked above me were only there because of the granting of some kind of official authority.

Places like your work, the crowd of friends you have, or even with your family. Make a list of people, by name, and how they treat you that make you feel this way. Be as specific as possible with the situations, and start with the ones that are most frequent. Next, note how you last handled that situation. Then write out a plan for how you would handle that if you were the one in charge, or a way that you can handle it the next time so that you win in the pecking order. Obviously certain interactions, like with your boss, are going to have to be handled more diplomatically.

But you can find ways of using your wits so that you either get it re-assigned, or you complete the task in such a way that it sets you up for a better assignment in the future. The Alpha Man finds a way to climb up the pecking order. Congruency You've may have discovered something that happens when you start understanding the truth about women: You start hearing conflicting advice.

I should smile… … But don't smile all the time. Act friendly… … But act a bit aloof. This can be a bit confusing given the apparent contradictions. Let me clear this up for you right now: The best place to approach women is from wherever works best.

Or doing whatever works best. But be sure it's really working the way you think it is You see, a lot of guys will try different methods, thinking that they are getting a certain result, but they're not.

For instance, a lot of guys will try the "cocky and funny" or "tease to please" approach and not quite get the feel of it the first couple times. Then they get a weird or bad result perhaps not knowing how to diagnose the problem and assume it simply "doesn't work.

Congruence means how well a man's actions match what he really appears to be thinking and feeling on the inside. If I were to walk up to a woman and start a conversation with her, telling her about my brave exploits and how great I was in bed, and the whole time my hands are shaking and I can't make eye contact for more than a second or two, what does that tell her?

She smells "wimp" all over me, like I just rolled in it. Probably not. Because, again, I'm not appearing as if I believe in what I'm doing or saying. I lack congruence. You see this a lot when a comedian can't keep it together.

He starts to lose his control on the audience, and you can see his confidence fall apart. And the audience stops laughing as much. And he slides downward from there. I don't think this would work. This signal is also part of "Female Intuition" by the way.

Guys have it, too, it's just that we don't really listen to it or develop it. You see, a girl starts working on her wimp intuition from the first time she starts talking with boys. From then on, she learns to trust that sense, because the guys that don't act congruently with their words are immediately spotted as "not right" and she knows that they don't turn her on.

The first insecure moment that comes along and these guys are seeking approval and turning into Grade A wussies at the drop of a hat. The secret is this: It doesn't matter WHAT you do Everything works if you do it a certain way. You can smile and compliment a woman, and that will work — if you do it a certain way.

You could act like a nice guy if you want, but you have to do it a certain way. The problem with most guys is that if you do those methods, almost no one except a very good-looking guy can pull that off. They just don't know the way it works.

The Alpha Male Challenge Review

It's all in how you behave. Like an Alpha Man does. The easiest method to attract a woman is to start from a position of confidence. That way you don't have to worry about whether to smile or not smile, or lean in or not lean in, or all the little nitpicky details. You'll just do what feels right in that situation, without acting from desperation, or afraid that she will reject you. I tell guys to lean off the smiling because most of them either do it way too much, or not at all.

A few smiles are fine - if you do it right. How do you do it right? And you know what? Don't even think about this too much! It's easy to obsess if you're trying to do everything just right, as if the actions themselves are what will work or not work. Well, they do work, but not if you're thinking and obsessing about them all the time.

Crazy, huh? The simplest way to look at this is: If you come across as though you're trying to manipulate her with your actions, they'll probably fail. But if you act as if you're just coming from your own place, your own reality, and you don't need her, you'll probably succeed. Ultimately, you're just being yourself, whether you think you are or not.

I'm giving you tools and an understanding, and you have to fill in the rest with your own personality.

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The key is that your personality does not include desperate, needy, insecure behavior. They are far too intimidated by what other people think about them to ask for what they really want. They fear that others will think that they are greedy, or imposing, or arrogant … the list goes on and on.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. The only thing standing between you and what you want from life is usually you. Have the guts to ask for what you want. Survivor Instinct I once got into a discussion with a mentor of mine back in the early days of my career. It was tough to know what a person would do in those circumstances. Alpha Men are survivors. We do what it takes to stay alive.

Would you eat? I was dating a younger girl for a while that, while she was undeniably hot and adorable, as well as very innocent, she was not a survivor. She once had to pull over and cry because a woman bitched her out on the road. I knew, deep inside, she would never be a survivor, and therefore she could never be a long-term mate for me. I knew this both intellectually and instinctively. And I knew it also had to end. Navy Seals There are a lot of great books out there on Navy Seals and their exploits.

I encourage you to read these books, not because of the glorification of war or their killing skills, but the sheer intensity of what they go through to become this elite fighting force. Their training illustrates the survivor instinct, as well as the survival of the fittest. Even more, they wanted the top ten percent of the best.

They then go back to train some more, under more grueling conditions. When they get back to eat again, the cooks are standing there opening the garbage cans for the next meal. The soldiers who were survivors shrugged and reached right in, eating the scraps and half-chewed bits from the previous meal.

Others hesitated and let their social conditioning get in the way. They can also do ten times as much as they think they can. I believe you can do ten times better in your own self-development as well. In the movie, there was a bell on the training grounds. If you wanted to give up, you walked over and rang it … and you were out of the Navy Seals program. There is no bell for this kind of Alpha Man training. And you can never believe there is one that you can ring.

Make a list of the worst situations you can possibly imagine in your life. Then imagine how you would handle them in the event of them coming true.

Start with some simple situations, like a confrontation with some thugs.

Remember that guy a few years back that took a fall in the middle of nowhere, and he had his arm pinned under a rock? He cut his own crushed arm off with a dull pocketknife, tied off the stump with his belt, and hiked miles back to civilization.

Also, imagine how you would take command of a group in a situation where you were looked to provide leadership. How would you manage conflict? How would you demonstrate your leadership abilities? And that you will not only survive, but thrive. You may or may not think that your life is very threatened each day in this modern world, but if the power were to go out for a prolonged period of time, or there was civil unrest where you are in the country — or the world — you would change your mind very quickly.

Learn basic first-aid skills. Learn simple survival abilities. Do you know that you can live for weeks without food, but you can live only a few days without fresh water? What would you do to get water if you were cut off from civilization? I have a supply of food and water on hand in the event of an earthquake a very real possibility in California. I already know what it is — Survival. Create a bug-out pack and an evacuation plan.

A bug-out pack is a bag or backpack with all the necessities for survival, like a compass, some food, matches, clean socks, a knife, a flashlight, a first aid kit, some fresh water, etc. In the event of an emergency, you need a plan for escape and survival. Get a map of the area you live in as well.

If you had to leave town because of a natural disaster, could you do it quickly? Surviving Women. What is your recovery plan when you have a bad dating experience? You need to. And only watch positive, manly movies. Preferably with beer in an ice-cold mug. This always eased the transition back to reality, that there were new things to be had in life.

The point is to have a solid plan for regaining your sense of self and your selfconfidence. Overall, this ability to think ahead and plan for events in a healthy way translates into better thinking with women. When you have a survival focus in your life, you come from a more resourceful place.

The martial philosophy is almost as interesting as learning the techniques, in many cases. In Japanese samurai culture, Bushido was their warrior philosophy, their way of life. The Japanese Samurai General he befriends tries to explain Bushido to Tom in a very indirect way, using the blossoms on the trees as a metaphor.

They understood that their duty was their service, and that they were prepared to give everything — including their lives — for that honor. I personally follow much of this code as part of my lifestyle and part of my martial arts training.

Every Alpha Man has a sense of this Bushido code in his life. Here are some of the core virtues of Bushido: The essence is to seek out the good and honorable traits and to make these part of your character. Your family? Your friendships? Your name? Men today are not raised with this sense of their character, or to even understand the need for it. To many, it may seem that an old code from some long-obsolete warrior caste is simply dated and unnecessary.

The ancient Bushido code was brutal and perhaps too quick to sacrifice the life of the warrior, but there are noble beliefs here that can be lifted to apply to today. The world would be a far better place if we all had a code that we could believe in, and then we could stop running around trying to get get get as much as we can just to make ourselves feel better about how unfair the world is.

Take the time to write down your code of honor. Do you have principles that you believe in?

Do you practice them every day? Do you work to improve yourself according to these ideals? Make a list of the things you value most in life. There are plenty of books on virtues and developing character out there, and all you have to do is look through a few and decide on the person you want to be.

Most guys do not realize that if they were to simply commit themselves to a code of honor and behavior, they would be ten times more attractive to women just for this one thing. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. There is nothing that is truly in-between positive and negative, or that does not have a charge in one direction or another.

Reverse is just an afterthought, a temporary re-direction of forward energy. There is good and bad, but no neutral. Everything you do has an effect on your world around you. Even the choice to do nothing is still a choice, and it will impact your environment and your life. You must be willing to take the controls of your life and steer in one way or the other. Even if the alignment is perfect, you cannot stay straight when the road curves out from under you.

An Alpha Man reaches out and takes what he wants. If he wants a kiss, he goes for a kiss, and if she pushes him off, he can apologize or not. But he never seeks approval for his actions — or forgiveness if they turn out to be wrong.

How to Compensate for Your Shortfalls We all have faults and weaknesses. No man is perfect, no matter what you may think. What you see on the outside is only a momentary reflection of who that person is and what their problems are. Everything seems more important to us than to others.

In this section I will cover some of the classic areas in which men typically judge themselves, especially in the eyes of women. These are all the classic excuses men will use to justify their sense of low self-confidence.

Your flaws are not important. How you overcome them and succeed in spite of them is. For every one of these you think is a limitation, I can show you ten guys who are doing well in spite of it. Younger men are only unattractive when their attitudes give away their maturity. Younger guys have sexual endurance and exuberance.

You have positive attitudes and energy. Usually older age implies some maturity and confidence. By your later years, you should have been investing and planning a little for the later part of your life.

Not to mention, you have sexual patience, which is a big turn-on for the ladies. When you talk about age with women, you should first point out those benefits of your age without telling her your exact birth year. And the conversation should always be structured in a way that makes it clear that her age is the issue.

I want a woman who knows how to perform. Let me see your license. Besides, are you aware of how many women are out there who love older men?

The best way to get around the question of age is to focus on your birth day, not the year. Talk about your astrological sign and get her to talk about hers. You take the focus off your age and put it on something she loves to talk about — destiny and fate. Get a wardrobe work-over to make you look a little younger. Get a more flattering hairstyle.

Ditch those old-fart glasses. As many men realize, your hair is a limited duration asset. It will eventually start to show up more on the bottom of your shower drain than the top of your scalp, so you have to be able to make the best of it while you have it. Take a look at Donald Trump.

Second rule of balding — when it goes, let it go. Third rule of balding — Toupees and wigs never work. In the end, get a style that flatters your situation. For a lot of guys these days, shaving it all off is an option. They can help. As a last resort, you can even consider surgery to replace it.

By fighting the inevitable, you take a harder toll on your selfconfidence by perpetuating a false sense of self. Money also symbolizes the ability to provide to a woman. There are a lot of gold-diggers out there, and they are not the women you want. So when I hear a lot of guys complaining that hot women only want guys with money, I slap them twice and then remind them that even if this was true, would they want these women?

And you can still have the hot women without having a lot of money. You demonstrate what money represents to women: Confidence, success, the ability to provide.

All of which you can show without being rich and driving a Ferrari. First of all, as I detail later in this book, learn about money. Only careless men learn about money without increasing their wealth along the way. Avoid debt, and invest. Second, cultivate the powerful presence of a man who has money. I know of a clothing designer who has a gold-digger wife, and his business is failing. Everyone knows that when his money goes, so will she.

The only bankrupt man is one without the character to earn it all back again. Learn how to be frugal, not cheap. You can make a little money go a long way if you choose well. Buy higher quality through outlet stores and sales. Style can cover up where you may lack financially.

You can get a lot of older, classy cars for very little these days. You can do a lot with a little if you use your head. Most guys think of their car under the same heading as having a lot of money. No nice car means no hot woman.

Again, not true. You can get a previously-owned luxury car for much less than the price of a new one. Most cars lose half their value in the first 3 years of depreciation. Women are smart enough these days to understand that men often use physical objects as validations of their masculinity.

Get your dick out of your gas-tank. The most effective way to demonstrate Alpha Man behavior is through your actions and attitude.

Once you have this down, you can eventually get these other additions and add to your game. You get a hundred emails a day telling you your cock is too small. That you can add three inches to your manhood with a magical herb from Outer Mongolia. If it was legitimate, why do they have to spam you? Skepticism is a very Alpha trait. The average is between 5 and 6 inches in length and around inches in girth.

Kinsey Institute. And even if you did have a bigger cock, what would you do with it? Beat off more? The reality is that most of the guys with the biggest peckers are the biggest peckers. And as any woman will tell you, there is such a thing as too big. They get them in the average size of the average guy. Those huge ones are nothing more than novelty items that gather dust on the shelves of sex stores. What you should work on are more advanced foreplay techniques. Use the Stop and Start methods, as well as the other ones detailed later in this book.

Forget about your dick. Women do and do not care about the size of your penis. Your Intelligence An Alpha Man is smart. Life is education, and you should seize every opportunity you have to learn. You can learn a hell of a lot from the educational television stations if you pay attention.

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