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So if you're getting this book, here are somethings you will want to know. 1) Before reading the chapter, look at the end of the chapter, before and after the. Physical Chemistry book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. With its modern emphasis on the molecular view of physical chemi. Buy Atkins' Physical Chemistry 9 by Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

Atkins Physical Chemistry Book

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The extensive learning support provided throughout the book now includes new Atkins' Physical Chemistry features: For registered adopters of the book. Atkins' Physical Chemistry epitomises the benchmark of achievement for a The Online Resource Centre contains Living Graphs, illustrations from the book. Buy Atkins' Physical Chemistry on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on For a complete list of changes to the book since the last edition, see the web site at.

Atkins' Physical Chemistry. Peter Atkins , Julio de Paula. Atkins' Physical Chemistry epitomises the benchmark of achievement for a chemistry degree throughout the world. Its broad coverage, concise explanations, and robust mathematical support are clearly presented in an engaging style to furnish students with a solid foundation in the subject. In this ninth edition the authors continue to refine their presentation of physical chemistry.

It uses words to keep you on track, followed by the equations. I feel like McQuarrie puts things in to English much better than Atkins. I also feel like McQuarrie is better at putting things in to the overall context of what we are doing and what our end goal is. The flow of the chapters is very tight When McQuarrie talks about derivative or integrated forms of these equations, there is context and it explains more deeply what is happening when you apply the derivative forms.

I have gone through the entire Atkins book during my courses, and I have hardly learned anything from it. If Atkins works for you, then that's great. If it isn't working for you, try McQuarrie. It's a little more reading than Atkins but I get through it way faster because I spend less time trying to decode everything. Apr 15, Brett Williams rated it it was amazing.

Atkins book is just such a noble work.

Rare is it to find a technical text that reads more like a novel, but Atkins does. Not only is the topic fascinating on its own mostly the physics of molecules , but Atkins raises it to the level of riveting. In those far off years of the university experience for this reader, it was said only a genius could grasp physical chemistry — not true, at least not with Atkins leading the way. Atkins uses varied tools with so many well-chosen angles on description that the reader sees things in nature never realized before.

Most often through analogies to what we know well, e. There are apparently several versions of this 8th edition. A salute to Oxford University Press and Atkins for this remarkable resource. I love this book!

Atkins' Physical chemistry

It is really well written. There is a lot of material and I wouldn't necessary recommend carrying it around in your book bag like I did, unless you have to, you will end up with back problems - but this is truly comprehensive. The illustrations are very helpful and match with the text. Atkins and team did a great job of thoroughly explaining the concepts. I found this text to be extremely useful in teaching me P chem.

Everyone else bombed their exams because they were trying to I love this book! Everyone else bombed their exams because they were trying to learn from the lectures.

I did really well because I had this book. Every concept is explained extremely clearly and easily. If you read through, all the concepts make sense.

Many other science books are really dry and are hard to follow. But not this one. This is one of my favorites - and I have been forced to read a lot of science books in my day. Jun 14, Dimitri Rascalov rated it it was amazing. What can I say? One of the quintessential chemistry books, a true bible of physical chemistry. A must for any true chemist, my go-to reference for P. Mar 23, Shubham rated it it was amazing.

Best book in the world for physical chemistry. Wonderfully lucid exposition of this vital science I wish all these books had existed when I was a student. Granted, I have the 7th edition of this, but it was lovely. May 24, Strong Extraordinary Dreams rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was like stepping into another world.

This was my chemistry text book for two years and I would sometimes spend a morning on one single page. Great book, great book. Jan 01, Alan Eister rated it really liked it.

Could use a proof section for those sections which are mathematics heavy, where they treat the proof as they do in theoretical chemistry papers. Otherwise, quite well written.

Awesome text book for physical chemistry In undergraduate level. Love reading it. Apr 13, George Hohbach rated it liked it. Well-written and easy to understand.

Atkins' Physical Chemistry - Peter Atkins, Peter William Atkins, Julio de Paula - Google книги

It was the first edition of the book and I guess they didn't take sufficient time to proof it The book was so full of errors that my students completely lost confidence in it. It was a real mess. I abandoned the book at the first opportunity. PART 2 Structure. Resource section. Answers to exercises and problems. His texts are market leaders around the globe. A frequent lecturer in the United States and throughout the world, he has held visiting professorships in France, Israel, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

A native of Brazil, Professor de Paula received a B. His research activities encompass the areas of molecular spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry, and nanoscience.

He has taught courses in general chemistry, physical chemistry, biophysicalchemistry, instrumental analysis, and writing. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Remember me on this computer.

Cancel Forgot your password? Chemistry, Physical and theoretical -- Textbooks. User lists Similar Items. Thermodynamics -- 1. Zeroth law of thermodynamics and equations of state -- 2.

First law of thermodynamics -- 3. Second and third laws of thermodynamics -- 4. Fundamental equations of thermodynamics -- 5.

Physical Chemistry

Chemical equilibrium -- 6. Phase equilibrium -- 7. Electrochemical equilibrium -- 8. Thermodynamics of biochemical reactions -- pt. Quantum chemistry -- 9. Quantum theory -- Atomic structure -- Molecular electronic structure -- Symmetry -- Rotational and vibrational spectroscopy -- Electronic spectroscopy of molecules -- Magnetic resonance spectroscopy -- Statistical mechanics -- pt.


Kinetics -- Kinetic theory of gases -- Experimental kinetics and gas reactions -- Chemical dynamics and photochemistry -- Kinetics in the liquid phase -- pt. Macroscopic and microscopic structures -- Macromolecules -- Electric and magnetic properties of molecules -- Solid-state chemistry --

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