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Review of the Brad P Presents Brad P's Fashion Bible. The Fashion Bible Review by AlphaWolf As I was reading this PDF I realized that it. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Brad`s Fashion Bible Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon · Book of Life. In the book Fashion Bible, Brad P discusses about the importance of fashion in changing the phase Файл формата pdf; размером 8,43 МБ.

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Brad's Fashion - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd More from Brad P. Brad P Inc's Brads Fashion Bible reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Brad P's advice. Author: Brad P; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Art Of Pickup; Let me begin by telling you I m not an expert in.

Users Online: Brad P - Brad Fashion Bible copyrighted book, review only. To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using form below Name: Let me begin by telling you I'm not an expert in fashion. I don't know much about major designers or what's going to be in next season. But even without being a fashion expert, I've been able to construct a look for myself that constantly gets me approached by women, complimented by fashion experts, and let's me stand out in any crowd.

And that's the beauty of it - Brad lays it out so clearly, with detailed pictures and step by step guidelines, in a way designed to empower the reader. He goes through the barriers men have to not just dressing well, but succeeding in general. The most important thing Brad does in the book is convinces you to stop hating " the elite ", and instead become part of " the elite " - and then he explains exactly how! The book's amazing. Frankly, I consider myself a damn good dresser.

After reading Brad's book, I pushed it further using his idea of sexy stereotyping by changing up my hair with highlights and a white denim jacket. After reading Brad's book, I'm inspired, empowered, and educated - and sexier! I can't recommend it highly enough. This is the best book I've read in for getting your social life handled, and I read a hell of a lot of books. I wish I'd read it years ago, and even now that I'm doing well, Brad's Fashion Bible helped elevate me even higher.

He can pull off anything he teaches, but will not pull and sacrifice the quality of his teaching for anything, even to get laid. I highly recommend working with him if you want to improve your game. Got my first lay directly related to learning from you. Great chick. I believe Hyper was with me. She drove down from Pittsburgh and spent the weekend with me. I opened her simply by telling how unbelievably cute she was.

More details to follow when I get time. BE sure to tell Glenn. Brad P is worth every cent and more than he charges for his services. He's more than willing and able to put himself out there in the field, in front of his students.

Brad P. Brad's Fashion Bible: A Turn-key System for Attracting Women With Your Clothing

To see him use the very same routines and techniques that he teaches is a real treat, and an inspiration. He's also willing to change things around, adapting his teaching strategy to what he feels would best fit your individual needs. Thanks Brad, you've made a friend for life.

I have been using takeaways a lot more. Overall, I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the aspects of my game that I wanted to focus on. I'm enjoying pickup now a lot more than I was a few months ago, and some of that is because of the fun stuff that I learned from Brad P.

Arguably that's been the most important thing in the end I'm glad that the first live speaker I've seen in my education in the PU community has been you, who's been a stand-up guy all the way and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended. He is not just a product of the community, most of his development was done independently from the community at large, although he has since adopted and adapted many aspects and tactics that are commonly used in the community.

There is not a question he can't handle, from openers to maintaining relationships and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who wants to get their game in action. As has been said by others, Brad P is the real deal. He comes in under the radar and has girls hooked on him instantly. He makes up openers on the fly and showed us how easy it can be to use the environment to your advantage. Bar none. It's weird though, a book on openers, cos' that's one thing the community has no shortage of really, but on the other hand these are Brad P openers, and he is having sex ALL the fucking time, so perhaps they are worth paying a little bit more attention to.

For instance, one of the guys seemed socially awkward, at least to me, and instead of giving him standard openers like jealous girlfriend or something way over the top or direct, Brad was tailoring the opener he would use to his personality and delivery. Also, these are his openers, which he's developed.

They aren't widely known. I immediately wanted to try the dance stuff because the last venue we where in was loud as hell and opening with only your voice wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be.

I hit the dance floor and tried mimicking Brad as best as I could. I've gotten to the point where I stopped caring if I look retarded doing this shit. I'm into rock and I was bumping and grinding to hip hop, something I never thought I'd do.

It paid off, I scored a makeout within like 10 min by hooking this tight Asian girl. I number closed when the tit sucking and hair pulling was over with. I learned about body language stuff that I was doing wrong that I didn't even realize and showed me how I misapplied certain techniques. I also discovered some inner game and identity concepts that were really helpful.

Not corny shit like, " I see the pimp inside you man. Try walking up to a girl and saying, " Hey, did we sleep together last weekend, " and have her run off with a shocked look on her face.

It's a blast. Plus, it's nice to know that he wants us to improve ourselves, not just our abilities with women. It was easy to feel that he actually cares for people, not just the money they pay him. I saw him take over a seated 10 set Bachelorette party and have them laughing and totally under his control.

When I botched one of my own sets, he came in and winged for me, and helped me salvage it by holding two extremely hostile girls while I number closed their friend. But the highlight of the night came when he showed the power of recognizing and tapping into buying temperature first hand. Right in front of me, he made eye contact with a girl, and within 30 seconds, was making out with her.

Apparently, after the hour long end of the night breakdown he held with all of the students, he finished the job. She was a 9 with blond hair and a super tight body. Brad P told me to open her up, and I'm like, are you crazy she's got headphones on right now cueing up her next song. He says to wait until she's done and go open. I walk over and open screaming " hey ", but I don't step inside the DJ area and she doesn't hear me.

I go back to Brad P and he says just go and step into the DJ area. I go again this time stepping right up next to her and her turntables, and then proceed to run some game. Product Information This handbook offers fashion tips and mindsets from a pick-up artist's perspective. Experience Level s:. Learning Format:.

Release Date:. Buy from Product Owner. Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Send Inquiry. User Reviews of Brad's Fashion Bible.

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Reviewed by Shocker October 01, I got this the other night and I am pretty much done with it. Reviewed by theDA July 05, I actually ended up buying this about a month ago and didn't think it was worth it. I got BradP's fashion book the other day, and I have to say I've changed my opinion.

Reviewed by gorgeous george July 18, The Language of Lust. The 4 Elements of Game. Conquer Tinder: The Seduction Roadmap. The Flow. Magnetic Messaging. How to Make Girls Chase. Female Orgasm Blueprint. Text Your Ex Back. Unleash The Beast. Revolutionary Sex. What a nice sweater! Try it on! Look at him everyone.

I too was transformed into a charming lad who would be praised across the nation for his niceness. Brad's Fashion Bible When I opened up the sweater.. Of course my relatives meant me no harm. As soon as I put on that sweater. Then my entire family would erupt into a chorus of "Nice boy!

When in the family setting. Be cooperative. Or maybe you just copy what your friends are doing. Perhaps you have a similar story about learning "nice guy programming" as a child. This is our first experience in creating our personal style. Then there are the guys who are always looking for cool clothes. Then we'll all live happily ever after. Ever seen it? As you get older. That's the page 22 of www. If you are around a lot of other guys who get it. Later in life. There's even an episode of "The Cosby Show" where Cliff Huxtable catches Theo and Cockroach using eyeliner to darken their prepubescent mustaches.

Mom puts the clothes on you and says you look "so nice. It's so common that it's become a cliche in our society. Then it feels very natural to develop a cool look. Mom buys you clothes from the Sears catalog. Don't offend anyone.

And so it begins. As young boys. Be submissive. As we get older. They watch "Queer Eye" and read GQ. For a normal boy growing up.

Fit in. Some men get involved with a peer group that understands fashion. Brad's Fashion Bible to people. It's a journey and it takes a lot of experimentation. The majority of guys never really change. It's a challenge to reprogram your own fashion sense. They never leave behind their child-like view of clothing and fashion. Brad's Fashion Bible minority. The nice guy tends to behave in a submissive way around women. It usually makes them whiny and resentful. Most women don't want to date a guy with such a low opinion of himself.

This communicates a belief that the woman is a better person than him. The nice guy communicates that he is unworthy of a woman's attention by acting submissive and inferior.

He puts a woman on a pedestal right away. Here's a few simple examples of what nice guys say and how women interpret his words. By now you might be asking why it's so bad to look like a "Nice Guy. What women mean by "I want a nice guy" is that she wants a guy who is dominant but still treats her well. Nice guy: Can I take you out sometime? He doesn't think he's worthy of having a conversation with me. This is confusing for men. When women use the term "nice guy" they mean "a dominant man who still treats me well.

Being around a nice guy doesn't make women horny or attracted. That's not what she means. The problem is that women don't respond well to nice guys. In that case you'll know first hand what happens when you let people walk all over you. Why is he kissing my ass so much?

Brad P's Fashion Bible | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

Maybe he's never really talked to a pretty girl before. In the real world. He just automatically assumed that I'm worth taking out. The assumption "If I meet the needs of others. It seems to make sense on the surface. He thinks I'm better than him. They will walk all over you. If you're going to give people what they want and need. You will not be loved. From a young age. He might have low standards. Must be a loser. People will use you and abuse you. He believes that if he meets the needs of others and does what people ask of him.

The "nice guy" has a deeply held mistaken belief. Only then will they take you seriously and reciprocate. Perhaps you know someone who is a "nice guy. Women meet these types of guys all the time.

He might be only interested in sex. This guy might be desperate. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met. They will not meet your needs. Brad's Fashion Bible She hears: He didn't even stop to learn anything about me before offering to take me out.

They frequently remind us of these needs. Brad's Fashion Bible Even if it were true that by meeting the needs of others you will get your needs met and be loved. Women are complex indeed. What women don't tell you is that they need a vast array of other things in order to feel compelled to meet your immediate needs. In reality. Yes it's true. When it comes to dating.

They don't need all of these things at the same time. Many men assume that if they meet the immediate surface needs of a woman drinks. There are other times when you should make an effort to be the "fun guy. Be a great listener. By doing this. It usually good to listen to women as they express their emotions and tell their stories. That's what women are really interested in. That won't work either. Occasionally show a vulnerable side.

There are times to be a great listener. Attracting women is about using a special mixture of the two.

Being chivalrous. So how can you use some of these "nice guy" tendencies to your advantage? You can start by identifying which ones are attractive and which ones are a turn-off.

If a woman is getting whiny and spilling her guts to you when it's too early on in the relationship. The Bad page 27 of www. To really meet all of these needs. You can't just be a total jerk and never be nice. It's always good to open doors for women and do chivalrous things. Brad's Fashion Bible are interested in all of them at one time or another. This can be endearing and attractive. It's always good to make women feel protected from danger. You just have to know where to draw the line.

Only by letting go of the urge to please women all the time can you achieve this. It shows that you're human. The Good. She responds well to a guy who is a total jerk at just the right time. Be the protector. They are always fuming about how people have wronged them and how unfair the world is. Brad's Fashion Bible.

Letting people push you around. Don't sit back expecting people to meet your needs just because you met theirs. Being emotionally needy. Being submissive. Doing unnecessary favors for people. Making secret contracts with people where you expect them to automatically meet your needs. Eventually that kind of anger will catch up with you. You have to ask for what you want. Nice guys do this. This motivation tends to prevent the nice guy from expressing his identity through his clothing.

He dresses like a nice guy to keep women away from him. Last time I asked him. The end result is a generic.

Nice guys are afraid that if they dress up more than other people. Nice guys dress just well enough to blend in. This is a friend of mine whose girlfriend lives on the other side of the country. Here's an example of the nice guy look. That's why most of them look the same. A serious relationship where her boyfriend allowed her to walk all over him. Most of the time these guys fail to attract the woman and the situation becomes uncomfortable for everyone.

One encounter with a guy like this. Brad's Fashion Bible Nice Guys. They've been mistreated for so many years that they're about to go postal. Bad Memories Most women have had bad experiences with nice guys. Nice guys who approach these women usually do something that causes the woman to perceive him as page 30 of www. The annoying guy buying drinks and pestering her. Over time. Many nice guys are ticking time bombs. The stalker who sends flowers and gifts in an effort to show how well he could treat her.

An encounter with a "bubbling cauldron of resentment" nice guy. It takes many forms. The Nice Approach In the real world.

Brad's Fashion Bible emotionally needy. They don't have time to get to know every guy who talks to them. If you're more interested in learning about the roots of "nice guy syndrome" and how to recover from it. I know it seems very unfair that most women are not willing to get to know you "on a deeper level" and they base their initial decisions on stereotyping and prior experience.

They've got to create shortcuts. They're very funny and will give you an easy way of understanding this phenomenon. If women stereotype you as a "nice guy. After years of being approached by nice guys who are needy. For now the most important thing you need to know is that women are not attracted to "nice guys" and they will categorize you as a nice guy if you dress like one.

You have to decide who it is that you want to be attracted to you. In some rural subcultures. No one wants to look gay if they're not gay. If you don't believe me. Do you want macho truckers to like you or hot women to like you? The choice is yours. There's a grain of truth to this. Lots of guys have their personal style stunted by anti-gay social programming. But if you don't live in Wyoming and you don't hang out with truckers. The irony of anti-gay social programming is that you can learn more about dressing attractively from gay men than anyone else.

Taking an interest in fashion can make you seem gay. The vast majority of women find fashion minded men attractive and refreshing.

If you hang out with super macho or narrow minded people and start talking fashion. This happens in 2 ways. I don't think that you should try to dress gay unless you're specifically going for the "metrosexual look" and using that as a way to attract women. Ok fair enough. Looking gay is not what most guys should be going for. On average. The problems is that almost anything could be construed as "looking gay" and this becomes a common excuse for guys who have some more general fears.

More on that look later. Gay men are not born with more fashion sense than straight men, so why do they dress better? They just have more practice. They belong to a subculture which encourages them to study fashion and explore different looks. While many straight men strangle their creativity with fear and inhibition, gay men are "allowed" to get creative with their wardrobe.

If you want some great fashion advice, ask a gay guy. They have years of experience learning what looks good on a man. They also tend to be fully supportive of your quest to get laid more often. Sometimes you'll get good advice from women, but not always. The problem with getting fashion advice from women is that they are not fully supportive of the "getting laid" agenda. Women have their own agenda. Maybe she wants you to continue to be an asskissing nice guy.

Perhaps she has a crush on you and wants to keep other women away from you. Perhaps she wants you as an orbiter a friend who does her favors in hope of winning her heart. Maybe she just thinks it's fun to act like a fashion expert even though she knows very little about the topic. This is common. Many women like to believe that they are experts on everything from fashion to relationships to pop culture but they won't have the kind of specialized knowledge needed to create an attractive look for a man.

Fashion advice from women is better than nothing, but it's hit or miss depending on the woman's agenda. In conclusion, the idea is not to look "gay. Sometimes the question "are you gay?

Emulating Dad Then there are guys who have one single bad role model that they will not stop emulating. For some guys , it's their Dad.

Think about how your Dad dressed when you were growing up. He probably was working hard to support the family and had little time to think about what he was wearing. He may have been totally disinterested in his appearance.

You may have picked up some of these ideas without even realizing it. That's why it feels so hard for you to take an interest in your appearance. It feels like you'd be changing into a different person. The truth of the matter is you are not your Dad. You are not defined by your own disinterested, dismissive attitude about your appearance.

If you changed this, you would be a better, more effective person. Perhaps there was a time in your Dad's life when he had a great look, but you just came along too late to see it. Ask yourself this: Did you see your Dad in his prime when he attracted your mom? Or did you see him 10 years later when his style was functional and pragmatic?

Ask your Dad sometime about how he dressed when he was dating and trying to meet women. You might find that it was a lot different than what you saw him wearing around the house when you were a kid. So much of your identity gets formed in your teens and 20s. It can be hard to leave behind the clothing that was with you during that formative period. Some men go through a period in their life where they are on the cutting edge of fashion.

Usually that's the period when they were dating the most. Then later, after they lose interest in dating, they lose interest in fashion too. These men end up sticking with that same look for quite some time.

I see this all the time in my students who are "getting back into it" after a divorce or a breakup. Some men just slide straight downhill when they get into a relationship. Think about it. Did you form your ideas on fashion five or ten years ago?

Have you updated your look lately? Do you still own the same clothes you owned 5 or 10 years ago? This is a sign you might need to update your look. Get some new clothes and get rid of the old stuff. You've got to get the old stuff out of your closet pronto or you'll keep wearing it.

They can't help you succeed with women because they don't know anything about the topic. The answer is fairly simple. It's an easy out. The most common manifestation of negative social programing I've seen in my trainings is the old "be myself" mantra. It doesn't really lead to taking any specific action.

So why do people recommend "being yourself? At this point. You don't really look like yourself. Your friends and relatives who recommend this don't know any better.

I've heard quite a few men who have no style say "I don't need to worry about having style. I'm just going to dress like myself. I'm cool with being myself.

You look like every other clueless person who is in a fearful place. Most people would rather give a bad answer than admit they don't know.


In many ways the deck is stacked against you. I'm already comfortable with that. Brad's Fashion Bible yourself" is what ends up coming out.

Let's take a moment to discuss the challenges you will encounter along the journey to a great look and learn how to get through them quickly and easily. To make matters worse. What does that even mean? When it comes to advice from family and friends. Brad's Fashion Bible Part 3: Women are looking for guys who are clearly elite.

But I've realized when it comes to dating and attracting women. As in "better than other people. When I was younger. They don't want average guys. I still think it's important to share as much as you can with others and to give value to as many people as you can. I used to think that everyone should be considered equal and we should all just help each other and share everything.

Women are unabashedly elitist when it comes to meeting guys and dating. They will unapologetically reject you if they think you're not up to their standards. Because statistically speaking. How's that for equality? Most people have a negative reaction to the "elitist" vibe. Brad's Fashion Bible You've got to stop thinking like that. To succeed in fashion. You can learn a lot from the snobs if you stop shutting them out.

Here's a few snippets from a well known fashion writer. Frida Giannini took her signature silhouette one step further this season by introducing the check. Let's give it a try. I know.. Don't be bitter.

That's the one that says "These people are snobs" or "They're not so cool! Be Elite. I know.

This clothing has visual impact. As we waited with bated breath and the promise of Esther Williams-inspired synchronized swimming. Brad's Fashion Bible Ok maybe we should try that again. Think healthy seasoned travelers with a boogie board neoprene bag-cum-suitbag-cum-rucksack. This season we were taken to a fascist era swimming pool.

I'll have to run right out and get one of those. If we can get beyond that first reaction and pay attention to the clothes. The rollercoaster ride had begun. It has social impact. Sun-kissed boys with glittered quiffs and bobby socks were the order of the day. There are cultural implications to the outfits. It's also important to appreciate the writer's dedication to fashion and his love for writing about it.

Perhaps it's something you would never wear.

Brad`s Fashion Bible

Fascist era swimming pool? When you hear words like "houndstooth" and "bag-cum-suitbag-cum-rucksack" don't immediately disregard the overall message. They are retro looks intended to remind you of another era. Brad's Fashion Bible The concept for these outfits is fairly simple actually. They are using the our romanticized ideas about the past to communicate an elitism and make an artistic statement. The high fashion signal communicates that you are an insider.. In the age of the Internet. In order to maintain that the signal is "honest.

But simply changing the signal rapidly is not enough to protect the elite. This is how the "high fashion signal" is preserved in the information age. High fashion signal indicates "I am of high status and have access to social information and social resources. Think back on those quotes from Vogue. It is meant to be elite and exclusive by it's nature.

You'd have to be a total asshole to write something like that.. If the signal could be easily copied. How turned off are you by that language? You're absolutely hating it. Those who set the "high fashion" trends prevent the masses from accessing fashion information by using a communication style specifically geared towards women and gays. Most "average Joe" straight guys are intimidated and turned off by this language.

If the signal did not change. Then there is the issue of money. In this book. You can get access to this information in many ways: This book is about the life of New York City's most famous doorman. He's the guy that will look at your outfit at the door of a high end club and turn you away if he doesn't like it.

A second store in New York. Century These are the people who have the best information. Not everyone has the resources to attain high fashion items. The concept of this store is to quickly and cheaply mass produce clothing that mimics the high fashion signal.

If you shop at these stores. But you will need the right information. Check out the grille. In the information age. Sometimes this is the case. Hip hop fashion. Brad's Fashion Bible information. Mimicking the Low Fashion Signal When you think of "high fashion. If you do the "Geek Chic" look. Brad's Fashion Bible Do you think this outfit is nerdy? The folks at Diesel would disagree.

No one would dress this nerdy and expect people to take it seriously. Me and my old assistant coach Disco used to call this look "Geek Chic.

LAURINDA from Wyoming
I do like reading comics inwardly . Look over my other posts. I am highly influenced by world record breaking.