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cHAPtEr 2: FAtE corE BASIcS. This is a general overview of the system. Bulldogs! uses an open-source game engine called the Fate Core system. Fate Core. Bulldogs! is about blasters and faster-than-light travel. The edition of Bulldogs! uses the Fate system to bring out the space adventurer in PDF $ Bulldogs! - FATE Core Edition (Updated).pdf, , MB., , MB. Getting There .

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Bulldogs! has been updated to Fate Core, with a more streamlined PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (11 ratings). All new! Bulldogs!. (d20 Edition) - Bulldogs! is a kick-ass science-fiction game using the d20 DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Bulldogs! Who could be desperate enough to sign his life away for five long years ? Desperate enough to take a job hauling volatile and hazardous cargo to the.

This game is action-packed and includes new sci-fi races, classes, feats, skills, and weapons as well as a system that allows you to generate your own sci-fi races and an acclaimed space combat system that puts the emphasis on the characters rather than deep space physics. The Digital bundle includes all supplement files produced for the d20 edition of the game: Races, Bulldogs! Psionics, Bulldogs! Log In. New Account or Log In.

Check out the new improved Bulldogs! Is your bland home world too safe for you? Maybe you owe some money to the wrong people, or maybe the gun just somehow went off and now you have an urgent need of a change of scenery. Join the Class D Freight division and in exchange for a simple five-year commitment, you can leave all your troubles behind. It's got all the great stuff you need to fill a cyborg space-pirate with plasma before running an imperial blockade AND getting the girl at the same time.

How can I NOT play this game? Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Fate Core Edition. Average Rating 11 ratings. Bored with your dead-end job?

Tired of your planet-bound life? TransGalaxy PanGalactic Corporation does not care about your arrest record! They've got the ship. You've got a pulse. Welcome to Bulldogs! Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 3. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Pierre S November 19, 8: Brennan T November 20, 3: Hard copy is available through your local hobby store or Indie Press Revolution. A hard copy will not be offered on this site. Fabian L August 17, Is this the most current edition of the game and are the Fate core rules required to play?

Brennan T August 17, 1: Pierre S May 13, 3: Also, in the update, the name of the file changes slightly depending on whether you Download it or select a move to Dropbox. This creates an inconsistency. I had sent an e-mail of comments about typos. One of them is still not corrected. A new update is offering both v. Why is 1. Is one meant to be a more "printer friendly" version? Paul A April 22, 5: Are we any closer to that printed edition? It's been a promise for a while now?

Todor P March 15, 2: Is there any way I can buy a printed, physical copy of this? Thanks in advance! Brennan T March 15, 3: The book is at the printer now, a print edition will be available soon. Jason K March 04, If I already own Bulldogs! For Fate, what is there to make me buy this new one? Jason, if you are satisfied with the Fate Classic edition, please continue playing it. It's a very solid edition of the game. That said, the new edition updates and streamlines some of the rules that could definitely stand an update.

There are strong guidelines on the different action types, a faster and more thrilling combat system, and better gear rules, in my opinion. Michael S March 15, 4: Does this book combat system add anything above and beyond Fate Core's mechanics? Pierre S March 30, 4: I mentioned the game's features in my review and I'll attempt to answer that.

Beyond the basic Fate Core rules you get: Spaceship combat, attacks and damage on a spaceship scale, are also added. Michael S January 19, 6: Thanks for the consideration! Garrison B January 24, 5: The PDF is a bit frustrating right now -- because they're art-heavy, the pages load slowly on my tablet. Having bookmarks would help a LOT. A lower-res version with bookmarks would be even better.

Small looks and runs great on my 8" tablet. May 05, 4: Any update on when we can expect this? I'd love to start using the updated rules and the lack of TOC is the only thing getting in the way of that. Michael S January 05, 9: Brennan T January 07, 4: Yes, it will.

Doing Things chapter if the robot decides to devote itself to it full time. Robots must spend some down time defragmenting their systems. Come back here! If they have sufficient fuel or a recharge they can continue working indefinitely. The only restriction is that the robot must retain the same number of skill points.

It looks like a cross between a scooter and a spider. If an engineer spends a few days working on the robot. The robot can perform this task on itself but must spend a fate point.

When hit with an electro-magnetic attack of any kind. Look after the ship. Just a robot. A robot can survive a vacuum indefinitely. I was fixing that. Stress boxes and physical consequences require outside intervention for recovery.

Pick one type of additional sense for the robot. When moving as part of another activity. Extra Limbs [—1] Optional Robots are often fitted with extra limbs to help them do their jobs. Ryjyllian fur is thick— the better to withstand the cold climate of their homeworld—and typically ranges from dark gray to bright white. Ryjyllians of both sexes have thick manes that they grow long and braid. There are alliances between clans. There are countless clans of varying sizes throughout the galaxy though most of them are still based on Ryjyl.

Ryjyllians value the ties to their families more than ties to their species.

To a Ryjyllian. Any scene aspect that restricts vision or other senses must directly block this additional sense. Unlike many other starfaring species. An Engineering check is needed to clear most damage from a robot—use the regular healing rules but substitute Engineering for Medicine. Honor is primarily gained through battle. They can also easily access a zone directly above them. Additional Sensory Apparatus [—1] Optional Some robots are equipped with additional senses.

The Ryjyllians are known throughout the galaxy as some of the most skilled and vicious warriors around. Ryjyllians have cat-like eyes. During a round. The code says that most non-Ryjyllians are without honor. These rules apply to all conflicts between Ryjyllians. A Ryjyllian will offer her clan if asked. All Ryjyllians identify their ancestors back several generations when making a formal introduction.

The five largest clans are Hawp. Ryjyllian honor forces fair combat. I have to go home. Clan names: Such a recitation generally sounds like a catfight to outsiders.

A formal Ryjyllian name looks like this: Yall awp Yibrowr awp Awrlol awp Gbrywr. Most Ryjyllians will give a non-Ryjyllian the benefit of the doubt once. Lacking eyelids. Saldrallans have no preconceptions based on gender. I beg for quarter! To this end.

Bulldogs! (d20 Edition) - Galileo Games |

Saldrallans There are two major empires in the galaxy. If mild is already filled. These natural weapons inflict Damage: The entire body is covered in fine scales. They have retractable claws in their fingers and sturdy and deadly fangs in their jaws. They have ophidian heads—complete with poisonous fangs and. When the fight wraps up. Once per session. The five box was filled.

Saldrallans can be somewhat unnerving to members of other species. Saldrallans are famously pragmatic. The Templari Empire is warlike and totalitarian. Exceptional members of other species can climb quite high up the political ladder.

Low Light vision [—1] Ryjyllian eyes are better than average at seeing in dark conditions. The Ryjyllian can exit this state at any time. While in this state. Claws and Fangs [—1] A Ryjyllian is never unarmed. None of the attacks is enough to force her to take a consequence. The two empires are an exercise in contrasts.

When making any perception related skill checks. Her player spends a fate point to activate the Ryjyllian combat focus. Despite their somewhat unnerving appearance and mannerisms. Mawr goes into a fight.

A Saldrallan also possesses heat-sensing organs beneath his eyes that allow him to see the heat emanating from living creatures. Perhaps the thing that makes Saldrallans the most alien to other species is their ability to change their gender. It also makes them more deadly combatants. In addition. Where the Templari Empire is racially homogeneous for the most part. The Saldrallans are. The upper body is a torso with arms. I am called Hessien. They can tell by smell what gender another Saldrallan currently belongs to.

Despite this apparent acceptance of all beings and creeds. Only the lowest available consequence is used. Just stop staring at me.

Just go away. Saldrallan morality is a flexible thing and can be boiled down into the idea that you should always do that which is most expedient and benefits the Empire or company. A Saldrallan introduction sounds like this: Power invoke: He has an excellent eye for investigation.

At best. When a Saldrallan introduces himself formally. The profit was exceptional. Once per fight. Spreading Weakness. Templari see the Arsubarans as upstarts. They have family names that they trace through the male line. Only the military is authorized to own weapons of any kind within the Templari Empire.

Rather than incorporate and assimilate the way the Saldrallan Empire does. The Saldrallans regard them warily. Templari relations with other species are strained. Although they look remarkably like Arsubarans in many ways. Deval and Kamanch. Physical perfection is important to Templari.

This is largely because the Templari value war and conquest above all else. Listed are some common Templari names: They are completely hairless.

So be it. They do not allow any non-Templari into the military or government. Templari believe that their species is superior to all others and that other species were created specifically to be conquered and to serve them.

The Templari society is perhaps the most xenophobic society in existence. Templari are tall. This causes some consternation amongst other species. Most people pay them no mind. Tetsuashans show little emotion. These creatures are extremely resilient. Tetsuashans are usually a grayish brown in color. Anything else would be laughable. Despite this. They have no feet or legs. Few go there willingly if it can be at all avoided. Tetsuashans can be found nearly everywhere else in the galaxy.

A Tetsuashan has a relatively featureless face. A Tetsuashan is small. Their bodies are slug-like. For the most part. Tetsuashans manage to exist below the radar of the rest of the galaxy. I am returning to the ship. They have no family name. Even lost limbs or organs will regrow.

Moving even within the same zone in combat. Tetsuashans may not move more than two zones in a single round no matter how high they roll on Athletics. Squish [—2] A Tetsuashan lacks bones and can squeeze its body down to an extremely small size. Tetsuashans recover physical consequences as if they were one level lower a moderate recovers as if it were mild. No fear. We had a chat. Each Tetsuashan is considered a sole individual. I will need assistance.

They may climb any normal surface as if they were walking at their normal slow pace without needing to make an Athletics roll. If attacked with salt. It can fit through very small or narrow openings easily. I thought the door was locked.

Even extreme consequences will heal given enough time—usually a couple of years. Another slime trail? Can we get rid of this thing?

Just coming in contact with salt causes 1 stress. The Templari. Urseminites revel in vice. Urseminites are notoriously vicious in battle—packs of them can take down seemingly superior foes in a surprisingly short time. They are often pirates and mercenaries. Urseminites are supremely selfish creatures. Their small numbers are suppressed further by the Templari and the Saldrallans.

Urseminites are rare. Some individuals recognize. They have no homeworld. Urseminites No species is quite as reviled as the Urseminites. An Urseminite is small.

So far. Most species want nothing to do with these cuddly villains. They smoke huge. As befits their general attitude. Here are some sample names. This seems likely. The Saldrallans specify that these Urseminites must be proven pirates or criminals. For all their small and non-threatening stature. That thing jumped at me like a mad dog! Urseminites have Armor: Urseminites suffer a —1 penalty whenever making social interaction rolls with characters of a species other than their own.

Urseminites automatically gain an additional stress box. Are they even Arsubaroid in shape. The process of creating a species works best if you have an idea of what sort of creature you want to come up with. Their nails and teeth are blunt and their thick layer of fur cushions even a punch or kick. The ten canon species offer good examples of what you can do. Their bodies are insulated with thick fur and a layer of fat that protects them from damage.

He wants this species to be somewhat predatory. Max decides to create his own species rather than use one of the ones listed. There was enough in there to knock out an elephant. Do they tend to be tall? Do they have any odd appendages. Make sure you and the GM are on the same page as you develop your alien species. This section is a toolkit for building a species of your own invention. As with character creation. Go ahead and shoot him. They can also take an additional mild physical consequence.

So long. Creating your own species is a lot like creating a character. What colors are they. Are they extremely hardy? Are they known for their strength or intelligence? Think about what your species is like in a purely physical sense. An obviously physical thing like wings or great strength would fit into this phase. Some are detrimental to the species as they travel the star lanes. During this phase.

If any other special species abilities seem likely to arise from this phase. You should choose the final two aspects for the species based on their psychology. The psychology and personality of your species should be informed by both its physiology and its history— both nature and nurture.

No character is allowed to begin the game with a refresh pool lower than one. He decides that their homeworld is harsh and dangerous. These tend to be less heroic or exciting abilities and more in the realm of interesting details. Each 0-point ability taken after the first costs —1 instead. When building a new species.

You can take only one of these abilities at no cost. Those that add to the refresh pool are detrimental abilities. The Molodocs. Max decides. This is also a good place to come up with a name for your species. Not all abilities are advantages. Keep an eye on the starting power level of your game when designing a species.

Some abilities are listed with a cost of 0. He decides that there have been several wars in Molodoc history. Armor only applies to a certain type of damage: Additional atmospheric types may be purchased by taking this ability multiple times.

Cling [—2] This species has claws or suction pads or some other structure that allows them to cling to sheer surfaces. Each point of Armor costs —1.

At a cost of —2. At a cost of —1. Outside of a liquid environment. Outside of their liquid environment they will begin to suffocate.

They can fit through very small or narrow openings easily. Strange creatures Members of this species must still breathe air. In emergencies. Such species can only breathe the particular liquid that makes up their home atmosphere usually water. Amphibious [—1] This species is equally at home in air or liquid environments. This could be water. Contortion [—2] Species with this ability can squeeze their physical body down to an extremely small size. To create a creature equally at home in water and on land.

Special accommodations must be made for this species. They may climb any normal surface as if they were walking without needing to make an Athletics roll. At a cost of —4. In normal circumstances. Any scene aspect that restricts vision or other senses must directly block this additional sense or the aspect can be ignored by members of this species.

The species has no difficulty breathing a normal atmosphere as well. The cost for this ability varies based on how effective the armor is against attack. Maybe they have a sturdy physical structure. So the cost for Armor: When attempting to communicate with anyone outside their species. Species with this ability only suffer a —1 penalty on zero-gravity movement and action.

Extra Limb [—1] Some species have additional limbs with prehensile abilities. Members of the species suffer a —2 penalty when attempting to resist the effects of diseases. While gliding. They have wings or some other method for true flight and can move freely about in the air. A member of the species is immune to damage.

Glide [—1] This species has wings or other structures allowing it to glide. Flight [—2] Some species have the ability to fly. This healing ability does not apply to extreme consequences. If this ability is taken at a cost of —2. To be immune to more than one or all of these environments. A species with this ability must choose either disease or poison.

Fast healing [—2] Species with this ability heal far more quickly than the norm. When in flight. When taking this ability. To be immune to both. Members of this species recover physical consequences as if they were one level higher a mild recovers as if it were moderate. Keen Sense [—1] Many species have far greater ability with a particular sense than the galactic norm. No additional actions may be taken. Low Light vision [—1] Many species have eye structures that are better than average at seeing in dark conditions.

Moving even within the same zone in combat requires a supplemental action. Members of these species can be considered alert at all times. Doing Things chapter if the character devotes himself to it full time.

An incorporeal being can move easily through incredibly tiny spaces. The particular weakness should be determined for each species—a tendency to get in fights. The amount of refresh this grants depends on how common the substance is. Each additional —1 increases the damage rating. Pick a particular sense. If the attack is ranged. Characters with this ability may not move more than two zones in a single round.

Species with this ability can ignore darkness aspects. Beings that use sight in combat suffer a —2 penalty when attempting to hit a member of this species in hand-to-hand combat and a —4 when attempting to hit with a ranged weapon. This must be specified when building the species. Some lack hearing or sight. The GM may assess penalties up to —4 whenever the character is attempting something that requires the missing sense. Beings that use senses other than sight are unimpaired.

Such beings are immune to physical attack. Multiple senses may be enhanced by taking this ability more than once. When making any perception related skill rolls.

Incorporeal creatures have one type of attack that will still affect them. Just coming in contact with the substance causes 1 stress.

This causes the obvious disadvantages. This restriction can be taken for multiple senses.

This species is a true shapeshifter. Stunt [—1] Any species ability that is the equivalent of a stunt may be taken for a —1 cost. Poison bites or claws also fall into this category. Determine what the secondary form is and create a new skill configuration that applies to this form. They must have some artificial device to aid them or be assisted by another being in order to move at all.

The cost for this ability varies based on how vulnerable the species is. Single Form Shapeshift [—1]: Members of this species can transform from one form into a single other form. Only the lowest available consequence will be used. A member of this species can change shape to mimic the appearance of another species or individual. They typically only live for a few years before dying of old age.

A species may take an existing stunt as an ability. This vulnerability applies only to a certain type of damage—energy weapons. Once set. For each form. There are three separate abilities that fall under this heading. This species is adept at mimicking observed forms.

Members of the species can take on the shape of virtually any living or nonliving thing. This can be because of a particularly pungent smell. The character suffers a —1 penalty when making social interaction rolls with characters of a species other than her own. Such species must carry their particular breathable atmosphere with them in some way or they will begin to suffocate.

If a game lasts longer than a few years of in-game time. Once per fight on a successful hit. Special Attack [—2] Some species have exceptional dangerous abilities for self-defense. If the species is only vulnerable to a narrow range of damage. Use the same number of skills as the primary form. As a player. This individual will have a lot of influence over the characters after play begins.

Your characters will be flying a Class D freighter. The idea is to make good money on the deliveries that actually arrive. In this step. No one player. These aspects are the most important facet of character generation. The company buys cheap ships.

These ships run high-risk cargo—hazardous or volatile materials. Each player. The Crew Creation section assumes a couple of things about your crew: The crew creation process gets you thinking about who this character is. Crew Creation To play Bulldogs!. Your crew starts on a freighter of dubious spaceworthiness. Some details get determined collectively by the group: All of the players. Captain This is the second step that all of the players complete collectively.

All Class D captains cause problems. We get to name it. How does the captain make life difficult for the crew? Does the captain have personal habits or quirks that cause trouble?

This should be a very compellable aspect. Does it have some extra juice right when you need it? Are there hard-to-find nooks and crannies where you can stow contraband? Is it deceptively fast or maneuverable? Can it stand up to massive punishment? The first step is to generate their ship. This first aspect should give a glimpse of the person behind the office and describe the captain in a short phrase. No Class D ship is in tip-top shape.

A certain adversarial relationship usually exists between a Class D captain and his crew. Answer the following questions. For the first aspect. What kind of person ends up as a captain in Class D? What sort of past did this person have that got him or her here? No one aspires to be in Class D. Is it an old clunker? A newer ship with something wrong with it? Cobbled together from scrap? Choose an aspect that gives a good general description of the vessel. Does the power cut out at inconvenient times?

Is the ship particularly slow? Do parts just fall off? Choose an aspect related to the biggest problem the ship has. That sounds good. How about the Black Watch? They start to brainstorm about what type of ship they want.

How about a name? Who is the captain? When deciding this. Your ship gets three aspects. The first aspect describes the ship generally. The question is. This thing is a flying hunk of junk. For the problem aspect. Assuming the captain is a non-player character. Is the captain a strict disciplinarian? Completely lackadaisical? Does the captain play favorites?

This aspect describes the main relationship the captain has with the crew. Starting lower gives your character a lot more room to grow before becoming a planet-killing super man.

They let anyone aboard these things. Starting refresh goes down depending on the alien species and stunts you choose. You are a Serious Badass. They should fear you instead. This level is great for a short game or a one-shot.

Make sure you note down the refresh level on your sheet. How about problems? Each level indicates three things: What does everyone think between Trouble and Hard Boiled? How does he handle that? On the other hand. Skill Cap: This is the maximum level your top skill can be as a starting character. The more points you have available to spend. The GM can raise the skill cap later through advancement. Take it easy on big threats. The group now decides on the power level for their characters.

Fresh meat 6 refresh.

Not hard enough. Nobody in the Frontier Zone likes those guys. Trouble it is. You can take on heavy hitters and likewise attract a lot of resistance.

You might not be all that experienced. Why did he leave the Nova legion? Now for his leadership style. Note all of these down on your character sheets. You never start with a refresh less than 1. Skill points: The number of skill points determines how powerful your character is at the beginning of play. While your species suggests certain aspects. He notes that his refresh rate is 4 after choosing his species. He notes down the Ryjyllian species ability. Your species gives you some special abilities that change your starting refresh.

Choose two aspects from the list presented with your species write-up. Different species have different role-playing implications based on racial history and cultural norms. They describe her origins. He thinks briefly about being an urseminite. Adjust your refresh according to the cost listed next to species abilities. A Hacragorkan is significantly different in tone and feel from an Arsubaran. The players have discussed the various roles on board the ship— pilot.

Because aspects are so important in defining who your character is. Aspects Your aspects should give a sense of who your character really is. Now that he knows his role. Choosing your aspects should be done before you choose your stunts or skills. Nick now starts on his own character. Your species is important once you start choosing aspects. For his strength. Nick chooses an aspect that gives Prbrawl some old rivals and enemies.

Born on the ass-end of sPace invoke: Choose one aspect based on your homeworld. Ryjyl is described as an icy planet. What planet did your character grow up on? A walk in the park! Arsubar sure does have a lot of people. What is your character really good at? Is he unusually resilient? Does he have a nose for finding the truth? Is he good with machines? Good with people? An ace pilot? Does he know games of chance inside and out? Choose one aspect based on your personal strength.

Nick decides Prbrawl is a natural leader. Everyone has flaws. This is intolerable! Character Background While your species defines your character to a certain extent. Nick decides his character. Does he drink too much? Gamble too much?

Is he sickly. This should give the gM a lot to work with. Former Associates: While your character was growing up. Does he have trouble holding onto money? Does he have an unusual body odor? Choose one aspect based on your personal weakness.

Choose one aspect based on your former associates. Nick chooses the aspect lead By exaMPle. Some people are raised on space stations. Sorry about the bulkhead. He picks the aspect TougH iT ouT as the homeworld aspect. Who are they? A former associate can be anyone—a family member. For the last part of this section. Some Personal Strength aspects: Some Former Associates aspects: They hate me. Tetsuashans get pissed when they realize they just bought salt. This is a disaster!

If you need some help.

Bulldogs! - Galileo Games - FATE Edition - Core Rulebook

I can finally tie up loose ends. Choose four aspects based on your current berth. Maspeth wants to finish the job. I know a guy. Collaborate with the other players on this section—after all. What led to this? What problem is your character running from? Are you traveling under an assumed name? What happened that was so terrible you signed your life away for five years?

What do you do in your current berth? Are you the first mate? The cook? The captain? A stowaway? The muscle? What you do for a living is important. Or take a trip to the bottom of the Gorth Sea. Not you. Excuse me! If it is a short-term job. Never mind. Jolek calls it in.

The only people in Class D are those who are so desperate they have no other choice. Desperate Situation: Got a problem? Ryjyllians can be bad news. No need to get hot under the collar. Who do you spend your days with? What kind of people are they? Who are the people above you, and who do you have authority over? Do you travel with pirates or honest merchants? Do you trust your shipmates? Do you like them?

Think about the people you interact with on a regular basis. Who are your co-workers, your friends and acquaintances, the people you avoid, and the people who tell you what to do? Who are you working for, anyway? A no-nonsense, humorless authoritarian runs a very different ship than does an easygoing rebel. What kind of relationship do you have with him?

Are you a trusted ally, or simply another fare to ferry from one destination to another? Does your captain inspire confidence? Are you the captain? Now the group discusses shipmates aspects. Nick sees Prbrawl as taking a bit of a fatherly role aboard the ship, maybe more than his crewmates prefer. The other players are good with that. Remember me? I mean, uh, listen to the proximity alarm!

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