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Download IELTS Cambridge Practice Tests series 1 – 13 with PDF, Audio CD and Answers without any download problem. It contains. Veja grátis o arquivo Cambridge IELTS 1 - PDF + Audio enviado para a Writing Modules 94 Tapescripts Answer keys Sample answer sheets iii. Veja grátis o arquivo Cambridge IELTS 1 - PDF + Audio enviado para a disciplina this Example Answer During the industrial revolution people worked harder.

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Download all Cambridge IELTS books pdf+audio for free (). Each book contains a lot of real recent IELTS exams with answers to help. Cambridge IELTS 1 – 13 Academic & General Training Student's Book Includes Listening, Writing, Reading answer sheets, answers keys. NB: If you find any error please follow this New link >> Download links of for Cambridge IELTS With PDF, Audio, And Answers (Updated.

About around the world English around the world is a blog that helps you to speak English fluently. Post a Comment. Home About Contact. Each exam composed of: Listening section Reading section Writing section Speaking section.

Note that the description is expressed differently from the text. Sometimes you have to match the meaning rather than the words. Only three of the factors in the list are correct. The correct factors explain why the author doubts the value of the WZCS document. This is from the third paragraph onwards. The first signal is: Remember that if you put more than one factor beside each question number on your answer sheet, you will not get any marks.

However the three correct answers can be written down in any order. You have to decide which effect arose from each cause. In this case it is better to work from List A as you must find an effect m List B for every question. List B contains results of List A. If you think there is more than one effect, mark both and come back to this item later. But remember that only one answer is correct. So the answer to question 36 is G. You have to match the opinions with the people who express them in the text.

So skim through the text until you come to the first name: Professor Turner. So the answer to question 7 is E. Note that the opinions in the questions are expressed differently from the text. You have to complete the flow chart of the movements of a migratory beekeeper. In this case, the information is scattered throughout the text, so it is important to have a good idea of what you are looking for.

Note that this box focuses on the start of migration. It is cued in the fourth paragraph: Remember that you will not use all the words in the box, and although some of the words in the box may seem to fit in the gaps, they have an incorrect meaning.

Your summary must be an accurate reflection of what is stated in the passage. By choosing the correct phrase A-H, you will make summary points of the information given in the passage.

For item 38, this occurs in paragraph B. In the middle of the paragraph you read: But to understand the entire point you will have to read the whole paragraph and take the gist. This is best summarised in the second sentence of the paragraph: Note also that you need to focus on particular paragraphs.

You have already read the passage once so you should realise that the diagram summarises most of the information in the passage. This box describes an input into the Language Activator that is not part of the Spoken Corpus.

Skim through the passage to find out what other kind of information is going into the Language Activator. An existing written corpus has been used. Note that you must use a maximum of three words for each answer, but that these do not have to be taken from the passage.

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Here you will read the sentence: You have to decide whether the writer states that employees have fewer working hours today compared with the past. So the statement Q27 actually says the opposite of what the writer says.

The answer to question 27 is therefore NO. You have to decide which heading best fits each paragraph in the passage. It goes on to discuss fibre optics and how they could be used in the future to improve optical instruments. So viii is the heading for paragraph B. Note that you must use a maximum of three words for each answer.

Note that it makes reference to the annual survey. This is in paragraph D. Thus the change referred to in the question is the fact that the numbers have doubled. Note that these questions are based on Part B of the reading passage.

You will have to decide which paragraphs in this part cover which processes. The extra processes will be close to the correct answers but not correct. Read the text carefully so that you do not fall into any traps. Only one option A-D is correct in each case.

So the answel to question 9 is C. Note that you have to make a judgement about the list of statements. Of the 2, commercial beekeepers in the money — for their keepers.

Second, United States about half migrate This pays beekeepers can carry their hives to farmers off in two ways Moving north in the summer who need bees to pollinate their crops. These temporary hive extensions contain Migratory beekeeping is nothing new.

The frames of empty comb for the bees to fill ancient Egyptians moved clay hives, with honey. In the brood chamber below, the probably on rafts, down the Nile to follow bees will stash honey to eat later. To prevent the bloom and nectar flow as it moved toward the queen from crawling up to the top and Cairo.

In the s North American laying eggs, a screen can be inserted beekeepers experimented with the same idea, between the brood chamber and the supers. These Not until the s when cars and trucks can then be pulled off the hive.

They are became affordable and roads improved, did heavy with honey and may weigh up to 90 migratory beekeeping begin to catch on. The supers are taken to a For the Californian beekeeper, the pollination warehouse. In the extracting room, the season begins in February. The hives an acre. Most drum. The carousel is filled to capacity with people consider almond honey too bitter to 72 frames.

A switch is flipped and the frames eat so the bees get to keep it for themselves. Finally the honey is poured into It can take up to seven nights to pack the barrels for shipment. These are not moved in the middle of the day After this, approximately a quarter of the because too many of the bees would end up hives weakened by disease, mites, or an homeless.

But at night, the hives are stacked ageing or dead queen, will have to be onto wooden pallets, back-to-back in sets of replaced. To create new colonies, a healthy four, and lifted onto a truck. One half will hold the hives are not being opened and the bees the queen and a young, already mated queen should remain relatively quiet.

Just in case can be put in the other half, to make two some are still lively, bees can be pacified with hives from one. To encourage the bees to National Geographic. In March, beekeepers A little They transport their hives to orange groves where farmers Here the bees make honey. After three weeks, the supers can be taken to a warehouse where After the honey collection, the old hives are rejected.

Good double hives are In boxes write. NB There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use all of them You may use any heading more than once. Questions Chose one phrase A-H from the list of phrases to complete each key point below. Write the appropriate letters A-H in boxes on your answer sheet. The information in the completed sentences should be an accurate summary of points made by the writer.

NB There are more phrases A-H than sentences so you will not use them all. You may use any phrase more than once. List of Phrases A local people and their environment. E the individual character of travel.

B the expectations of tourists. F places seen in everyday life. C the phenomena of holidaymaking. G photographs which recapture our D the distinction we make between holidays. H sights designed specially for tourists.

The diagram below shows how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology collects up-to-the-minute information on the weather in order to produce reliable forecasts. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic. Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education? Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves? Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and with relevant evidence.

You need two more weeks to prepare the assignment because you have had difficulty obtaining the reference books. Your examiner is your lecturer. Find out if you can have an extension. After some resistance, agree to an extension of one week. A by car B by bus C on foot D by train 1 What are the parking regulations on campus? A undergraduate parking allowed B postgraduate parking allowed C staff parking only allowed D no student parking allowed 2 The administration office is in A Block B.

B Block D. C Block E. D Block G. A wheel clamp your car. B fine only. C tow away your car and fine. D tow away your car only. Name Address 6 Flat Suburb Faculty Registration number Make of car Date the museum was opened 13 The museum consists of a building and 14 Handicapped toilet door shows Example: B pricing strategies.

C managing large companies. D setting sales targets. B are booked well in advance. C are non-refundable. D are for business travel only. B complicated. C time-consuming. D reasonable. B benefit the passenger. C sell cheap seats. D improve the service. In future people will be able to book airline tickets Also being marketed m this way are Computer programs the best These areas are known as Gondola end -prime Gondola end — position: They were probably good at crosswords and definitely knew a lot of words, but the image was always rather dry and dusty.

The latest technology, and simple technology at that, is revolutionising the content of dictionaries and the way they are put together. B For the first time, dictionary publishers are incorporating real, spoken English into their data. It gives lexicographers people who write dictionaries access to a more vibrant, up-to-date vernacular language which has never really been studied before. In one project, volunteers each agreed to discreetly tie a Walkman recorder to their waist and leave it running for anything up to two weeks.

Every conversation they had was recorded. When the data was collected, the length of tapes was 35 times the depth of the Atlantic Ocean.

Teams of audio typists transcribed the tapes to produce a computerised database of ten million words. It shows advanced foreign learners of English how the language is really used. It is not. It is the preposition, as in: The sifting out process is as vital as ever. But the database does allow lexicographers to search for a word and find out how frequently it is used - something that could only be guessed at intuitively before. E Researchers have found that written English works in a very different way to spoken English.

F The Spoken Corpus computer shows how inventive and humorous people are when they are using language by twisting familiar phrases for effect. It also reveals the power of the pauses and noises we use to play for time, convey emotion, doubt and irony.

G For the moment, those benefiting most from the Spoken Corpus are foreign learners.

Choose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below. Write the appropriate numbers i-xi in boxes on your answer sheet. Paragraph C has been done for you as an example. NB There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use all of them. You may use any heading more than once.

Cambridge IELTS 1 - PDF + Audio

Spoken Corpus Data from computer Most frequently Choose the appropriate letter A-D and write it in box 12 on your answer sheet 12 Why was this article written? A To give an example of a current dictionary. B To announce a new approach to dictionary writing. C To show how dictionaries have progressed over the years. Moles happy as homes go underground A The first anybody knew about Dutchman moles.

Growing numbers of Europeans Frank Siegmund and his family was are burrowing below ground to create when workmen tramping through a field houses, offices, discos and shopping found a narrow steel chimney protruding malls. It is already proving a way of life in through the grass. Closer inspection extreme climates; in winter months in revealed a chink of sky-light window Montreal, Canada, for instance, citizens among the thistles, and when amazed can escape the cold in an underground investigators moved down the side of the complex complete with shops and even hill they came across a pine door health clinics.

In Tokyo builders are complete with leaded diamond glass and planning a massive underground city to a brass knocker set into an underground be begun in the next decade, and building. The Siegmunds had managed underground shopping malls are already to live undetected for six years outside common in Japan, where 90 percent of the border town of Breda, in Holland.

Seven luxury homes cosseted away inside a high earth-covered noise E There are big advantages, too, when it embankment next to the main Tilburg comes to private homes. The foundations had yet hectares of land above ground would to be dug, but customers queued up to occupy 2. Under houses, whose back wall consists of a several metres of earth, noise is minimal grassy mound and whose front is a long and insulation is excellent.

It is built solar panels and natural insulation. Patnzia F In Europe the obstacle has been Vallecchi, a resident since , says conservative local authorities and it is little different from living in a developers who prefer to ensure quick conventional apartment. But the Dutch development was H Not everyone adapts so well, and in greeted with undisguised relief by South Japan scientists at the Shimizu Limburg planners because of Holland's Corporation have developed "space chronic shortage of land.

It was the creation" systems which mix light, Tilburg architect Jo Hurkmans who hit on sounds, breezes and scents to the idea of making use of noise stimulate people who spend long embankments on main roads.

His two- periods below ground. Underground floored, four-bedroomed, two- offices in Japan are being equipped bathroomed detached homes are now with "virtual" windows and mirrors, taking shape.

Areas which do not need I But Frank Siegmund and his family love much natural lighting are at the back. The their hobbit lifestyle. Their home living accommodation is to the front so evolved when he dug a cool room for nobody notices that the back is dark. During a heatwave they took G In the US, where energy-efficient homes to sleeping there.

A terrace of five homes, rooms. It sounds strange but we are Britain's first subterranean development, so close to the earth we draw strength is under way in Nottinghamshire. Italy's from its vibrations. Our children love it; outstanding example of subterranean not every child can boast of being architecture is the Olivetti residential watched through their playroom centre in Ivrea.

Commissioned by windows by rabbits. Write the appropriate numbers i-xii in boxes 13 20 on your answer sheet. Paragraph A has been done for you as an example. Employees who had been putting profits climb. Ehrenberg of Cornell days a week. Only a generation ago social University. In the US, at least, it seems they and, at the same time, compels workers need not have bothered. Most of Although the output per hour of work has those incentives involve what Ehrenberg more than doubled since , leisure calls the structure of compensation: Those are organised that make it more who work full-time spend as much time profitable to ask 40 employees to labour on the job as they did at the end of World an extra hour each than to hire one more War II.

In fact, working hours have worker to do the same hour job. Bookstores now these lines. Once people are on salary, abound with manuals describing how to their cost to a firm is the same whether manage time and cope with stress. Diminishing returns may Since , companies have responded eventually set in as overworked to improvements in the business climate employees lose efficiency or leave for by having employees work overtime more arable pastures.

Schor of Harvard Even hourly employees receive benefits - University. Therefore, it is more Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. Not even the qualitative studies that show increased humblest household object is made productivity for part-time workers: Companies that employ more that designers have had for developing workers for less time also gain from the countries: Questions Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in boxes 33 and 34 on your answer sheet.

B crises occur if you are under-staffed. C people are available to substitute for absent staff. D they can project a positive image at work.

B employers are offering high incomes for long hours. C the future is dependent on technological advances.

D they do not wish to return to the humble post-war era. Which FOUR of the following factors are mentioned? Write your answers A-H in boxes on your answer sheet. List of Factors A Books are available to help employees cope with stress.

B Extra work is offered to existing employees. C Increased production has led to joblessness. D Benefits and hours spent on the job are not linked. E Overworked employees require longer to do their work. F Longer hours indicate greater commitment to the firm. G Managers estimate staff productivity in terms of hours worked.

H Employees value a career more than a family. The graph shows the trends in consumption of fast foods. News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence these decisions?

Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported? You want to find out about the holiday.

Be prepared to provide some accurate information on the history and significance of the day. If in-country, tell the candidate how you will spend the day. If you are in a non-English speaking country, tell the candidate how people normally spend this day back home. Provide information about the availability of shops, services and banks on the day.

A B C D 2 How many people are waiting in the queue? A 50 B C D 3 What does the woman order for lunch? A B C D 5 How much money does the woman give the man? Name of student: Questions 11 What did the man buy for her to eat?

A B C D 12 What must the students do as part of registration at the university? A Check the notice board in the Law Faculty. B Find out about lectures. C Organise tutorial groups. D Pay the union fees. May not be allowed all facilities given to resident students.

I can support myself. Tab Lid — makes up Body reflective surface of Purpose of the mini lecture To experience To find out about The three strands of Sports Studies are: They want to discover what Sport now competes with Spectators want Macro levels look at Micro level looks at A new generation of optical shape the glass. In this way, the envelope instruments is emerging that can provide of a light bulb is made by a single detailed imaging of the inner workings machine at the rate of 66, an hour, as of cells.

It is the surge in fibre optic use compared with 1, a day produced by and in liquid crystal displays that has set a team of four glassblowers. Although it is demand. In the melting commerce that glass has widened its process, the atoms in the raw materials horizons. The use of glass as art, a are disturbed from their normal position tradition spins back at least to Roman in the molecular structure; before they times, is also booming.

Nearly can find their way back to crystalline everywhere, it seems, men and women arrangements the glass cools. This are blowing glass and creating works of looseness in molecular structure gives art. He now has a new commission F Today, scientists continue to experiment - a glass sculpture for the headquarters with new glass mixtures and building building of a pizza company - for which designers test their imaginations with his fee is half a million dollars.

A London architect, Mike Davies, sees D But not all the glass technology that even more dramatic buildings using touches our lives is ultra-modern. The price of a bulb plunged. Think of how the tall buildings Small wonder that the machine has been in New York could perform a symphony called one of the great mechanical of colours as the glass in them is made achievements of all time.

Yet it is very to change colours instantly. As for the glass which there are holes. The glass sags changing colours instantly, that may through the holes and into waiting come true. Puffs of compressed air then indeed be on the way to fulfilment. Write the appropriate numbers i-x in boxes on your answer sheet. You may use any heading more at once.

Questions Look at the list below of the uses of glass. According to the passage, state whether these uses exist today, will exist in the future or are not mentioned by the writer.

But of course far both the private and public sectors Dr fewer of them apply for these positions. But layering of management structures. Sears also noted a positive trend from the C Reasons for higher success rates among recession, which has been the growing women are difficult to isolate.

One number of women who have started up explanation suggested is that if a woman on their own. Demographic trends suggest qualified than their male counterparts but that the number of women going into are more selective and conservative in employment is steadily increasing. In their job search. Women tend to research addition a far greater number of women thoroughly before applying for positions are now passing through higher or attending interviews.

Men, on the education, making them better qualified other hand, seem to rely on their ability to move into management positions. Network provide a range of opportunities for women to enhance D Managerial and executive progress made their skills and contacts. This year the survey shows broken down. However, Ariane Berthoin a doubling of the number of women Antal, director of the International serving as non-executive directors Institute for Organisational Change of compared with the previous year.

Cambridge IELTS - 1-13 - PDF + Audio (With answers)

Archamps in France, said that there is However, progress remains painfully only anecdotal evidence of changes in slow and there were still only 18 posts recruitment patterns. State which paragraph discusses each of the points below. Write the appropriate letter A-G in boxes on your answer sheet. B 14 The drawbacks of current company restructuring patterns.

Questions The author makes reference to three consultants in the Reading Passage. Which of the list of points below do these consultants make?

Population viability analysis Part A To make political decisions about the extent and type of forestry in a region it is important to understand the consequences of those decisions.

One tool for assessing the impact of forestry on the ecosystem is population viability analysis PVA. This is a tool for predicting the probability that a species will become extinct in a particular region over a specific period. A species becomes extinct when the last individual dies.

This observation is a useful starting point for any discussion of extinction as it highlights the role of luck and chance in the extinction process. To make a prediction about extinction we need to understand the processes that can contribute to it and these fall into four broad categories which are discussed below.

Part B A Early attempts to predict population viability were based on demographic uncertainty Whether an individual survives from one year to the next will largely be a matter of chance. Some pairs may produce several young in a single year while others may produce none in that same year. Small populations will fluctuate enormously because of the random nature of birth and death and these chance fluctuations can cause species extinctions even if, on average, the population size should increase.

Taking only this uncertainty of ability to reproduce into account, extinction is unlikely if the number of individuals in a population is above about 50 and the population is growing. B Small populations cannot avoid a certain amount of inbreeding. This is particularly true if there is a very small number of one sex. For example, if there are only 20 individuals of a species and only one is a male, all future individuals in the species must be descended from that one male.

For most animal species such individuals are less likely to survive and reproduce. Inbreeding increases the chance of extinction. Without genetic variability a species lacks the capacity to evolve and cannot adapt to changes in its environment or to new predators and new diseases.

The loss of genetic diversity associated with reductions in population size will contribute to the likelihood of extinction. D Recent research has shown that other factors need to be considered. These fluctuations add yet another degree of uncertainty to the survival of many species. Catastrophes such as fire, flood, drought or epidemic may reduce population sizes to a small fraction of their average level.

When allowance is made for these two additional elements of uncertainty the population size necessary to be confident of persistence for a few hundred years may increase to several thousand. Part C Beside these processes we need to bear in mind the distribution of a population.

A species that occurs in five isolated places each containing 20 individuals will not have the same probability of extinction as a species with a single population of individuals in a single locality. Where logging occurs that is, the cutting down of forests for timber forest- dependent creatures in that area will be forced to leave.

Ground-dwelling herbivores may return within a decade. However, arboreal marsupials that is animals which live in trees may not recover to pre-logging densities for over a century.

As more forests are logged, animal population sizes will be reduced further. Regardless of the theory or model that we choose, a reduction in population size decreases the genetic diversity of a population and increases the probability of extinction because of any or all of the processes listed above. It is therefore a scientific fact that increasing the area that is loaded in any region will increase the probability that forest-dependent animals will become extinct.

In boxes on your answer sheet write YES if the statement agrees with the writer NO if the statement contradicts the writer NOT GIVEN if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this Example Answer A link exist between the consequences of decisions and the decision making process itself.

YES 28 Scientists are interested in the effect of forestry on native animals. In paragraphs A to D the author describes four processes which may contribute to the extinction of a species. Match the list of processes i-vi to the paragraphs. Write the appropriate number i-vi in boxes on your answer sheet. NB There are more processes than paragraphs so you will not use all of them.

While the population of a species may be on the increase, there is always a chance that small isolated groups Survival of a species depends on a balance between the size of a population and its The likelihood that animals which live in forests will become extinct is increased when Question 39 Choose the appropriate letter A-D and write it in box 39 on your answer sheet. Chorleywood is a village near London whose population has increased steadily since the middle of the nineteenth century.

The map below shows the development of the village. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the development of the village. The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion mil be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life.

You are thinking of joining the exursion. Your examiner is one of the organisers. Provide the following information according to local facts: First, read the text below and answer Questions Do not use this more than five successive times. E Suits etc. It is possible to use this iron in a vertical position so that you can remove creases from A Filling the reservoir clothes on coathangers or from curtains. Your iron is designed to function using tap Turning the thermostat control and the steam water.

However, it will last longer if you use button to maximum, hold the iron in a vertical distilled water. Hold down the pressing button for reservoir. The steam - Always empty the reservoir after use. B Temperature and steam control Important: Hold the iron at a sufficient distance from silk and wool to avoid all risk of Your Moulex iron has two buttons which scorching Do not attempt to remove creases control the intensity of heat produced by the from an item of clothing that is being worn, iron.

You can, therefore, adjust the always use a coathanger. If your iron produces droplets of - Fill the reservoir and turn the thermostat water instead of giving off steam, your control to maximum. Any This button activates a jet of cold water which calcium deposits will be washed out by the allows you to iron out any unintentional steam.

Continue the procedure until the creases. Press the button for one second. Write the correct letter A-F in boxes on your answer sheet. Seat Allocation Requests for particular seats can be made on most coach breaks when booking, but since allocations are made on a first come first served basis, early booking is advisable.

When bookings are made with us you will be offered the best seats that are available on the coach at that time. Travel Documents When you have paid your deposit we will send to you all the necessary documents and labels, so that you receive them in good time before the coach break departure date. Certain documents, for example air or boat tickets, may have to be retained and your driver or courier will then issue them to you at the relevant point. Special Diets If you require a special diet you must inform us at the time of booking with a copy of the diet.

This will be notified to the hotel or hotels on your coach break, but on certain coach breaks the hotels used are tourist class and whilst offering value for money within the price range, they may not have the full facilities to cope with special diets. Any extra costs incurred must be paid to the hotel by yourself before departure from the hotel. Accommodation Many of our coach breaks now include, within the price, accommodation with private facilities, and this will be indicated on the coach break page.

On any coach break there are only a limited number of single rooms. When a single room is available it may be subject to a supplementary charge and this will be shown on the brochure page. Entertainment Some of our hotels arrange additional entertainment which could include music, dancing, film shows, etc. The nature and frequency of the entertainment presented is at the discretion of the hotel and therefore not guaranteed and could be withdrawn if there is a lack of demand or insufficient numbers in the hotel.

B arrive early on the departure date. C book your seat well in advance. D avoid travelling at peak times. B must be collected before leaving. C will be enclosed with other documents. D may be held by your coach driver. B pay extra with the booking. C tell the coach company. D book tourist class. B boat tickets. C additional luggage. D entertainment. B if there is the demand. C upon request. D for an additional cost. B take hand luggage on the coach.

C use your own personal bathroom. D see a film if you want to. C the future is dependent on technological advances.

D they do not wish to return to the humble post-war era. Which FOUR of the following factors are mentioned? Write your answers A-H in boxes on your answer sheet. Reading List of Factors A Books are available to help employees cope with stress. B Extra work is offered to existing employees. C Increased production has led to joblessness. D Benefits and hours spent on the job are not linked. E Overworked employees require longer to do their work.

F Longer hours indicate greater commitment to the firm. G Managers estimate staff productivity in terms of hours worked. H Employees value a career more than a family. The graph shows the trends in consumption of fast foods.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. You should write at least words. Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic:

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