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Resources: Charles Atlas Text, Phrasal Verbs, Charles Atlas Comprehension . Atlas brand, coining the term “Dynamic Tension” and devising the company's. Product Description Charles Atlas transformed himself into a powerful Muscular He-man with his method Dynamic Tension. This book is more. Charles Atlas and Isometrics - The Worlds Most Perfect Man never taught them. Atlas' system was called Dynamic Tension, and it's probably the tension part.

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I have received your application for enrollment in my DYNAMIC-TENSION® SYSTEM of health, strength and physique building. I most cordially welcome you as. Explore garry norris's board "charles atlas dynamic tension" on Pinterest. ab workout routine PDF from Printable Workouts – customize and print it now at. "Dynamic Tension" is the name Charles Atlas gave to the system of physical exercises that he Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Charles Atlas and Isometrics is a funny topic for me. It never ceases to amaze me how many people recognize the term Isometrics when Charles Atlas is mentioned. With that said Atlas, whose real name was Angelo Siciliano was perhaps the most famous advocate of the isometric method. His famous ads, featured mainly in the increasingly popular comic books, showed a skinny kid being picked on, getting sand kicked in his face by an older muscular punk. Laughed at and embarrassed in front of a group of girls the young kid, Mac, vows to never be picked on again.

I am a newbie. OBB, Dip. CHM, M. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Svenska Edit links. This page was last edited on 7 April , at While these vital centers are being energized the old tiny cells of which they are composed die off and NEW and Stronger ones take their place. Be patient, keep on practicing and you will get much better and more satisfactory results.

You will find it much more interesting if you will perform these and all other exercises in front of a large mirror. It is understood you should take these exercises while undressed, because you can better concentrate on the parts to be strengthened, it gives you added interest and most of all, it gives your skin the benefits derived from contact with the fresh air. Your skin breathes, and, if covered by clothing, especially while doing your exercise it is so much value lost.

Practice these movements carefully, without hurry. Never miss a day without performing them. I am showing you the easiest, quickest, newest and best ways to secure better health and strength, together with muscu- lar power and beauty. During sleep the muscles relax and rest, the organs recuperate, and the brain and nervous system gather fresh strength, storing up increased energy.

This is just what you want. Late hours are actually injurious. You may not notice the effects now, but the time will surely come when you will regret it. One of your principal objects in taking this Course is to increase your Energy. One of the most effective ways of doing so is by getting suffi- cient sound sleep nightly. Make the habit of going to bed not later than Realize your health is of first consideration.

Better health insures a longer life, - more time to enjoy the pleasures - real pleasures- of life. Temporary pleasures you may now enjoy at night get you nowhere. In truth they rob you of all the finer joys of life. Go to bed early, even if it does seem a sacrifice. It will pay you in the end. This practice will also induce more sound slumber. On getting into bed, relax absolutely every part of the body. Sprawl your legs and arms out.

Rest your mind and consciously relax your head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, abdomen, thighs, legs and feet. See that they become limp and life- less. Then follow this by trying to make the mind blank. Blot out all worries, fears, anxiety, thought of business, finances and other personal affairs. Your day is done. Forget it! Just think of yourself as being Strong, Healthy, Perfect - free from all weakness and disease and suffering.

Saturate the mind with pleasant thoughts. Thank the Creator for life and health for the day just past, and call on the Universal Forces for increased energy for the new Tomorrow. During sound sleep the real mind - the subconscious mind - is working, and acts on the thoughts you think just prior to going to sleep.

These thoughts have a powerful influence over the body. So you see if you take your troubles to bed to brood over, you are not going to improve your health any. Keep your sleeping room neat and tidy. Make it attractive and clean. Above all things see that your sleeping-room window is OPEN at all times and that you are breathing a free and uninter- rupted supply of pure cool air.

You need pure air at night equally as much as during the day. Avoid a severe draft, a freezing atmosphere, and a hot room. Keep the temperature of your bedroom, and all other rooms as far as possible, between 50 and 70 degrees.

Sleep on a fairly hard, stuffed mattress and a light pillow. Get up immediately on awakening - providing you wake at reasonable hour. GET UP! If you linger and hesitate you are weakening your will power, with the tendency to start the day all wrong, slouching through it with no conscious aim.

As an additional exercise to strengthen your will power, I insist upon your getting up promptly on waking. It may require a big effort during the first few times, but there is consolation in knowing that with each repetition the act becomes easier.

Personality today is of great importance. The man with a good personality is sought as a friend by everyone. He is the one who is given the best position and is thought of first for increases in salary. To be successful you must be persistent, and the first secret of persistence is a good start. Constantly review the motives you had in taking up this System. Never work at cross-purposes. Here you are given advice to achieve the results you want. At all times, therefore, see that all your habits are now in accord with the health promoting principles of which I am advising you.

As an additional means of mental and physical uplift, I suggest that you give careful attention to your perfect grooming. Care of your clothing and small personal habits may make all the differ- ence between failure and success.

Avoid mental waste.

By this I mean do not dissipate or squan- der your thought forces on things, which you know in your heart, are of no value. Aim to develop strength of character as well as strength of muscle. Make discipline an ally rather than an enemy. Kindly read that again. Do not overlook the values of good music.

Like attracts like. Music is pure and clean. Good music inspires and lifts you into higher realms. I very strongly recommend that you take what I will call a Music Bath daily.

If you own a musical instrument, let its beneficial harmonies elevate and refresh your mind, body and soul. See that you listen to good music.

Good music is to the soul what the water bath is to the body. Make it a point to hear it often. These simple instructions, if faithfully observed and followed will have a profoundly good influence on your life. Because of their simplicity do not neglect them.

Throughout your Course I shall be giving advice on this subject as well as Health and Strength. Now start with your Dynamic-Tension exercises, especially the dipping exercise. Do it as many times as you can, then relax a while, and do it again. In these days our diet is of even greater importance than normal. With best wishes for your progress, Yours for Perfect Development, P. Assume position as shown, between two chairs, arms rigid, then bend arms as in the next picture.

Go up and down as many times as possible. Repeat exercise till thoroughly tired. Rest and continue again. This must be practiced faithfully every morning and night throughout the entire course and during life.

Exercise No. A powerful deep breathing exercise. First empty lungs by crossing arms across the chest and exhaling. Now slowly inhale, fling arms outwards and upwards. Practice this before an open window and breathe deeply. Pull on an imaginary rope - as Exercise No. Grip fingers on both hands and pull outwards powerfully illustrated, tensing chest and shoulder muscles. Splendid for chest, shoulders and neck.

Start from the level of shoulders and pull downward Repeat till tired. Heres an excellent chest exercise I want you to practice faithfully. As indicated, place the fist of one hand in the palm of the other and push downwards with all your power, strongly resisting with the other hand. Practice this strenuously with both hands. I often receive letters by this time telling me that the chest muscles are already beginning to stand out. Let me hear from you. The huge streamlined express airplanes, which hurl themselves from New York to California, shrieking through the air with enormous power and terrific speed, depend upon the proper kind of fuel for their energy.

What would you think of the aviator who put any old junk into the tanks and expected this fuel to create the power and energy to get his plane to its destination on time? Yet that is exactly what millions of people are doing today with regard to their eating habits. Proper food furnishes the power with which to run the human engine.

Our modern airlines take special care in selecting the best grades of fuel, and watch that no dirt or other impurities enter into the gasoline tanks. If only human beings were more careful in selecting those foods which give them brain speed and power, they would be immeasurably better off.

Energy is largely derived from the foods you eat, the way in which you eat them and at what times you eat them. It is of vital impor- tance, then, that you use great care in eating only those foods which will build health and increase your strength and energy, thus giving you more and more POWER.

So that you may intelligently understand the underlying principles of dietetics, I am furnishing you with a little non-technical information regarding the science of nutrition. Foods eaten under proper conditions, among other things, repair the waste and worn-out tissue, build up the brain, supply the cells with the elements of life, and also store fat. The seven principal classes of nutrients are: Simple Carbohydrates - all sugars including dextrose, maltose, lactose, table sugars sucrose b.

Complex Carbohydrates - primarily starches. Some examples are bread, rice, pasta beans, fruits, vegetables and potatoes 3. FATS, Numerous body functions from warmth to maintaining healthy skin.

FIBER, aids in the elimination of body waste and reduces the risk of contracting certain diseases; the indigestible part of the carbohydrate. WATER, basis for all body fluids, cell processes and organ functions. All foods containing the above constituents to any degree are valuable for the perfect nourishment and maintenance of the body in a state of normal health.

In other words, to maintain good health you should eat from all the seven classes of food daily. If one or more are omitted, you will suffer the consequences of undernourishment. There are other important factors to be taken into consid- eration, such as the right proportion of foods in each of the seven classes.

They must also be com- bined in such a way that on entering the stomach they can be acted upon by the various digestive juices with the minimum expenditure of energy. They must be eaten at regular intervals; under wholesome conditions; presented in an attractive and appetizing manner and thoroughly chewed before swallowing.

Nuts 5. Poultry 2. Eggs 6. Lean Meats 3. Beans, soy, peas 7. Fish 4. Milk and Cheese Carbohydrates: Bread 5. Cereals 2. Macaroni, spaghetti 6. Table sugar 7. Crackers 4. Syrup 8. Potatoes Those foods very rich in Vitamins are: Green Vegetables 5. Tomatoes 2.

Herbs 3. Butter 7. Bananas 4. Melons 8. Root Vegetables The foods predominant in fat are: Cream 4. Nuts 2. Fat Meats 5. Cooking Fats 3. Butter 6. Table and Salad Oils Another group that cannot be overlooked are the minerals, including: Shellfish 5.

Whole Grains 2. Apricots 6. Leafy Green Vegetables 3. Fluoridated Water 7. Organ Meats 4. Broccoli The foods giving the essential fiber are: Bran 4. Root Vegetables 2. Leafy Vegetables 5. Cereals 3.

Whole Wheat 6. Fruit Pulp Note that the selection of foods is derived from fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, oils, cere- als and their products, fish, poultry and preserves.

That is, foods from which the life-principal has not been extracted by commercial processes. Before going further, I will describe those particular foods which hardly contain any nutritional value. Undoubtedly, the greatest food products condemned as lacking in the vital elements of nutrition are white bread and all white flour products.

Charles Atlas and Isometrics

In the refining process of white flour, the millers have unwisely extracted most of the important food constituents. Most enriched white bread replaces only four of the twenty-two nutrients it originally started out with before the milling process and contains seventy-five percent less fiber than whole wheat breads.

This is a crime. Along with white bread should be included such things as pies, puddings, pastry, cakes, doughnuts, rolls, muffins, cookies, biscuits and similar preparations made from white flour. This white flour is the real part the millers should throw away for lack of nourishment.

You can not become healthy or strong by eating this product. Whole wheat, on the other hand, has more vitamins, minerals and fiber than enriched white bread. The whole wheat kernel contains all the essential food qualities in almost perfect proportions.

On a white flour diet, you clog the alimentary tract. The use of white bread and similar products made entirely of white flour is one of the causes of constipation.

If you are eager to be free from this annoying condition, refrain when possible from using any foods where the base is white flour.

Fortunately, many of our breads today are fortified by the addition of vitamin B It is quite all right to eat such products. Another class of food stuffs you are urged to greatly decrease is all fatty meats. If you eat meat, see that it is very fresh, lean, tender and well-cooked. The undesirable feature about the fat meat is this: Eating an abundance of fat can lead to elevated levels of blood cholesterol, which in turn may lead to clogged arteries, which can lay the foundation for heart disease and heart attacks.

Refrain from eating it if you value your health. Also to be avoided are sharp spices such as: These I strongly condemn because they retard the normal action of digestion, hardening the lining of the stomach and intestines, preventing the natural secretion of the gastric fluids, which mix with the food in the process of digestion. Perhaps the least harmful of spices is salt.

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The excessive use of salt, mustard, pepper, and vinegar dulls the taste sensibilities, so that the real flavors of the foods are not known. Together with the foregoing articles to be condemned in your dietary, should be included the fre- quent use of candies and all commercial sweet products even the use of white sugar.

These manu- factured products are composed largely of a cheap glucose and other inferior sweetening mix- tures, including various injurious chemicals, compounds, and similar ingredients.

If you must eat candy at times, be sure it is of the very highest quality, and wherever possible, substitute regular maple or brown sugar for the white commercial kind. There are still a few more food products which are to be avoided if possible such as ordinary rice.

Rather, substitute organically grown brown rice. The Chinese live almost entirely on rice, but not the rice we get. Genuine rice is unpolished or undressed, and you should insist upon getting this kind if possible. Brown rice, like the whole-wheat flour, has not been robbed of its vital elements.

This also applies to spaghetti and macaroni, that are products of white flour. There are some man- ufacturers who make these foods from pure whole-wheat. Their new delicious flavor and nourish- ing qualities make it worth your while to procure them.

Dynamic Tension

While on this subject of condemned foods, I must not overlook certain drinks. No nation in the world drinks so much coffee and tea as does America. No nation has so many people suffering from nerves and similar troubles.

Tea and coffee are stimulants of an artificial nature.

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