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Free Christian romance ebooks. Free ebooks for Kindle. Free epub books. Hi I thought I'd put together a list of ebooks that you can download. Looking for free Christian novels you can read on your digital device? All the novels on this page are available as free downloads in Kindle and ePub format. Items 1 - 24 of Books, eBooks & Audio× · eBooks× (68,) . Estudio Biblico Deportivo: FUERTE ePub - eBook eBOOK Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Christian Fiction Epub

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The Broken Road. The Broken Road (Series). Book 1. Richard Paul Evans Author Richard Paul Evans Narrator (). cover image of Two Weeks. Thicker Than Blood: Free Christian Fiction eBook. Editor's Note: THICKER THAN BLOOD is the story of two estranged sisters who meet again after fifteen years. Results 1 - 10 of Format: PDF, ePub, Kindle, TXT. In this book, we will identify the mark of the beast, the timing of the rapture, the history of Islam and the faith was strengthened as the Lord opened my eyes to the books of Daniel and Revelation Bible Verses promising Happiness.

Here is a complete list of all the eBooks directories and search engine on the web. The list compiled below is not the place for links to sites hosting illegal copyrighted content such as torrent! They are collected from various Wikipedia articles, eBook seller websites like Kobo, Nook, Google eBook Store, Amazon eBook, Self publishing authors, public domain books with expired copyright and Universities website, thus most eBooks are classical. Public domain books are more often than not published 30 to 50 years ago where the copyright has expired. Looking at creating your own e-book? Google is still by far the most powerful search engine in the world, it crawls the web at an astonishing rate, indexing everything the bot can get it hands on.

I started writing Thicker than Blood as a teenager, always dreaming that someday it would be published. That day came fifteen years after I first put pen to page. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please always check the price of a book before downloading.

Nancy Drew, Doctor Dolittle, Narnia. Reading was, and still is, her favorite way to relax. Author Website: Is this book no longer free? Sign up for our email and ensure you never miss a free book again! A lighthearted short story written from a Christian worldview, this riveting eBook includes gentle humor about small-town life and aging. SIt back and enjoy this tale with a cup of coffee and relax! Between novels, I wrote my first-ever short story as a writing exercise.

It turned out so well that I published it! You can read long excerpts from that and my other novels at my website. The plan is to restore her relationship with her mother and to help her community get back on its feet.

Lottie uses faith-based solutions, and is encouraged to run for public office, in order to solve the problems of youth crime and unemployment. However, in due season, Lottie discovers what her heart has longed for—true purpose and true love.

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And, oh, yes…Miracles do happen! Jeanetta Britt writes stories filled with drama, suspense, true love—and unforgettable characters. In LIES, prophetic messages and supernatural voices guide two men toward fate. Jon Blake has never trusted the voices in his head, even though they have given him everything he ever wanted. As family secrets come to light, the lines between good and evil are blurred and Jon must make a horrifying choice.

David Chance cannot escape the dark forces in Boston. When his son is abducted, he must once again trust the origin of the mysterious messages that surround him.

Rosenberg will enjoy LIES. After a successful careers in television, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. Now, with six bestsellers behind me, I can finally say I am an author. And it is a good feeling indeed. A series of nightmares sparks a life-changing journey to faith for young newlywed Michelle Baron.

As she seeks answers to her dreams, she finds herself on a path that challenges her Christian heritage and threatens her marriage. How will she discover the truth she needs to find peace? Out of a Dream is the first novel in the best-selling Sandy Cove Series. Captivating characters, suspenseful story lines, and thought provoking themes with powerful messages of hope. The inspiration for this book came from my own personal journey to faith.

These stories are a way for God to redeem those years by using my experiences and heartaches to extend hope and inspiration to others.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who is passionate about my faith. My novels are realistic and hard hitting with believable characters and true to life drama.

They are message-driven and are not formula Christian fluff. I write each book with a distinct purpose and life lesson in mind.


Readers have told me the characters become so real to them that they end up thinking about them throughout the day and even dreaming about their struggles. Good and evil meet head on. This divinely inspired book contains action, suspense, and humor. It has always amazed me, how events and the lives of people which seem to have nothing in common are connected for a greater purpose.

As much as we might want to think that we are in complete control, we are not. At first, this was a scary notion.

Later, this was a source of strength and peace. Although I was raised Catholic, Easter was more about the Easter Bunny, Peeps, and chocolate covered eggs than it was about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christian Fiction

This book is for those who share my faith as much as those who do not. There is something in it for everyone. The book is not preachy, but it has an underlying message about what Easter is. Becoming an author was never part of my plan, but I have grown to love writing stories that not only entertain and stretch the imagination, but that inspire. Has this deal expired? Book De scription: Step by step, his work carefully and plausibly resurrects the reputation of the Baptist, not as a minor gospel figure, the forerunner of Christ, but as a major prophet in his own right.

In this latest work he notes that the Quran, while not slighting Jesus, accords Yahya John the Baptist such a Scripture states the earth is round as opposed to flat.

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Isaiah 40 [22] It is He that sitteth upon the 'circle' of the earth Scripture foretells the ability to live forever. Deuteronomy 11 [21] That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, This is a book that details a prophet's calling to a prophetic ministry in a time when the Lord is preparing to give people knowledge about what is going on around us.

You will learn about: A prophet's journey to finding God, the gifts of the Spirit that the Lord has given to the people whom He Dear reader, it is my intentions for this book to be a gift that has the ability to evolve you in your understanding.

It is my first attempt at reflecting my religion and beliefs system of knowledge into understanding the human condition. And the never-ending battle between truths, false, rights The origins of the universe, and even time itself, have long been considered mysteries. Most books about time and the universe ignore the Bible, even though it is the only source of accurate information about the origins of the universe, time, how long mankind has been on the earth, ancient The Tree of Life is now available.

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