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Classic Trains Special Edition №19 - dokument [*.pdf] ClassicTrainsSPECIAL EDITION NO. 19 GreatTrainsEAST Holiday middle decades of the 20th century—the. “golden years of railroading.” In each issue of. CLASSIC TRAINS magazine, a page is devoted to a distinctive station. Is Classic Trains – The First 15 Years compatible with Windows 8? Due to the image-intensive nature of the PDF's that are included on the.

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In terms of commerce, the primacy of this area could be seen in the name given to it for the purposes of railroad freight rates: Like its predecessor, Great Trains West, this edition consists primarily of articles from Trains magazine spanning back to , plus one from the special publication Trains Classic , and one from the first issue of Classic Trains, Spring These stories, spotlighting some 14 services, have been completely redesigned, with many new photos added.

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Also, several two-page spreads throughout the issue cover yet more trains, for a total of 24 in all. The important region east of the Mississippi River spawned many great trains, too many for one issue. Therefore, we have included only trains that served points on the Eastern Seaboard.

We hope you enjoy Great Trains East! Danneman Senior Editor J.

Box , Waukesha, WI Editorial Phone: ClassicTrains customersvc. Canadian price includes GST. All rights reserved.

Any publication, reproduction, or use without express permission in writing of any text, illustration, or pho- tographic content in any manner is prohibited except for inclusion of brief quotations when credit is given.

Kalmbach Publishing Co.

John P. Ahrens www. The name was coined by George H. Dan- iels, general passenger agent of the New York Central in It was Daniels, likewise, who created the Empire State Express.

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Express-train speed between Chi- cago and New York before the Century was 24 hours. The Century cut this to 20 hours, later 18 hours, and now 16 hours, an average of an even mile a minute for the miles. For one-half hour, from 5: It is only one of the many small touches which combine to make this one of the most famous trains, if not the most fa- mous train, in the world. The title has since become timeless, a synonym for luxurious railroad travel.

The number of passen- gers is not phenomenal. Many a modern coach streamliner far exceeds the Century, whose record for number of passengers car- ried was established on Monday, January 7, , when it ran eastbound in seven sec- tions, bringing passengers into Grand Central Terminal.


It is strictly a limited train. Westbound No. The only passenger stops are at Harmon, Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo, and these only to pick up passengers for Chicago.

Eastbound No. It will discharge passengers at Albany and also stops at To- ledo only to pick up passengers.

Classic Trains collection www. Twenty years later the equipment con- sisted of a combination baggage-club car with a barber, valet, and stenographer these three classes of employees are on the train today ; a compartment sleeping car; two sleeping cars each with seven compartments and two drawing rooms; four sleeping cars with 12 sections, a compartment, and a drawing room each; and a sleeping car with 12 sections and a drawing room.

Each sec- tion of the train carried two diners. The Pullmans were much larger than the original cars and since December have been of all-steel construction.

The dining cars were likewise changed to all-steel in November Classic Trains Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Classic Trains Spring Sat Apr 15, 1: Fri May 12, 1: Classic Trains - Summer Fri Aug 11, 6: English "Classic Trains is a quarterly magazine celebrating the "golden years of railroading. Thu Oct 26, 9: Fri Nov 17, Off ].

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Post subject: Classic Trains Unread post Posted: McGonigal Attachment: This led to the modernization of passenger trains and the transition from steam to diesel locomotives. Trains of the s explores these themes through revealing contemporary stories in a page collector's edition. Morgan, and vintage stories collected from Trains and Classic Trains magazines that include: Thrill to David P.

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