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How to be a 3% man by Corey Wayne · permalink; embed ago (3 children). Direct link: Just go on Corey Wayne's website. The books are free, you just have to subscribe to his newsletter with an e-mail. permalink; embed; save. Coach Corey Wayne is the best Life Coach on this subject that you will ever encounter. That's right, he is NOT a pickup artist, but a Life Coach!.

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How To Be A 3% Man - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) From my heart to yours, Corey Wayne PS: If you're a woman, you will love the. Read How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams PDF - by Corey Wayne | Dear Friend, This book. 1) How To Be A 3% Man, digital PDF version of my page book. 2) How To Be A 3% 3) Email Coaching with Corey Wayne personally. Get pickup, dating.

This book is dedicated to the American soldier. No matter whether the cause is popular or not, I am in awe of the fact that when their country calls them, they go, and they go willingly. They take our place on the battlefield, risking everything they have, because it is part of who they are. They are all my heroes and I owe all of my success, happiness, and opportunities to past, present, and future generations of their kind. May God keep them safe and speed the day to us when their sacrifice is no longer required because humanity has learned that the real enemy is hatred itself and that the way to real happiness is unconditional love. Until that day comes, I take great pride and comfort in knowing they will continue to stand up and show us what real honor and integrity is.

How do I know that you aren't knowledgeable about your beliefs? Because "science bro" is not a philosophy. And religion deals with the philosophical. There are some very smart atheists with convincing arguments for their beliefs, precisely because they use philosophical arguments.

I suggest opening your mind and reading as much as you can, including all those silly theists you can't take seriously. More knowledge can never hurt you, only help you grow and shape your worldview. Also really? I almost hope that a tiny hell exists just for uncreative athiests to go to all the cool athiests get to chill with George Carlin or some other other blasphemous dude.

Lol, complete weak blather. Just don't be an asshole and don't vote your religion into my government and I will shut the fuck up. That's the problem, they will not keep their religion off the government because "believe" some version of the tale. You think it's all innocent. It's not. It's an indoctrination in the most sinister way. So you can piss off while I rot in whatever hell you wish upon me.

There are so many people who are ten times smarter as you and me who are christians. Get off your high horse. No way. You believe in the fairy tell you get no respect from me.

Science or walk the fuck off. Besides, this is about someone calling someone stupid for not wanting to take the word of a pretender. Doesn't take much effort to google how much extremely intelligent people believe.

Science doesn't have anything to do with the questions things like religions and meditating are trying to answer. The group of online atheists nowadays that think they know everything that you belong to is to actual atheism what online feminists nowadays are to actual feminism.

Get a fucking grip. Plus nobody actually has an idea of what is going on in our lives. Never claimed to know everything but I know basic science and physics.

If you willingly suspend science to believe in a fairy tale you take a shit on your own credibility. That's not a good argument, cause basically any christian who's not completely stupid doesn't believe in litterally everything the bible says. And in the book the author just referenced the bible, it wasn't even that important. If that's enough for you not to read the book, you must miss out on a lot of literature and music.

Both being overly christian and being an aggressive atheist is going to have a negative impact on your life. The most important thing is to know we all don't know anything. Call me aggressive all you like. I do not subscribe to any point of view except science and it had worked well for me over the years in the medical field.

The scientific fields are overwhelmingly occupied by atheists. One person pointed out their issue with taking directive from someone who believes in a sky daddy. Take issue, that's it.

He was called stupid for it. I do not think that is ok. He could have been directed differently. I simply pointed out that it is stupid for someone to call another stupid for having difficulty in listening to someone who suspends science and reality. It's not toxic its factual. Truth hurts. Yay, science! Did your jesus invent the device you are typing on?

Lol, it's ok, we all know the answer. How so? Because you have no answer for science? Don't be so feeble minded. Get better with your arguments or don't bother. Doesn't matter how it starts. Keep reading or endure unnecessary suffering in your dating life and pickup. When it comes to texting just apply somewhat of the 2: Meaning thay you invest two thirds of her effort.

For every three texts she sends you send two. Obviously you can't and shouldn't follow this to the T, it's just a general guideline, invest slightly less than her to keep her attracted. Any contact is needy unless you're in a relationship. I would imagine NONE because he has things x more important to focus on. Also, using the phone to ONLY set dates worked perfectly for me getting my current girlfriend after I applied Corey's method.

Rather than texting, I called to set a date, even the first date. If I called and it went to voicemail, I hung up and sent a text "hey this is xxx just tried to call you. If she texted back, and I saw it in the moment, I would pick up and call again. I always would make the call when I was about to go somewhere or do something that way I had a realistic reason to cut the call off.

Once you have a date set, whether it is 2 days out or 5 days, you have no reason to text. There's no benefit. She's going to be looking towards the date more and thinking about you if you don't send her a bunch of crap early on.

This girl has been a breath of fresh air, and I want to at least partially reciprocate her interest in me, and the affection and passion that she shows me in bed. I would say once you are in over a month and consistently sleeping together, then the rules get way more flexible. The rule is more to avoid scaring people off super early and appearing needy. It sounds like you've got it pretty well balanced.

Just don't suggest a relationship or exclusivity. Remember to let her do that. Totally, and an exclusive relationship is not something I even particularly want or care about, unless she feels it is necessary. My main concern is scaring off a good girl bc I followed a process that makes her feel neglected and unloved. By initiating the conversation every once in a while, it makes me more comfortable with holding back and letting her initiate the next one.

I wouldn't exclude weekends arbitrarily. If you're really busy and have a lot going on, then she should be aware of that, but if you're saying no to the weekends and then just playing video games, that might come back to bite you if she found out.

The next thing you should read is "The way of the superior man" by david dieda. It talks about a man and his purpose. You follow that and the woman sees you are following your purpose, then she'll be even more into you and saying "no" to a date or availability can be a positive because she knows you're putting your purpose ahead of her.

No women wants to be your purpose, and if you make them your purpose they will lose respect for you and dump you, even if they say they want more of your attention. Yeah well actually I usually hang out with my friends and go out on weekends, which is how I mostly have been getting laid, and how I met her. So I want to make sure I can make time for my friends, rather than only hang out with her on weekends. Agree that no woman should ever be your purpose, but I do think eventually a family could become your purpose, once you have kids.

I base that off of my dad, who has been successful in both life and marriage, and has placed our family at the center of his existence. But you two are realy hitting it off. There's a natural chemistry it sounds like. The "minimal contact" is for early courtship or colder, more dominant women.

True, Corey Wayne recommends keeping the meetings to once a week for the first 60 days, and waiting for her to reach out first, then setting a definite date. If she's chasing you for sex all the time, then obviously you're doing everything right and shouldn't follow the "one date a week" thing. It's more of a guideline for men who haven't figured out how to control their emotions yet the 1 reason why Seduction forums exist.

I think it should be a mutual process, but your goal should be to get her to invest as much as possible, and reward her when she does. I agree. There's a fine line between being challenging and a cold fish. The latter will get you nexted. If you don't, not sending good texts won't get you anywhere.

It's not needy if you tease her, qualify her. So how does this work in regards to talking to a girl that you just got her number? I'm just curious, because all your examples are very unique cases I think. I can't just sit back and have women chase me, so I do I balance finding them and getting them interested with being non-needy? Like I talked to a girl and got her snapchat but she isn't crazy interested so how can I go about getting her without being needy. According to Cory Wayne, if you just got her number, you should wait a couple days and then focus on setting a definite date with a confirmed time and place.

Maybe it's different since I'm in college, but how would it be different to just become friends with the girl? I'm interested in widening my social circle also so if a girl seems cool I'd like to become acquaintances or friends. In my personal opinion, college is very different. When I was in college, I focused on making friends with tons of girls and my friends and I hosted a lot of parties which is like a cheat code for getting laid. In college, there were a tons of girls that I was just friends with, and with some of them we ended up hooking up anyway.

Yeah that's what I figured thanks. It's a little late to rush now for me but I went to a few houses throughout my first couple years and I just have a problem with getting myself to be social. Any advice would be welcome. Very little in the book goes on how to get them interested.

He clearly mentions that if a girl views you lower than a 5, don't even bother wasting the time.

If the girl isn't crazy interested, then you need to move on to someone who is. Their inner game in terms of keeping women in their life is off balance. If you can't keep Amber Heard in your life, you're fucking up, lol. Not true. You can desire something without be needy. Take-it-or-leave it attitude. As a man, it's YOUR job to "make shit happen. Is that what you want? You're a man. Yes you employ role reversals and reverse psychology - but end of the day, YOU have to make shit happen.

Just don't be desperate. This happens when you're well-sexed and can get sex easily. Still, it requires forward action on your part. These are extremely handsome, millionaire A-list celebrities. What's next, are you going to plan your investment strategy on Leo's portfolio and like you have fake millions? Then you can't do that fucking strategy! I don't use snapchat because it sounds retarded, but I haven't researched it.

I don't play my lays over imagining I'm Leo DiCaprio. If I were, I could literally do anything and get laid. Elon Musk is a turd. Girls are actively repulsed by him, except for his fortune. Don't emulate that social retard. And who knows how desperate his texts are to his wife or whoever.

What's next, game tips from Mark Zuckerberg? Jesus Christ Do you often have 1st night lays where the girl stays over at your place dafuq?!!

Hence being there in the morning? Big mistake. I would text her about hours after fucking just to be clear you haven't ghosted if you actually want to see her again. It's not practical to do the 'she contacts first only' rule At least some do.

You're overplaying your hand if you are so severe, you are radio silent until she texts you. You risk having her eject since you are overplaying so hard to make it seem like you absolutely do not give a fuck about her. This would be extreme measures employed against a girl who actively believes she's much better than you. Even most models are so insecure about their looks and status, they usually don't necessitate these kinds of power plays. That's dated and shows the author's age.

I'm 30 and I don't talk on the phone to fucking anybody but my parents. Oh and close friends when it's useful, but women? I agree it sounds kinda gay. I used to hate that fucking word. But it was passionate the last time we had sex. They test because they want to know what it is that you are made of.

They want to know that if they push you or lean on you, that you are not going to fall over and cave in to what they want. A man is supposed to be the leader and gently lead the interaction to where he wants it to go. Ultimately, a man and a woman who like each other eventually end up having sex. That is after all, the object of seduction.

The purpose of a date is to create a fun filled, romantic opportunity for sex to happen. Biologically, men and women are driven to mate with the most dominant member of the opposite sex. Attractive and healthy bodies are indicative of people with strong genes who will produce strong offspring that can survive to adulthood and reproduce. I will teach you the behaviors, body language, physiology and words of a dominant male, so you can start succeeding with women like never before.

On my website, UnderstandingRelationships. I critique their game by commenting on what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and what they need to do in the future to improve. We need to take a break. How To Turn A Girl. You never listen to me?

How did he do that? This book is for those guys that have met a woman and could not ever seem to get to her front porch or meet her for a first date.

It is for those guys that have maybe met a woman, went out on a first date and thought everything was going great, but then cannot seem to ever get her on the phone again. This book is also for guys that are married. It is for those guys that maybe want to take their wives out. I used to be one of those guys. Let me share My Story: Growing up, I remember having a lot of crushes on girls, but never getting the ones I wanted.

When I tried to get the ones I wanted, my heart was usually stomped on. In high school, I would write letters to girls I liked or get my friends to ask them out for me. I was so scared of rejection I could barely talk to the ones I was really interested in. I felt completely inadequate around women in general. I did not know it at the time, but when a guy holds back, because he does not know what to say, is fearful or simply intimidated by women, flirting and talking with women becomes awkward and the women can feel it; this leads to rejection.

My favorite approach back then? I decided to take the friendship route to their heart. I invested months in this process, and when I could no longer take it, I would tell them how I really felt. For some strange reason, they still wanted to just be friends. At the time, I did not get it. Let me rephrase that: I did not have a clue! My senior high school prom was interesting. I had a crush on a girl in my class who had a boyfriend.

While at a party, I asked another girl I liked to go to prom, and her response was: In my infinite wisdom, I tried to reason with her and convince her to say yes. I had yet to learn that women are emotional beings and like.

Guys tend to be logic and reason driven. My assurances that we would get to know each other at prom and that I had a lot of popular friends did not seem to sway her.

I could not understand her logic. My thought was: No thank you, I am not interested in going out with you or getting to know you at all. So why did she not just come right out and say that? Back to prom: A friend of a friend set me up with yet another friend as a blind prom date.

Well, once we pulled up in the limo to pick her up, I realized she was much taller than I was. She was a volleyball player and a very nice girl, just like her friend said she was. We had fun together. The next morning I realized why she set me up with her very tall friend.

She had ulterior motives. Carl had asked me to ask one of the cheerleaders that was a friend of mine to prom for him. She said: No thanks. He was the type of friend that would do anything for anyone.

He was a great guy, but unfortunately he knew as much about women as I did, which was nothing. The girl that went with Carl only wanted someone to go with; she had no real interest in him. Carl promptly decided to fall in love with her. Once we were all back at the hotel, Carl got pretty upset when he tried to make his move and got rejected. He had a lot to drink and kept going on and on about how he had been rejected by his date to everyone he saw. Our senior class had the whole floor of the hotel.

You can imagine what was going on with all those unsupervised drunk teenagers. Party like a rock star! The next morning, I woke up to my feet being rubbed by the friend that had set me up with my prom date. She was dating another friend of mine and apparently had a crush on me. At the time I thought: I had a crush on someone else who had a boyfriend. I seemed to always want a girl that was unavailable or had no interest in me.

I figured, over time she would fall for me. If I could just be a nice enough guy, then she would like me. It never worked. Nice guys always seem to finish last. Why is that? I kept trying to figure women out. I became better at approaching them with time, but back then I used alcohol to overcome my insecurities. In the next few paragraphs, I have included brief stories of the ones I felt were turning points in my life or when I learned a great deal more that helped to lift the cloudy veil from my understanding of women.

When I was 24, I met a girl that was a friend of one of my best buddies. I was instantly enamored with her and better yet, she really seemed to like me. I got her number and called her at work, and she said she would call me back later. The next day, she actually did call me back. I was stunned. I had a live one! She did a lot of the talking. I just kept asking questions, because I wanted to know. She was fascinating to me!

To me, she was a perfect She asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, and I told her I would have to check my schedule and get back to her. I am kidding. I made plans right there on the spot. I was a project engineer at the time for a construction company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, working on a project right on the ocean. She showed up for our date, on time, and in this unbelievably tight outfit with very short shorts that showed her amazingly heavenly figure off.

She took my breath away, as well as that of everyone else sitting at the conference table in the onsite construction office. I felt like I was walking on air as I casually strolled over to give her a hug.

She smelled like candy. When we walked outside, she was chatting away and touching my arm. Physical contact is another indicator of attraction a woman has for you. The higher her attraction, the more she will want to have her hands on you. She just seemed so happy to be there with me. I was in shock, and my stomach was in knots. We sat there and had lunch, and I was in awe. God had finally blessed me with the woman of my dreams, and one who amazingly enough seemed so interested in me.

After the date, I did nothing all afternoon except fantasize about how the rest of my life was going to be: Where we were going to live, how beautiful our kids were going to be, what it would be like making love to her, and on and on.

How many times have you thought that way when meeting a woman who knocked your socks off? She called. What I should have done was get off the phone and set the next definite date. I would have built more sexual anticipation that way. As the days went by, she just kept calling me and was really aggressive.

We went out for lunch the next week and met out for drinks a few times. An important tip is to treat a woman like a lover always, never a friend, or she will assume you are gay, weak, lack confidence, etc. If you act like a nice guy and do lunches and movies, but never make a physical move to kiss her, etc. Men who are successful and have choice with women plan evening dates that can lead to sex at your place or hers.

I like to call it a fun-filled romantic opportunity for sex to happen. That is, after all, the whole point of seduction — to get closer and closer to her, until you end up inside of her.

I remember one night when I took another guy friend and met her out at a nightclub her father owned. She seemed to know everyone there.

Every time we got to talking, someone else would take her away from our conversation. After a while, my friend wanted to go somewhere else. He said she was just jerking me around, and that we should go.

Early the next morning she called and asked: Where did you go last night? I was looking everywhere for you. My only thought was: Agreeing to or making group dates with her or your friends almost always leads to you getting cock-blocked and rejected. I learned that lesson the hard way too many times. Women are also afraid of being labeled a slut by their friends. Therefore, if you plan group. The night before, I had felt as though I was just another guy and she had lost interest in me.

I put it off as a figment of my imagination, and I was back in the game. Walking away had a positive effect on her attraction for me, but I did not understand this at the time. I later learned that it is a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

I called her and received no answer. The next day, she called me at home and left a message to say she was calling me back. She usually called my pager when she wanted to get a hold of me.

Finally, she no longer returned my calls. I was devastated. My dream girl did not want me. I sent her flowers. Needless to say, she no longer wanted anything to do with me. It hurt even more when I heard she was dating another guy.

I thought: How could she just toss me aside like that? My nice guy approach and not making a move got me nowhere. About six months later I met the girl who would become my first wife. We met on a Friday night. I was leaving our favorite hangout with my friend Sean, and a mutual friend of ours, P. Sean and I walked back in and I confidently strode up to her. I really wanted to leave, but I thought: Hey, this cute girl really likes me. So I gave her my business card and told her to call me.

She replied: I was a little surprised, but I took her number. I called her early the next week to ask her out and talked to her mother. I never heard back from her. The following Friday, I ran into P.

What ever happened with Shane? I guarantee she did not get the message, because her parents never tell her when someone calls for her. She told me I needed to call her again. Early the next week I called and actually got her on the phone.

We made a date for that Thursday. We went out and had a really good time. We dated for about a year and a half, and then I decided I wanted to move to Orlando, because I just loved everything about the city. Everything was new and growing, and I just felt like it was the place for me. Shane told me the only way she would move to Orlando is if we were engaged to get married.

So I went ahead and bought an engagement ring. After getting the ring, I remember feeling as though it was not the right thing to do, and that I was not ready to get married. Even afterwards, I had doubts.

After talking to my friends, I came to the conclusion that I just had cold feet. I was simply too weak to stand up for myself and be a man at the time. We did get married, but it was a difficult marriage. Neither one of us. A little over a year after getting married, we were down in Ft. I went out for a night on the town with P. We ran into two sisters we had gone to high school with. One of them I had a huge crush on. We were both exploring spirituality and had an amazing conversation.

I was not giving her the love she deserved. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I told her I did not want to stay together. We remained friends until she moved back home a few years later, and we lost touch. I was free, or so I thought. Free to find the type of woman I knew I really deserved and desperately wanted to be with.

I did not date, or even want to date, for about six months. I just wanted to heal and get clear. I focused on my new business and personal growth. When I felt ready, I started working on trying to find the type of woman I really wanted to be with. It was not long before I met one.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, she took my breath away. There was only one small problem. She had a boyfriend. Just my luck. Yet another woman I want that is unavailable. Do you see a pattern here? I continued to date other women, and about two years after meeting her, she became single again. I was at the bar where she worked and she was telling me that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend.

I asked her for her number as usual and almost fell over when she gave it to me. So I called her the next day, and we set a date for a Saturday. Years later I realized that I tended to fall for unavailable women, because emotionally it felt exactly the same as my relationship with my mother.

Both of my parents were emotionless zombies. No kissing, hugging, hand holding, I love yous, etc. They were the same way toward my brother and me. Great job!

I love you! I love my parents, but as I got older I realized that they were pretty fucked up emotionally. They came from fucked up families also.

However, I have forgiven them, and I would not be who I am without their parenting, good and bad. It made me really tough and able to endure insults from anyone and overcome tremendous odds.

To find a way, not a way out, when faced with challenges. We rode around on the water all day, stopping at a lakeside restaurant for lunch. For only the second time in my life, I was on a date with the type of woman I really wanted to be with. The day was perfect, and I was on cloud nine. I started fantasizing again about the future, what our kids would be like, where we would live, and what a fabulous life I would have with her.

Well, she was leaving on vacation and would be gone for a week. So when I thought she would be back, I sent her an email. I thought she had blown me off.

I was hurt, so I wrote a long nasty email accusing her of mistreating me and made an ass of myself. When she did finally get back in town, she sent a nasty email in return and told me to get lost. I tried apologizing for months afterwards, but it did not do any good. She would not take my. So there I was: Strike Two. I resolved to not get married again unless I found the type of woman I really wanted and knew I deserved.

When I was 30, I started picking through all the information I could get my hands on about how to understand women. Some of it went against everything I had believed to be right. My success with the ones I really wanted never got past the first few weeks, so I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying some of the information out. I read some of the books and website articles out there and thought: Now I have it!

A guy whose work really helped open my eyes was Doc Love. His website is Doclove. I encourage you to buy his dating dictionary.

How To Be A 3% Man

You can download his kindle version or order a paperback one with CDs. I dated one woman who claimed to have posed for Playboy.

On our first date, she showed me the pictures to get my opinion, expecting me to drool. I maintained my composure and said they were nicely done. After a few weeks, I realized that although she was physically a 10, everything else in her life was not exactly what I was looking for.

I never called her again. She was a mess. She lived with her ex husband and their kids.

The house was always a mess. She was never ready when I went to pick her up, etc. For the first time, I blew off a beautiful woman. Now I started thinking that I really understood women and was a little full of myself. A few weeks later, I met a girl who just blew me away. I was intoxicated with her beauty and sex appeal. We dated for a few weeks, and then things started getting a little squirrelly. She started out calling me every day, and I acted as though I knew what was really going on, even though I still had a lot to learn.

One example I remember is: I thought to myself: What the hell does that mean? She told me about an operation she might have to have and other things going on that were supposedly hindering her spending time with me. She never did have the operation, and I heard from mutual friends that she had been out on the town with an ex-boyfriend. What was really going on was I was starting to over-pursue, become too available, talking on the phone too much, instead of in person, letting her walk all over me, etc.

So I picked up my stack of books again, and I must have read through them 15 times. I found that I had missed a lot of information. That is why I am going to recommend you read this book times if you really want to understand this material and have the relationship of your dreams.

Repetition is the mother of skill, and you must understand all aspects of pickup, dating and relationships to be successful long term. I started applying the material I learned in earnest. It took about a month and a half of playing it cool until she went out with me again. It took me a year and a half to master the tools and techniques and get her to fall in love with me. I had finally done it. I got the lady of my dreams.

Kids change your life, and she changed mine. After going through this whole process, I learned some valuable lessons about myself. My own insecurities and doubts about being enough of a man to attract the lady of my dreams had all been an illusion. What you fear you attract, but what you look at disappears. I no longer feared beautiful women and was a completely centered and confident man. I notice as I walk around, whether in the mall, or grocery store, or wherever, I now get a lot of looks from women, whereas before they never seemed to notice.

Later in this book, I will go into extensive detail about body language that attracts women and how to emulate it, but using proper body language, facial expressions and voice tone will make you appear to give off the same vibe and energy as the captain of the football team does. Everyone can feel when a dominant male or female walks into a room. Women have invisible radar that can feel a confident, centered man approaching. It has been a long journey to get to this place. The next lady I met became my girlfriend for a year.

With her, I had an amazing relationship from the start. Back in October , I sat down and made my list of the ideal woman that I wanted to bring into my life. Date with Destiny. I remember walking in and they had these little ping pong balls. You would write your name on it and they assigned you a number. This was for various drawings that they would be holding during the duration of the event.

When you went to put it into the tumbler, they told you: Put a good intention behind it! The only prize I really wanted was to bring a new woman into my life — a soulmate. That was the intention that I put into my ball as I threw it into the tumbler. The next day, which was actually the first day of the event, I saw this girl walk in. She just sort of strode into the room and sat down in the front row.

I was sitting. Her pants were so tight that they looked to be painted on her, and she had the most perfect figure I had ever seen in my entire life. I later learned she was a former Miss Figure winner. At a Tony Robbins event, every minutes or so, he has the participants stand up, stretch out, and get the blood flowing to keep the participants alert and awake to the information they are receiving. It was during a stretch break that she stood up and turned around, making eye contact with me.

She had these big, beautiful brown eyes and long, straight blond hair. To me, she was physically perfect — everything that I had put on my list just six weeks before. I knew instantly that she was interested and that I was going to get to know her. The event lasted five days and there were only people attending, so I knew we would meet again before the event was over. The next night I was coming out of the dining room of a restaurant at the hotel and there she was talking to her uncle, who was a friend of mine.

At the time, I had no idea they were related. I went over and started talking to my friend, and noticed her looking at me the whole time. She was eagerly hoping we would talk. She wanted me, and it was written all over her face. I finally turned and asked her name, and then she asked mine. She also told me that she had noticed me sitting behind her the day before, and described what I had been wearing.

That, in and of itself told me that she was very attracted to me. With her eye contact, her body language, her attention to me, and many other little signs, I knew without a doubt that she had that high. I had come to a place in my life where I had been living these things for so long that my own personal radar was sharp. I also somehow knew she was single.

This is the place you can get to, if you follow this material. You walk around with this total air of confidence, and women will notice.

His website is DoubleYourDating. A woman knows in about 3 seconds if you make the cut or not. You must be a 5 or better on a scale of 1 to 10 in order to have a chance with her.

Move on. Since I coach men from all over the world for a living, most guys spend way too much time interacting with, or being hung up on, women who have little to no romantic attraction for them.

If you frequent bars and nightclubs… watch, observe and listen. You can verify everything I teach by watching men and women interact. I looked right at her and asked her to dinner the next night, with a specific time and place.

She will tell you that my presence and confidence left her no choice but to accept. She also told me later that guys had been coming up to her all week, with the: Hey, would you like to get dinner or lunch. But the way they went about it said immediately that they were weak and had no confidence.

I just said: Definite dates are the subtle difference that makes all the difference when it comes to setting dates women actually keep. We met the next night after the event was over and never did order dinner. We ended up having tea all night. We were talking so much, or I should say, she was talking so much. That, by the way, is how to remain mysterious and cause a woman to be even more curious about you and romantically interested in you by the end of your date.

I was totally fascinated by her. I reached across the table and started kissing her. Then I walked her back to her hotel down the street. The rest of the week we were always with each other, as though we had been together for years.


Even others who saw us thought we had been together for years. It was so effortless. There was no holding back. We were holding hands and we were affectionate. I had no doubt of myself, I showed no fear, and I showed zero lack of confidence because of the little known secrets I had mastered.

Because of the presence that I exuded, she hardly tested me at all. We spent months at a time together over the next year. We explored various places — Paris, London, Orlando, Miami, Colorado, sharing new discoveries around us and in each other.

We had a lot of similar interests, and she was into personal growth and development. We communicated, which is a major point in relationships.

I knew how to continually read her attraction level, and how to see signs when I was becoming too complacent in the relationship. Eventually, we ended up going our separate ways. Neither of us was ready to make a commitment to marriage, and she went back to school in the U. I needed more than that. When we did end the relationship, it was hard. It was hardest, because we both truly loved each other — and we still do. Our whole time together while dating was effortless.

We never fought or argued. We were always affectionate, loving, kind, and focused on giving to one another. We never focused on what we were getting from each other, or were jealous or needy. It was all about loving each other unconditionally and never being judgmental. Even when we decided to end our intimate relationship and see other people, we did it with love. If two people truly love each other and want to be happy with their choice to go their separate ways, I do not think it is the loving thing to do to cut one another off from all communication.

I actually think that makes it harder to heal. The hard part about a relationship ending is the finality of it all. It just seeks to hurt the other person.

Many people feel that trying to hurt the other person will make them feel better. I think sharing your feelings with each other when a relationship ends is very helpful and important to the healing process. The purpose. The whole purpose of a relationship is you go there to give.

The only thing we lost when our relationship ended was the physical intimacy. Any relationship is about giving. It is not about what you get. We decided we wanted to give a little differently than we did before. By loving each other through the transition, there was no need to hurt or feel a loss. The things that make a relationship hurt when it ends is the loss of all contact with the person we love. We built on what we had created in our year together, and therefore there was nothing to lose.

Once guys really understand women and are able to get into a relationship, they will eventually realize, like I did, that every relationship is an opportunity for growth.

In my experience, this is an accurate figure. Then go back and read them again to retain the knowledge. When you think you have it down pat, read it again.

These are principles that I have learned from numerous sources and applied in my own life. I know they work and in the following pages you will find the truth to finally understanding women. The purpose of my life is to help others grow and become more.

It sucks. I did not enjoy my childhood very much. By understanding this, you can at least be in a relationship with someone that you absolutely love, treasure, and adore. They can help you to understand the type of man that you are totally capable of becoming and even become that man.

At the same time, you inspire and help her grow into everything she is capable of becoming as a woman. Wayne Dyer. I have done all the hard work and spent many years of heartache and heartbreak to learn and understand this knowledge.

I teach what works, not theory. If you choose to have faith and apply what you learn here, you will become attuned and will be able to read exactly what is going on with your lady emotionally at every moment and completely understand what she needs. You are what you do repeatedly. You will be able to help your friends and family overcome their relationship struggles as well. However, I have found that very few. Enjoy the knowledge that appears in the following pages, and I want you to know I have immense love, respect, and care for you and your desire to have the relationship of your dreams.

I was once searching like you are now. I wanted to find the answer. I found a lot of answers from a lot of different sources and have put down in these pages the best of the information that I personally use.

It is important for you to understand that you should not read this book and then go out and settle down with the first woman you meet.

This book is about finding the type of woman you feel you deserve to be with. Those feelings may change and evolve over time, as you change and evolve as a person. You may find the absolute perfect woman for you on day one, and then six months later realize that there are subtle differences you would make that would create an even better situation for you.

You will have been on the other side and experienced it. I want you to have someone who knocks your socks off! Besides, that is your birthright as a child of the Creator. I will focus on giving you tools for lasting change, so you can permanently undo your not-so-desirable habits and bring out the. The great news is that you already have this natural talent and ability inside. I have dated many beautiful women. In my earlier years I said and did all the wrong things that we men tend to do.

In my later years of dating, I finally got it right. So how did I go from clueless wonder to this point of understanding? There was one woman, my missing link, if you will, that opened my eyes to understanding women. But it was this particular woman that helped me put it all together. I mentioned this story in the introduction, but I wanted to go over it again to show how this particular relationship actually helped to evolve my understanding of women.

In my earlier years of dating, somewhere around , I met this woman. She had dark hair, dark eyes, nice skin, and she was tiny. She told me straight out: We had gone to high school together, but she had been a year behind me. She walked up and I was just stunned.

Her beauty left me breathless. I was having some beers with my buddy Sean, and he introduced us. I could tell she was interested by the way she was looking at me. I could feel that she was really attracted to me. That was my first awareness of understanding. There had been several times in my life where I had thought a woman was attracted to me, and then could never get any further than her phone number. This was blatant and in. I could FEEL her attraction.

There was no doubt in my mind that this woman had a high level of attraction. I was still pretty clueless back then, though. The night went on and we went our separate ways. When I woke up the next day, the horrible feeling dawned on me: However, she had told me where she worked. I took a chance and called her at work and basically said: Hi, this is Corey. She told me she was really busy, but asked me to give her my number and she would call me back the next day.

Deep down, I feared she would never call back like all the others. I gave her my number, and I was just so in awe. I actually had butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time I had met a girl that I really liked that was really into me. She called me the next day, and I talked to her for at least an hour and a half on the phone. While we talked, she told me things such as she had just split up with her boyfriend, and then went on to volunteer all this other information about herself.

She was asking me all these questions like: I was kind of an open book. However, she did most of the talking, which was exactly the right thing to do. I just let her talk, and I listened. I have found that women love to talk, men just need to learn how to listen. Believe me, gentlemen, there is a right and a wrong way to the art of listening that we will be covering later in the book.

Finally she asked: I jumped right on that and set a date. That was another thing I did right without even realizing it: I made a firm commitment for a date, and then left it at that. So, she showed up for lunch that day wearing these really short shorts.

She had an unbelievable body with a nice tan, and she was breathtaking — absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I was working construction at the time. I was still going to school for construction management, and I was a project engineer at the job site office. I was in the back and I heard the door open and she walked in.

The guys called out from the front, saying: When I walked out, the guys had been having a meeting at the conference table and they were just staring at her. It felt so good, because she was obviously there to go out with me. That was another thing I did right. I knew she was there for me and took pride in it.

They were jealous of me being with her, but they were enjoying what they were seeing. In that regard, I was in a place of strength and confidence.

A woman definitely takes notice of little things like that. We went up the street and had a great lunch. Again, she did most of the talking, which was the right thing. She was very aggressive. With hindsight, I realize now that she was pursuing me because I did so little of the talking.

I was a bit of a mystery to her. In reality, I was an open book and not sure. She just had not caught onto that yet. This is great. Her dad was very wealthy, and he owned a night club in Fort Lauderdale. One night she invited me there. I went with another friend of mine. It was a very busy club. She had all these guys coming up to her and hugging her, and she seemed to know everybody there. She kept walking away and talking, and all these people kept grabbing her to talk.

Finally, my friend said: I was pretty bummed out, but agreed. The next morning she called me and asked: What happened to you last night? I looked everywhere for you. I held the phone away, thinking: I found out by accident that I had done the right thing, and I had just walked away. Remove yours. If a woman is too sure of you, if she thinks she can walk all over you, her attraction drops.

I was thinking about you. Think of dating like playing poker.

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You simply want to hold your cards close to your vest so she reveals her cards first. When women are uncertain or unclear of your interest, they will put themselves into your orbit by contacting you. When a woman starts chasing you by initiating contact first, usually after the 2nd or 3rd date on average , it causes her to start chasing you more and more. Once a woman feels comfortable enough, she will start calling you more and more as the weeks go by, assuming you keep doing more things right than wrong.

I showed that I could walk away from her at any time. It baffled me at the time. This went on for another two or three weeks and we went out a couple more times. I never did kiss her. How do you know when a woman is open to being kissed?

As you are talking and you are sitting close, her knee may be touching yours, she may be touching your arm or body, she may be leaning toward you, standing so close that her body is bumping yours, etc. Do it! If you wait and hesitate too long, she will lose attraction and assume you are not worthy. If you hesitate, you will masturbate. Eventually, she stopped calling. It got to the point where I called her and left a message. I was at work. She had always paged me before. The bottom line was that I was so easy and so available, that she saw me as weak and thought she could basically have her way with me.

She would invite me to come out, and I would meet her. I had no center.

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