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Cosmopolitan is the bestselling women's magazine in the Philippines and in the world. But for its Cosmopolitan-Philippines-หน้าปก-ookbee 03 May Get your digital copy of Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine - April issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. A simple guide as to what's inside your Cosmo mag this month. Check this out!.

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Cosmopolitan_Philippines_ - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or Cosmopolitan UK FHM philippines Max Collins March pdf - bx. Cosmopolitan March - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Cosmopolitan Philippines March “This June, it's all about the money, honey. Cosmo knows you're more than capable of making it big (and spending it wisely!) so this month.

Summit Publishing Co. It began as a consumer magazine publisher in June , with Preview as its first magazine title. It has expanded to publishing specialized magazines for companies and occasions in the Philippines, and also started publishing short books designed for Filipino readers. The company also dominated the local book publishing measurement with seven out of 10 books sold. Its different magazine titles are printed to copies that run over , It has been cited in Philippine Business magazine [3] and Eventsite. Last printed titles published by Summit Media include:

Benefit Fine One One. Fax No. Michael Lumabi. Elizabeth Acosta. Astrid O. Myrza Sison. Jane M. Anjelyn Carino. Hansel C. All rights reserved. Joyce Argana. Art direction by Hazel Joy Malagonio. Roberlin Rubina. Rachelle Anne Castillo. Valine Aquino. For international distribution inquiries. Reijie Paquibot. Ashley Balla. Junn De Las Alas. Ralph Cordova. Carmina Gara. Mitz Jairus Baldoza.

Maricel Adaniel. Pioneer St. Annie Santos. Mandaluyong City Joey Anciano. Robinsons Pioneer Complex. Bikini top from Angelfish. Alex Revelar. Alfredo Toledo Jr.. Edward Caringal. Clare Felise Magno. Chinggay Cabit. Visit www. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the publisher. Bikini bottom from Naked Sun. Joel Valdez at tel. Juan Paolo Maningat.

Cosmopolitan March 2015

Marlyn Miguel. Ellaine Cruz For local dealership and distributorship inquiries. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject editorial or advertising material. Hair by John Valle. Kim St. JC Brion. Dorothy Joy Bulan. Elnie Marie Santos. Jennifer Tolentino. Noreen Peligro. Email us at customercare summitmedia. Nathaniel Embiado. Neil Emerson De Guzman. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material..

She says she loves the trust and creative freedom she was given for the shoot: She says. I wish that health. The world would be in a much better place if we all stopped underestimating women and started treating each other with respect.

She was recently here on a short break from modeling in New York but made time for Cosmo like she always does! I want to keep empowering Filipinas to be as bold as they can be: My wish for the Filipina is to be comfortable in her own skin.

So I wish for sustainability. I believe every woman should embrace each of her unique qualities and attributes. Everything is awesome. Have the yourself. Hunky hubby Jericho Rosales.

So our big advice: You need a vacation. These orange Ray Ban flashlens shades! Everything is awesome! Imagine returning to work with this mindset. Your mind is elsewhere. Studies abound: Or else. Or imagine never having to return to work?

Cosmo puts you in this mindful mindset every month. The usual telltale signs: More on Derek. Cosmo fashion editor Happy Lopez gets close to Echo. Fil-Italian Ambra Gutierrez on p. Celeb BF Stalkerazzi No. Editorial Director IG. Billy Crawford! Twitter myrzasison email myrza cosmo. CAKE D. Because we know you love Cosmo photos this much!

See what fun and fab stuff the Cosmo staff are working on. Beach-ify your home. Price available upon request. Trays in fun colors and nature themes and a steady supply of iced coolers might make staying in the sweltering city more bearable.

Power bank. Make sure you have a working phone and a trusty portable charger in case of emergencies—and awkward small talk from strangers.

This psychadelic dryer will always put you in the mood to take the extra minutes to look put-together. Hair dryer. PH WorldMags. Accordion folder. When partying at the beach. Daphne for National Book Store. File your receipts to keep track of your expenses little things add up.

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Airports can be pretty cray during peak season. P Oster personal blender. Beach towel. Having to borrow a towel. Hot summer days are here and Heart has the easiest tricks that will keep you fresh and beautiful all season long. Light Base Nothing says fresh than the no-makeup look. Instead of loading up on foundation, trade your usual layers of makeup for a softer approach — less powder, more light shades of makeup. If you decide to go barefaced for the day, refresh by mid-day with a two-minute facial wash.

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D Dazzling white s smile under the e s sun? Yes, please! Tweak the palette for your puckers with burgundy colors. Soften the shade by smudging it a bit for an after-kiss effect. You can also pump up your lips with perfect shades of plum. Totally hot! Beautiful B tif l B Buns Keep your look beach-ready and sexy with buns.

Drizzle your hair with a little bit of hair spray and shine spray, then pull it up into a tight and high ponytail. TIP Just like Heart, take this beauty must-have with you wherever you go. So I might as well be happy. Cosmo Interview WorldMags. The effort you put in swiping on lipstick is the same effort it takes to successfully find something to hate about Coleen Garcia. Before you shed a tear of envy or fifty. As soon as you see the cherubic face.

Ran 10K this morning! This is the girl Mom warned me about. They make sure you know it. A super-fresh photo goes up on Instagram. The resting nice face is a front. If Coleen had a case of the nerves before the shoot. Billy takes a second to look at her.

As long as you commit to each other. On the daily noontime variety show she hosts. For Coleen. So what. When she exercises and cuts down on junk food. It all boils down to the two of you.

Palaging nasisira. Coleen prefers to maintain a minimum-effort. They are co-workers on top of being romantic partners.

I play like a dude. There are many relationships that are so perfect. In a Cosmo first. Her no-work. I would go through four pairs of shoes every school year.

There are so many people who want to get a thigh gap. Billy is the only person who successfully got her mom to quit smoking. Which makes sense. No rumor. Twenty-two-year-old Coleen likes to do this. I like soccer. The sexiest asset a woman can have is: My life mantra is: The one exercise move I absolutely love is: You just need to choose the right place that suits your taste—intimate. Trust us.

Full mechanics can be found on the Dove Philippines FB page: Get a chance to win a trip to Palawan! Top off your trip with a one-of-akind seafood feast. Enjoy every minute of your beach escape by having beautiful. Original or Ultimate White. I had no maid or driver. I want it to be relevant to the story. When you talk to him. Taping for Ex with Benefits. Coleen reveals she harnessed from growing up with a younger brother. I know that there will always be somebody more beautiful.

Like a bonafide Cool Girl. But we still had to keep giving and we still had to keep loving him. At the same time.

I would mop and sweep every day and wash my clothes or bring them to the laundry. I had to budget my own money and pay for all my bills. Pasion de Amor.

This full-force. Take charge of your tootoasted skin by treating the affected area with chilled aloe vera.

Step up your nail care routine by storing your fave nail polish bottles inside the fridge to keep it smooth and bubble-free. Bubbles often occur during the summer. Remember that you may deal with sunburn after.

Apply a bit of balm on your lips before washing your face. Your facial wash may contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which could be causing dry and irritated lips.

Love a swipe of color on your smackers but hate the dryness? Let your peepers stand out by keeping them crease-free all day long. Choose the best eye primer for you. It prevents eye-shadow creases that make you look instantly tired and untidy. If you sweat easily, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras should also be mainstays in your makeup kit. Aim for skin perfection with Vitamin A. Get a healthy dose of this power vitamin from leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and collards to rejuvenate the skin.

Go for green eats and go for the glow! Extreme heat and exposure to saltwater can totally damage your hair, CG. With its Pro-V formula, it prevents your hair from having split ends and repairs the strands by reducing protein loss to stop damage progression. Never ever! There is no one way to build confidence. Within the Philippine beauty blogging community. The ability to gracefully accept a compliment says many things about a woman—none of which that she is conceited. That we live in the era of the Internet.

You think she looks pretty good. Self-deprecation is so last season. Comfortable enough to say. Surround yourself with women like her. Embrace the praise. Praise in general tends to make women feel shy and abashed. This is me. I found a happy. Allow me to venture a simple answer: Or considered not uploading the photo if she really thought she looked like a witch?

You know the hackneyed frustration: She is confident not because she is perfect—but because she is real and unapologetic about her flaws. My hair is all over the place and I look so bruha! And if you find any part of that warrants a compliment. As the writer behind thebeautybeeblog. There exists. We receive them with thanks and give them out when they are warranted. It becomes more difficult to take a compliment when you know your network can see and judge how you react to it.

And when it comes down to it.

You decide what kind of woman you want to be and who you want to hang out with. She relishes her imperfections and quirks because to do otherwise would be to reject who she is. My boyfriend and I have only been together for a few years. It never gets complicated: Disclosing how much I make is no big deal.. In my case. I always made it a point to give my boyfriend gifts during our monthsaries. Fearless Life WorldMags.

Letting your partner know how much you make is essential. Unless we have solid plans of living together or I have a ring on my finger.

I hope he pays for dinner! Having said that. It took us almost a year before we got to discuss how much we were both earning. Tagal pa ng suweldo. To me. That includes how much I earn. Take BDO wherever you go. To another person without a BDO account 3. Send Money 1. View Transactions Access your day transaction history. To another BDO account 2. Carlo and I decided to take a breather. But hell. Carlo and I figured we should make the most out of our time there.

In spite of me telling him that we needed to limit the action to the loveseat so no one could tell we were ever there. But last summer. It gets some people hot and bothered. The bed was California king-sized.

The pillows looked like clouds. I was only about to start weighing our options— should we do it there. When the door to her swanky suite opened.

But when we came across the room again after brunch. I mentally checked if the place met my sexy-time standards. And everywhere smelled like freaking lavender. So while I took my sweet time in the shower. Carlo locked the door. We were dropping by the fivestar Makati hotel where my balikbayan tita was billeted.

It took us another 20 minutes to finally leave. Carlo winked at me. I found a bunch of my cousins. Carlo stayed in bed. Carlo and I passed by what looked like an empty.

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I was a part of the volleyball team. FunFearless WorldMags. I thought he was taking time to consider our options. One time. What an ass! One day. I woke up in a pool of saliva! I thought I got away with it. When my period was delayed months into our pseudorelationship. Pinterest recipe! I pretended to be asleep even while my teammates tried their best to wake me up.

Thanks a lot. We rushed to an empty classroom. I wrote them each separate cards. While were going at it in a new position. My mom opened a sexy card that made her uncomfortable.

Since it was on a different day. I tried to keep my volume low during the sex that followed. We agreed to stage a full-on production at his house. Next time. He prepped his room with rose petals and I dressed up as a stripper. A hassle. I was casually seeing someone. So I read up on new positions we could try and planned a sizzling-hot weekend together. I was going to score major points with both ladies. Inne r top WorldMags. Dust with tran sluc ent loose powder to mak e the color last.

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Summit Media

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Maybe start a family. I really want to find the right person. My family and friends helped me get back on my feet. What I want to do is to be more versatile—take on challenging roles. Q If you could give your younger self advice. Once you get past that. A You know what. I built a house for my family on the beach. I heard talks about an English Only sequel. What kept you going? Q Any summer plans? A Definitely Palawan!

His hottest asset? That smile. Who knows what could happen? Nilo Lima Height: Brazilian Hunk on Instagram: Spending an entire day at a nice beach with her and no one else. Live the WorldMags. Go to www. Fearless Aviators WorldMags. Juicy Couture. Miranda Kerr Alt. Who ever said sunnies had to be basic? STYLE Pink Tequila. Sunnies Studios. Nicole Richie Sunnies Studios. Poppy WorldMags.

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I like that even when it left a matte finish.

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Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire. Do I need to use makeup remover before cleansing with a facial brush? Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush.

I recommend makeup remover on heavy powder. These liquid toners that have become all the rage in Japan condition skin without the greasy feel that regular lotions leave behind.

Murad Acne Body Wash. Ask your derm about prescription Retin-A. Store yours in the fridge to keep refreshingly cool and wipe down using a sponge or a cotton pad. Kracie Natululu Skin Conditioner. She got it from her mama! How do I get rid of them? Clinique Acne Spot Treatment. A facial brush effectively cleanses skin with mineral powder or tinted moisturizer on.

Moisturize with an oil-free. One Night Tan. Shoulders Arms Tanned shoulders instantly look more toned. Apply highlighter down the center line of thighs and shins to give the illusion of length. Shade this indentation. Flex bicep and trace below the natural half-moon shaped indentation with bronzer. Swipe bronzer down the center line of your spine from the neck to the lower back and blend.

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Exfoliate really well the morning of your appointment to shed dead skin and lift trapped hairs. Although these sessions are pricey. Swimsuit season means stripping down and baring all okay. Do NOT consume alcohol pre-wax. Do not leave the product on for more than the designated amount of time. MarieFrance centers. Another big downside: Choose a shaving gel over foam—gels allow razors to better glide across skin with minimal cuts.

They contain chemicals that break down follicles. Beams of filtered light disintegrate hair at the root. If you've developed any unsightly bumps. After your wax.

TRY Watsons Razor. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and refrain from using soap till the burn goes away. A slight tingling sensation is normal when the lotion is at work. This semi-permanent laser hair removal procedure is painless simply an initial slight discomfort of having really cold gel applied. If you feel stinging. Results are short-lived since hair is removed only at the surface. P Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads. Find out which hair removal method best suits your needs.

You will need about six sessions four weeks apart with one to two touch. It works on all skin tones and hair shades. Popping a pain killer thirty minutes before your appointment can also help to relieve pain. Our bodies are exposed to UV rays even when we are inside our home during the daytime.

Areas on your scalp that are exposed.. Read on to stay safe this summer. Make moisturizing with an SPF body lotion part of your daily routine. Think premature aging only happens to skin? Believe it or not. Spritz hair with sun protectant and wrap into a bun to keep from being exposed. FunFearlessBeauty WorldMags. Body We may be good at slathering on sunscreen when at the beach.. With all these great products out there.

Teo of The Aivee Institute to get the lowdown on suncare: After-sun care products are great for rehydrating and locking in moisture when skin is dehydrated from being out in the sun. P each. Nails are made of protein. Instead look for sunscreens that contain hydrating ingredients like aloe or glycerine. Rachel ray everyday food home magazine. Waddya waiting for? The popular thirty-minute meals that launched Rachael Ray into our homes and our kitchens are available in every edition, along with tips for better living both in and out of the kitchen.

Lifestyle tips, including party planning, beauty, style, and decorating articles, are also available in each issue.

Kitchen know-how is shared in the Scratch Pad section, and the Pet Project section of Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine features fun stories about the furry family members Rachael and her readers love.

Every issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine is packed full of helpful tips and recipes for any budget or palate. Different issues focus on seasonal trends in the culinary world and in entertaining.

Even the busiest of women will find stress relief with the easy meal planners and simple style tips available in Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. Celebrity guests grace the pages to share their own tips and tricks with Rachael and her readers. Readers are sure to gain volumes of knowledge about cooking, baking, and domestic life with each issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine.

Rachael Ray is a woman who understands how challenging it can be to balance work and home life. The information she gathers and imparts in her magazine is sure to help bring organization and balance to your life. Rachael Ray Every Day - October Freestyle Machine Embroidery Explore the possibilities of freestyle machine embroidery and its applications for quilting and fiber art with this inspirational guidebook for all skill levels.

Milk and honey epub english. Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur. Anastasia Nikandrova. I wrote this for you series. I Wrote This for You - Pleasefindthis. Vogue Living - October AU vk. Inside Out - September vk. Good Housekeeping - September PH vk. Inside Out - March

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