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Cuore Di Cane Romanzo Di Bulgakov Riassunto E Analisi - Cuore Di Cane Romanzo Di. Bulgakov Riassunto E Analisi [PDF] [EPUB] Infanzia e studi. Michail . cuore di cane romanzo di bulgakov riassunto e analisi. 1ABF86BFCCCCF39C6B Cuore Di Cane Romanzo Di Bulgakov Riassunto E Analisi. , Bulgakov Michail · Cuore di Cane Google Search Again, Italian, kb, epub, GET1 in PDF file format for free without need to spent extra money.

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Cuore di cane by Michail A. Bulgakov is Classics Edizione integrale A cura di Viveka Melander. Sotto il bisturi di uno scienziato un cane viene. Cuore Di Cane Romanzo Di Bulgakov Riassunto E Analisi - [Free] E Analisi [ PDF] [EPUB] Nell'ultimo decennio della sua vita, Bulgakov. Download ==> Bela Garda by Mikhail Bulgakov PDF epub Bela Garda by vusiakik8d PDF Cuore di cane by Mikhail Bulgakov · vusiakik8d PDF .

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. The storyline is simple: Bromgard, a young doctor moves from the backwoods to a small country town to practice medicine in a clinic. A month passes and he receives news that Polyakov, a friend, a "very reasonable man," he knew as a student in medical school is ill and needs his help. Bromgard plans to travel by train to his friend but before his scheduled departure Polyakov is brought to the clinic on the verge of death, resulting from a self-inflicted bullet wound. But before Polyakov dies, he hands Dr.

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Hent Pickwick-klubben - Charles Dickens. Hent Tommy - Peer Kaae. Hesiodic Voices: Hexen hexen buch von Quentin Blake pdf. Hexenverfolgung in Deutschland: The author crafts with a kind of subtle perfection the step-by-step decent of an intelligent young man with a promising future in the grip of morphine addiction.

And it all starts so innocently: On the night of February 15th an otherwise perfectly healthy twenty-three year old Dr. Poyakov experiences intense stomach pain.

He sends for Anna Kirillovna, a kind and intellegent nurse, and she gives him a morphine injection. The next day, Dr. Polyakov makes a decision that will prove to be a drastic mistake, turning him into an addict. We read, "Fearing a recurrence of yesterday's attack, I injected myself in the thigh with one centigramme" Such a penetrating observation on human psychology: Oh my goodness: And ff we act based solely on our fear, the consequences can quite possibly be dreadful in the extreme A mere two weeks later, the young doctor's identity has completely transformed; he and his morphine are one.

Here are his words from the diary: They are double dreams. The main one, I would say, is made of glass. It is transparent. This is what happened: I see a lighted lamp, fearfully bright, from which blazes a stream of many-colored light. Amneris, swaying like a green feather, is singing. An unearthly orchestra is playing with a full, rich sound - although I cannot really convey this in words. In short, in a normal dream music is soundless.

And best of all I can make the music louder or softer at will. Our young doctor is completely hooked, psychologically every bit as much as physically. Incidentally, Amneris is an opera singer, the doctor's former mistress who left him weeks prior to his first morphine injection. But such ethereal, blissful dreams have a price, a big price.

On April 9th he writes, "The devil is in this phial. This is the effect: This lasts for only a minute or two, then it vanishes without a trace as though it has never been. Then comes pain, horror, darkness. Polyakov takes his own life at tender age of twenty-four. Such a tragedy. From what I've read on the net, this is a much read and consulted cautionary tale for those involved in the medical industry. And recognizing the many forms of drug addiction in our brave new twenty-first century world, Bulgakov's Morphine is a cautionary tale for each and every one of us.

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Thwarted temporarily, sf anthologies turned out to be in a slightly stupid place , I drifted about, scanning for Melville House books, like I do. This was similar enough to the novella series design to stop me, and when I saw it was Bulgakov, I was in. I did not realize that this was one of the stories from A Country Doctor's Notebook until after I read it.

That just means I can give this copy away once I get a copy of Notebook. But will I? This copy is so small and lovely!

Morphine by Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov | LibraryThing

I really loved the opening -- Dr. Or so he felt. This is nicely contrasted with Dr. After building an alliance with Schwonder, the former canine is granted papers under the absurd name "Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov".

Preobrazhensky wanted to pick a name from his Orthodox Christian calendar and Sharik instead picked the publisher name — "Poligraf" which in Russian is the root of several words related to printing art and technology. In the aftermath, the Professor and Bormenthal patiently attempt to teach Sharikov basic etiquette. Instead, Sharikov mocks manners as a relic of Tsarism. He insists that it's better to behave "naturally". As a result, Sharikov curses in front of women, refuses to shave, dresses in unwashed clothing, and eats like a complete slob.

Meanwhile, Sharikov progressively turns the Professor's life into a living hell. One day, he accidentally turns on the spigot while chasing a cat.

With the bathroom door locked and Sharikov unable to unlock it, the entire apartment is flooded. Later, he is caught attempting to sexually assault one of the female servants. Enraged, Bormenthal repeatedly hits Sharikov and forces him to apologize. Infuriated, Sharikov leaves the apartment and remains gone for several days.

Later, Bormenthal begs the Professor for permission to dose and kill Sharikov with arsenic , calling him a "man with the heart of a dog". The Professor is horrified and orders Bormenthal not to "slander the dog". He explains that the human body parts, which came from a homeless drunkard with Bolshevik sympathies, are responsible for all of Sharikov's defects.

Bormenthal then suggests that they redo the operation, using the body of a genius. Again the Professor refuses, explaining that the operation was meant to improve the Human race. Breaking with his former beliefs, the Professor admits that any peasant woman could give birth to a genius and that eugenics are therefore a waste of time. In conclusion, the Professor refuses to permit Sharikov's murder or to undo the operation, which could easily kill him as well.

Soon after, Sharikov returns, explaining that he has been granted a job by the Soviet State.

He now spends his work-day catching and strangling stray cats. The Party, he says, is turning them into cheap fur coats for the working class. Soon after, Sharikov brings home a female co-worker, whom he introduces to the Professor as his common law wife. Instead of giving them their own room as Sharikov demands, the Professor takes the woman aside and explains that Sharikov is the product of a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.

Upon learning the truth, she leaves the apartment in tears.

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Seething with hatred, Sharikov vows to have her fired. Again Bormenthal beats up Sharikov and makes him promise not to do anything of the sort. Explaining that nothing is going to happen to him due to the State's distrust of Sharikov, the Party official departs.

When Sharikov returns, the Professor and Bormenthal order him to leave the flat permanently. Instead, Sharikov refuses and draws a revolver. Enraged, the Professor and Bormenthal pounce upon him. That night, an ominous silence reigns in the flat and the lights are left on for many hours after bedtime. Over the days that follow, the Professor and Bormenthal look far more relaxed than at any time before Sharikov's arrival.

Eventually, the police arrive escorted by a beaming Schwonder. Bearing a search warrant , they demand that the Professor and Bormenthal produce Sharikov on pain of immediate arrest. Unintimidated, the Professor orders Bormenthal to summon Sharikov, who is changing back into a dog. The Professor explains the change as a natural phenomenon, although it's obvious to the reader that he and Bormenthal have simply reversed the operation.

Followed by the now apoplectic Schwonder, the police depart. In the aftermath, the fully canine Sharik blissfully resumes his status as a gentleman's dog.

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