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pgdca & dca second sem ke notes hindi & english me chahiye the sir plz bhej dijiye. Sir,second sem pgdca ka pdf upload kijiye please. ReplyDelete. Replies. in this notes in pdf file covers important questions of fox pro according to makhanlal Fox Pro(DCA I Sem)According to Makhanlal University Bhopal Syllabus. Computer GK PDF Download कर सकते है, आज हमे बहुत से Comments प्राप्त हुए, जिनमे Computer Notes in hindi PDf download.

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DCA के नोट्स और सैंपल पेपर · PGDCA के नोट्स · DOEACC CCC · ओ लेवल के नोट्स · इनफार्मेशन असिस्टेंट के लिए नोट्स. Copyright. PC Packages MCQ for DCA 1st Sem. PC Package / MS Office Multiple Choice Question for DCA 1st Sem. Microsoft Word MCQ (Part 1). DCA PC Package All - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PC PACKAGE NOTES Windows, PC Package and outlook express. Created By ANAND HTML Notes in Hindi. Uploaded by.

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Under Gaduate Course B. View All. Post Graduate Course M. Preferred Time A representative from the insitute will call you shortly to confirm your details. Windows xp esa QksYMj. Printer Sharing: Printer dks 'ks. Working with -Styles. Page Numbers. Paragraph and Page Formatting.

DCA PC Package All Units.pdf

Shortcut Menus. Auto texts. MS Word Basics: Introduction to MS Office. Adding References and Graphics. Different Page Views and layouts. Symbols etc. Working with MS Word. Importing and exporting to and from various formats. Spell Check..

Text Editing using various features. Text Attributes. Introduction to MS Word. Unit II Office Packages: Office activates and their software requirements. Mail Merge. Auto formatting. Presentation graphics. Creating a New Document. Applying various Text Enhancements. Working with Columns. Open-Office etc. MicroSoft Office.

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PC Packages MCQ for DCA 1st Sem

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dca notes in hindi | | Computer Hindi Notes

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Z vius vki dqN gh lsdsM esa gks tkrk gSA. Windows Menu: Outlook Express: Features and uses. Adding Graphics. Printing Presentations.

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