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Yes, You can Get Monthly DTE(Down to earth Magazine) Free in PDF for Competitive exams preparation Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF Download. As you all know Current Affairs along with Monthly Magazines are very important for UPSC Exam. Below is the link to download Down to Earth. Main articles • Electronic cars in India • MSP for farmers • Role of Civil society in Budget process • Milk Sector – Karnataka vs other states • Problem of Bonda.

Down To Earth Magazine Pdf

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CASH FOR SUPPORT. 28 Feb Centre and states are in a rush to announce monetary help to farmers. Is this just an election gambit? Download PDF. Down to Earth is a very good magazine about environmental issues and awareness. Download Down to Earth Magazine for UPSC Exam: Sunita Narain a leading Indian environmentalist and director general of the Centre for Science and Environment is editor of this fortnightly magazine. Dear Aspirants, Here We are Providing Down to Earth Magazine of October . So, Hurry up and Download it By Clicking on the Button.

But is there any book, which is a must-read? What about the best-selling book, which almost every aspirant has — Indian Polity by Laxmikanth? There is no doubt that these books are highly helpful. There are candidates who cleared by referring different books. For example Introduction to the Constitution of India by D. D Basu. There are other alternatives as well.

The fortnightly format was created specifically to supplement the research, analyses and documentation efforts that were being undertaken by its associated organization, Centre for Science and Environment founded also by the late Anil Agarwal in Reportage and analysis is geared to enable an increasingly young India with information and analysis from villages, fields, factories and labs, places where the mainstream media has vacated.

Down to Earth Magazine pdf

DTE reports everything from two lenses — the environmental challenge of development, as well as the development challenge of the environment. DTE digital is the source of most updated and objective source to track news and views on environment, development and science from across the world.

The world's top experts and a network of over 60 correspondents report for the digital platforms. With nearly two million page views a month, the web edition covers all the continents. The Hindi edition was launched to serve a long-standing need to serve the large Hindi-speaking audiences in the country, especially in the Hindi speaking heartland, and to begin a conversation on environment, development and sustainability concerns with them.

The magazine has been awarded for its cutting edge reportage , and its writers have won many national and international fellowships. Down To Earth Books is the magazine's publishing wing.

It brings out two annuals: This is the country's only annual survey on environment. The later one is a completely data-driven annual statement on state of India's environment published every World Environment Day. Down to Earth has become a reading habit in at least districts of the country — more than any other Indian newspaper or magazine.

The magazine's sphere of influence is not limited to India, readers across the world rely on Down to Earth for a view from Asia on the critical issues of human existence.

Its founder editor Anil Agarwal said: You never know when someone will read it and make change. The idea will then explode. DTE reports from places ignored by the mainstream to bring regional stories to the national spotlight. Here are few special reports and cover stories published by Down to Earth.

Tested endosulfan traces in environmental and human samples from Padre village in Kasaragod district of Kerala. An unusually large number of health anomalies reported from a single village. These ranged from cancer to physical deformities and mental to neurological disorders. Endosulfan was aerially sprayed in the cashew plantations in the area.

High traces of endosulfan was found in every sample [2]. After the test results were released the Union government ordered its own scientific institutions to study the health problems. The National Institute of Occupational Health in Ahmedabad confirmed endosulfan was the cause of poisoning.

Union agriculture ministry banned use of endosulfan in Kerala in Analysed pesticide residues in bottled water that was being sold in Indian markets at a premium and without regulations. Samples tested contained a cocktail of pesticide residues. Health ministry proposed mandatory regulations. India's first ever bottled water standard promulgated.

Every bottle of water sold in the market must meet the standards. The norms state that pesticide residues considered individually should not be more than 0. Analysed pesticide residues in soft drinks , another sector left unregulated.

Download : Summary of Down to Earth magazine (July Edition)

High levels of toxic pesticides and insecticides, [5] high enough to damage the nervous system and reproductive system , and cause cancer , birth defects and disruption of the immune system.

The government formed a Joint Parliamentary Committee, only the fourth in independent India and the first on health and safety of Indians.

The committee report vindicated the CSE findings and said it is prudent to seek complete freedom from pesticide residues in sweetened aerated water. Analysed pesticide residues in blood samples of farmers in Punjab , where pesticides are commonly used in agriculture. Deadly cocktails of six to 13 pesticides found in all the blood samples tested.

The Punjab government ordered a study and immediate health remediation measures. Later, the government formulated organic farming policy for the area. Recently, the government has asked Indian Council of Medical Research to look into the health concerns in the region and suggest solutions. Branded edible oils are full of unhealthy transfats. The results showed transfats in seven leading vanaspati brands were five to 12 times the 2 per cent standard set by Denmark.

Since the release of this study several government agencies took steps to set standards for transfats in cooking oil. The Union health ministry is finalizing draft standards for transfats to be notified under PFA. Bureau of Indian Standards is in advanced stages of finalizing a standard. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has also got involved in the process of regulating transfats in edible oils.

Down to Earth Magazine Complete Analysis – Feb 2018 | Free PDF Download in Hindi & English

The CSE laboratory tested leading brands. Young childrenking steps to remove lead from their household paints.

Industry associations also contacted CSE, saying that they favoured removal of lead from paints used in houses and in paints children are likely to come in contact with. BIS is in advanced stages of finalising a mandatory standard. High concentrations of pesticides and heavy metals found inside the factory as well as in the groundwater outside. Tests showed groundwater in areas even three km from the factory contained almost 40 times more pesticides than Indian standards permitted.

This was the first-ever study that revealed continued contamination of surrounding areas from waste stored at the UCIL factory. This led to the re-opening of the Bhopal case and for the first time there was serious focus on the clean-up. The government of India has ordered cleaning up of the site and asked different institutions to prepare plans for remediation. Yojana is a monthly magazine published by the Government of India, which is available to buy as hardcopy Rs.

Yojana carries the message of economic development to the people. It strives to promote meaningful discussion on socio-economic issues. Although Yojana is sponsored by government and is an official venture, it is in no way is restricted to expressing the government views alone; it attempts to give praise where praise is due and criticize with a constructive purpose.

Yojana gives different shades of opinion and views on any issue and thereby presents a balanced picture. You can buy Yojana from Bharat Kosh. The monthly policy review by PRS is a good source to prepare all government policies, bills and programmes. The Economic and Political Weekly EPW is an Indian institution which enjoys a global reputation for excellence in independent scholarship and critical inquiry.

You can read debates straddling economics, politics, sociology, culture, the environment and numerous other disciplines. Frontline , the fortnightly English magazine from the stable of The Hindu, has been a distinguished presence in the media world.

The topics Frontline covers range from politics, economics and social issues to the environment, nature, culture and cinema. Today it is a popular platform for exchanging ideas about the state of science in the country, matters of science policy, and discussing the future course science in India should take.

Besides, it is also a one-stop solution for students on the lookout for latest updates from the world of science.

While Yojana magazines provide content on one theme every month, Kurukshetra contains articles related to rural India and agriculture.

Down Earth magazine book Download free - Sarkariebook

Though not as important as Yojana in exam perspective, since this is a magazine by Government of India, it would help aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics. Down To Earth is available in print — every fortnight they bring you detailed analysis and perspectives on the world around us.

You can also get this print edition in digital form — download it on your IPAD or get a pdf copy. Alex is the founder of ClearIAS.

As one of the pioneers in online civil services exam coaching, his notes, strategies, guidance, and mock exams have been helping thousands of candidates clear various stages of UPSC Civil Services exam, every year.

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