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Classic books / ebooks you can read on your mobile / cell phone, read at home or on the go! Get a book in your phone! Hundreds available. A pocket library. Great selection of modern and classic books waiting to be discovered. All free and available in most ereader formats. I think no one so far mentioned type of screen that is best choice for reading [ ebooks], and it's definitely LED (diode-based) matrix, not IPS with.

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eBooks can be downloaded to your mobile device and read with the free Bluefire Reader app. You will need the following: Bluefire Reader App. You can download and read e-books on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) but Download Bluefire Reader to your device from Google Play Store and Knovel e-books; MOT Mobile Online Dictionaries; ProQuest Ebook. A list of tips for reading ebooks on a mobile phone. You don't need to read for long hours,just maximize the experience in using all the features.

You can download and read e-books on mobile devices tablets, smartphones but there are differences between devices when downloading e-books. If you have a Windows device, you can try to use Overdrive Media Console. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily work in all e-book services. Using the application may require creating an Adobe ID and authorizing the app with it. Many e-book service vendors offer good tutorials, videos etc. These tutorials are available in this guide under each e-book service.

Ellis Hamburger Reading on a Kindle is a wonderful experience because it's thin, has great battery life, and there's no light coming out of the device to strain your eyes.

But, if you're looking for an all-in-one device to get some light reading done, smartphones with big high-resolution screens aren't a bad option.

In fact, you might even forget you're reading on a cell phone when you're reading off of these bright, vivid screens. The Kindle, Nook, and iBooks apps look great on mobile devices, and we even read The Time Machine on our iPhone last year--and it was a reasonably pleasant experience. Check out our favorite phones with big screens that will make you forget you're reading a book on a cell phone.

10 Best eBook Readers for Android

Everything looks good on the Infuse's 4. Typefaces are sharp, and you can fit a lot of words on each page. It's almost like reading out of one of those pocket travel notebooks you can buy.

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Reading looks especially good when you turn on "sepia" mode as you can see in this picture. If you're looking for a more normal-sized Android device screen, check out the Nexus S. This phone has an awesome screen, and has hardware buttons at the bottom so you don't accidentally exit while you're reading something.

Skip The Kindle: Here Are The 6 Best Smartphones For Reading E-Books

Profile icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Search icon A magnifying glass.

15 best eBook reader apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Ellis Hamburger. Kindle is excellent in book syncing.

The apps have some unique features, naming only X-Ray or Whispersync for Voice. The social reading happens instantly while you read. The third big area for comparison is how ebookstores handle personal books. Kindle syncs them between devices.

Only the Kindle lets send personal files via email. Book reading apps usually let you discover new books within the app. The other route for ebook discovery is mobile browsers. You can also find books using other applications you frequently use: Twitter client, or even RSS feed reader.

Amazon and Twitter offer a very convenient way to add items to your shopping cart. Not too many people know that for example Amazon provides a set of RSS feeds to the most popular books.

Think again. You can buy a book with your smartphone on a bus. Select the device you want to send the book to.

Pick up the Kindle. When you are back home, open the Kindle. The book is already there. Smartphones are multi-purpose devices.

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Take a look at new arrivals to…. This fascinating flowchart helps you decode which European language you are looking at. Does it work for your mother tongue? Was it also the book most people wished to receive?

You can dive into comparing features and tech specs of the newest Kindle models — but only after you define your own preferences and habits. Digital bookmarks, blue light blocking glasses, modern reading lamps, digital subscriptions, book-shaped home appliances, and more!

Tech gifts Maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light emitted by tablet, smartphone, and computer screens. Plus tips how to find the best deals…. Previous-generation Fire 7 cases are compatible with model, so you can choose from hundreds of designs already. We have picked the top 10 ones.

E-books: Downloading e-books to mobile devices

These affordable Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones provide long battery life — long enough to finish an entire audiobook. Check out our recommendations for microSD memory cards, screen protectors, Bluetooth keyboards, tablet pillows, charging stations, and more….

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