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Book definition: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Book in definition: When you book into a hotel or when you book in, you officially state that you have | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of book - a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers, a bound set of blank shee.

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book definition: 1. a written text that can be published in printed or electronic form : 2. a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover to be read or. books definition: written records of money that has been spent or received by a company. Learn more. This English to Hindi or hindi word book with sound help you to learn English. This word book also help to learn English to Hindi Translation. It is like small.

Log in. A1 [ C ] a written text that can be published in printed or electronic form: A1 [ C ] a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover to be read or written in: C2 [ C ] a number of one type of thing fastened together flat inside a cover: Groups and collections of things. A2 [ T or I ] to arrange to have a seat , room , performer , etc. These are words often used in combination with book.

She wrote a book on car maintenance. I took a book with me to read on the plane.

He writes all his expenses in a little book he carries with him. More examples We're reading a different book this week. In the last two years the book has only sold copies. She published a book of poems and followed it up with a novel. I have to return my library books on the sixth of July. He's the author of several hugely successful children's books.

Running a school is much more of a business than it used to be, - by law we have to balance our books. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: She'd booked a table for four at their favourite restaurant. Will booked a seat on the evening flight to Los Angeles.

We were advised to book early if we wanted to get a room.

They booked a jazz band for their wedding. More examples I've booked the car into the garage. I've booked a table at the restaurant for nine o'clock.

He booked a double room. We booked the holiday on a whim.

It's a good thing that we booked our tickets early. A football player who is booked twice in a game is sent off the field. My grandmother was booked for speeding last week.

Detectives booked him for resisting arrest. The company publishes an extensive range of books.

At the end of the year , the accountant goes over the books. John kept the books and helped her run her business. See also appointment book. My lawyer always goes strictly by the book. This is a private deal - we don't have to do everything by the book.

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There are people on the books at the cement works. Carla is on the books of a modelling agency. Because tickets are limited , you have to book early. Smith you'll have to book an appointment.

See also reserve. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. For orders not pre-paid, postage and packing will be charged according to the weight of the book. From Cambridge English Corpus.

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A key issue in the book is an analysis of the experience with the application of economic instruments, such as charges and tradable discharge permits. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website.

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I jumped onto the bike and started to pedal, heading for the mainland. I gotta stay. I'll see you guys later.

Can't you run? Something wrong with your legs? Strictly according to the rules. In disfavour or favour with someone. Jews and Christians. Be convenient for someone.

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