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Read Feral Sins read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Feral Sins is a Fantasy novel by Suzanne Wright. Download Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Series) epub pdf fb2Type: book pdf, ePub, fb2, zip Publisher: Montlake RomanceReleased: February. Feral Sins book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. If your inner wolf and your body react rather enthusiastically to a p.

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I loved Suzanne Wright's easy flowing writing style that brought me straight to La La Land where I was happy to stay during the amount of time it. I loved Suzanne Wright's easy flowing writing style that brought me straight to La La Land where I was happy to stay during the amount of time it took me to read this gem. Taryn is a wolf shifter and a healer but because of her latency, she's never had a good relationship with her father, who considers her as weak. And now, Lance has decided it's time for Taryn to mate into another clan which is why he has set her up to be claimed by the alpha leader of the pack, a guy Taryn absolutely despises. So, when Trey Coleman, the Alpha of the Phoenix Pack, offers her a way out of the arranged mating, it's either that or risking the chance of becoming a lone wolf.

I love pack dynamics and alpha wolf with their mate dynamics. Within the confines of the story, it all works. Because it's a paranormal story with so much being explained as instinctual , it all works. Should I even talk about the plot? Was there even a plot? Yes, there actually was something resembling a plot. You might want to be forewarned that the plot and sex are about equal to each other in this book, so we're definitely working with an erotic book featuring a story, and not the other way around.

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1) by Suzanne Wright

Basically, we learn about some of the pack members and some of the conflicts between the Phoenix Pack and other packs. The shifters themselves were drawn in an interesting way, with the "inner wolf" having a huge and separate influence on the person as a whole.

Since I had the older copy, I did notice a few typos, but they were few and far between. I'm assuming there will be even less of this in the newer edition. I do have to go on record stating that I hated the use of terms such as baby and hot little body. I also could have done without Trey talking about wanting to pump his cum inside of Taryn.

Surprisingly, I was not bothered by Trey calling Taryn his little bitch or telling her that she was going to take it like a good girl. After all, they are wolves I do think the book was a touch too long. It wasn't a huge deal because I am a pro skimmer when I need to be, but with some editing and shortening, this could have been a solid 4 star book. Other than the sex, my favorite part of Feral Sins was pretty much every scene between Greta the alpha's grandmother and Taryn. Watching these two women rip on each other was too darn funny.

Perhaps a coma? I got lucky and had all of my fun fetish buttons pushed. You may not feel the same way if you prefer something different with your erotic reads. So tread carefully and know what you want before you pick this book up.

If you choose to go there, I hope you have as much fun as I did! View all 35 comments. Thats how much I loved it. I don't know if I should go lesbian for the Author or Taryn! LOL Crazy girls just bring out the evil in me! Back to the book.. Where do I begin.. I was on a total book high after reading this one. Just brilliant, sheer epic. I enjoyed the book to the core.

I don't think there was one this that I didn't like about this book. I loved everything. Loved the plot, story, characters and what I loved the most was how the author got the whole healing thing and also how she made their wolves a totally different person!!

The whole daddy issues with both of them, the true mate thing, the submit and submission thing.. Their sex, phew.. LOL, Crazy chickkkk! The horns are only there to hold up the halo. He's only showing you his love. Their sex scenes, their need to possess one another, their love, their bond, their weird and amazing relationship is something you enjoy throughout the book! And the quotes here and not even half of it: Hehe, she is one crazy freak and I love her! The verbal banter, abusing, insulting!

Amazing and totally weird. I loved the pack members, loved how weird and loving and protective and understand they all were. Loved how Ryan just grunted everything, love Tao and his whole bit going on, Dante and his whole big brother thing with the alpha pair!

It has an amazing flow, not one thing is dragged out. You get lost into the book, I stayed up till 9am finishing this book and it was oh so worth it. Read the book, Its amazing! Even if your not a paranormal fan its fine, because the book barely has any of that stuff.

Its a very very good story. View all 23 comments. Oct 30, Dd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sorry,I was still in my La La Land! Where is this La La Land? Warning Readers-Please stow all your inflammable stuffs away!! Don't burn yourself. Taryn- She is the daughter of Lance Warner,alpha of his pack. But she is a latent. She can feel her wolf inside her but cannot shift. But she is no shy,submissive miss. She is proud,courageous,has Huh!!

She is proud,courageous,has the tongue of a wasp,and can kick some serious ass!! She is also a gifted healer. Trey- He is the alpha of Phoenix pack. Unfairly banished from his earlier pack his father had perceived him as a threat to his position as the alpha of the pack and thus treated him cruelly.

Trey finally snapped when he was 14 year old and attacked him,thus leading to his banishment ,he is now a power to be reckoned with. Anyone stupid enough to cross him- DIES! Taryn is trying to find a way out of mating with repugnant Roscoe Weston,another alpha with whose pack her father is determined to form an alliance with. Now,both Taryn and Trey lost their true mates during childhood. Both need each other— Taryn needs Trey to escape Roscoe and Trey needs Taryn to form alliances which can save his pack.

So a deal is made— Taryn and Trey will pose as true mates for three months and in the end Trey will defeat his uncle and Taryn will walk away,thus gaining herself freedom. Should be very easy as they are not true mates or anything!!! Believe me when I say that I will have your submission. Soon their play for dominance changes into an untamable attraction and soon they find out that they are destined to be with each other.

As they are And really,that girl can curse. Trey,God his dirty talks made me shiver. I know Trey acts like a bit of an ass sometimes but hey,he also owns up to it. And I am sooooo looking forward to the next book in this series…………. I am sure author Suzanne Wright won't mind if I steal some of her lines. Too good to resist!! Okay, now I am going back to my La La Land. View all 27 comments. Jun 04, XxTainaxX rated it it was amazing. Taryn easily became one of my favorite heroines.

She is absolutely hilarious. Her sarcasm is over and she doesn't take shit from nobody. She is a latent wolf in a bad situation when Trey, alpha from another pack, offers her an alternative.

The alternative is to pretend to be true mates so she can get away from a persistent suitor and he can gain alliances. Then feelings and delicious love making come into play much to the delight of our hearts They are seriously hot toget Taryn easily became one of my favorite heroines.

They are seriously hot together. Their dominance fights and displays are wonderful foreplay. The plot had good development and great characterization. However, there were parts of the plot that felt a little predictable.

Don't get me wrong, it incredibly erotic. It just didn't fit the possessive alpha role that Trey maintained. Though it was mentioned that he had shared in the past, I think the impression was that this was different. In some ways I think the author tried to portray that but I just couldn't quite make it fit.

I loved getting to know the other pack members and can't wait to read more about them.

Feral Sins

No OW. Yes to OM because the H shared the h. No penetration with the OM. No condoms. Neither are Vs. No rape though there is the threat of it. There is abuse. View all 19 comments. Yummy Stalkerific Alpha Werewolf action!!! Trey Coleman, I love this author!! This is my first book by Suzanne Wright , and I can't wait to read more!! This book had the perfect amount of witty sarcasm, lusty sex, taboo sex, angst, and violence.

I love it when werewolves actually fight and act badass, instead of just talking about being a badass. Trey is an alpha any woman can love. His idea of apologizing is performing oral sex.

He says he isn't good with words, but he is great with his mouth. Wel Yummy Stalkerific Alpha Werewolf action!!! Well, I think he is also great with words She's petite, beautiful, and a firecracker. Taryn is a total Smart Ass and she cracks me up. I never know what she's gonna say next.

She is a werewolf that has never been able to shift. So people think she is weak and easy prey. But she is all Alpha!! Some of my favorite Taryn comments: Attempting to give a fuck…Attempting harder to give a fuck…Sorry, there was an error. Fuck not given. I got the copy with the view spoiler [Orgy scene hide spoiler ] and I understand why it was deleted from the newer edits of this book.

It wasn't necessary and I found it a bit distracting and unrealistic. At the end of this book, was also a sample of Here Be Sexist Vampires , that totally sucked me in!!

I'm already scarfing that book down and loving it!! This author knows how to write very stron female heroines!! View all 66 comments. D I am not going to review it but I needed to read this since it's one of Val's faves. View all 13 comments. If you don't have a cold shower nearby, a significant other sleeping peacefully unaware beside you, if you have dog allergies or you are just prissy and can't handle sarcasm and wit, consider yourself warned!!!

I just needed a little nudge that all of you naughty girls provided me with! To say I loved it, it doesn't do this book justice. It surprised me, it got me hot and bothered, it amused me, it shocked me I'll come back to that later.

Best damn shifter story, in league in my opinion to Singh's Changelings Series. Taryn is a latent wolf and a healer in her father's pack.

Her own father seems to despise her and she is forced to mate with an asshole alpha just to strengthen her father's alliances. Trey became alpha of his father pack in the tender age of 14, when he killed him in a challenge, splitting the pack in two. He is closed off and a killing machine. His own uncle who leads the other half of the pack disputes his authority and wants the whole pack for himself.

The two of them agree to temporarily mate to solve their individual problems and the rest The girl deserves a medal! Funny by nature and sarcastic by choice this girl can kick your ass and make you laugh at the same time. A survivor, a keeper, a winner! The alpha to end all alphas Possesive, jealous, smart, psychotic, I absolutely loved him! And that foul mouth of his had me squirming in my seat! The Pack: Just like the annoying older siblings you can't help but adore!

Where can I join or is by invitation only??? Damn all the good ones are slipping though my fingers And here comes my one and only big objection What was that???????????????????

Come on seriously where did that come from? It was like the book was abducted by aliens and they inserted the scene just to screw with our minds The whole scene was totally out of character but I reluctantly admit, it was rather HAWT in an embarassing and entirely wrong way I found out that the author plans a re-issue without this scene.

Go girl!! The best decision you could ever make! Thank you for taking into consideration our feelings and really glad you are listening to your readers! You got me for life!!! View all 40 comments.

View all 79 comments. This book should come with a warning label. You read it and Seriously! Don't say I didn't warn you. My casting Trey Taryn This is by far one of the best erotic paranormal romances I have read in a while. There was very little I disliked about it.

What I absolutely adored about it were the main characters. The romance between Trey and Taryn is not insta-love. I truly enjoyed watching their feelings develop from lust to genuine caring for one another. To know you hold my sanity in you This book should come with a warning label. To know you hold my sanity in your hands? He is rude, crude, and oh so sexy!

Feral Sins

I developed a girl crush on her. If I were to bat for the other team, she will be on my list of fictional girlfriends. It was so refreshing to read about a heroine that isn't some virginal ingenue, stands up for herself, and has a sharp tongue and sarcastic tendencies.

Maybe you should try again later. And mouthy. And small. Even her boobs are on the small side. Honestly, girl crush material! Suzanne Wright has a definite gift for writing a smoking hot love scene. Ladies, I'd warn you to have a few pairs of clean undies on hand when reading this they will be melted off.

It wasn't all just book porn; it had a great plot and many laugh out loud moments. View all 21 comments. That was intense!!! And beautiful!!! And full of angst!!! I have to remind you that i read them backward I read first "Spiral of need" which was talking about the "Mercury Pack" and because there i met almost everyone in Phoenix Pack, i couldn't resist to learn everything about them And i found everything I found out everything about Trey and Taryn and i have to say that i fell in love completely with both of them Even though the one was a little bit psycho and the other a little bit of bitch!!!

They were unbelievably well-fitted together Well, Taryn was forced to mate with a man that she didn't want at all. She was a healer and she was a latent and that wasn't so good for a wolf. Her father wanted to get ride of her and what a great opportunity to give her to someone who will be a wonderfull ally for his pack??? One day, Tarryn is waking in a foreign territory and there she is about to discover her fate But how she can trust this phycho boy???

Trey when he was fourteen he tried to kill his father and he was banished from his pack and as a teenager he became an Alpha of this one And beyond that he is a crazy ass who in his wolfish form, he is becoming feral and he can't kill everyone around him But strangely, she didn't feel in danger with him. They will have to pretend that they are mates and from that deal they will earn both of them Taryn will be out of an unwanted mating and Trey will manage to inform alliances that will stand by him and by his pack when he will deal with his uncle, the Alpha of his old pack.

From the first moment, Tarryn and Trey are drown to each other and the lust made it unbearable to stay away from each other. But since they have made a deal they can't let themself involved too deep with each other. They could not be imprinted because the separation after will be unbearable for both of them But they just can't stay away from each other and they are so cutes together!!! Cutes is understatement They are both dominate wolves and all the time are trying to overpower each other.

They don't bow in the other's will The sex is amazing It's like a crazy, bloody battle and it was really enjoyable!!! Not only the sex, but all their interactions was so pleasant to read about them!!! And as the time is passing, it's most difficult for both of them to keep their distances They are so blind that they can't recognise the truth that it's in front of their eyes She was tiny in the form and as i said above she is a latent.

She can't tranform in her wolfish form, but that doesn't mean that her wolf isn't there all the time!!! She is very strong and she can overpower everyone like a real Alpha. She is very sarcastic with a big mouth that made me all the time to laugh. Especially when she was interacting with Gretta.

And when she was with Trey, she was like a fire She wanted him from the first moment but she couldn't let herself relax and enjoy what she was living Trey was a very dominant wolf. Everybody feared him. He was the ruler of their world. He was a very serious guy with many responsibilities. He never had fun in his life until the moment Taryn came into his life His past wasn't good and it had left him big marks in his soul.

For the first moment he wanted Taryn but he wanted to dominate her. Something that she could never aloud! He was a very protective and possessive bastard even though Taryn was his contemporary mate.

And the strangest thing of all??? Tarryn was the only person in the world that he could calm himself and his wolf down I can't say more about them. I'll only say that i loved fiercely Trey and Tarryn. I don't have the words to describe how much and i really liked all the second characters that they surround them In the beginning the pack was a little bit uncomfortable with Taryn's presence, but very soon, everybody loved her!!! Not everybody My only objection on this book was something that happened near to the end The night of Trey's birthday for all of you that you have read the book!!!

I'm not a prude or something but that big "scene" bothered me a lot!!! It was like i was seeing different persons from whom i knew in the previous pages Taryn in whole book wasn't aloud even to Trey to use her, so why she aloud that???? And Trey was so damn possesssive with her. Why he aloud it that??? I just don't understand it and it was like something ugly intruded in my wonderfull bubble and made everything upside down.

And after that incident it was everything back to normal I just don't understand it and i didn't like it and that's why i cut half star from my rating Because i really loved this book more than "Spiral of need" but that incident frustrated me Now, i would like to find out everything for the rest of the guys and i really hope that i won't have more surprises like the one i had here. I don't think that i could bare it!!! And now, i'm just wondering Will manage someone from the other guys to overstep Trey and Taryn in my heart???

I'm not so sure about that!!! I love this couple so damn much!!! View all 22 comments. Love triangle? Well, that was this book. To say I loved it is an understatement.

I adored the heroine, I made so many notes on my kindle of her dialogue. She is by far one of my favourite ever, if not THE favourite heroine ever. She was funny, strong and just downright awesome. And Trey was almost as equally as awesome.

And together - sublime. I loved the world the author has developed here, and how she has made seem fresh a quite frankly overdone genre. Taryn and Trey both had their own issues and vulnerabilities to overcome, and their story to a HEA is not easy at times. But it was an exciting read, and there was not one moment where I skipped ahead or my attention was lost.

This book is hot, funny, exciting and above all made me happy. View all 10 comments. Jul 13, Sarah Toussaint rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been in a book-slump for while now, with every book I read or started either suck or were average at best. But this one took me out of my slump. It was sexy, the plot and story were intriguing. It's one of the first "wolf" books I've ever read so maybe that's why I was so intrigued. But I was nonetheless.

I can't wait to continue more books in the series!! View 2 comments. I read this last night for my Filthy Friday book. If you do not know what Filthy Friday is click here for an explanation. I loved so much about this book, it was abso-fucking-lutely awesome! My favorite things about the book 1. Taryn was an amazing character.

I laughed until i tears were steaming down my face so many times reading her dialogue. I even managed a few very ladylike snorts! I am going to post some of my favorite lines later in the review so you can see just what i mean: Trey was a dirty talking, super sexy alpha male.

He is a wet-dream in print form. The sex - This was me creaming my panties reading every sexy scene. The story, i mostly read this book because i heard it had an amazingly sexy alpha I discovered that the story is actually really good.

Some of my favorite lines I have 9 kindle clippings pages from this book! I am just going to give you some of my personal faves but rest-assured there is more spectacular dialog in this book which i haven't listed. I'll try not to laugh, I promise. You've got to love that kind of power. I even enjoyed the orgy scene, i think it was sexy but at the wrong point in the book.

Click here to visit my book review blog View all 18 comments. Quick Review- Mature content reader discretion advised. And soon to be mounted. And it was also exactly what I was looking for at the moment. I was in need of something different so I went back to my roots which is my love for PNR. Feral Sins gave me a good dose of suspense, a touch of mystery with a who done it twist and a very steamy melt your panties romance. I got an alpha male and smart mouthed female Quick Review- Mature content reader discretion advised.

I got an alpha male and smart mouthed female that did nothing but turn him on as she rebelled against his need to dominate. Below is a scene between Trey and Taryn Trey smiled wickedly.

I am on to the next book! View all 33 comments. Anyways, the book centers around the latent female wolf shifter and a healer she can heal the actual wounds within minutes, guaranteeing a recovery Taryn Warner 23? The story starts with Taryn and Trey making a deal; pretend to be true mates. Trey needs alliances that Taryn's father can give him, and Taryn needs to get away for a arranged mating done by her father.

However, neither expected to care for each other or how strongly their wolves react towards one another. I still wish we had gotten one more book that centers around Trey and Taryn. Though my rating is technically less, I refuse to change it simply because I refuse to believe it's still not a good as it used to be. So the rating stays the same It's not the books fault that I'm mostly numb for the past year or so. Trey is still one of my favorite characters and that will never change.

Taryn is still funny as hell and together they are awesome. I kinda want to demand a second book for these two, though I know that it'll never happen. I hated it. This he does by making a deal with her father; an alliance. Trick and Marcus are best friend and scratches each others inch now and then.

Only cares about his image. His bodyguard, Zack. Part of Lance's pack. He has a perverse wish to see Trey bow down to him. His Beta, Jon.

Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 5 though truth be told it's less; I just refuse to admit it stars. Fourth re-read: I read it yet again. God, I cannot get enough of this book! I really, really hope-need-pray-beg that Suzanne Wright writes another book with Trey and Taryn as main characters.

I really do. Third re-read: Second re-read: He's like my addiction. What can I say: Trey does that to you. You cannot help but to love him. Need him. Obsessed about him Already I need him again. First read review: For those who hasn't read this amazing book, are seriously missing out on the most incredible journey.

The characters are simply perfect and the story is strong and never boring. You get completely dragged into the book, like the rest of the world disappears and it's only you and Suzanne Wright's world there.

The story shows how, even though people keep pushing you down, keep trying to break you, you still have to fight. Fight for the chance of happiness , that there is something good out there for you. That they made her put up so strong walls around her, not letting anyone in, it was sad to read.

Her snarky, snappy comments and her spirit was just amazing and inspiring. I love how she slowly was able to get dominate alpha Trey to open up. To have some fun. Fun he never get to have.

I remember first time reading this book, that Trey's story got me eyes wet.

And it still does. I love how two broken souls come together and become one hell of a team. I recommend this book for pretty much everyone, and if you don't like it then you live in 'La La Land' as Taryn would say: Tell me to ease off. And boy, I want to see Kye grow up and become an Alpha and Trey being all proud!!!!

Mar 06, BookHeroin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read it the second time: It is very rare for me to fall in love with everything in a book but this one I read a lot of reviews about this, i got very excited to read this, i had two finals in the past two days and Read it the second time: I read a lot of reviews about this, i got very excited to read this, i had two finals in the past two days and i spent the whole time reading it.

This story is about loyalty, control, power, friendship, family, love , and lust. I have always been a vampire kind of girl but after reading this i'm gonna get down and dirty with the wolves from now on! And it did help that i saw the word Alpha , God this word is awesome! Taryn Warner: Taryn is one of the greatest characters i have ever read about, she is beautiful and hot in her own way, she doesn't take shit from anyone, she's a badass, but most importantly she is one sarcastic bitch!

Some writers tend to over do the sarcastic and the funny part in their characters and it ends in a disaster. But not this one. But I love a challenge, and I love to be in control. Power is a heady thing for me. What great-er power is there than to be able to own someone who doesn't want you someone whose will you can break bit by bit until they have gone from a spirited, dominant, independent individual to a person who is totally submissive to you?

One, she could present them with a dazzling smile and introduce herself needlessly, hoping to win them over with a friendly attitude. Two, she could act aloof, distant, and ignore any attempts to goad her. Or three, she could just be her usual ray of sarcastic fucking sunshine and tell anyone who pushed her to go eat shit. A bigger person would have gone with option two, but, well, she was a bitch.

So she decided to go with number three. I have a weakness towards the word Alpha. I love the possessiveness and the control that comes with being an alpha. And Trey Coleman is not a different. His presence inside her was like an anchor to her wolf who was a little smug right now, since she was a big fan of psycho boy.

Everything that he says is SEX, not really, but that's what it feels like, there are orgasms dripping through his tongue. Here is a bunch of pictures to demonstrate my point ;D Taryn certainly was beneath her anger. Oh not at all! Her wolf wanted to rub against him enticingly, recognizing his scent as the one from the bedroom.

He brings guys from the pack. A lot of readers did not like this scene so future readers won't have to read it in other additions.

And here he let the guy touch her and see him doing her.

Before Taryn came to the pack they did this more than once, so i guess it was normal for them, the guys loved her, and respected her so for me this scene was not weird or anything it was hot, sexy, erotic, and FUN. I loved absolutely everything about this book! I want to kick myself for not reading it sooner. This book remined me of the first books I read. When all i wanted to to escape the reality for some time and be there where the characters are.

Where I could feel what they are feeling, laugh with them, cry with them and get all hot and bothered. This book reminded my why I start reading in the first place! Although I am not a fan of paranormal books, this was a big exception! It did not feel even a little weird to me, moreover I felt that their world is more realistic than ours.

It's understatement to say that i am on a hunt for a mate, for a wolf and for a pack.. Taryn and Trey.. So sarcastic, smart, loyal, funny, beautiful inside and out. Stood on her ground despite everything.

Feral Sins - Suzanne Wright

Never give a damn about what people think about her and never stays defenceless. The fierceness inside her reminded me of myself and i loved that! The true alpha, loyal to his pack and protective of what is his. His broody mood and asshole-ish behaviour made me want to punch him a few times. Therapy is going good. Getting stronger every day! Hopefully I'll be back to posting soon. In the meantime, thanks to everybody who's been helping with the requests!

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