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Companion workbook to “A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases”, by Max Gerson, M.D.. Practical guidance, resources, and recipes for following the Gerson . Filmmaker Steve Kroschel goes on a 52 day journey to find evidence supporting the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy - a natural cancer cure. There are. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The two most important aspects of the Gerson approach to healing are ingested on the Gerson Therapy must be fresh, organically or biologically grown, and. The Gerson Therapy uses a whole-body approach t o healing t hat boost s your body's own immune syst em and ot her defenses t o heal cancer, art hrit is. A patient on the Gerson Therapy receives the nutritional equivalent of fifteen pounds of fresh, If a recipe calls for a little bit of water, always use distilled water.

O The Gerson Institute. All Rights Reserved. A non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic tneatment of degenerative disease PO. Box Bonita, CA 9 Tel: The advice and suggestions described herein should not under any circumstances be relied upon as the sole means of determining appropriate treatment or intervention. The Gerson Institute, its staff, and auxiliary faculty do not prescribe or recommend treatment, and cannot be held responsible or liable for the use or misuse of any information contained herein. The Gerson Institute has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, but cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, misstatements, or other erroneous information that may be contained herein.

Gerson does not recommend using a citrus juice press into which oranges are inserted with skin. Fatty acids from the skin can be pressed out as well and these fatty acids and aromatic substances should be avoided while on the Gerson Therapy. One citrus juice a day at breakfast time.

Bring the water to a boil in a non-toxic cookware pot. Add freshly rolled oats, reduce heat and cook slowly for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for a few minutes. Serve with delicious fresh organic raw fruits or stir in some soaked dried fruits sparingly.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit. Do not peel any of the vegetables, but wash and scrub them gently. Cut them coarsely and place into a non-toxic cooking pot for example: Pass through a food mill in small portions. To add variety in taste to your soup, experiment with adding different herbs each time. My brain functions at a higher level. I cannot remember his exact affliction. I followed his advice and the rest is history — I was cured.

The renowned humanitarian and physician. He was adamant that I go on this diet because he knew of my grave illnesses since childhood.

I now actually look forward to having this soup. You can add small amounts of fresh organic parsley and fresh pressed raw organic garlic to taste. | Kale | Carrot

But even Dr. Is it the placebo effect? I have attempted to creatively altered the recipe and not received the same results. He was also able to cure other patients with diseases such as tuberculosis. The original regimen used crude liver extract instead of coenzyme Q Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. The Innovators: Elon Musk: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Jump to Page. Complete Blood Count. The Gerson Therapy must not be altered in the hope of improving the performance of the laetrile some laetrile therapists recommend dietary measures which would be counter-productive if introduced into the Gerson Therapy.

All other Medications: Do not abruptly discontinue any medications you are taking prior to using the Gerson Therapy. Laetrile has other purported anti-cancer properties. Non-cancer patients can start earlier. Appendix 1 1 pg. The following procedures and materials are among those that are available at Gerson facilities in a form compatible with the Gerson Therapy.

He places nutrition in its proper role for prevention and treatment of disease. Test results may be affected by healing reactions and flare-ups pp. See Appendix I: Lab Tests. The Gerson diet contains large amounts of natural Vitamin C. Polarizing Treatment: One addition to the Gerson therapy protocol is the polarizing treatment pioneered by Dr. This is probably the basis for the age-old observation that local immunity is proportional to blood supply.

The following organisms have been found directly susceptible to oxidative killing: The rate of production of toxic radicals. Surg Forum. Procedures Used While i n the Hospital 6 standard medical text. Polarizing treatment promotes healing in the diseased heart. Sodi-Pallares found that in many patients who are deficient in potassium.

Oxygen therapy: Preliminary clinical studies indicate that oxidative therapy might produce desirable results in cancer treatment. J Bact. Boosting serum oxygen levels may revitalize normal cells while damaging some viruses and other pathogens. Patients with edema excess fluids in feet. Patients should discuss these additions to their treatment with their Gerson physician. In addition to the intensive Gerson Therapy. Bacterial killing is usually conceived of a s comprising two major components.

Phagocytic leukocytes white blood corpuscles are the first and most important line of defense against infection. Hydrogen peroxide H The effects of oxygen and antibiotics are equivalent. He achieved this by using a potassium solution K together with glucose G and a tiny bit of insulin I which is given together intravenously. Most hostile micro-organisms probably require lower oxygen levels than the body's cells.

Ambient air ozone generators are used to benefit patients.. The immunological benefits of raising tissue pH. Two basic types of oxygen therapy are ozone therapy and the absorption of hydrogen peroxide at very low concentrations. The second mechanism. These are scientifically based additions to the Gerson Therapy to add to the patients' ability to heal. Also extra charges will apply. In the daily care of patients. The first involves degranulation and ingestion of the bacteria.

One protocol uses Laetrile and Vitamin C for the treatment of patients that have previously had chemotherapy. It can be used at bedtime to assist in going to sleep for those patients with substantial pain.

Do not exceed 6 dosages in a 24 hour period unless prescribed by your physician. The basic Gerson Therapy contains a fair amount of pancreatin. The above was taken from the notes of the Winter Symposium on Baromedicine.

Gerson Therapy Recipes

For medicinal purposes. It has been shown that Laetrile. Ozone is not well tolerated by tumor tissue. It contains a fraction which helps the body to destroy tumor tissue but is harmless to normal cells. About 30cc of ozone is inserted into the rectum from where it is easily absorbed into the blood stream.

They irritate the nerves in damaged and diseased areas of the body. This is done by more frequent enemas. Aspirin The Pain triad becomes progressively more effective a s the body undergoes detoxification. Research has shown that the body has its own natural pain killers. Live Cell Therapy: This therapy is much more effective after good detoxification and should not be tried during the initial stages of Gerson Therapy.

This material is present in a s many a s 2. By lowering toxic levels. January More frequent enemas: During reactions. Adjuvant Therapeutic Procedures Pain Relief Pain medications are often toxic and may interfere with the Gerson diet therapy.

Wobe Mugos: These are highly concentrated pancreatic enzymes. This will cause a mild induced fever. Normal healthy body tissue can easily withstand temperatures u p to " F. These are certain herb combinations which have been used by native Indians of the Americas and have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is another addition to the adjunctive treatment protocols.

This helps to dissolve and digest tumor tissue. These teas may be available at your Gerson hospital. In some patients.

Most patients can testify to the fact that enemas relate directly to lowered pain levels. It can be used orally and rectally. Ascorbic Acid 5 gr.

It has numerous beneficial effects. It may be available on request from your Gerson Therapy facility. Pain triad: The triad should be used sparingly. When Laetrile has already been injected prior to the bath. Laetrile amygdalin: Another treatment which has been used for a number of years is Laetrile. It is thought that some factor in the coffee enema may stimulate the release of these pain killers. Whenever possible. For this treatment. Niacin mg. Use medium temperature heating pad over area.

Soak 3 pieces of white flannel with castor oil squeeze out excess castor oil. Preparing for and Undergoing Hydrotherapy 1. The resultant increased blood flow brings about greatly improved oxygenation necessary for proper healing. If temperatures can be raised high enough " F or more and long enough. If the patient is scheduled soon after a meal. Congestion of internal organs. It is a bit messy when used over hands and feet. These patients will need prior medical review.

Hyperthermia is the application of heat. The accompanying person is invited to attend the treatments to observe the procedures so they can be continued in the home environment. For the cancer patient there is an additional important benefit in the hot water treatments.

Keep on 1. The treatments are non-toxic and safe. For instance. Do not use chlorinated water for this treatment.

Patients will need to have a medical examination and EKG in preparation. Treatments increase heart rate and respiratory rate. The castor oil pack is used during severe flare-ups involving liver pain. Procedures Used While in the Hospital 8 Castor oil pack: You can re-use the castor oil pack. This procedure can also be used by arthritic patients over swollen. The Theory Behind Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy may be defined a s the use of water in any of its three forms. Research has shown that following intravenous or rectal application of laetrile there may be a temperature increase in the tumor mass of 4"-5" F.

Treatments aid in repair of diseased tissues.


Heat often assists in pain relief. Cool compresses are more beneficial for these patients. Many types of cancer cells are much more sensitive to heat than are normal cells. Place slightly larger sheet of plastic over the flannel. Contraindications may be seen in patients with multiple sclerosis cold hydrotherapy is more beneficial. Treatments stimulate an increase in leukocytes white blood cells and neutrophils.

Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy hot tub bath. Don't let the pack get cold or uncomfortably hot. Liquids juices. They affect not only the immediate skin areas. Place flannel pack over liver or other affected area. It dulls and calms the pain. Increased circulation lowers toxin levels thereby reducing the nerve irritation which causes pain.

Patients with nervous system disease such a s MS should not be subjected to high temperature. Don't eat: Patient should eat nothing for hours before treatment. When this localized increase is added to total body hyperthermia many benefits have been noted.

Heat treatments play an important role a s an adjunct to the Gerson program. Oxygenation assists in the fight against cancer which does not like an oxygenated environment..

Poor Hyperthermia treatment Hot tub bath Procedure Full treatments should not be taken during healing reactions. Monitor temperature and pulse: Temperature and pulse will be monitored frequently a s the body temperature increases. This cooling-off process will take about another 20 minutes. A restful afternoon is indicated. Help the patient into the warmed bed and disconnect the electric blanket. At this time a thorough cleansing shower is to be taken. It takes about minutes for the average patient to reach ".

When the patient returns to his room. A second cup of herbal tea is taken upon entering the tub.

The patient is encouraged to relax. The final temperature is determined by what the patient feels he can tolerate. A s the temperature increases. Many patients sleep for several hours following treatment. Assemble Supplies before starting procedures. Apply quickly to square o clean muslin to f.

Upon leaving the tub and entering the bed. As the cooling-off process continues. Avoid chilling. Clay powder has an adsorptive effect like that of charcoal and aids detoxification. From the hot shower. Patient should be dry and warm after treatment.

Procedure 1. The tub is entered slowly. Cover head with towel: The head will be covered by a towel to limit heat loss. Prepare enough warm water to mix needed amount o clay powder into a paste. Swab the face. Stay in warm bed: The body temperature is maintained in the bed for another minutes at which time the blankets are slowly removed. Coffee enema: One hour before scheduled treatment a coffee enema is taken. Heat the bed: Preheat the patients bed using a n electric blanket over the other blankets.

Bathing suit: Upon arrival in the department the patient changes into a bathing suit. Clay poultice Definition: A soft composition. Use care when adding hot or cold water. On the first treatment a lower temperature is attempted 10l o. Laetrile treatment: Those patients taking laetrile will have it applied 15 minutes before the scheduled treatment.

Herb tea: The room should be warm and free o drafts. Regular meals and juices need not be interrupted. Repeat as needed. Place on area to be treated. Procedures Used While in the Hospital 10 prevent cooling.

Leave on overnight or until dry. Pin in place. Cover with plastic and wool cloth. Before you leave the Gerson hospital your doctor will suggest a time for your next tests to be done. Telephone and fax numbers will be provided through the hospital office. Medical guidance is provided to the Gerson patient through your Gerson hospital's consulting office.

Going Home. Through this means. Routine laboratory studies have been shown not to be valid during or just after a healing reaction. Wait at least seven to ten days after the healing reaction has cleared to have new laboratory tests done. A series of three results may show a trend. Continued communication with the Gerson physician also keeps the patient abreast of advances in the Gerson program.

These laboratory tests should be repeated about every six weeks. The chemistry of the blood can be altered during the healing reaction. Complete blood count CBC with differential Copies of results should be sent to your Gerson consulting doctor. Send lab rest results to your Gerson consulting physician by mail or Fax. Clinical information medical 3. These studies are monitored primarily to screen for possible infections.

Time does not usually allow correspondence in writing regarding test result information. In the early stages with the debilitated patient. Please use the telephone consultation program. Lab evaluation These laboratory studies must include: A single laboratory result is not definitive.

The Gerson Household Aollow-up medical care and laboratory monitoring Medical consultations and the monitoring of laboratory studies are of utmost importance.

Length of time on therapy 2. Have blank paper and a pen handy to write down your doctor's suggestions. Outpatient follow-up checklist Approximately five weeks after you arrive home. Put needle cover on loosely. Withdraw needle from BI2. When bubbles are gathered. With alcohol swab. Remove and discard needle. Screw new needle into syringe. Remove protective metal covers from rubber stopper.

Keep needle and syringe sterile do not touch. Description 3cc with 22 or 23 gauge needle x 1 " i Syringes - Please take inventory of items before departure. Gently tap the side of the syringe to gather bubbles to the top of the syringe.

Clean injection area well with alcohol and cotton. Turn the crude liver bottle upside down and push needle u p through center of stopper. During your stay a t The Gerson Therapy Center. Turn B I 2 bottle upside down and push syringe needle through stopper. Keeping the liver extract bottle in a n upside-down position. Syringe is now ready to be used. Learn how to give your own injections by observing.

Draw 3cc of air into syringe. Assemble items needed: Non-required but recommended items: It is now too dull for injection use. Pull out 0. Measure down the width of two fingers and back one inch 1".

A Telephone Locate the ridge of your hipbone iliac crest where your side pants seam runs. Break needle and disassemble syringe.


Harbor House Coffee Organic Coffee. C If organic coffee is not used.


Finding organically grown food Check the local yellow pages for health food stores and co-ops. Call and ask if they supply organically grown produce. Push plunger down slowly. DC Tape box shut when full and discard. Ask about distributors. Keep broken needles in a small cardboard box.

You can contact them at Box It will stop bleeding very shortly. Center for Science in the Public Interest has an organics mail order list available. The needle should go through the fatty tissue into the muscle. Spread skin and push needle in.

Clean open liver and B12 bottles with alcohol and store in refrigerator. Clearlake Oaks. A Americans For Safe Food. Ask them for the names. Pull needle out and rub area with alcohol for 30 seconds. That is where the needle goes. You can contact them at Connecticut Ave NW.

Box If produce is not clearly marked with a printed label. Suite Alternate sides with each injection. If bleeding occurs. It has an in-depth list of organic wholesalers by State. Protect with fresh baggie after each use. Organic coffee information It is just a s important to use organic coffee a s to use organic fruits and vegetables. Store unopened liver extract bottles in refrigerator. Demand proof. They may know where you can go. Once you contact the wholesalers. N Pressure Cookers!

Glass storage jars: Some brands: Nature's Gate. Shaklee Vaseline. To grate food fine to coarse Knives: Teflon and other inert non-stick surfaces are not o allowed. Results of 50 Cases Drip ground organic coffee Honey Organic rolled oats old fashioned Pure maple syrup Crude raw brown sugar organic dried cane sugar Dried fruits soak before cooking Flaxseed oil in black bottles Red wine vinegar Unsulphured blackstrap molasses Peppermint tea Chamomile tea Lemons Cookware Stainless steel pots and pans with tight fitting lids 1 qt.

Absolutely N Aluminum! Aluminum-clad stainless steel pots are OK. Most items may be purchased locally at a general department store. Metal spatula Potato masher: O f solid wood or heavy wire for mashing foods Soup ladle: For serving soups Apple corer: Jar for coffee concentrate with 1 C calibration marks Pill container: The Gerson Household 14 Measuring Spoons: Most cities have bottled water businesses that deliver purified and distilled water to homes.

Fluoride can only be removed by distillation. Distilled water. You should only use reverse osmosis if your tap water is not fluoridated. Consult regional authorities. No grunge. Depending on regional water supplies. Various combinations o distillation. Water can also be purified at home with reasonably priced equipment that may be purchased or rented.

Water purification equipment is everywhere now. Check your home and eliminate a s many contaminants a s possible: Water Gerson patients need pure water. If your municipal water supply is fluoridated. In a well researched article in their Consumer Reports: Consumers Union CU staff members explained that the "special chemical" is doubtless a flocculating agent that causes harmless minerals in water to precipitate.

You can get reverse osmosis units. I Various vegetables. Microbes are also known to flow from the household tap. Unscrupulous sellers use this bogus water test to convince potential buyers of the unpotability of tap water in their homes. Now he informs you that you can get all that poison out with a carbon filter.

Unsafe tap water In fact. I Labs that test water For the Gerson household. People go door to door selling all sorts. PA Tel. For patients. When it's time to replace the membrane. The quality of tap water almost everywhere. These minor differences disappear when either type of water purification is coupled with carbon filtration.

Only distillers or reverse osmosis units will take out arsenic. O H 44 Tel. The customer pays no replacement costs for filters or membranes. Carbon filtration with distillation Strengths and weaknesses For practical purposes. NH 01 Tel. Buy or rent? If you are in a locale that is not serviced by a reputable water company. In order to get really pure water. Commercial St. Carbon filters sound pretty good so far. The Gerson Household 16 to use one of these CU listed labs: You may choose to rent On the other hand.

Distillers typically draw Watts. Carbon filters are replaced frequently. A test light signals when the unit needs servicing. Finding a vendor Water companies can be found in the Yellow Pages and most offer a filtration service. Only carbon filtration is able to remove chlorine. Extrapolating CU writers' numbers. Many companies rent and maintain a n under-the-sink combination reverse osmosis and carbon filtration unit.:

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