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The Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel and millions of other books are available for instant The Green Mile Mass Market Paperback – November 1, The Green Mile is the 36th book published by Stephen King; it was his 30th novel , and the 25th under his own name. The book was originally released in six. John Coffey is a protagonist character from the book The Green Mile. In The Green Mile, film he was portrayed by the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan. He was.

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The Green Mile is a serial novel by American writer Stephen King. It tells the story of On October 3, , the book was published in its first hardcover edition (ISBN ). In , Subterranean Press released a 10th. The Green Mile book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When it first appeared, one volume per month, Stephen King's THE. The Green Mile Serial Novel Set Books [Stephen King] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Green Mile Stephen King Paperback Set.

It tells the story of death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe's encounter with John Coffey, an unusual inmate who displays inexplicable healing and empathetic abilities. The serial novel was originally released in six volumes before being republished as a single-volume work. The book is an example of magical realism. The Green Mile was first published in six low-priced paperback volumes. The first, subtitled The Two Dead Girls was published on March 28, , with new volumes following monthly until the final volume, Coffey on the Mile , was released on August 29, The novel was republished as a single paperback volume on May 5, In , Subterranean Press released a 10th anniversary edition of the novel in three different versions, each mimicking the original six-volume release:

Not only is he still alive, so is Del's mouse, Mr.

The Green Mile : The Complete Serial Novel

Paul then muses that if John's power could make a mouse live for as long as Mr. Jingles has, how much longer does he himself have left? John Coffey was an African-American man, approximately 6'8" ft tall, with a powerful muscular frame. Due to being mistaken for the crime of murder and rape, he is put on deathrow in the 's. Not long after being convicted, Coffey shows he has a miraculous healing ability by instantaneously healing Paul Edgecomb's urinary tract infection.

He also heals Mr. Jingles , Eduard Delacroix's pet mouse, after Percy Wetmore steps on him in attempt to kill him. John is very large, having to duck under most doors. He has a mind similar to a child, possibly due to little or no educational teaching. He once claims he can only spell his name. He is mild mannered, calling everyone Sir or Ma'am, on one occasion. Whenever he heals someone, he exhales a strange insect-like thing, and [in the movie] the lights flicker.

Through unknown means, John Coffey possesses a powerful array of supernatural powers, his base ability mainly is healing. John's healing ability seems only limited to active living organisms as he was never shown to sucessfully resurrect the dead as he tragically wasn't able to save two young girls that were murdered.

This could simply be that he wasn't in time to save the girls as they were found dead in the morning as most likely their life energy had already. In his own words, he described as "I tried to take it back.

I couldn't help it" due to his poor linguistics. It could also mean that he didn't truly understand how his powers worked as through both the film and novel, he seems to possess empathy that connects him to all of the human race and low range telepathy.

His telepathy seems to be confirmed as its shown in the film that the elderly Paul Edgecombe was able to sense or hear the turmoil in his friend, Elaine, blaming Coffey for his condition. But anywho, amazing book.

I devoured it in two days - I couldn't put it down. In fact, I've been losing sleep the past two nights to the book. You really should check it out. This was undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read and I enjoyed it even more than I expected and I had set the bar super high! This was also the most horrible book I have ever read - but in the best possible way!

Not a single sentence was unneccessary; I enjoyed every scene and interaction.

John Coffey

The main character was wonderfully developed - he really seemed like a real person and at times it was hard for me to forget that he's just fictional. It was easy to forget that all of this was jus This was undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read and I enjoyed it even more than I expected and I had set the bar super high! It was easy to forget that all of this was just made up and yes, even the fantastical aspects were written and presented in a way that made them seem realistic and believable!

Some might say that John Coffey's character development falls a bit on the short side as you do not find out too much about him and his life. But I thought this was perfect for him and for the role he plays in the story.

I found myself wanting to keep reading constantly. I wanted to find out so badly what would happen next, I forgot everything around me! But at the same time, I wanted to set the book aside and never pick it up again, because I just didn't want the story to end. I also want to mention that I have never seen the movie before something I will now do as soon as possible!

I'm really glad about this, because the events that unfolded in part 6 completely surprised me. Looking back to it, I have to say that the suspense and the buildup to it was done in a perfectly subtle way - something I would love to see more in other books!

I often correctly guess what will happen in the end, but this time nothing prepared me and I was completely clueless throughout.

Overall, this was a wonderful reading experience and I already know that this story is going to stay with me for the rest of my life and will be reread many, many times. I wish I could describe my feelings about the topics of this book better, but there a simply too many feelings I have.

I tried telling my mum about my thoughts, but I just couldn't find the right words - nothing seemed to do this fantastic book justice. No fue sino hasta que Wilier me dijo: La mala es que, aparentemente, soy una insensible. Es una locura. Un horror. Y en medio de todas estas reflexiones nos encontramos unos personajes inolvidables; donde los buenos son los asesinos y los asesinos son los buenos.

I have always wanted to read a Stephen King but since am not into horror genre, I maintained a secure distance between me and books by one of the most famous authors.

So when my friend recommended it to me I decided to finally read Mr. King and am glad that I read this. Story revolved around the inmates of Cold Mountain Prison who are there for murdering someone waiting for their death on Old Sparky, an Electric chair. Story is told by prison's warden Paul Edgecombe. Life was pretty much simple f I have always wanted to read a Stephen King but since am not into horror genre, I maintained a secure distance between me and books by one of the most famous authors.

Delacroix was mostly a cheerful man when his pet, a little mouse, was around. John Coffey was a quite man and Wharton was the troublemaker. I love how Mr. King has blended the lives of three inmates and in addition to that he also done justice to what workers of prisons go through business of execution of these inmates on Old Sparky. Sometimes it was tough for them and sometimes they just want to get over with this as it was deeply painful as most of the people were no longer what they were at the time of committing a crime.

The Green Mile by Stephen King | Waterstones

This book is categorized under "Horror" genre but I didn't find it anything like that. It was a beautiful story deeply touching and emotional. Thanks Vidya fo r recommending this book to me for two reasons, first it is a beautiful book and secondly for picking a King novel for me. View all 15 comments. View all 21 comments. View all 23 comments. Jun 09, Olivier Delaye rated it it was amazing. The writing is beautiful, the characterization masterful, the story itself downright compelling and the ending absolute perfection.

A masterpiece from start to finish! What a terrific read. Stephen King has done it again. Five wonderful stars. I'm glad that I don't remember hardly any of the movie, because it makes the book so fresh. All I remember is that it had a mouse and huge black prisoner. This book is so much more.

It brought all kinds of emotions in me. A very thought provoking novel The story is set in the 's at the Cold Mountain Penitentiary. The Green Mile refers to the tiles on the floor in the death row area. It's where every prisoners had to w What a terrific read. It's where every prisoners had to walk on their last days to meet "old sparkey" King was able to develop the characters so well.

John Coffey: He suffered silently because a lot of people would think he might be slow. So he kept pretty much to himself. What a sweet soul. Sentenced to death for murder of twin girls Paul Edgecomb: I liked his passion for something when he was on the right track. He's never encountered someone like John Coffey.

This story is told from his point of view. It alternates back and forth from the prison to the nursing home he is currently in. I loved Del and Mr. Jingles The plot flows beautifully.

The other characters are well defined and likeable as well, except for a couple. It's an excellent read and I highly recommend if you haven't read it. Things I researched as I was reading, because I want to know these things: Did you know during the depression era that what people really called the electric chair?

In Nebraska Supreme Court determined that execution by electric chair was cruel and unusual punishment. This state was the last state to eliminate it as sole methos of execution.

Sin embargo, he de reconocer que King me ha sorprendido, y a pesar de ser una lectura por entregas, me ha encantado su forma de narrar. En resumen, una gran lectura que recomiendo a todos aquellos que disfruten con historias interesantes bien narradas.

View 2 comments. I first read The Green Mile in serial form, purchased an episode a month from the Lucky's grocery store in Fontana, California.

Now, for a little history lesson. I was born and raised in Southern California. I lived in the same house for 13 years, until my parents went bankrupt and moved to oddly enough a much more expensive neighborhood in Colton. Basically I went from the ghetto to Upper-middle class in a single move, and only because my parents went into default on By clearing out their debt with bankruptcy and losing the house I grew up in, we could afford to live better.

That confused the fuck out of me as a kid. I understand it now, but back then all I could think was "If we can't afford our run-down little house, why can we afford this two-story fucker with the huge backyard and all new appliances throughout? My sister had married a truck driver who lived in Mobile, and had somehow talked my mother into uprooting me and my father and dragging us across country to Redneck, Hillbillyville, US of A!

I still hate this backward-ass state, and that's all I'll say on the matter. We left California in the summer of ' Come September, Hurricane Opal made us its bitch, and we turned right around and limped back to California.

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We'd lost everything we owned to that storm, and had nowhere else to go. So we moseyed on home with our tails between our legs. Back in California, we lived off family members until we got back on our feet. It would be the first of three times in my life that I would be homeless. By Spring of we were back on our feet.

Mom was working hours a day, and Dad still refused to work. My father lived off my mother for 25 years, all together, but that's another story for another time. The Two Dead Girls was the first "book" my mother bought after we got back on our feet. I bought the rest of the serial because Mom didn't want to be bothered with a series. She was afraid it would never be finished, much like the Dark Tower, which she gave up on after The Waste Lands because the ending pissed her off so badly.

I devoured these little episodes. I think it's some of the most fun I've had reading a piece of fiction. I wasn't really a fan of comic books as a kid, at least not as much as I was of books in general. Comic books took away a bit of the fun for me. I wanted to imagine the worlds I escaped into, and I couldn't do that when those worlds were painted in brilliant detail page after page. The Green Mile was a comic book without pictures. I dug that very much.

And then in the spring of we moved back to Alabama. I still have no idea why. Fast forward By I had been married and moved away from my parents for three years, and had inherited what was left of my mother's book collection.

I was working as a nurse support tech a CNA that draws blood for a local hospital and life was good. That September, Hurricane Ivan came ripping ass up the center of Alabama.

The storage unit wasn't indoors, and every box that was on the floor when the units flooded was ruined. One of those boxes held exactly half of the remains of my mother's King collection.

The Green Mile , all six novellas, was among the casualties. All my Koontz, Palahniuk, and Straub books survived just fine too. I still have the King books that made it through the flooding, even though Insomnia is now in several pieces. I know this isn't much of a review, but it's part of my life, and King seems to be the foundation many of my memories are built on. I have since rebuilt my mother's King collection, and I can honestly say it is now MY King collection.

But I learned an important lesson by losing those treasured volumes. Nothing lasts forever, and, other than the loved ones you lose throughout your days, everything can be replaced. In summation: This book is wonderful, and it's damn hard to write a review with tears in your eyes.

Final Judgment: Required reading. Dec 05, Chrissie rated it really liked it Shelves: I ended up liking it a lot! It Is not in the genre of books that usually attract me and the large number of characters thrown at the reader at the start gave me trouble. Set on death row, at Cold Mountain Penitentiary, The Green Mile is the sobriquet for the infamous corridor with green tinted linoleum on its floor that leads from the cells to the electric chair.

The tale is of course not a depiction of model citizens. A horror story? Not really, but scary and gruesome, nonetheless. It contains also a large element of fantasy. What is delivered is a creative mix of the real and the imaginary and as well a snapshot of the worst and the best in man. The characters are believable and they are drawn with depth.

The story is about the inmates and the guards and some wives and a teeny little mouse. Maybe this sounds totally crazy, but you end up loving this teeny little guy. The reason why I give this book four stars, the reason why I like it so very, very much, is because the characters have become so very real to me.

I have come to care for them. What happens to them has become important to me. Moreover, the questions the book poses keep you thinking. What the characters say is not always nice, but what is said is real. The talk is at times crude and vulgar, but what currents of emotions and thoughts lie underneath? That is what is important. There is kindness and goodness and friendship and love mixed in with the terrible and the evil.

There is humor, if you dare to acknowledge it. Good dialog. Metaphors that make you stop and think. Yep, exceptionally good prose.

Do you want to be moved? Read this tale. It will make you intensely angry at some figures. Sadness and compassion are what you will feel for others. The story is told by Paul Edgecombe in , when he is a very, very old man. He is residing in the Georgia Pines nursing home down in the South. Margaret Atwood. The Outsider. Norse Mythology. The Testaments. Machines Like Me. Ian McEwan.

Paperback edition. Sadia Naeem.

Comment 0. Jon Swain.

The Green Mile

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