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Incredible English 4 Activity Book 2nd Edition pdf ebook download class audio cd Incredible English 2nd at Resources for teaching and learning English -. Oxford Incredible English 1 Activity Book 2 Edition - рабочая тетрадь второе издание Oxford Incredible English DVD Video + Video Activity book. ✿Incredible English 4, 2nd ed. Authors: Peter Redpath, Sarah Phillips, Kirstie Grainger, Michaela Morgan □ Class Book □ Activity Book.

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With new Online Practice, more opportunities for speaking and more Cambridge YLE Test practice, your class will learn Incredible English and more!. Incredible English 4 Activity Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. English workbook School Year 4th. 2nd EDITION INCREDIBLE IIG LISII Activity Book The Incredible Club 3 B At the adventure camp 4 a Art 14 B Feeling great 24 Me and my world.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Incredible English: Description Walk into an Incredible English classroom and there is a buzz The trusted methodology is based on things that children love, including: A wide variety of fun activities that challenge children of all learning styles to think. Now, with a great new digital package, more skills development and more Cambridge English: Young Learners support, you can help your class learn Incredible English and more Other books in this series.

Activity Book. Add to basket. Class Book. Activity Book Michaela Morgan. Class Book Kirstie Grainger. Activity Book Sarah Phillips. Class Book Sarah Phillips. Teacher's Resource Pack Sarah Phillips. The children always get up so early! These adverbs usually go before the main verb in the sentence. J Write these adverbs of frequency in your own language. I never get up early at the weekend!

Colour the boxes. I sometimes: Subiectt Hello from the holiday camp! Hi, Susan Hello, Dad I'm having a great time at the. The Z camp is V camp. There is brilliant! There are lots of things to do. I often Z in the morning after breakfast. I in the afternoons, and I sometimes sometimes Z too. Love from. Use adverbs of frequency. Come and swim with me! Let's go swimming, I like swimming — do you like swimming too? Let's go swimming, Let's go swimming, I want to swim with you. Let's go fishing, I want to fish with you.

Come and fish with me! I like fishing — do you like fishing too? Let's go fishing, Come and fish with me! It's sunny. It's cloudy. It's windy. It's raining. It's snowing. It's foggy. It's stormy. It's Z in Belfast. In Z it's cloudy. It's But in Z it's a beautiful day and it's Find the letters and find the mystery word. Write the names. I never 3 I play tennis and I go swimming. I sometimes go climbing but I never go skateboarding. I go sailing. I never go swimming but I often go sailing.

Incredible English 4. Activity Book

I sometimes go swimming. I go fishing but I don't play tennis. Jake gets up at seven o'clock. At eight o'clock he has breakfast and then he goes to school at nine o'clock. He has lunch at two o'clock and then he goes home at four o'clock. He goes to bed at 9.

Jack lives in Middleton. He usually gets up at seven o'clock. He has a shower at quarter past seven, and he has breakfast at half past seven.

At half past eight he goes to school with his friend. He has lunch at school at quarter to one, and he leaves school at half past three. He has dinner at six o'clock, and he goes to bed at half past nine. I go to school at half past eight. What time does your dad get up? He gets up at Six 0-dock 3 Write about your friend. I found out about Z and his goes to work at Z. I'm a Z. I live in Canada. I like visiting other countries. I love flying very big planes. When I am at home, I like playing with my children.

I don't like watching TV but I like listening to music. YES he I Does he like sleeping in hotels?

Does he like flying big planes? I We use like, don't like and love with nouns and -ing forms I I E cats. She loves swimming. Do you E going to school? Use the -ing forms of the words in the box.

I's very interesting. What part of your job do you like best? They can be very exciting! Have you got a family? Yes, I've got a husband and two children. My daughter wants to be a scientist loo! Where do you live? We live in the countryside near Birmingham. What do you do when you are not at work? I like swimming and rollerblading. And love sailing with my family. An interview with , a Where do you work?

I work Hello, Kale.

Incredible English 4. Activity Book [PDF] - Все для студента

Can you tell me about your job? I live Have you got a family? Yes, I've got And have you got any hobbies? Yes, I like. Favourite part of job Manchester fire station in Manchester saving people's lives listening to music painting 3 Write an interview.

Use -ing forms after like and love. An interview Listen and check. It's in Italy. It's 98m high. It's in Poland. It's m high. It's in France. It's 55m high. It's in England. Then draw. Then write sentences. Dear Mrs Murpky, Tm afraid tkat Tommy can't come to sckool today. Then match. The sound lkl. He isn't well. I You should I sit still You shouldn't eat sweets - 1 What should they do? Read and tick V or cross X. You should 0 to bed.

You shouldn't. Write 5 questions to ask your friend. Listen and match. Finn likes playing tennis. The tennis balls are for him.

Eve likes writing. The pen is for her. Archie and Luke like painting. The points are for them. Circle and write. M Listening and speaking Sentences start with a capital letter, and end with a I full stop or a question mark or an exclamation mark Your body needs to rest Do you want to be Don't be tired! Use the correct punctuation. You can go for a walk , go swimming or play football.

If you feel hungry between meals , eat an an apple or a banana. Punctuation in sentences M M Write K kitchen or T teeth. Z 8 Don't eat lots of h and before you go to bed. Use always, never, should, How to be 2 in the countryside Shouldn't.

Do you like walking in the countryside? Follow 2 Design uour poster and this simple advice to keep you safe: The T can change the poster. Check your quickly! A poster Listen again and check. It helps you run and in the morning, at night. Then I get up and have breakfast. Our first lesson is PE.

After 4 my pulse rate is I walk and chat with my friends. After forl minute mu pulse is. Before After resting for 2 minutes, mg is mu pulse. Listen and number.

Practise the dialogue in pairs. Elill '. Is Omar from Turkey? Does he live in the capital city? When is it stormy? Does he like storms?

What kind ofanimals can you see there? I'm from Costa Rica. It sometimes rains and it's sometimes hot and dry. I love the cloud forest. Because of the fantastic plants and animals there. Then write how often you have this lesson. This is Grace, Oliver and Martha. Oliver doesn't like Maths. All the children like P. Oliver and one girl like Art. Martha and the boy like Science.

Both girls like Maths. Grace doesn't like Art or Science. Art P. Science Maths X ' 3 Complete each word with a double consonant. Yes, he was. They were tired. Write the questions. Yes, they were, W05 he -7 Yes, he was. Yes, they were. Yes, she was. I i J I yesterday. Yesterday, my mum was tired. Were the birds Was the rabbit in the classroom?

No, it wasn't. It was in the playground. At ten o'clock, the rabbit was in the At eleven o'clock, it was in the At ten o'clock, At eleven o'clock, At ten o'clock, At eleven o'clock, At ten o'clock, At eleven o'clock, Listening and speaking M m All of the children are wearing school uniform. Most of the girls have got dark pinafores and white shirts.

Some of the girls look serious, but some of them are smiling. Two of the children are writing. Three of the boys have got pencils. Most of the children are wearing redjumpers. Most of the children 4 Some of the children All of the children Talking about numbers of people Write the words in the correct places. In this picture, I can see children.

Most ofthe children are T. One boy is All of the children are There is a on the wall and there is a picture on the. The teacher is Writing: Descriptions 2' bookcase sitting down talking rug reading Picture 1 classroom Picture 2 classroom 3 Find or draw a classroom picture and write a description. I 1 Make a list of words and phrases which describe the children in the picture. Make a list of words and phrases which describe the classroom. Write your description.

Include some sentences with all, most or some. I like 2 and History, My favourite S. He was. He the most important god ofthe ancient Egyptians. He ewe head ofa bird and a with the sun a sun disk. She was the of women. She had the ofa hippo and the ofa lion. She had the tail owe. God of: He was the god of.

Incredible English 4 Activity Book 2nd Edition

Malat God of: N I The fourth letteris in andin. The second letter is in 2 Write the questions. Listen and write. Lesson 2 2 Write the plural forms of the nouns.

Nouns ending with s, sh, no change z, x or ch: There are six 2 next to the rocks. There are four 2 under a dolphin. There's an S in a cave. There are three 2 behind the rocks. There are three 2 and one small 2 in front ofa rock. He didn't see a starfish. Did ou o to the beach? Complete the dialogue. Then say. Archie had a great weekend. He went to the beach and it was very hot!

He went swimming in the sea, and saw lots of beautiful fish. He saw some crabs, too! He didn't have fish and chips but he had an ice cream. It was a great weekend. No, Ididn't. Did you go swimming? Don't forget your towel and your swimming costume! I There are lots of souvenirs in the Water World shop. T" 2 Go climbing b on the lake. I 6 You can have a f in the picnic picnic area. I forget I yourI lake. You row the can: We've got 4 Draw pictures on your leaflet. We're going to the pool!

Let's pack our bus, what do we need? Shorts and towels and lots of trees, And games to play for you and she, And lots of water, yes, yes cheese! We're going to the shop, hurray! It lives in. It lives in T It lives near the.

It lives in T It lives in h It lives near the. It lives near the. This fish is a 2 fish.

Then write answers about your weekend. E Technology 1 Number the pictures. Iwent to the shop to buy a new computer. We need a new computer at the club. A normal desktop computer, not a laptop. We need a mouse and a keyboard too. And we need a big screen. We don't need a memory stick. When you buy a computer, the shop gives you a free mobile. We don't need it at the club, but the children like it.

It has a camera so you can send text messages with a photo. He didn't want the phone. She went swimming.

What did they do at the weekend? Saturday morning? She went for a walk. What did he do on Wednesday evening? T Christmas?

They visited their grandparents. What did she do on her birthday? Then ask and answer. What did you do? What did Helen do on Saturday morning? What did Joe do on Sunday afternoon? She played basketball. Joe on Helen on Listening and speaking m They can go before the action: After the match, we had a barbecue at school.

In the afternoon, I went to the new swimming pool.

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