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Read The Siren PDF. From Kiera Cass, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Selection series, comes a captivating stand-alone fantasy. Read The Siren PDF Book Publishing, Book Club Books, Book Nerd, Books To The Siren by Kiera Cass - this is a self published book by the same author of. 1 New York Times bestsellerA sweeping stand-alone fantasy romance from Kiera Cass, author of the Selection is a Siren, bound to serve the.

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Author: Cass Kiera. downloads Views The Siren. Read more · The Siren · Read more Wailing Siren Mystery, The · Read more · The Wailing Siren . View eBook The Siren By Kiera Cass [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE]. (c) - page 1 of 8 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: 5dd4c The Siren By. How can I download a free PDF of the book ‘The Silent Patient’? Where can I get online PDF or EPUB versions of books? From Kiera Cass, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Selection series, comes a sweeping stand-alone fantasy romance.

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series comes this sweeping standalone fantasy romance. A girl with a secret. The boy of her dreams.

Probably not! The Siren goes on sale in bookstores and ebook everywhere on January 26th but we suggest you go ahead and order a copy now! We feel you, book…. Books Authors Posts. Sort by: Per page. Jan 05 by TeamEpicReads. Shatter Me. That cover though. New and improved plot.

Sirens vs. The Feels While The Siren might have a sad side, it has all of the swoony, heart-wrenching romance that only Kiera can write. Handsome, caring, and kind, Akinli is everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. But for the first time in a lifetime of following the rules, Kahlen is determined to follow her heart. The Siren - Kiera Cass. Elisha Kush.

Is there a new pub of this since this one has been removed please??? Jenny Lynne. Ria Orpe. Elisha Kush you could covert it easily. Give me a means to send it to you, if you can't.

I don't mind her reading many young adult books, including ones with romance, but I'm not keen on her reading ones where the love scenes are quite explicit as far as Young Adult goes. Any thoughts about this one? Gerard Villegas Nothing objectionable even for savvy 11 year olds. It's pretty cheesy but enjoyable and the teen romance element is really underplayed.

However, it is …more Nothing objectionable even for savvy 11 year olds. However, it is going with idea of death and the siren mythology of sending humans to their deaths.

That is something you might want to consider when allowing her to read it. Will this be a series? See all 62 questions about The Siren…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Kahlen was supposed to die. Instead, she has been sentenced to a hundred years of murder. She was a human, but now she is a siren: Her voice is poison, death. Kahlen has been doing this for eighty years. And while she never relishes in stealing lives, she never dares disobey the Ocean.

Kiera Cass

Until she meets Akinli. Alright, I know. I know how this may look to you. You may think — not again!

There are two things you need to know: First, this is not a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Second, while the blurb gives the illusion of it, the story is not inundated with romance. Of course her meeting Akinli is the catalyst, but everything that comes after plunges us into new themes , such as motherhood, sisterhood and self-discovery. To Kahlen, the Ocean is like a mother to her, and the latter loves Kahlen as if she were her own daughter.

They live together and keep one another from breaking apart. She tries for months and months to stay far away from him and let him live a normal and human life. Throughout the process of finding ways to be with her loved one, she also finds herself. We also have back stories on the sisters — how their lives were before becoming sirens — and I thought that added deepness to the story. Plus their love for Kahlen brightens the atmosphere of the story.

Regardless of the killing part, to me, reading this book was like watching a Disney movie. Utterly magical. View all 65 comments. Well that was disappointing. View all 20 comments. All in all, I liked this book, it was fresh, cute and a fast read, and that's what I needed because I've been reading heartbreaking, sad books.

That said In good ways and in bad ways. Let's start with something I'm not sure if I liked or not, but it sure had me intrigued: The Ocean. I really liked Her sometimes, but there were other times that She just confused me. I mean, I liked the idea, I think that She was the strongest character of the book, and it's the fir All in all, I liked this book, it was fresh, cute and a fast read, and that's what I needed because I've been reading heartbreaking, sad books.

I mean, I liked the idea, I think that She was the strongest character of the book, and it's the first time I read something like it. Her relationship with the girls was one of my favorite aspects of the story, it was very motherly. Akinli was another character I really enjoyed reading, he was just too sweet, caring and funny. I just wish we had more of him in the book.

Kiera really surprised me this time: I'm not saying I loved the way it ended, but it took me by surprise! Now let's talk about Kahlen I kinda like her, but not so much.

I'm in a point of my life were I can't stand characters whose only aspiration in life is to get married. I also feel that she was unfair with her sisters most of the time Hmmm what else?

I mean, it wasn't exactly insta love, but it happened way too fast! I can accept that she instantly had a crush in Akinli I mean, I would've, too! But I'm not a fan of the whole "soulmates" thing when is not well developed: That's everything I got to say for now. I enjoyed the book, the ending felt satisfying, but that's all. View all 21 comments. The Siren was a I'm so disappointed in this book.

I was such a huge fan of The Selection series so I expected to really like The Siren but honestly, everything was just super dull. The characters were boring. The only thing I enjoyed about the siren sisters was their dedication and loyalty to one another. The concept behind the Sirens and the Ocean was interesting but I didn't really love it.

And on top of that, the romance was percent insta-love. Their feelings developed too The Siren was a Their feelings developed too fast after just one date that lasted for about an hour and because of that, it became way too unrealistic for me and I couldn't even feel any of the emotions that I was supposed to feel in the end.

Prior to reading the book, I thought the negative reviews were just a little harsh and I expected that the book would actually improve by a long shot once Kiera Cass rewrote and republished it again, but if I thought this "new and improved" version was ehhh, I could only imagine how the first edition must've been.

The only thing that really saved this book for me was the last 50 pages or so but even then, 50 pages doesn't nearly make up for the other disappointing The only difference was that Disney actually pulled off the insta-love romance. Although this book fell short for me, I'm still a huge fan of Kiera Cass. I love her writing and the concepts that she comes up with. Hopefully she comes out with a new book outside of The Selection series to make up for this one because you can always count on me to pick up a book by Kiera Cass.

View all 36 comments.

Ok, kids. I obviously need to stop reading Kiera Cass books. I don't know why I keep doing falling for the gorgeous covers when the stories only work me into an irritable rant. So this time I'm going to be nice and just leave it with: View all 10 comments. Please do yourself 2 favors: Do not avoid this book simply because you hated Cass's The Selection series.

The two are nothing, nothing, nothing alike. The characters, the world, the writing tone are all so very different. Sure, you may still dislike this one for any number of reasons, but if you're interested in the premise, don't judge it based on a totally separate book series. Do not avoid this book simply because mushy romances aren't your thing. Yes, there is a romance, and that's very Please do yourself 2 favors: And it's actually more of a tragic tale that I expected. This is a story about many types of love.

Sisterly love. Parental love. Learning to love yourself. Love for cake. And yes, romantic love too. This is one of the best romances I've read in a long time, which is ironic because the love interest appears in less than a quarter of the book total, but what I really took away from this book was all the other kinds of love.

Especially the parental love. The parent in this book is the Ocean. She is very much a character in this story and the way in which she loves her Siren daughters is so reminiscent of a mother trying to hold on to her growing children.

I'm struggling with wording this next part thanks brain , but I also want to point out that although this book in no way felt like it was dealing with religion, I got a sense of some religious symbolism. I believe Cass is Christian, so I wondered if maybe the Ocean was meant to be a personification naturification? There are definitely many traits of the Ocean that aren't Biblical, but it was a parallel that I saw and it hit me on an emotional level. Any symbolism you may or may not personally see reflected in the Ocean aside, the way in which Cass brought to a life a character that in this world was a type of deity and creator full of undying and jealous love was simply astounding.

There are a few more things I want readers to know about this story that make it really awesome. Siren mythology is not a backdrop, it's heavily involved in the story. A very believable, kind guy. A nice break from the over abundance of bad boys in YA and NA. And to be fair, here are some things that might turn you off.

I can hear most of you groaning.

But this was the most convincing case of instalove I have ever seen and the reason for that comes down to the fact that these characters didn't spend every waking moment together with their feelings being clouded by being so wrapped up in each other.

For the story being told here, it felt fitting. But having only one point looked weird. Overall, it's a simple and yet very powerful story that I think would appeal to readers young and old alike.

Pese a haber sido revisada y editada, creo que se nota la mejora que ha tenido en el resto de sus trabajos. Los personajes juegan un punto bastante importante en la novela, sobre todo el grupo de amigas de la protagonista, y creo que le aportan a la novela el toque justo de humor que necesita.

Sin duda, una manera inteligente de organizar una historia. Sin duda, una novela que he disfrutado y que me ha gustado. Entretenida pero que no me ha aportado gran cosa. Echadle un ojo View 2 comments. If she did write something else, I don't think I would bother reading it or trying at least.

Even if it would be something totally different than her Selection series, I don't think I would give it a shot. They're cute and small and I really like how Kiera makes it enjoyable at times, but other than that, I don't enjoy them fully. I only completely loved and enjoyed The One, and the rest were okay stories for me. Kiera can make others laugh and smile because her writing is cute and quirky and sometimes considered like fan fiction writing, but I am not the biggest fan of it.

After that, nothing was surprising or gripping in any way. In The Siren , there was really no difference. I was bored most of the time and I didn't bother paying much attention to what was happening.

I was tired and didn't care about the romance or whatever these mermaids and the ocean had to do with the main character. It's, I guess, a fantasy novel set in the ocean where the main character turns into a siren and has to keep her voice and identity hidden.


I was laughing at times because of the cheesy scenes there were with the main character and her sisters, other sirens, and the boy she was falling in love with, trying to keep her voice muted for the most time or things would turn out bad.

The romance felt unrealistic and was also very boring. Nothing happened in the end and everything came to an end so quick. I was actually expecting something to not work out for a while and to be fixed in a different way. I was disappointed in how it ended and how both characters actually met. She completely fell in love with her "love interest" quick. What's his name? Oh it's Akinli. I think that's his name.

And her name is Kahlen? Kiera knows how to come up with interesting and unique names actually. Anyways, the romance was dull, boring and insta-lovish with her mostly.

She completely fell for him and wanted to see him again even when she couldn't talk to him. Their moments weren't cute and I thought the whole "I can't talk but I can write down my answers" was silly and laughable. I did enjoy the friendship and relationship between the sisters though.

I was glad they were those kind of sisters that understand each other and are there for each other. I didn't get the whole Ocean thing. Her name was always capitalized and she was considered a queen I guess and when she would be called, it was like calling God a Her.

The Siren by Kiera Cass | | Booktopia

It wasn't confusing and nothing from the plot was confusing but rather boring. I've completely ignored negative reviews unless most are saying some elements and aspects that were a little "joyful and enjoying" when others completely hated this. I'm not the biggest fan of Kiera, but I'm glad I've read all her books and enjoyed most of them and just giving them all a shot. View all 11 comments. This book was laaaaaaame. I listened to it on audio and considered DNF'ing at least 10 times.

Major instalove. Flat writing. Flat characters. The resolution was way too convenient. I did like the concept of the siren world and the Ocean being personified. I think it would've been better if someone else wrote this book. I think I might be done with Kiera Cass. View all 7 comments. WrensReads Review: I don't know how to review this book.

It wasn't the best thing I have ever read, but with my emotions all mixed up and my health not being as it should be right now, this book straight up made me cry for what I yearn for: Ever since I was little, I have fallen in love with the ideas of mermaids or sirens, as some have called them. They are beautiful and mythical and quite honestly the root of my obsession of fantasy novels and movies. Anyone who knows me knows that, even WrensReads Review: Anyone who knows me knows that, even though I am a poor swinner, I can't get enough of the siren folklore.

So when Kiera Cass, the author of "The Selection" Series that I liked well enough, writes a book with the title "Sirens" I literally didn't even hestiate and ordered it off Amazon to keep and to hold forever.

I didn't actually read it for months and months because I had so many other books to read. But with patiently waiting for Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas, I decided to pick up this little page book and I do not regret anything about it. Kahlen is a siren. The ocean is her mother. She has three sisters at one time and together they are silent until the ocean calls them to sink a ship for her.

The reasoning behind sinking ships and killing hundreds of people a year is because the ocean has to be able to have some to save thousands. Kahlen and her sisters absolutely hate the fact that they take lives, but the ocean promises that they will forget her after their years is up and they are free to live as humans again.

If You've Already Read THE SIREN, Here's Why You Should Read It Again

Akinli runs into a mute-girl in the library and finds himself drawn to her even though he has never heard her voice.

But she mysteriously vanishes after their first date until some months later when she washes up on the shore, upset and in a very fancy dress which is strange since she is soaking wet. After some unfortunate events, Akinli and Kahlen both end up very, very sick: What is to blame? You'll have to read that to find out. My heart hurt for not only these two characters, but for the sisters of Kahlen.

For how can such a lovely ending be so brutal and cruel to my heart? I know that I am going through some things in real life over here, but IDK this book was a short one in what I am used to reading but I absolutely adored it.

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