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Knight & Stay (Knight #2) by Kitty French #[email protected]_audiobooks · # [email protected]_audiobooks. Sophie black has turned her back on both her. If you are searched for the book by Kitty French, Claire Wexford Knight and Stay in pdf form, then you've come to the loyal website. We furnish the complete. Editorial Reviews. Review. God, this book is freakin' filthy! Awesome ~ Goodreads reviewer. Knight and Play (The Lucien Knight Erotic Trilogy Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kitty French. 2. Knight and Stay (The Lucien Knight Kitty French.

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USA Today best-selling author Kitty French is a romance junkie—she loves to read it, to watch it, and most of all to write it. cover image of Knight and Stay. Start by marking “Knight & Stay (Knight, #2)” as Want to Read: Sophie black has turned her back on both her cheating husband and her sexy, enigmatic boss Lucien Knight. When she hits rock bottom, she finds herself drawn back into Lucien's glamorous no strings, high stakes world. Knight & Play (Knight, #1), Knight & Stay (Knight, #2), Knight & Sleigh (Knight, # ), Knight & Day (Knight, #3), and The Complete Knight Trilogy (Knig.

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I must confess that I'm sad that it's the last book in the series but it did leave me in a wonderful and content state. The fabulous Kitty French gave me a new couple in Dylan and Kara but she also included Lucien and Sophie and boy did she deliver fantabulousness. This book has angst, sexual tension, super-sexy-hot scenes faning myself , romance, drama, lust, beauty and LOVE. Dylan is a man of secrets and a past 5 "What you see is what you get" Stars This is the last book in the Knight series.

Dylan is a man of secrets and a past that he wishes he could forget. Kara is a spirited, sassy, what you see is what you get kinda of girl that has had her heart broken when she was left at the alter. Two broken souls not looking for love. Kara is Sophie's best friend and partner. Dylan comes to Ibiza and Lucien has a connection with Dylan and offers him a job as manager of the club. Kara and Dylan meet and well let's say that they have sexual chemistry that is sassy and swoonilicious Kara aka English- "It's my downfall.

And sexy girls in cowboy boots. Though Dylan has a past, can he trust Kara with the details so that she doesn't leave? He know he needs to tell Kara but will it come too late and at what cost? There was an extra slice of dessert in this book Lucien and his love for Sophie made me swoon, blush, cry, smile and wish that my name was Sophie. They have since had a child and we get to experience Lucien as a father as well. I really can't talk about them too much for fear of spoiling what goes on with them but view spoiler [Lucien's proposal and then their wedding had me crying like a baby.

It was so incredibly beautiful and moving and Lucien and Sophie are one of my all time favorite couples. Her love, her hero, and finally her husband.

View all 25 comments. Aug 24, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it. I like to spoil my friends and family with little things unexpectedly; I let myself be greedy about all the books I can get and then there is the indulging I have to fight when it comes to my diet.

Because like many out there, I must work to stay at a healthy weight and it is not always easy. It is easy to have that one slice of deliciously beautiful rich chocolate layer cake or whatever strikes your fancy It is easy to taste it Savor it To feel that euphoria, the unbelievable pleasure, it just makes you wish for more…… That is how strong I feel about Lucien Knight….

Lucien Knight is an indulgent … a desire which could never be fulfilled. He is that good. He was my first book man that I would want in real life. He had principles, morals; a code by which he lived. Plus he was just a fucking Viking God….

Kitty French

That he rescued Sophie from herself and showed her who she really was and capable of being only enhanced his draw for me. The creation of him and his journey with Sophie was like that perfect dessert; smooth, creamy and oh so mouth watering good.

It was so good, I like many wanted more… and so we were given the extra slice, the second helping, that extra that can sometimes be perfect or sometimes can be just too much for us to handle. It was perfect in the way I love how Kitty French writes.

She has a way of drawing you in; allowing you to feel all of the rush and excitement in the moment; yet then those same feelings linger long after you have read the page. Her descriptions of the emotions surrounding the sex makes any of the acts so much more then the coupling of two people.

She makes it all beautiful even when it is frantic, hard or feral. Her talents were displayed proudly throughout the book and had her special feel. The additional characters and plot points were where I felt that feeling of having one slice too many …. She has been through everything with Sophie; her marriage and divorce… and meeting Lucien and helping her though their challenges and now their success.

She has partnered with Sophie in the boutiques in the clubs and it has been very successful. Her big hurdle was loving a man who constantly lied to her… to the point of leaving her at the altar. She is recovering from this betrayal, one which rings so true as her father was the same way.

The little voice in her head asks why do men lie to her; is she not worthy; is it so apparent to the male of the species she is the one to never receive the love she so wants? She comes to Ibiza with Sophie to meet up with Lucien who is opening his 10th club.

It has been under construction and is almost ready to open. Kara is looking to clear her head, work and not get into anything that could be complicated. Our other part of this plot is Dylan… or at least that is what he is calling himself at the moment. Dylan is from California and we are shown by his actions and thoughts, he is running away from something.

Dylan is another delicious creation from Kitty. He is lean lanky golden with the air of a younger guy… he can just stand there doing nothing and looks all yummy. He was swagger and charm; the type that works on women, men and children… But he has sadness and his eyes hide it. When coming into the club looking for the former owner, finding Lucien instead, he reacts with grace but shows a need Lucien can relate to.

Lucien sees a bit of how he use to be and takes a chance on Dylan. He gives him a trial run at the club and hopes his instincts are right. That is the set up: Dylan with guilt and things he is running from; Kara with a need to somehow recover from her humiliation and repair herself worth. These two, of course, connect and the chemistry between them is off the charts.

This is where I would like to say…. French… you did not let me down in any way with your sex, loving times between Lucien and Sophie or with Dylan and Kara. She had a quick wit and it was counterbalanced right back by Dylan. You gave me hot, males whispering in the ears telling every filthy terrific things that they wanted to do with their women. Your descriptions were real laced with the emotions we all could understand and want.

Lucien and Dylan felt authentic as men and Sophie and Kara were women to appreciate. I could see where this was going, what was going to take place and it sadden me.

I felt Dylan needed to be more of a stand up guy. His turmoil and issues were also things he had already handled, responsibly, so his continued angst about them made it difficult to accept the deception.

Another thing which hampered this book was the formatting; it was off. We were blessed with multiple points of views but there was no distinction between the telling.

This caused an interruption of flow for me. I was able to figure things out but it was something I was aware of constantly. I remember I sometimes feel too full and uncomfortable because I just had too much…… But then I remember how tasty and good it was going down, how much I love the experience… And the ending was everything and more…well, duh, it is Kitty French, you guys… So I know I will indulge again… as Ms.

French is a guilty pleasure worth having… over and over again. Arc provided by Author in exchange of an honest review Oct 16, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: And this time around we get not just one, but two hotties to lust after! Coming to ruin her plans is the mysterious Dylan. Running away from the dramas of his life back in the US, he has reinvented himself on arrival in Spain, and when he unexpectedly runs into Lucien at his unfinished club, Lucien offers him the job of Manager.

Eager to make a new life for himself, Dylan jumps at the opportunity, setting up an inevitable run in with gorgeous and feisty Kara. When Kara and Dylan first lay eyes on each other, sparks fly and the chemistry between them is sizzling! And holy freaking hotness, the sexy time is sizzling! For both couples!

I highly recommend you have a fan or some kind of squirty bottle to cool yourself down with while reading this! But even though this series is classed as erotica, there is a big focus on the emotion. When those secrets come crashing down around him, will Kara be able to deal with the big revelations?

I thought I knew what was going on in his past, but when it all came out, O. I loved the big reveal, and the twists that were involved. Again, there is lots of steamy time, but their mad, soul-deep love for each other is beautifully evident and the progression of things between them had me swooning madly, and even tearing up a little bit.

There is sooooo much swoon in this book! So many beautiful moments. Of course Sophie and Kara are already BFFs, but Lucien is gorgeously protective over Kara, who he considers his sister, and the developing relationship between the two guys as they grow close and develop a strong friendship is sensational.

The combination of sex, love, fun and drama is a perfect mix, and it all flows beautifully from start to finish, ending with a fabulous epilogue that left me smiling and swooning like an idiot. View all 9 comments. Oct 31, Michelle rated it it was amazing. When Dylan Day arrives in Ibiza he has one goal in mind, forget who he used to be and start over. The attrac When Dylan Day arrives in Ibiza he has one goal in mind, forget who he used to be and start over. The attraction is immediate but with hesitation.

But as these two grow closer, his past that he is desperate to escape is closing in quickly. With the tenth club getting ready to open, the whole gang is back. We get to see their happily ever after unfold in a way we never imagined. After reading this, I needed this.

I may not have known it, but hot-damn I needed it. Kitty French did a brilliant job expanding on this already perfect love story. The moments between these two were explosive and melt your heart sweet. I didn't think Lucien could get any better, but he did. There were times when these two would interact and we would be in the midst of a sparks-flying moment, and then some romantic thought would drift through their head. It would remind you that although Kitty can write panty-soaking sex scenes, her ability to slip in a sugary sweet line or two in the midst of an explosive scene is downright perfection.

I loved everything about this story, a romance at its best. View all 11 comments. Dec 02, Jen O'grady rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyway, that is the only gripe I had about this book. Lucien and Sophie have always been my favorite book couple because Kitty makes them just so perfect for each other, the things they say to each and the way the are when they are together and apart melts my heart!

In this the third book we are introduced to the new character of Dylan Day, who swiftly becomes the new manager for Lucien's new adult club on the island of Ibiza, after seemingly running away from his life in America. Sophie, Tilly and Kara, her best friend and business partner come out to spend the summer with Lucien, and lets just say Dylan and Kara decide that hooking up is a bad idea even though there is mutual attraction, and then promptly hook up!

I have to say in my opinion what makes this couple is the wit and banter that they shoot of at each other and its brilliant. Kara's best line of the book for me, was when Kara said to Sophie "When, where, how, I need details, unless you were actually shagging and he yelled it when he blew his load, in which case feel free to lie. Dylan of course gives as good as he gets with Kara, but he has secrets and the one thing Kara has asked of him is never to lie!

Kitty certainly knows how to write a fabulous steamy sex scene, and as always in her writing is has extremely erotic moments, and I adore them all!

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I think the thing that grips me with these books is the fact that they are an easy read, sure I love angst and turmoil in a book, but Kitty just writes a seamless, beautifully erotic love story. She makes the characters come to life with her descriptive prose. Lucien and Sophie are the secondary characters in this book, but I'm so glad we had a chance to catch up with them one more time, and I love them a little bit more because they had the ending I really wanted for them.

There are so many favorite lines for me in this book but the best two, said on a beach in Ibiza, celebrating a special little something between Sophie and Lucien Dec 09, Kelle rated it it was ok.

ARC received from author for honest review This is when it gets tough. I really wanted to like this, I enjoyed the first two books but something went wrong with this book. Second, Lucien and Sophie. This didn't feel like the same Lucien from the first two books. And the hotness factor?!?! I felt like I got ripped off with both couples. As I look back over my notes during the sex scenes this is what I have: I didn't think we got nearly enough of Lucien and Sophie but I guess it doesn't matter because the Lucien I liked from the first two books disappeared.

I realize he's a family man now but talked about how he didn't want things to change in his relationship with Sophie You weren't the caveman anymore. So sad!! And the change of POVS without any type of page break, no warning left the story confusing at times. Sorry Kitty, I respect you and enjoyed the first two books of the series but this one fell flat for me. View 2 comments. It was Honestly, I'm wondering, because when you have to force yourself to finish a book, you just know something is not going well.

Where do I even begin with this one? I'm not sure why there was even the need for a third book. If you ask me, there wasn't. Book two wrapped things up perfectly. I really liked that book, and then this one came along. At first, I was wondering why a third book when Sophie and Lucien's story was done, but then I realized that it wasn't about then, but Dylan It was At first, I was wondering why a third book when Sophie and Lucien's story was done, but then I realized that it wasn't about then, but Dylan and Kara.

Yeah, okay, so let's meet these people and learn their story. But mostly I wanted to read it because I hate leaving series unfinished. So I started reading Is this book about Sophie and Lucien? I felt like it was: That I didn't care for. As much as I like Sophie and Lucien, their story is done. I don't want to read about how nauseatingly happy they are. I get easily bored with that kind of stories. There's a reason why fairy tales end with the words: Now I sound like a terrible person, but it is what it is.

For a book that's supposed to be about Kara and Dylan, there is very little Kara and Dylan. So little that I didn't feel their romance at all. I was so confused, and it was all so rushed. It all just got lost in the shadow of Sophie and Lucien. It wasn't necessary for the plot, it simply distracted me. And the shifts in POVs Half the time I had no idea who was thinking what.

I know I always wish for books written in third person and multiple POVs, so, you know, be careful what you wish for. I guess what I'm saying is View 1 comment. Nov 27, S. Mary rated it really liked it. Series without thinking too much of the characters. I was in the phase where an Alpha male would do it. And even though I liked Lucien and almost liked Sophie, i have to say this book was a great surprise. Dylan and Kara were a hot surprise. Kara is a great character, i loved her. Dylan Day and Kara Brookes.

This is their story, but we get to see Lucien and Sophie in there too. At first i thought this would be weird and crowded: Lucien and Sophie are here as supporting characters and i loved how this turned out. Right, as i was saying, Dylan Day arrives at Ibiza and lands a job as club manager for Lucien's club. He is on the run and has his demons, but he manages to make a normal living here.

Kara Brookes is Sophie's best friend if my memory serves me right she was the one that insisted Sophie put a kiss on the resume she sent to Lucien. Kara had a hard life, a hard love life, and she decides to give up on men. But then she meets Dylan and, well, she changes her mind.

The writing, as usual, excellent. The sex scenes, hot, hot, hot The characters, very likeable The plot, it was there Dylan's place So, for me it was a 4. View all 6 comments. Nov 02, Kara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Ms French is a mastermind. With passages like this - who needs more? Meatloaf just happens to be mine. So just because "There aren't enough Viking sex gods out there to go around for the rest of us.

View all 7 comments. Dec 04, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it. Sooo looking forward to starting this one G. What exactly is this guy running from G?

He is a perfect Dylan!! Well done woman! Love him G! Wow this guy does NOT mess around. I LOVE him!!! No Lucien gets straight to the point. After 5 years together they certainly know how to keep things spiced up. Lucien being a father takes my love for him to a whole new level. I love that Jenny!! Oh and the hotness factor…. Me too!

Well…helllooo Dylan Day. I would have taken him up on the unbuttoning the shirt offer……. I have to say I want Kara to be my friend I love her. These two have changed so much but still retain the giggly girls we know and love them to be. And Lucien is so focused on Sophie…. That is one hot man!! Hmmm can Dylan topple Lucien in our affections do you think? I love these girls, I love their relationship and the fact that Lucien sees Kara as his sister. Seriously, how much of a turn on is his protectiveness and his intensity?

Oh yeah there is that Scandi connection but Dylan is yummy!

I loved bond Lucien and Kara have formed too and that protective streak?? Loving it. Dear lord…Lucien…office…and handcuffs oh my! Lucky Sophie! Well that just answered our question on Dylan, G. Things are really hotting up now! This guy sure has the moves. Hoped some. I need to go to Ibiza and have a tug at the Love Tug!!!!! Was waiting for the tug comment lol. Ice buckets are overflowing.

Oh dear god I think romantic Lucien may have just completely melted my heart! They shared everything. Except for one final thing. Yeah, wow…. I forget…hang on let me re-read just to make sure I got that right…. Loved that scene! Are you coming G? Hmmm let me rephrase that!! It really is…I feel spoilt.

The bond being established between Lucien and Dylan really shows a different side of Lucien and the growth of him as a person.

What a great addition that aspect is to this story. Loving the bromance between these two. They crack me up! This quote floored me!!! LOVE the bromance!!! The relationships in this instalment is great, the dynamics spot on and the development of the characters is brilliant.

It really is! I just want them together. I loved her, she really took a chance and fought for what she wanted, completely aware and able to understand and see what Lucien was so adamant to hide. Oh and I have to mention that I will never look at a champagne bottle in the same way again. Fancy a bottle Jenny?

Lucien was a revelation. But underneath that lay a very different Lucien. Blinsided her with his contradictions: Lucien is so protective over Sophie despite him insisting that what they have can never lead anywhere, well anywhere serious and long term. He reminds Sophie that she always have choices, she is ultimately in charge of who or what she wants. Lucien thought Sophie to be brave with guts and gumption and I agree wholeheartedly. You fucking amaze me.

She had her own demons to contend with. It fucks people up. I think he is pretty damn perfect…perfect in his imperfections. Tell me this is the last one? Loved the tits joke. He cracked me up every time with that one! Sophie certainly did come into her own in this story.

Although broken and feeling beaten herself she would find the inner strength to show this man what they could be, if only he would open his heart and believe trust in her, trust in love.

Sharing the journey with these two damaged souls, witnessing them fight their pasts and fight each other was pure indulgence. Sophie with her stoic belief and persistence in trusting this man with his heart and in the process showing Lucien how to trust with his really did move me.

The sex scenes were beyond hot and the chemistry between them was in stratospheric proportions. The author did an amazing job of giving us an epilogue that would satisfy us and have us swooning — seriously…. I think I sighed loudly over this one. I will miss these two. Bravo Kitty French! You brought this series home and as Gitte said, you did us and your characters proud.

ARC provided by author for an honest review View all 3 comments. Jan 10, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: Prior to starting this book, I was in a horrible book funk I had the worst book hangover. I must have started or attempted to start at least 12 different books. None of them caught my interest and I ended up dropping them within a few pages.

But finally, I thought of this book and decided to give it a try. As much as I was looking forward to this, I was also disappointed in it. I still loved Lucien. H Prior to starting this book, I was in a horrible book funk But I felt like all the progress in their relationship was lost and it was them doing the same things over again to get the relationship back. There were similar events in this that were in the first, the difference being they took place in France as opposed to Norway or London.

Toward the end of the first book, we saw Lucian starting to realize that he might have feelings for Sophie. He was in deep denial but with the book resetting itself, I felt like I was seeing him go through the battle again.

After the way the previous book ended, I really expected a huge showdown between Sophie, Dan and Lucien. A few words were had, one punch was thrown and that was it. They were more of an annoyance. Toward the end, after the arguments and breakup because you knew there was going to be a breakup , Sophie ended up going after Lucien.

I was actually disappointed in this. I wanted him to go crawling back to her, realizing that he did love her and wanted to be with her. However, there was a really nice scene where they connected and it wasn't in bed. Even with my disappointments, I enjoyed this book. The end was great, providing great closure for the characters.

View all 20 comments. Mar 19, Katerina rated it did not like it Shelves: The next one was worse. Firstly, her husband really didn't care or fight all that much. Sophie became desperate for Lucien when he laid down the rules: He takes her up on it, and still leaves. Then they bang, they let go of their insecurities and have an epilogue which features a baby girl. I read it in an hour which was a new joy because I skimmed all their mechanical described fucking and voyeurism.

Mar 29, Chris- Bookaddict rated it it was amazing. View all 12 comments. Sophie is about to confront her husband and his long term affair, when her own indiscretion, Lucien Knight, appears.

What is Sophie to do Hi husband, meet Lucien Knight, the man who just whisked me halfway around the world and screwed me ten ways backwards. Oh, and welcome home.

Knight & Day

Sophie, her marriage over, her "whatever" with Lucien over, her job over, had become a broken woman. But Sophie had to swallow her pride and ask for her job back in order to survive. But Sophie had rules that Lucien had to follow - No toughing No flirting No kissing But the plain fact was that this think between them wasn't just basic chemistry.

The tension between them escalates and a trip to Paris was scheduled. Can Sophie deal with that? Can she Throw your bloody rules out the window and shag his brains out. She didn't just have the fantasy room in the fantasy city. She had the fantasy man at her disposal, too. Paris and all that it entailed would without a doubt change Sophie and Lucien, only he would fight it. We get to understand why Lucien is so against love and marriage.

The story of his life and why Lucien Knight was nobody's boyfriend. He was a man, a lover not a boyfriend. According to Lucien He must deny his feelings, he doesn't want to love, he just can't. I could quote so much in the last part of the book. I found Sophie's words to Lucien so beautiful and heartfelt yet she couldn't get through to him.

The one thing that Sophie did learn about herself, was that she knew what she wanted now and that it was time to get it, not matter what the cost to her heart. She was going to try.

There were many others reading at the same time and we all had a great time chiming in with one another. Thank you to all you other fabulous ladies for making it such deliciously wonderful read Another favorite couple--Lucien and Sophie--is born. May 21, Jen rated it it was amazing Recommended to Jen by: I am excited to tell the world This was one of those books that captured me right from the Prologue, and took me for the ride of my life all the way until the very last page!!

That guy knows his way around a woman and then some!!

The sex scenes in this book were sizzling, and yes Miss Lisa J It has been awhile since I have been on an actual "book high" after I have finished. This book did that for me and more!

Life has been hectic, and this story was able to take me away into dream land for awhile, so I could forget all of my troubles. Isn't that the reason why we read? Sometimes I forget that, and thanks to Ms. French's brilliant writing I was able to enjoy the escape! As Sophie is standing there ready to confront her cheater of a husband; the doorbell rings..

Lucien has decided to come play the Knight and shining armor that he truly is and protect his lover. What happens and who does she choose? Well, you have to read and find out! Believe me, it is an explosive scene, and it not only captivated me but surprised me too because for once I was rooting for the heroine. Usually I find the woman in the books to be whiny and annoying; but in Sophie's case I have never felt that way.

She is a woman of courage and strength, and for sure someone who I can admire. Once again, we are taken on a journey of growth for Sophie, and this time I found the journey to be not only super sexy but pretty dang amusing too! There are a few scenes that had me highly entertained!! The "egg" being one of them! Think of the movie "The Ugly Truth" and how the woman is having dinner with a vibrator in her pants and the kid gets a hold of the remote control!!

You heard me right! Well, the scene in this book is very similar to that one, and I was in stitches! In fact, my husband got very concerned with how much his wife was giggling out loud in the other room!! Sophie and Lucien travel to Paris in this installment, and as you can imagine there are many romantic and sexual interludes that take place.

There is a hot sex club that is involved at one part, and that would be my next favorite scene! This books delivers very steamy scenes; but not only that, there are some real emotional scenes as well. In fact, in this book we are shown more of who Lucien is on the inside, and why he is the way he is. He continues to insist that he does not believe in love or marriage. He makes sure that Sophie is fully aware that they are just enjoying each other until he gets his fill of her.

Oh, but he does love her breasts! Even though Lucien continues to insist he doesn't believe in love, he sure knows how to treat Sophie right for the most part. Their time in Paris is incredible, and I enjoyed every second of living it through their eyes.

If you are looking for a highly erotic read with not only heat but substance as well, then this is the book for you. You won't be disappointed! Very few books can cause me to tear up, but at one point in this story I was running for my box of kleenex. I highly recommend this series, and I am eager to continue on to the next book. I should add that Ms. French added a beautiful epilogue to this book as well, and it was a wonderful touch to an already EPIC book!

Jan 11, Tina rated it really liked it. A lovely way to end a series! I felt that the resolution was a tiny bit quick, but I still loved it anyways. The drama from the first book continues in the beginning of the second novel. Frustration, jealousy, confusion, anger, sadness, and of course love appears throughout the novel repeatedly so make sure you're buckled in during this emotional roller coaster ride.

One thing Kitty French never fails to do is provide us with steamy sex scenes. I swear Lucien can get a girl pregnant from just being in nothing but Calvin Klein underwear. Read it now and satisfy you're thirst for Lucien. If you're new to the series, I highly recommend it for those who love erotic romance novels. Even though it has your basic rich entrepreneur leading man and a woman looking for love, Kitty French makes it her own by changing up your typical plot and adding in unique characters.

Dec 14, Chandra rated it really liked it. Loved it! I do think there should have been more drama with her husband, but all-in-all it was great. My casting for Lucien and Sophia View 2 comments. Oh Lucien Knight how I love you…. This is just could not understand personally and I felt like giving her a kick up the back side and telling her to sort herself out.

She goes into her shell after kicking Dan to the kerb, she does not go to work, she stops eating and she is a mess. It is up to her best friend Kara to pick her up. Here she decides that she will go and get her old job back with Lucien, she needs the money to pay the bills and feels that she can go back to being professional and just being friends with Lucien, but how wrong could she be???

Lucien has been going mad during their time apart. Sophie was just supposed to be a good time not someone that is constantly on his mind When she walks into his office asking for her job back he is over the moon despite her terms of friends only.. This book takes us a long for the ride of Sophie post marriage and Lucien trying to win her back..

There are some smoking hot scenes in Paris and as usual what happens in Paris stays in Paris is not an option…Sophie realises she has fallen in love with Lucien but as we know Lucien does not do love! I loved this final instalment as usual the path of true love does not run smooth. Lucien has trouble coming to grips with accepting his feelings for Sophie and it is up to Sophie to prove to Lucien that he is able to love and more importantly be loved. We get to see why Lucien is the way he is and it is a sad story.

There are some more heart wrenching scenes in Norway and the epilogue…wow, I loved the epilogue!!! I am so happy they got their HEA even though the ride along the way was soooo bumpy. Kitty French did great in bringing you in and keeping you there.

Loved it!! I really enjoyed it. I waited months and months for this book to be release. I just wish it was more intense. Book one ended with such a heart pounding cliffhanger that I though book two was going to be more dramatic. But it was not. However, I loved Lucien Knight. As of Sophie, she was sweet, loving and caring. But at the same time I wanted her to be more aggressive with her ex-husband Dan. I wanted her to slap the shit out of him when he confessed view spoiler [ his 3 years affair with Maria..

I also wanted her to throw him out cold like a animal in the street. It was great seeing Lucien grow some balls and admit his love For Sophie. View all 9 comments. This sequel however we experience the change in Lucien and Sophie's relationship.

I knew little about Lucien until the second half of the book and even by then I still felt like there is still more to know. Sophie has grown a lot from the blushing girl in book 1 to the confident woman she has become and I grew to love her.

It didnt quite reach 5 stars because I was expecting a bit more clutch at my heart heartbreak and angst. I woul 4 stars There wasnt a lot going on in book 1 besides the hot sex. I would recommend this if you want a fifty shades feel, sexy and hot, myserious hero and most importantly NOT insta love.

Dec 19, Megpie rated it liked it Shelves: I did like that there was less sex and a little more focus on the character develpoment. There is still plenty of steamy erotic sex though! We learn more about Lucien in this one and I really liked seeing him break out of his shell and realize that he's in love with Sophie and that he can be the man for her regardless of his doubts.

She was pushing and insisting that they be together regardless of what he said.

Knight & Stay (Knight, #2) by Kitty French

I guess I can't fault her though because she knew that he loved her and she wasn't gonna let his past and fears keep him away from her My one thing that I liked the most about this one was the romance. Where book one was more focused on Lucien and Sophie's sexual relationship, book two's focus was more on Lucien and Sophie's feelings and romance. I went into this one anxious for the big blowup that I figured was coming since that cliffhanger from book one left us on the edge of our seats Where was the heartache?

The angst? The drama? I thought Sophie's husband Dan would put up a bigger fight or there would be more angst between Sophie and the two men in her life. I mean Dan was hardly in the book and besides a half assed apology and a day back home, he just gave up and left to be with his pregnant mistress.

Yeah, he really loved her right? Uhh, no. Anyways, overall I liked this book and this series. It's a quick and steamy read that could probably be read in one day they aren't very long at all.

Let yourself be swept away by Part One of the Knight series from Kitty French, a romance so hot it'll burn your fingers CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien Knight is catch-your-breath gorgeous and damaged by his troubled past in Norway.

All grown up and relocated to London, he's built his empire of adult clubs from the ground up to become the gorgeous patron saint of the sex industry. No one knows the dark childhood secrets that have given Lucien a backbone of steel and a heart encased in ice. No one until Sophie Black, that is From the moment girl-next-door Sophie accepts the job as Lucien Knight's PA, she understands how Alice must have felt when she tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Lucien takes her safe, vanilla life away and plunges her head first into a huge dish of fantasy flavours. Rich, spicy chocolate covered with dark, oozingly lickable sauce? Tutti-frutti with indecently red, glistening cherries on the top? Yes please. Lucien strips away all of Sophie's inhibitions, and when he instructs her to select three new toys, she soon realises he has more than a game of Monopoly on his mind He's opened the door to a whole new pleasure packed world without limits, and Sophie is utterly intoxicated.

But how far is she willing to go? And what happens when she has to step back into reality again? Let it change yours, too. Kinght and Play 1 of 5. Kinght and Play 2 of 5. Kinght and Play 3 of 5.

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