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File - In the Ice[edit]. Kazuha notices Heiji staring on her lips as he remembers Shinichi and Ran kissing, assuming that it must have been on the lips . The Detective Conan manga was first serialized in the fifth issue of Shōnen Sunday in , written and drawn by Gosho Aoyama, and has appeared there. Featured Detective & Keyhole Volume 94 was released on December 18, . File - The Truth about the Trip; People.

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Manga ini masih on-going dan mempunyai rating di myanimelist. Untuk detail info dan link download pdf manga Detective Conan bisa. You can find book baca komik detektif conan chapter in our library and other format like: baca komik detektif conan chapter pdf file baca komik detektif. MAKNA KONTEKSTUAL LEKSEM HAI DALAM KOMIK DETEKTIF CONAN KARYA The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF.

The first tankoubon was also published by Shogakukan in ; it has spanned 94 published volumes as of December 18, , and continues today. The manga has been highly popular in Japan; the tankoubon has received multiple first places in bestselling lists. However, the company stopped after 15 volumes, and now Viz handles UK distribution. Each volume features information on a famous literary or film detective as well as a story recommended by Aoyama. Detective Conan Special manga volumes consist of short stories drawn by Gosho Aoyama 's assistants. The stories found in the Special volumes hold no bearing on the plot of the main storyline.

Chinese Deja-vu. Golden Apple. Ghost House Mystery. The Disappearance of Mitsuhiko. Stranded on Death Island. Tokyo Tower Bomb Case. Kogorou's Choice. The Footsteps of Darkness. White Snow, Black Shadow. Festival Dolls. File 2 Only - Edogawa Proboards: Disgraceful Hero. Grave Danger: Heiji and Kazuha.

Shadow of A Red Horse. Torn Friendship. The Small Client. Satou and Takagi's Date. Conan's Lost Voice. Agasa's First Love. Yukiko vs. Files - Edogawa Proboads: Yukiko Comes to Visit. The Porsche Murders.


Our Conan. Secret Tapes. Ran's Deduction. Halloween Party. Traces of Rain. The Forgotten Cell Phone. Baseball vs. Baseball Stadium Threat. Takagi's Job Offer. Duel in the Air. Teitan High's Ghost. Out to Sea. A Course Without Protest. A Code for Star and Tobacco. Curse of the Violin. Shonen Tantei vs. Shinichi's Cell Phone. From the Boyfriend to the Girlfriend. Appearing Magic. Edogawa Proboads: Photo Murders.

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Boatship Hanging Murder. A New Connection. Sasami aka Beikacho ; alt. Ai's Lookalike. A New Student. Files - Yakuza. Lottery Date, Satou and Takagi.

The Death of the Interviewer. File 5 Only - Edogawa Proboads: Heiji's Past. SOS Case. Shonen Tantei at the Beach. The Kitten. Return to the Mountain Villa. Star Blade. Takagi the Groom!

Shonen Tantei Playing Baseball. Red Handkerchiefs. Crimson Lotus. Numbers in the Classroom. The Witness. The Other Witness. Shonen Tantei in the Snow. Heiji and Kazuha in the Cherry Blossoms. High School Detectives of the East.

Genta the Suspect?! Under the Moon. Eri's Secret. Satou's Ring. Witch Legend Murder Case. A Clue from the West. A Wrong Number. A Mother's Memento.

Satanic Murder. Kogorou the Fugitive. Allies vs. The Black Organization.

Camel, A Criminal? Detective Conan Scanlation Team. Slash, Swish, Slap. Clash of the Two Medieval Families. Eisuke the Suspect. Enter the Red Man. Interrupted Intimacy. Caffeinated TV Murder. Stolen Glass Slippers. Endless Youth and Co. Roadside Mansion Blaze. Ran Meets Okiya. Waitress Rifle Tragedy. Judo Stalker Murder. Amnesiac Shinichi. Shinichi Under Pressure. Killer Sushi. Kojima-san's Way of Reading. Drifting Dangerously. Diving With Danger. Searching Blindly. Two of Us.

Shadowed Intuition. Eternal Return. It Happened One Afternoon.

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Puzzling Tactics. Shiratori's First Love. Crying Wolf. Omamori Offensive. Gothic Murder. Tomorrow Is Another Day. Bomber Instincts. Similar Sentiments. The Queen's Birthday. Electric Constellations. Autumn Fortunes. Mischievous Waters. Scarlet Hot Steam. Pure White Hopes. Mountain Villa Musical. Washed Out Switch. Tumultuous Relations. Love on VHS. Challenge to Holmes. Lessons in Distress. Beika U. The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Chronic Ailments. Slurping Suicide. Enter the Rival. Panic at the Agency. Curry Catastrophe.

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Detectives With Candy. In Plain Sight. The Second-Rate Kogorou. Rear Window. Last Wishes. Trouble in Triplicity. Three Stories. Death of the Editor. Death Notes. Out of Bounds. Murder on the Bell Tree Express. An Old Fashioned Alibi. Carbon Copies. Imitation Murder.

Dead in the Family. Shonen Tantei Refrigerated. Sera's Locked Secret. The Sealed Envelope. Evil Under the Cherry Blossoms.

Crime at the Blue Parrot. Sera's Deduction. Grasping at Water. Playing Cat and Mouse. False Alarm. Fruits of One's Labor. Investigating Sera. Osaka Vice. Shinichi's Pink Face. Soiree at Haido Central. Bourbon vs. The Scarlet Trail. The Forced Match. Going Off the Deep End. Vanishing Motives. Revenge of the Kamaitachi. Divide and Conquer. Hotel Drama. Detective Picture Book. Detective Conan Special. AKB48 Satsujin Jiken. Hanzawa the Criminal.

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