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In the introduction of Leading an Inspired Life, Jim Rohn explains that at 25 he was “behind on my dreams, constantly wondering what I could possibly do. This is the downloadable eBook edition (in PDF format) of Jim Rohn's influential work, Living an Inspired Life, containing the foundational principles that anyone. To live an inspired life is to walk with an enhanced awareness of everyone and . tossed around nowadays – There is no leadership except leadership by.

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Jim Rohn (Author) I have read most of Jim's book and enjoy his simple yet encouraging words and ideas. Fascinating man, he lead a life where he overcame challenges and disappointments, used his lessons learned to try and help others. Leading an Inspired Life - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Rohn, Jim. Leading an Inspired Life. by Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn was one of the 20th century's leading personal development gurus—influencing everyone Download PDF.

Copyright No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval systems, without the written permission from the publisher. Published in conjunction with Nightingale-Conant Corp. All rights reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks included in Leading an Inspired Life are property of their rightful owners. Hardcover ISBN: Contents Foreword Chapter 1:

The first line of the ad was. Motivation is a mystery. The little things are minor things you can do to make your life better and make you feel better about yourself. Next comes self-motivation. I picked up a magazine not long ago in New York that had a full-page ad in it for a hotel chain. Every new thing you try affects the rest of your performance. So work on all the disciplines. So be self-motivated. Mysteries of the mind. To one person. The wealthy man says to a thousand people.

I give lectures to a thousand people at a time. The guy says. One walks out and says. But here is a note of caution: Invest yourself in discipline so your talents are not wasted. The objective of life is to act. The smallest of disciplines can thereby transform your life. Because the weeds can take over the garden.

Each time you complete an activity and take a rest. Of course! How do you go from five to fifty? So how do you get that miracle going? Is the best you can do all you can do? Strangely enough. If you rest a little. How did we get from five to fifteen? If you continue that pattern. But is five all you can ever do? The answer is no.

Think of more ways and means to use your own wisdom. Join that small percentage of truly disciplined people and discover what your best truly is. And if you rest a little more. Use your own attitude. Once you have done that. The objective of life is not to rest. Learn the discipline of paying your bills on time.

For each book. Life is full of laws that both govern and explain behaviors. Learn the discipline of learning all you can learn. They must have a structure built for them.

Confused thoughts produce confused results. Everything of value requires care. In fact. Remember the law: If you give more than you expect to receive. Reaping a Multiple Reward For every disciplined effort. Everything affects everything else. Learn the discipline of paying attention. Children require discipline. But remember: For each failure. All things of value can be taken for granted with the passing of time. For each challenge. They must have boundaries to work within so they feel secure and comfortable to explore and grow.

We must consistently determine our inner boundaries and our codes of conduct. What a concept! If you render unique service. Or paying yourself.

Life is like that. And if our thoughts are confused. Even the bad experiences of life provide their own special contribution. Children require constant and consistent discipline. Neglect discipline. For each success. For each discipline. Learn the discipline of having regular meetings with your associates.

Without the discipline of paying constant. Be serious. And the only missing ingredient to your incredible success story in the future is a new and self-imposed discipline that will make you try harder and work more intensely than you ever thought you could. Think about your life at this moment. The most valuable form of discipline is the one that you impose upon yourself. And remember. A warning of the consequences of neglect. How could you possibly explain the fact that someone else thought more of you than you thought of yourself?

That they forced you to get up early and get out into the marketplace when you would have been content to let success go to someone else who cared more about themselves?

Your life. You cannot inspire others to sell more when that goal is inconsistent with your own conduct. It could suggest a lack of discipline. You cannot be impatient with your children and be patient with your distributors or your employees.

You cannot clean up your company until you learn the discipline of cleaning your own garage. What areas need attention right now? Like farmers. For every disciplined effort. Promise Our lives are affected by two major things: My karate instructor said. So do what it takes to discover what you truly want.

Once you have seen and felt that ideal future. If we had the assurance that everything were going to work out. What would you do for an extraordinary promise? The most unbelievable things. But who wants to read. It is so much easier to pay the price if we can see the promise.

Price vs. But nobody would mind paying the price if they could have a clear view of tomorrow—next week. I was willing to put myself through the paces to achieve that feeling. Would you crack the books? Would you burn the midnight oil? Would you engage in the extra thoughts and the extra disciplines if the promise were adequate? And the answer is.

Discipline enables you to capture the emotion and the wisdom and translate them into action. You fall prey to the Law of Diminishing Intent. And one neglect leads to another. By doing so. Fall on the floor and do some push-ups.

Once this has happened. The key is to increase your motivation by quickly setting up the disciplines. If that is a strong desire for you. But once we sense the least lack of discipline within ourselves. Neglect starts as an infection. We intend to take action when the idea strikes us. The Time to Act Engaging in genuine discipline requires that you develop the ability to take action.

Begin the process. Worst of all. Take action as soon as possible. Make the commitment: Instead of doing your best.

Get the book before the idea passes. So take action.


Set up a discipline when the emotions are high and the idea is strong. Then get the second book. One of the greatest temptations is to just ease up a little bit. And a month from now the passion is cold.

All you have to do is start with the smallest discipline that corresponds to your own philosophy. The emotion soon passes unless you apply it to a disciplined activity. We intend to do something when the emotion is high. What happens. A willingness to be accountable. The key is what you do about it. Shoaff continued. Start making these personal changes.

But Mr. Shoaff then gave me another secret to success when he said. Shoaff made me realize the importance of making that transition with a simple statement. Shoaff taught me. Starting the Process of Change Of all the things Mr.

He said. It was quite a transition for me to change from blaming everyone and everything else to taking responsibility for my life. The creditors are calling. To have more. I was so comfortable blaming my shortcomings on the government. It was hard to give up my old blame list. Then it falls back down. They need to be well-informed about the major life issues: The mother pushes it away.

You can help them do just that. Preparing Yourself Mentally Picture for a moment a little wildebeest in Africa. A few minutes! As soon as the little wildebeest is born.

How long does this process take for a human baby? As a parent of grown children. When it falls down. It means that you must enjoy and take pride in your little accomplishments. What Mr. It means that big achievements come one small step at a time. Ben Franklin gave us three principles of success that have withstood the test of time. Number one: We sometimes hear of a brand new musical group.

Abraham Lincoln said it best. They must have been in the right place at the right time… knew the right people… had a friend help them out. It means celebrating who you are becoming in pursuit of your larger goal. Diligence is the mother of good luck. Too often we say. In addition to those witticisms. After all. Another was. And it means doing so every single day. To a school kid. You can shape it and reshape it. And number three: Within each of us lies the power to mold ourselves and our environment.

What have you done today that makes this day successful? Think about it. It is up to each of us to begin this molding process with a final product in mind. But the one testimonial you will hear from all successful people is that they are happy with who they are and what they are doing. If at the end of each day you can jot down the things that have made it a good day.

I know that success is a relative term. When you can see a pattern of pleasure. Write it down. This really is a good habit to get into. And it is within your power to work on your goals regularly. By using your mind and your abilities. If you are not fulfilled with what you are doing today.

Success is a pleasure. You need to tell yourself. So take note of Mr. To a businessperson. It means different things to different people. Principle number three: To a homemaker. It takes little steps to build up to success. This is the key principle. They are content. You can make it whatever you want. Number two: Simply put. Aside from the question of whether it was an effective way to shoot a basket.

It was obvious that the Lakers would have to foul one of the Boston players in order to get the ball back. Accepting Responsibility During the years when professional basketball was just beginning to become really popular.

That is what virtually always happens when a man or woman. He was especially known for his rebounding and his defensive skills. Whenever he had to shoot a free throw. But if Russell made his first free throw.

He was absolutely certain of it. There was a much more important factor at work. It was the final game of a championship series between the Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

It looked like he was trying to throw a bucket of dirt over a wall. Russell was the worst free-throw shooter on the court. And that is exactly what happened. This was a perfectly logical choice. With about twelve seconds left to play. Russell was never much of a free-throw shooter. Bill Russell had a very peculiar style of shooting free throws. He had no reason for excuses. Bill Russell. But regardless of how he looked.

Bill Russell was a player who wanted to take responsibility for the success or failure of his team. If he missed the shot. The message is: And there are even people in their forties and fifties who are still acting like babies as far as their attitude toward responsibility is concerned. Churchill said. It will sound something like this: I want to be totally independent. Anyone who has raised children knows how true this is.

Just look at a baby during the first few years of life. If you decide to be one of the few who embraces responsibility. These kinds of people can be hard to have around. Every gesture. Strange as it may seem. In the first few years of life. Anyone who has raised children knows how important it is to accept responsibility. And I learned a valuable lesson: Starting at age twentyfive. But if you want to be successful. Would any company pay one person two hundred million dollars?

The answer is yes. That is a simple statement of economics.

Leading an Inspired Life

Becoming successful in America is like climbing a ladder. I worked hard on my job and made a living. The answer is: You can learn to increase your value to the marketplace.

Why would the marketplace pay someone fifty dollars an hour? The answer is. The key to getting paid very well in the marketplace is to develop very valuable skills.

Shoaff taught me how to climb this ladder. Up until the age of twenty-five. Of course. If that person helped a company make four billion dollars. Increasing Your Value to the Marketplace We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.

Why would the marketplace pay someone five hundred dollars an hour? Why would the marketplace pay someone only minimum wage? Could you become three times more valuable than you are right now and make three times as much money in the same time? This ladder starts at minimum wage and reaches all the way to two hundred million dollars a year—and more. Success is something you attract because of the person you become.

I worked hard on myself. That person might be a valuable sibling. Could you become twenty times more valuable than you are right now to the marketplace and make twenty times as much money in the same time? Being less than you can be—trying less than you can try—somehow damages your mind.

Affirmations can be effective as long as you remember two very important rules. If you can bring yourself to state the truth about a situation.

And the power of faith starts with reality. See how much you can earn. Getting better and better only happens with the discipline of doing better and better. And number two. Some people out there would have us believe that positive affirmation is more important than activity.

And affirmations without discipline are—in all reality—delusions. Maybe not monetary ones. Reality is always the best beginning. Confronting the truth and then disciplining yourself—instead of failing to take responsibility—inevitably leads to positive change. Confronting harsh realities has an incredible effect. Feeling better is no substitute for doing better.

You see. Discover all you can do. Be responsible for it. Accept it. Instead of doing something constructive to change their lives. And change it. The Promise of the Future Let me tell you what I think messes up the mind the most: Number one. It causes all kinds of psychic damage. Discipline is the requirement for progress. Create your own personal miracle.

Once you understand and accept the truth. Once you accept the truth. Cherish it! Ancient scripture says. Your body must support you with the strength. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Anything less than that. Your body needs to be a good support system for the mind and the spirit.

Feeling well is a personal responsibility. Be conscious of your support system. You need to take care of the temple. And from now on. It will support me with power. Thirty minutes to an hour a day. Maintaining the Physical Ancient scripture says. The mind and the body work together. Treat your body like a temple. What is adequate exercise? You can do just a few simple things. Be conscious of yourself.

You wake up in the morning and the mind says. Not a woodshed. I will not settle for. Twenty to thirty minutes of sustained activity starts releasing endorphins into your bloodstream. Take care of your physical health so you can achieve your goals. Develop a good exercise program. You will then have the muscle. They can run like the wind. Would you want that said about you? All it takes is a few minutes a day. Taking Care of the Temple My mother studied health and lived to pass what she learned along to me.

And because of that extreme care. But you ought to see this guy. I know a man who raises race horses. His horses can run like the wind. If you want to avoid that unhappy situation. A small study of exercise and nutrition. The guy takes care of his animals better than he takes care of himself. What a legacy that was!

Learning to take care of yourself is one of the most important lessons in life. After ten steps up a flight of stairs. That way. When you grow up. Goals represent challenge in its most positive form. When I was a kid. I just loved the idea of getting on the train and letting it take me someplace.

Leaders have their personal goals. There are short-term goals and long-term goals. I used to dream what it would be like to buy a ticket on a train and just go someplace. But you will persist. You may not feel like talking to the person seated next to you. The difference between a goal-directed individual and someone without goals is like the difference between a Wimbledon champion and a kid batting a tennis ball around on a court with no net.

Over the years. Without them. Long-term goals are the equivalent of a major journey. You may have to change planes in a different city. Under each of these categories. Then beside each item. You may have kept a great many desires and aspirations hidden in the back of your mind.

How can you identify your long-term goals? On a sheet of paper or in a notebook. Just allow your mind to flow. Just quickly jot down. For example. Be very relaxed about this.

Create a time frame like this for every one of your long-term goals. Suppose you want to write a book about the history of your family going back to the arrival of your great-grandparents in the United States. Think of all the questions that need to be answered in order to see your goal with absolute clarity. Above all. If there are many one.

Do you intend to have any employees. Why do you want to compete in a triathlon. How many square feet will the store contain? Will there be a showroom area for the furniture in front and a work space in back. Why do you want to achieve your goals? Why do you want to own a handmade furniture store. You now have sixteen separate goals. Choose four goals from each of the four time frames: You may have more whims or pipe dreams than real goals.

Do you intend to open a handmade-furniture store in three years? What will the store look like from the street? Will there be gold leaf lettering on the windows. Keep working on your list.?

Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn - PhilosophersNotes | Optimize

Write down your reasons for wanting each goal in the same degree of detail that you used to write your descriptions. At regular intervals. Now comes the really challenging and interesting part. Goal setting is a very important first step.

That written record will become one of your most important personal possessions. Keep working on your list until you have sixteen clearly envisioned. If you would like to open a handmade-furniture store. Imagine your completed goals and write down a detailed description of what you see.

You can just give the money away. Then Mr. When I found myself broke at age thirty-three. Set a goal that will make you reach for the stars.

P.D.F D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D Leading an Inspired Life [F.u.l.l Books]

You are a twenty-five-year-old American male. This is America. I discovered for myself that the money did not mean that much.

It is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned. And when I began concentrating on these other assets—my skills. I lost it all! I was rich by the age of thirty-one—a millionaire! If I set this goal and go forward. The possibilities are endless. Shoaff was right. I would ask. Shoaff said: What an experience that was.

Let me give you the key phrase of setting goals: It would be great to have a million dollars! But he had a reason that was infinitely more compelling than mine. It represented only a fraction of all my assets. The major question to ask on the job is not. Shoaff said. Always ask yourself. Shoaff explained.

I made many foolish mistakes. Becoming a Millionaire Let me give you a scenario for setting your goals. I learned that Mr. When I started making my first list. I thought. If I saw something I liked. He is guaranteed not to become much.

If I had known how much it was going to cost me. Judas got the money. So that we can each grow. What about the guy who says. Two Rules for Goal Setting I have two important rules for setting goals. I never would have paid that price.

Go where the expectations are high. You would not believe what we expect of each other in terms of excellence. Go where the demands are high. Why would he throw his fortune away? Because he was so unhappy with himself. But no one would take it back. Go where the pressure is to perform. I belong to a small group of people that conducts business around the world.

So that we can contribute something unprecedented to the benefit of the group. The greatest source of unhappiness comes from within.

Interestingly enough. And it is true that thirty pieces of silver in those days was a sizeable fortune. Go where the expectations are so strong that they motivate you. There were some things back in the early years for which I paid too big a price. To alleviate his unhappiness.

Throwing his fortune away did not change what Judas had become: In leadership training. Judas tried to return the money. By following these rules. But having a name that is synonymous with traitor is not what I would call a success story. That sounds like a success story. He was unhappy with himself. So he decided to just throw the money away. In total frustration. What a positive word.

This is the negative word. The second word. The first is beware. And you will behold. Behold the majesty. There are two words from ancient scripture you need to keep in mind. Behold the drama. Set the kind of goals that will transform your life. Why did Judas have such a tragic end? Be aware of what you become in pursuit of what you want.

He paid too big a price. Behold the possibilities and the opportunity.

He sold out. I got to check them off my list. Keep all of your lists of goals because they illustrate your ability to grow.

Things like how my philosophy has changed from ten years ago. They show your ability to change. Pay off your debts with a little drama. That might not be noble. What you have on your list is up to you. And when I finally had enough money for my back payments. I compare my old list with my new list. And they show how your philosophy grows and expands.

When I got my life straightened out. On my first list of goals. I had a little revenge. I walked into the Budget Finance office in Los Angeles and found the guy who harassed me so much. I got two or three payments behind. I keep my original list in my journal so I can go back five years and see where my priorities were. I got the money in small bills and put it in a big briefcase. My target was a man from Budget Finance who used to harass me.

He really tried to put me down. I just opened up the briefcase and dumped a pile of money all over his desk. I needed a little drama. I went up to his desk and stood right in front of him.

Are you hoping for a promotion or a partnership in the firm? These are objectives that you want to achieve. Figure out the origin of these goals. Take some time to really visualize what the achievement of these goals would mean to you. What does it all look like? Ask yourself. Redefine your list. Be prepared. Really spend some time on this. Is this what I truly want? Is it a positive goal? Is it important enough to me to become what it takes to reach this goal?

Is it worth it? Write them down. Do you want to go to church more often than just on holidays. When your goals are truly important and meaningful to you.

The Self-Knowledge Acid Test One thing you may not be thinking about now is preparing for the day you reach your goals: Just make a note of them. Do you want to spend more quality time with your kids? Do you want to turn the TV off during the dinner hour and actually talk about the important things in life with your family? Do you want to make more dates with your spouse? Do you want to plan a much-needed family vacation? What do you want? What are your most important health-related goals?

Do you want to make a conscious effort to exercise more? To eat better? To lose some weight? To get in shape?

What are the three most important personal and spiritual goals that you have? But then the rest of the book was ridiculously generic, with the occasional great sentence. Still, worth getting for that first chapter alone. Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment. All good things are located upstream from us. The passing of time takes us adrift, and drifting only brings us the negative, the disappointment, and the failure.

The danger is looking at an undisciplined day and concluding that no great harm has been done. But add up these days to make a lifetime - and it will easily turn your life into a major disaster. How tall will a tree grow?

As tall as it can. Everything strives to become all it can possibly be. That surging feeling of self-worth that comes from starting a new discipline - is almost as good as the feeling that comes from the accomplishment the discipline brings.

Use discipline in applying your knowledge. Procrastination is almost the exact opposite of discipline. A future reward of discipline is owning the beach. A man strides out of his house to go straighten out the corporation, and he has not yet straightened out his garage. So work on all the disciplines, small as well as large, that will improve the quality of your life. If you want motivated people, you have to find them, not motivate them.

But is five all you can ever do? If you rest a little, you can do five more. And if you rest a little more, you can do five more. How did we get from five to fifteen? If you continue that pattern, is it possible to get up to fifty push-ups? Of course! How do you go from five to fifty? It begins with one simple step: Once you have done that, you can keep working to bring your best to a higher level. Think of more ways and means to use your own wisdom, your own philosophy.

Children require discipline. They must have a structure built for them. They must have boundaries to work within so they feel secure and comfortable to explore and grow. Children require constant and consistent discipline. For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards.

Learn the discipline of paying attention, or paying your taxes. Learn the discipline of learning all you can learn, of teaching all you can teach, of reading all you can read. A lack of discipline in the small areas of life can cost you heavily in the more important areas of life.

You cannot inspire others to sell more when that goal is inconsistent with your own conduct. Nobody would mind paying the price if they could have a clear view of the future. Do two things to help our kids: Diminishing Intent. We intend to take action when the idea strikes us.

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