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Notes on The Elements of Astrology by for the 1st. year Jyotirvid course. 2. FOREWARD .. The lesson they have to learn is that their conflicts arise. Astrology of a short astrology PDF ebook designed to help you understand give you a basic understanding on which to commence your study of astrology. Advice to Students. To one who is beginning the study of Astrology and is so situ- ated that they cannot receive oral instructions, I will offer the-fd.

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Learn Astrology - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. How To Learn Astrology. From Michael Erlewine. 3. An ebook from. Startypes. com. Marion Avenue. Big Rapids, Michigan Fist published PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Signs X Tropical Year X Tropical Zodiac The Astrology. How To Learn Astrology From Michael Erlewine 1.

Did you know you can subscribe to Insight Astrology for free, get weekly insights in your inbox and receive a free introductory ebook? Click here for full info. A gift for subscribers of the Insight Astrology community, this short astrology pdf ebook contains information on:. While by no means a comprehensive introduction, I hope it will give you a basic understanding on which to commence your study of astrology. Download your free Astrology PDF ebook here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggested revisions of this astrology pdf ebook.

The astrology of sexuality, gender and desire: Mercury retrograde in Pisces: Mostly sweet with a few nuts: Astrology readings are back at last! February 19, in Understand: Progressed moon through the houses: Mars in Pisces: Invoke your divine will September 22, in Transits: Saturn square Neptune in retrospect: Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter: Mars in Sagittarius: Mars direct: Venus in Leo: Cancer season: From loving a Neptunian, to loving and knowing yourself.

Intro to astrology pdf ebook. Subscribe for free to receive my ebook Astrology and new astrology insights in your inbox every week Plus get special discounts and freebies offered only to subscribers. Gem is cat's eye.

It specifically signifies the head. This house is also called 'Dhan' house and deals with money matters, one's deposits, income tax, customs, computers.

It represents one's family and face, speech, food habits and left eye. Called 'Bhratra' house, this is the house of brothers and sisters, signifies courage, boldness, short journeys and throat. One is made singer by this house only. It is also called 'Matra Bhava'. It represents chest, particularly lungs. This house is. It indicates stomach and gives professions of teacher, principal and gynaecologist.

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This house is called 'Ripu Bhava', that is house of enemies. It governs digestive system, quarrels court and jobs done by hand, like typing. Also called 'Kalatra Bhava', it represents wife, business partner, marriage, business or employment in a private firm. It governs sexual organs and diseases thereof. Called 'Ayusthan' it represents death, reasons of death, underground wealth, historical things and monuments. It represents accidents, parental property, life insurance, mining and anus.

Called house of luck and religion, it represents pilgrimage, higher studies like doctorate, long journeys, languages like Sanskrit, Roman and Hebrew. It also indicates grand parents and mental aptitude towards Yoga and Sadhana.

It represents hips. This house is called 'Karma Sthana' and represents the acts one does. It signifies father, government, politics, management. It governs knees and defines the profession of a person. Taurus Scorpio. The house of loss and expenses is called 'Vyaya Sthana' and covers bad habits, hospital, jail, long journeys and quests. It also indicates export and import, also feet. They show different relationships with different planets. Planets own certain signs. Sun and Moon own one sign and other planets own two signs each.

Rahu - Ketu, being pseudo planets, do not own any sign. Planets get exalted or become powerful at certain points and get debilitated exactly 0 away. For any ascendant, some planets become Yogakaraka or Maraka, depending upon the house they own. This is one of the most important factor in prediction. A Yogakaraka planet shows good results in its Dasha or Antar Dasha. Stones are suggested only for a Yogakaraka planet. If a planet is benefic only then it is good to make it strong ; else it will harm the native.

Planets which are Yogakaraka for each ascendant is given in the table below. Benefics - Lords of 1,5,9 Yogakaraka and lords of 4, 7, 10, if natural malefic.

Malefics Lords of 3,6, Maraka 11and lords of 4,7,10, if natural benefic Neutral Lord of 2,8, In the next lesson we shall study how to use these data for predictions.

Art of Prediction -2 To predict horoscope, consider the houses one by one and see the planets placed in the house, the planets aspecting it, the placement of its lord and the planets aspecting it, or associated with the lord. Amalgamation of the effects of these units give, us the complete prediction about the horoscope. Lagna is Leo.

So the native can be identified by a lion. The lion is bold by nature and has confidence to win over anyone. It is normally passive and becomes active only when required.

It does not harm until disturbed. It normally has a robust health. It is aspected by Saturn from 4th house, which makes the native hard working.

The lord Sun is placed in 4th house in Scorpio, a friend's house, but with Saturn and Rahu, which are its enemies. It gives native health problems, like blood pressure. Now consider 2nd house. Dhanasthan or house of. It indicates native will acquire wealth by own earnings. Jupiter in 2nd house also gives soft and impressive voice. But there is aspect of Mars on 2nd house.

So sometimes words are lost while speaking. This aspect also gives a tendency that people misunderstand or misinterpret his words.

The lord Mercury is placed in 5th house, so the native is a professional, who earns by his knowledge.

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Look at 3rd house. Venus is there in 3rd house - its own house. Mars is having 8th aspect on 3rd house. Also Moon has 7th aspect on this house.

A benefic planet in 3rd house gives younger sister and good relationship with co-borns. Mars' aspect disturbs writing power and Moon's aspect gives good throat and voice. It also gives lot of short journeys in life. This situation is further aggravated by the presence of 4th lord Mars in 8th house.

So many planets in 4th house ensures comforts at home, but the malefics indicate one does not pay attention to home. It also indicates bad health of mother. Saturn and Rahu indicate good education for the native. It is also in exchange Yoga with Jupiter from 2nd house. This gives very good calculation power. It also ensures son to the native. This also gives knowledge of astrology and computers to the native.

This gives native a working wife. Saturn gives a wife with fair complexion belonging to an orthodox family. It also indicates business partnerships that will not be smooth. Presence of Mars indicates many accidents in one's life, but Jupiter saves from all such accidents.

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He will also be benefitted from insurance. He will get property from his parents. Mars in 8th gives medium longevity, but Jupiter stretches it. The benefic planets in the house of religion also make the native religious. He also undertakes long travel because of these two planets.

The Karmasthana 10th house is occupied by Ketu and has aspect of Jupiter from 2nd house and Sun and Saturn from 4th house. Jupiter's aspect makes the native a businessman, Ketu brings him into computers, Saturn associates him with industry and Sun ensures that he is at the top of affairs in.

Since the house is ruled by Mercury and its lord is in 5th house aspecting it, the native earns by intellect, but aspect of Mars from 8th house reduces profits into losses too. So the over all success is not at par with the work done by the native. Export and import will give him gains. It also ensures many foreign tours for the native. This way we see that to analyse the horoscope we interpret the house one by one, or interpret the house whose subject matter we want to know.

First we see what are the planets posited in that house. Then see the aspects over these planets, or this house and then see where the lord of the concerned house. Proper amalgamation of the properties and a little practice of linking things together gives you the best of prediction. The special effects in the horoscope can be seen by looking at the various Yogas formed in the horoscope.

The powerful Yogas take away the attention from other aspects and they become more effective in life. For example, in this horoscope Jupiter and Mercury are in exchange Yoga, that is, Jupiter is in the house of Mercury and Mercury in the house of Jupiter.

This exchange gives the native a strong liking for calculation and astrology, since the exchange is between 2nd and 5th houses. It increases the intelligence level and gives him a professional career. Similarly Moon is pressed between Mars and Ketu from both the sides, forming Durdhura Yoga, which gives native wealth, fame and power. Absence of any strong Dhana Yoga makes him a man of normal means.

Individually the Yogas sometimes reverse the effects of the planets completely. More and more knowledge of Yogas makes a man better and better astrologer. In the next lesson we shall see how to time the events in ones life by using Dasha and transits.

Art of Prediction-3 To time the events in ones life, we use Dasha and transits. Dasha tells which planet is affecting the native at a particular time, whereas transit tells us which natal planet is vibrating because of the transiting planet.

A combined result of Dasha and transit gives us the behaviour of the native at a particular time. Date of Birth Lagna Kundli is as given. The native has the following Dashas: Dasha in the very childhood basically affects health of the native and parents. During teenage it affects education, in youth it affects mind, job and family and in old age it again affects health and the children or the caretaker. As we see the native went through Dasha of Ketu upto age of 4. Ketu is in the house of Venus in Kendra in the house representing father.

Hence it gave good health to native and progress to father. After the age of 4 upto age of 24 native went through Dasha of Venus. This was the age when studies were important. Venus is in its own house in the house of writing. It also represents artistic nature. The house of. Rahu and Saturn have the nature of making the native introvert and thoughtful.

Saturn gives interest in science. Mercury in 5th makes native calculative. So the period of Venus gave good education while making the interest of the native in science and mathematics. From the age of 24 to the age of 30 native underwent Dasha of Sun for 6 years. Sun in this horoscope is Lagnesh in 4th house.

This gave him start of his own business and gave a lot of name and fame at the young age of 24 to Moon which is lord of 12th is sitting in the house of luck.

It brought forward a great luck. He became quite successful in. Moon is followed by Mars from the age of 40 to Though Mars is Yogakaraka but is placed in 8th house.

It gave a big set back and the industry was closed down. Rahu, which is in debilitation but in Kendra in 4th house is expected to give good results; somewhat similar to the period of Sun.

Rahu can give health problem. Jupiter being 5th lord in 2nd house its Dasha will start only at the age of 62, but it may be best period of the life of the native. He may lead a serene life in this Dasha. To study the transit, let us consider only Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu.

Other planets move fast. Sun, Mercury and Venus rotate once every year. Mars takes two years to complete one cycle and Moon takes only a month. Ketu is always opposite to Rahu. So for a full life description of the transit, only three planets are sufficient. Saturn takes 30 years to complete one cycle, Rahu 18 years and Jupiter 12 years.

Similarly we consider the effect of these slow moving planets over these planets only. Transit gives significant results with respect to Moon. When Saturn crosses over Moon, we call it Sade Sati. Sade Sati normally gives lots of tension invariably. It gives progress or loss, Similarly Saturn crossing over 8th house from Moon also gives tension and losses. If we look at the transits we invariably find Jupiter transiting over 4th house over Rahu and Saturn, has given a change of residence or has given a new property.

Since Saturn is 7th lord, transit of Jupiter over 7th house gave marriage and Saturn over Rahu or Saturn gave break in business partnership. Native went through Sade Sati of Saturn in and then in During the first one it gave a drop in academic results and in 2nd it gave loss in business. Saturn crossed over 8th house from Moon at the age of 30 in , when it gave break in partnership twice and brought the income to the rock bottom level. It also gave bad health to mother and loss of life of one of the close relatives.

In a nut shell transits seem to be showing their results very effectively; even more than Dasha. Major transits bring major changes in the life of the native.

Transit of Saturn from Moon is very important. Jupiter and Rahu give equal results from Lagna, as well as Moon. If we superimpose the result of Dasha over that of the transit we can predict better. Art of Prediction-4 We have seen how Dasha and transit determine the period of the happening. In this lesson, we shall see how different Yogas affect the life of the native. Lagna Kundli is given as: There are thousands of Yogas mentioned in the text and it is not possible for an individual to learn and apply all the Yogas manually on a horoscope.

Therefore we give few important Yogas, which one can check on a horoscope easily and can decide effectively. Exchange Yoga: This Yoga is formed when two.

Exchange Yoga is good if it occurs between Kendras and Trikonas. The exchange makes the affected planets strong, either good or bad, depending upon the house it represents. In the given horoscope also, there is a exchange between Mercury and Jupiter from 2nd to 5th house, making the native good in calculations and astrology.

This also gives the native income from mental work. There can be maximum three exchange Yogas in a horoscope involving six planets.

In the horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi there were three exchanges. There is an exchange between Moon and Saturn from Lagna to 7th house, exchange between Sun and. Mars from 2nd and 5th house and Jupiter and Venus from 6th and 11th house. These three exSmt. However, she was killed in the Dasha of Saturn- Moon, because Saturn and Moon, both gave result of 7th house and became Maraka for her.

Gaj Kesari Yoga: This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon. It gives wealth and power to the native. Chandra Mangal Yoga: When Moon and Mars are together, or there is nutural aspect between them, this Yoga is formed. Because of this Yoga man is passionate. Sunapha Yoga: When there are planets in 2nd house to Moon this Yoga is formed.

In this Yoga native will have good wealth. Anapha Yoga: When there are planets in 12th house to Moon this yoga is formed.

If natural benefic planet is there, it gives name, fame, wealth and success, while natural malefic gives trouble. Durudhara Yoga: When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th houses to Moon, benefics give good result and malefic cause trouble.

Benefic and malefic combined give neutral results. Kemadrum Yoga: This Yoga is formed when there are no planets on both sides of Moon. Native is very poor in this case. Vesi Yoga: When there are planet in 2nd house from Sun this Yoga is formed. Natural benefic planet give good result and malefic cause trouble. Vasi Yoga: When there are planets in 12th from Sun this Yoga is formed. Natural benefic planets give good result and malefic cause trouble.

Ubhayachari Yoga: When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th house to Sun Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas: In this Yoga native will have good health, wealth and get higher position in defence or police. When Jupiter is in exaltation sign or own sign and is in Kendra to Lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed.

In this Yoga native will have good personality and good moral character. This Yoga is formed when Mercury is in its exaltation sign, own sign and is in Kendra to Moon and Lagna. With this Yoga person will have good proportional limbs and strong body, with wealth and comforts. When Venus is in its exaltation sign, own sign or is in Kendra to Lagna and Moon, native will be wealthy, handsome, well built body and will be happy with his family.

He will have good comforts in life. Lagna or Moon, native will have many servants and also have good wealth and health. When more than three planets are in exaltation sign or own sign and placed in Kendra, this yoga is formed. When Kendra lord and Trikona lord make relationship between them, this Yoga is formed like: All Raj Yoga and Dhan Yoga give name, fame, wealth, all kind of comforts and authority to the native.

Above Yogas are few of the important Yogas, which, when applied to the horoscope, give a fair judgement of the strength of the horoscope. Secrets of Astrology Unveiled On the conclusion of the series Learn Astrology' we hereby give answers to many frequently asked questions on astrology, ranging from relevance of astrology and remedies suggested therein, to the deep rooted questions on calculations and predictions.

What kind of remedy should be adopted in what situation? Do all kinds of remedies like Mantra, Yantra etc. Remedy is normally required for a planet which is active by virtue of Dasha or transit, but is benefic and weak, or is malefic and strong. That is, it is not either able to give good results to its full capacity, or is giving bad results, which have to be checked. If that planet is sitting in a earthy sign in the natal horoscope, stone should be suggested, if in firy sign, Yajna should be performed, if in airy sign, Mantras are useful and if in watery sign, alms or throwing things in water helps.

So if a planet is malefic but strong, then stone should be avoided and if a planet is benefic but weak then stone should be worn and its items should not be thrown or given in alms. Mantras and Yajna increase the benefic power of the planet only, without creating any loss. So whenever a planet is active, its Mantra Jap and Yajna should be performed for better results. Do different systems on astrology or predictive sciences give same results?

In astrology too, there are various systems, like Jaimini Parashar, Neel Kanthi etc. Every system has its own benefits and shortcomings. Some systems are better than the others. If the fact of life is represented by a straight line then the various systems can be denoted by various graphs like A,B,C, which touch the reality of life only at few points.

At some points they are far off. However, when one system is at a distance from the truth, other system touches the reality. This is the reason why we believe in so many systems. However, taking average may not always give us better results, e.

Averaging may be good if one system is at negative level of accuracy and other at positive level. But we never know where we stand in our prediction for any future event, whereas for past we can always take average, or apply different systems to know why that event happened. So it is suggested that one should adopt one system and practice more and more to bring it close to the line of reality.

Why does astrology sometimes fails? Unlike Physics and Chemistry and like any behavioural science, astrology is an empirical science; that is the rules are based on statistics.

They are not correct for any horoscope any time. This is true not only for astrology but for any predictive science. Further, the rules that we are using have not been checked for accuracy and relevance in modern times. We are using them as we found in old texts, even when many correlating factors have been lost during the last years or more.

The rules when tested on large Which is the best predictive science astrology, palmistry, numerology or any other and why? Compared to all other predictive sciences, Indian system of astrology is known for its accuracy, reliability and indepth analysis.

Other systems are used either in the absence of reliable birth data, or in the absence of its interpretation. Astrology is the only system where predictions can be made precisely with time. Should Ayanamsa be used? Which Ayanamsa should be used?

The planets move as per their Nirayana value in the sky. This can be easily checked by matching Moons movement through various zodiac signs. Chaitrapaksha Ayanamsa, popularly known as Lahiri Ayanamsa, only has the scientific approval of the international astronomers and this should only be used, irrespective of what results you get astrologically. You should modify your astrological rules to suit the astronomical com-.

Should we rely on Dasha or Gochar? If Dasha is good and Gochar is bad then what will be the result? Dasha and Gochar, both are equally important in determining the event in a horoscope. However Gochar can be accurately known, but Dasha is very sensitive to time of birth and cannot be accurately fixed. Secondly, there are too many kinds of known Dasha systems and we do not know for sure which Dasha should be applied, when doubts on Ayanamsa also takes away its authenticity.

Further Dasha is normally dependent upon Moon degrees only and it ignores rest of the planets. All these shortcomings are not there in the transit system. Hence basing the predictions on transits normally give better results, unless it has been checked that the Dasha system is working properly on the given horoscope.

While we are studying both Dasha and Gochar, we can take Dasha to specify the event of transit to specify its strength. If both are favourable or unfavourable then the event occurs with full force. If Dasha is good and. Many exalted planets have been seen in the horoscope of a poor man and debilitated planets in a rich man's horoscope. How does this happen?

Moreover, the native with many exalted planets is a man of principles and unfit for worldy success. One or two debilitated planets help the native to aquire wealth by improper means in this Kali Yuga. It is said that Lagna calculation is dependent on place, whereas planet degree calculation is independent of it.

But when we compute Lagna by converting time to IST and compute planet degrees without conversion, we get wrong values.

What is the correct method? It is rightly said that Lagna is dependent on place of birth, whereas planet degrees are independent of it, because they are computed for the centre of the earth. So the time of birth must be converted to IST to use such tables. But Lagna must be computed for the place of birth only, because changing the place, say from London to Delhi, will create an error of 5 hours later in U. Similarly other signs also rise 5 hours later there. Accuracy of the results computed can be verified by checking that Sun has to be in 10th house at noon, in 1st house in the morning, in 7th house in the evening and in 4th house at midnight.

This is irrespective of the place of birth. How much importance can be imparted to Shodashvarga? Shodashvarga system was propounded by our sages in such a manner that exact position of the planets could be ascertained without assigning any degree value to it.

Secondly, these Vargas have not been made like we. Then we only assigned lordship and lordship signified the results of that planet. These Vargas should not be taken at par with Lagna chart and should not be used in predictions like supplement to Lagna chart, unless some Yoga specifies the results of a planet in a particular Varga.

In practice, these Vargas confuse a general astrologer. He starts taking the planet's exaltation or debilitation. He also starts taking aspects and placement of other planets with the planet, thus deviating from the basic results.

In predictions what is more important planet, house or sign? In Indian system planet is most important and house is next to the planet in importance. This is probably to make things easier. In the system of Lal Kitab sign has been dropped totally, after confirming the house in which a planet is sitting.

Planet in a house makes significance in prediction, whereas planet in sign only gives knowledge about its strength. Does one get affected by some one else's. Like one is affected by planets, he is affected by any other item in his vicinity. Every body has a gravitational pull small or large. Effect of planets is visible because of their large mass. Stars of much higher mass do not have that much of effect because of their large distance.

Secondly, our power of computation is limited. Just the nine planets and twelve signs make so many combinations that it is difficult to correlate them with life.

Horoscope having just nine planets is not the complete representation of what we are. But it is able to take care of maximum of our future with minimum of complexity. That is why we study a horoscope. Deviations to it due to others living or non living can be adjusted by studying the past and fitting that to the planet's effects. In brief, presence of others does not destroy the importance of the horoscope. If in one accident many lives are taken, does that indicate similarity in everyones horoscope?

Hence, in a calamity everyone's horoscope does not necessarily indicate death. However, this point needs further research and views from the readers. Muhurtha gives us an idea about the future of the task that we do; for example, oath ceremony of ministry gives idea about the government; starting moment of business gives us knowledge about how the business will go etc. To have a good future we select a good Muhurtha. Knowledge is strength and knowing the future of deeds in advance can definitely guide our future better.

However, we can not totally reverse the direction of the fate. So many times we find things do not happen at the time of best Muhurtha, or after the event we come to know that the computations were wrong.

This clearly indicates we cannot change the destiny. Still nature has provided us with hands to do something and mind to think. We should use it optimally, but without having keen desire for the best ; it will occur only if it is in fate. Can we remove the ill. Answer to this question lies in the previous answer. We can aspire for a better married life by having a better matching, but fate cannot be overruled. Contradictory Yogas are formed in ones horoscope. What is correct in such a situation?

Contradiction is part of any behavioural science. Take the results either by strength or by the number of times it occurs. What is the importance of Chalit chart and how should it be used?

House is next to planets in importance for its role in astrology. Lagna chart shows house only approximately. Actual house position is governed only by Bhava chart or Chalit chart. Hence Chalit chart cannot be ignored in astrology. But use it cautiously, because it should not be used for determining the aspects, or knowing the sign in which a planet is posited.

If a Sun moves from Lagna to 12th house while it was in Aries in Lagna chart, then it does not mean that Sun has shifted to Pisces. It remains in Aries, but is placed in 12th house. Nirayan or Sayan? Indian or Western? There has been a lot of confusion to the fact whether Sayan system is right or Nirayan. Though being a major difference, yet it has not been well understood.

Here, in this article, we try to clarify that the planets in the sky are moving according to Nirayan system, and hence only the nirayan system should be followed in astrology. Sayan system is merely meant for knowing the earth's position with respect to Sun and thus determining the seasons but it is not meant for knowing which planet is passing through which sign.

What is correct? A difference of days can not be ignored when we are talking of few minutes or seconds accuracy in giving predictions. The followers of Sayan system strongly recommend the usage of 22nd March as entry of Sun into Aries. We at Future Point have tried to go into the root of this problem by looking at the stars physically in the sky and arrived at a conclusion that in the sky, all planets move according to the nirayan system only. To understand it fully let us divide the study into two parts.

What is the situation of various planets as computed presently versus the stars. Now we will discuss both the points in detail. Present Star Position It is difficult to watch the stars while Sun is in the sky.

During month of May no planet shall be visible in the sky at night. So we are giving the position of Moon every day when it is visible at night during the month of May Moon's transit into different signs from May th are given in table-II.

If we look into the figures of table I, we find that Moon attains, after 2 days appox. It is at Leo on 3rd May as per Sayan system and on 5th May as per nirayan system. The fig. A show the position of Moon during the first half of May 98, at 10 pm. For example on 5th May 98 it is at Leo as per nirayan system. In the sky also, fig A moon is in mid of Leo sign, whereas Sayan The moon is visible in Virgo not before 7th May This situation can be studied daily between May as per table I and sky map A to find the actual movement of moon in the sky.

Hence we can say that we should follow only the Nirayan system for all astrological computations. The position of Sun are given in table III. B shows clearly that Sun is in Pisces on 15th May in year whereas as per the Sayan.

This is far away from the truth. Secondly we can clearly see the movement of Sun with respect to stars. It is moving behind by appox. This is exactly what the ayanamsa is. Fig B shows clearly that Sun enters into Taurus on 15 May It is not towards end of Taurus as suggested by Sayan system.

Does it mean that western system which is quite accurate as per the modern science is wrong? The answer is No. Position of Sun on 15th May at 12 hrs. Here zero degree refers to a position with respect to the Sun coordinates or the Vernal equinoctial point i. It does not have to do any thing with the Aries star whereas in the Nirayan system, 0 degree means a position in the direction of Aries star.

Actually zero degree of sayan system which never refers to Aries star has mistakenly been taken as zero degree of Aries.

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We should rather say that Sun attains a longitude of zero degree on 22nd March as per Sayan system or. With this clarification let us also clarify that astrological predictions given as per the sayan system does not have sound astrological basis. Let us understand what is ayanamsa which makes all this difference in the two systems. Ayanamsa is basically precession of the equinoxes. It can be understood better when we look at our galaxy.

We know that our solar system is a part of galaxy called "Milky Way" which looks like fig. Sun takes roughly 26, years appox. The stars remain fixed and do not move around. Because of the motion. That is why the sidereal year is To sum up we Know that Indian astrology is based on stars and any planet passing through the particular star gives the results of that star or changes its behaviour acco-rding to the stars it passes through.

Only Nirayan system gives us computations of planets with respect to stars; Sayan system refers to planet positions in solar coordinate system. Hence only Nirayan system should be followed for predictions in astrology. Learn Astrology PDF. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

Index Topics Page 1. Conversion Scale: Coordinate System: The world is normally on a map with GMT in the centre. In this lesson we describe here the history and detailing of the commonly used Gregorian Calendar along with the different lunar calendars used in India.

To account for quarter day, every fourth year the last month February was a leap year. Lunar calender is of two kinds normally: To summarise year will have various Calendars beginning on the following date: Hejira A. But there is N N Latitude: Span of 1' of Longitude or Latitude: Computation of Distance: N Mumbai: Time Correction In countries with high latitudes, day duration changes drastically from say 6 hours in winters to 18 hours in summers.

Standard Time Local time of places which are on different meridians differ. Summary For astrological purposes we need date, time and place of birth. If we look from remote stars, 12 we see that the earth has made GMT and Greenwich sidereal time coincide at one instant every year at the autumnal equinex around September If A is the sidereal time expressed in degrees and B is the tenth house, then tenth house can be computed as: An interpolation of time 14 between the two signs also gives us ascendant accurate to a degree normally sufficient for most of the astrological predictions.

However, if you want to compute ascendant orally, then also go for the method prescribed above. The deviations occur be- cause planets do not move with a regular speed. Sun Casting Horoscope: Ascendant In the North Indian style ascendant is always fixed at the top and the zodiac moves anticlock wise. In western style the ascendant is fixed and placed on the left hand side whereas Aries for calculations of planet degrees.

However, with practice, an astrologer gets accustomed Western Ke t to one kind of chart and we suggest every user to stick to the style he finds himself more comfortable. What is a House? Each Bhava Sandhi End of 1st House 2nd house Ascendant Centre of 1st House Bhava Sandhi Start of 1st House 1st house 12th house 11th house 3rd house 10th house 4th house 9th house 5th house 6th house Midheaven Centre of 10th House y now we have learnt how to calculate ascendant, tenth house and planets' position.

The eastern horizon is called the first house, whereas the western horizon is the Mid heaven Western Horizon. Descendant Earth Eastern Horizon.

Ascendant 7th house. Why do we calculate house In astrology, we describe the planet's results in a particular house.

But they 20 tend to differ if the ascendant degree is high and planet degree is low or vice versa. Cusp 1 Sign Pis. Cusp degree ' 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Ari. The cusp chart as per the western system is shown as follows: Important It is very important to consider the house division for correct predictions. Phalugni, Purva Ashada, Bharani Year 6 10 7 18 16 19 17 7 20 At the time of birth of the native, the constellation occupied by the Moon determines which planet will rule at that time. Balance of Ketu Rahu 15 16 1 1 - 11 1 - 20 - 6 - 10 - 7 Memory - 18 - 16 - 19 - 17 - No one will be satisfied if we tell him how he will go through his next 10 or 20 years in nut shell.

Table 2: By multiplying decimal part by 3 we get 3. For further refining the results, we can divide the sub periods into sub-sub periods Pratyantar Dasha and sub- 26 Rahu 0 sub-sub periods Sookshma Dasha or even further adopting the same procedure as for sub period.

Since 28 there are only nine planets and some planets combine together in a house, some houses are left empty. Dasha tells us which planet is effective to give results at what time. Signification of House 1st house: This house is also called as 'Putra Bhava' and represents children, intelligence, speculation and love affairs.

Taurus Scorpio 11th house: Delhi Lagna is Leo. Dhanasthan or house of wealth contains Jupiter, the Karaka for this house. Jupiter's aspect makes the native a businessman, Ketu brings him into computers, Saturn associates him with industry and Sun ensures that he is at the top of affairs in 32 his business environment. Then see the aspects over these planets, or this house and then see where the lord of the concerned house Ven 7 Jup 6 Rah Sat 8 Sun Mer 9 10 2 Ket 11 1 Mon 12 Mar is placed and which are the planets aspecting it.

The house of education, that is 4th house, has Sun, Saturn and Rahu placed there. This Yoga is formed when two planets exchange their respective houses i. There is an exchange between Moon and Saturn from Lagna to 7th house, exchange between Sun and Mars from 2nd and 5th house and Jupiter and Venus from 6th and 11th house. When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th house to Sun 36 benefics give good result and malefic cause trouble.

When Saturn is in its exaltation or own sign and is in Kendra to Lagna or Moon, native will have many servants and also have good wealth and health.

Raj Yogas and Dhan Yoga: When Lord of 2nd, 9th, 5th, 11th or one of these occupies Kendra from Lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed. Three or four planets having Digbala. Nor- mally, stone wearing enhances power of a planet and throwing items in water reduces power of a planet whether the planet is good or bad. There are various systems of prediction like palmistry, numerology, astrology. The rules when tested on large 38 data in future will definitely give rise to better framed rules and accuracy in astrology will be more.

You should modify your astrological rules to suit the astronomical com- putations, but not vice versa. Secondly, these Vargas have not been made like we make today. If yes, then what is the sanctity of the horoscope? The horoscope of the place or a vehicle in which 40 passengers are travelling, supersedes the horoscopes of the natives. We take Muhurtha for something. Does it change the fate of the person? Can we remove the ill effect of 7th house by doing a proper matching?

What is Correct - Nirayan or Sayan? In the sky also, fig A moon is in mid of Leo sign, whereas Sayan 42 system gives a value of Virgo B shows clearly that Sun is in Pisces on 15th May in year whereas as per the Sayan system it should be in Taurus. Sun Position on 15th May '98 12 Hrs. Milky Way Galaxy from the Side Fig. We should rather say that Sun attains a longitude of zero degree on 22nd March as per Sayan system or the Solar coordinate system. Because of the motion of the sun, the position of stars changes by Sunilkumar Dubey.

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