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Thursday, January 10, 2019

If you used Lync before and now you find that your address book is not up the Lync and clients; all you need to do is add a registry. The first thing you'll need to do is force the Lync Client to immediately download the address book. To do so, you'll need a registry key on the. A: Lync clients will randomly download the address book update; however, Set the Lync client initial delay for address book download to 0: Start the registry.

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Recently while working in my lab I wanted to force the address book to update with the Lync client. This is a fairly straight forward process. Ive tried to add the equivalent registry key into the part of the registry I know my Skype for Business server backend is OK as Lync clients. I tried to force address book download using the following link with no success till now: Lync Force Address Book Download Registry.

Issues with the Lync Address book are common to all Lync admins. To simplify the explanation of how the address book ends up at the users side, I created the following flowchart of this process. With each attribute a flag is also present. This flag determines what happens with translation between AD and the AbUserEntry table or, if a certain AD attribute is present, to include or exclude the user from adding it to the AbUserEntry table. For more information regarding the attributes and flags see:

When I do a search with any of the removed Domain users, I am still able to see.

How to get the Lync client to redownload the address book

When I ran the command get-csuser, it says cannot be found, however when I do a test-csaddressbookwebquery, it is successful.

My goal is to get those users removed from my lync search. I feel that this could be due to Lync Contacts folder in exchange mailbox, but if this is true, then would i need to get all the users Lync Contacts folder purged? Do you mean the test-csaddressbookwebquery returns a successful result and the user can still be found? If so, try using the update-csuserdatabase and after that has been successfully done run the update-csaddressbook cmdlet.

Also those removed users need to be deleted from the Outlook contacts folder, as that folder will also be searched by the Lync client. Yes, the Test-csaddresswebquery shows success. I find that the Addressbook updates automatically every 2 hrs. Do you still recommend me to run the command?

Yes, but note that the Update-CsUserDatabase is a different cmdlet. This causes the database to re-read all the user-related information stored in Active Directory Domain Services.

Indicates that Galcontact. I have a question about departed users. Hi Hans, Sorry to ask a direct question — not sure if related to anything in this article or not…. If I drop to legacy OWA style, by using emulation mode in browser , the contact information is far from complete…. Author required.

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Skype for Business client – force address book download

Reply Bheemesh Sep 18, There is no issue viewing it from outlook. Reply Timo Dec 23, I have the following situation: How could I achieve this? Reply RSK Jan 9, Reply Shaik Apr 13, Reply Issam Batti Jul 7, Reply Cristobal Sep 27, Thanks, Cristobal.

Reply Hamamd Iqbal Oct 7, Reply Hans Sleurink Oct 7, Reply James Oct 16, Reply Mohammad Oct 29, Reply Kay Nov 30, Thanks for the post, in the text you state to apply the value of 1 to the reg entry then 0 in the registry command. Thanks for pointing my attention to this inconsistency.

Generally I recommend to use the Web server rather than the local address book. On a terminal server this action could consume too many resources — Use with caution if you choose to. Absolutely no results before, searching still in progress with no result.

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Q: How can I force my Lync clients to update their address book?

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