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Neuro-Mass. The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength. By Jon Bruney. PDF eBook, pages. Read the foreword by Marty Gallagher for Neuro-Mass. Jan 9, If you're looking for a time efficient quick workout that is scientifically and anecdotally proven to build size and strength and help with. Sep 28, Neuro-Mass gives you the exact protocols you need to create an impressive, functional, athletic physique, combining the best kettlebell.

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How to develop maximum strength, speed, power, muscle and unstoppable conditioning, in 3 hours per week or less. Jon Bruney's Neuro-Mass provides the . Neuro Mass Docx - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. dfdf. The following in an excerpt from Jon Bruney's book "Neuro-Mass": These exercises teach body proper alignment and output for maximum strength. The explosive drills in Neuro-Mass recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Do you have favorite book? Should you have, what is your favorite's book? E-book is very important thing for us to understand everything in the world. Each reserve has different aim as well as goal; it means that reserve has different type. Some people sense enjoy to spend their time to read a book.

But I advise anyone who wants to follow this to follow it to the letter. It's very easy to overtrain if you do this and get the urge to do more. Neuro-mass is extremely intense and will wreck the deepest muscle fibers. If you're thinking about upping the intensity of the program, or stacking other intense programs on top of it, think again. It's a great program to follow for a few months.

You will get bigger and stronger on it. Its a great book, not short at nearly pages. The exercises are hard - definitely challenging and the type of training most people intuitively avoid. The book is okay, but it presents nothing new. The collection of exercises seems a little haphazard and poorly grouped bodyweight exercises often rely on hammers, steps, medicine balls, and even a treadmill.

There's no attention given to sequencing or progression; the premise seems built on a vague 'pick what's adequately hard' approach and that's it. There's nothing about cycling effort beyond the generic promise of 'you'll never plateau'.


The idea behind Neuro-Mass itself is fairly interesting - the three-tier work set that comprises a Neuro-set - but its not anything that hasn't already been explored by other writers. The book presents only about 10 pages of actual application and leaves you to essentially assemble the pieces. The vast majority of the book is just exercise descriptions and there are some very interesting exercises in there.

The book falls short on every front. It isn't detail-oriented enough for a seasoned pro, nor is it clear enough for a novice. Theorists and aficionados may enjoy the premise of the three-tier work sets, but they've probably already read about it previously. Athletes needing a proscribed approach to a specific goal will likely find the book woefully lacking.

All in all, Neuro-Mass definitely is not up to Dragon Door's usual standards and pales in comparison to Easy Strength, Convict Conditioning, or others. There are a lot of great things in this system of training. I can definitely tell that I am getting results. I love how there is a very customizeable work-out set-up and how he shows you every work out you will probably ever need with this system. With that said there could definitely be more detail about neurological and muscular interactions and even possibly: It seems to me like you would have to know that stuff already in order for this system to reach its maximum potential.

It touches on one or two things that are definitely helpful in those areas, but if this system wishes to be the "ultimate system for spectacular strength" it would include all of the details of such things. This system has the "what" but it needs the "how" and "why". I love this book! An excellent book to add to your strength in a dynamic refreshing way. Love the ideas provided. This was a really interesting approach to strength training.

I had not thought of incorporating isometrics into my training before. It was been a great addition to help bring up my weak points.

Read our Review Guidelines before posting your review. Register Login. View Cart 0. Continue Shopping. Previous Next. Click image to enlarge. Alternative Views. Read All Reviews. Write Review. That's how sure we are! Most training programs focus on ONE physical attribute at the expense of many others… For instance: With Neuro-Mass — you really can have it all… You can have impressive muscle mass, huge strength , the speed and power to dominate in any sport and the type of conditioning you need to handle ANY physical challenge that comes your way.

Neuro-Mass is a must for anyone wanting to succeed in athletics, coaching, training or life in general. The methods and principles in Neuro-Mass teach you to sustain and work through difficulty. These principles in return will make you strong and successful in every aspect of your life.

Finally a program that teaches real life-changing methods to help you succeed in your chosen battlefield. The question is: For those looking to push beyond average , this will take you there. Build more muscle, get way stronger, become faster and way more powerful and gain superhuman conditioning … all in just 3 hours training — or less — per week.

It requires you to train intensely. It will make you uncomfortable.

Neuro-Mass by Jon Bruney | Dragon Door

But Marty also said: Are you ready to train HARD for just hours a week in the pursuit of more muscle, strength, speed, power and conditioning? In pursuit of your best body ever? Your call. It's also a blueprint for those who want to develop a strong, durable body, one that not only looks strong, but truly is strong. Prepare to push yourself out of your comfort zone and remember, that is exactly what it takes if you are into results!

What this means is that you can perform this program at home OR at the gym. When you see the list of exercises Jon has put together in Neuro-Mass — using just your bodyweight or Kettlebells — you will be amazed. And "YES" — some are just plain nasty. The sledgehammer Push Up one of the few optional exercises that require more than just your bodyweight or kettlebells is one example of a NASTY exercise that Jon developed to build muscle and strength in your shoulders, triceps and chest.

YES Will it build greater strength? YES Will it make you faster and more explosive? YES It is easy? Hell no!

BIG results. Good question. Maximum results in minimum time … efficient training. The training tactics in Neuro-Mass go from cutting edge, to ancient, to downright strange and arcane—and the principles here all work like hell for weights or bodyweight training.

If you are looking to inject some nitrous into your program, buy this book today. Thousands of people have personally experienced Jon's jaw-dropping "Pressing the Limits" motivational strength programs. A true renaissance man in the realm of strength development, Jon Bruney is a world-class trainer, coach, motivational speaker and strongman.

He is the author of Foundations, a training series featured in MILO, widely considered the world's most prestigious strength training journal. So to answer the original question — why should you trust Jon Bruney? Jon Bruney is legit. He knows his stuff. And he can help you achieve physical peaks higher than you ever imagined via his Neuro-Mass training program.

Neuro-Mass The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength by Jon Bruney

Jon Bruney offers some powerful solutions on how to develop real-world strength and fitness in a concise and practical manner that anyone can greatly benefit from implementing. The diversity of the drills in Neuro-Mass is extensive and allows any fitness level to begin to utilize these concepts. Jon offers a unique regimen that methodically triggers neuromuscular improvements while upgrading muscle fiber quality. The exercises are simple and effective as demonstrated by Jon himself.

Jon Bruney presents a unique take on program design that will test both the body as well as the mind. If you're looking for maximum strength, who better to learn from than a world record-holding strongman? Jon Bruney's methods weave old-school and new-school wisdom in a way I've never seen before. Techniques from physical culture, combative martial arts and ancient health practices all seamlessly enjoined into a full-scale assault on your unsuspecting muscles.

Neuro-Mass has it all The training focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure. The training takes into account the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the amount of time the muscle is exposed to tension in order to maximize the amount of muscle fiber recruitment. You do this using controlled movements with even force loading on the muscle and you ensure you keep constant tension on the muscle at all times.

There was one problem with the Body By Science approach. After 18 months training this way I got bored. I liked this protocol as I could use a barbell and body weights, and it still utilised some of the 'time under tension' concepts I had great success with.

But to cut a long story short - this Neuro-Mass protocol was too much for me. The volume was too high, the workouts too long I missed the short workouts , and it was too hard to get quality sets in without form breaking down. And after a good year of tweaking, I've found the perfect protocol. It's so simple you're going to have your doubts. But it's working for me and my clients , and I know it will work for you. Remember, this is simply based Jon Bruneys Neuro-Mass protocol.

The Grind: Bench Press barbells or a machine , non-lockout, 5 second tempo, full range of motion with a weight that you can only move for seconds. The Explosion: Immediately drop to the floor and do 6 explosive pushups clap pushups if you can do them, otherwise explosive pushups trying to get up as fast as possible is ok. The Hold: Grab the back of a sturdy chair, or each side of a 20kg plate and try and crush it using your chest.

Hold this for 60seconds. Each set to failure. Back squat, non-lock out, full range of motion but stopping short of knee lock out. Controlled movement, 5second down, 5 second up. Aim for seconds reps if using a 5second tempo. Aiming to get as high as possible with each jump. Do a wall sit for 60seconds plus.

If this is easy, next time hold some kettlebells for each weight. It's a 3 part continuous set: Yes they burn. And yes the video is double speed. Real speed was slower than this.

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