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I Am The Cause - Neville Goddard According to a rabbical principle, that which is not written in scripture is non-existent. The story of Jesus Christ follows. From until this is The Resurrection Volume. Neville Goddard Resurrection PDF Free Download. Each free downloadable pdf. If anyone is interested in PDF versions of: Seven Salient Subjects The Gate of the Year Freedom Lecture at Cambria Beach Neville Goddard and The Promise.

Neville Goddard Pdf Ita

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Enjoy Neville Goddard PDFs Neville Goddard Free PDF – At Your Command Posted by mrneville on May 29, AT YOUR COMMAND NEVILLE. If You Can Really Believe--Neville Goddard - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File mains on it. to -call ita day" and come it going indef'initely. Download Neville Goddard PDF and Neville Goddard Audio Here.

But maybe we stop right there, and we separate man from God, and my purpose is to show you that we are not two, that we are One — that God actually became man, that man may become God. So, let us, now tonight, give you my reasons for my claims. That same creative Word that created the universe, and sustains it, dwells in us! So, this Creative Word is in us. Well, what is this Creative Word? Man is all imagination, and God is man, and exists in us, and we in Him.

What do I want? Now, what would it be like if it were true? Now catch the mood, and try to give that mood all the sensory vividness of reality — all the tones of reality, and then sleep in it just as though it were true. And then await the inevitable. The inevitable is that you are going to resurrect it and objectify it on the screen of space, and then the world will call it real, and they may not believe you.

If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it — no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the cause is invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to mortal eye. Who knows what you are imagining? No one knows, but you can sit down and imagine, and no one can stop you from doing it, but can you give reality to the imagined state?

You are an honest person, your family — they are honest — I think they are. Would you like me to buy it for you and get my lawyer to bid for it? Are you willing to take it, regardless of the price? You only had your signature on a piece of paper.

At the end of 10 years you repay the man his principal; you reduce it every year, pay him six percent on the remaining principal, and reduce the entire thing at the end of ten years.

In the meanwhile, you continue in that business, and it multiplies and multiplies, and that year was — and This is now It was repaid and repaid.

All in imagination! And he was moved — not to get even, but to prove that he really had something within him and could be a success in spite of this deception. He did it every day, twice a day, for two years, and then came this sudden — out of the nowhere, and the whole thing was made possible, and today they are all over the islands, and they have no partners.

They have never taken in one partner, never sold one bit of stock outside of the family ownership. All by imagination! I am speaking of my own family. This is not hearsay. I know it. So, when you know what you want, remain faithful to that assumption, and the assumption, though at the moment it is denied by your senses, and denied by reason — if you persist in it, it will harden into fact.

Are we not told that God calls a thing that is not seen as though it were seen, and then the unseen becomes seen? See Romans 4: He calls everything from the unseen into the seen in this simple manner, for He is the resurrecting power. Am what?

Well, I name it, and having given it a name — given it form, given it definition — remaining in it, I resurrect it. He would not have known where to start looking for one the day of the sale. Let me call my father. Leave everything and come. That was a lifetime friendship.

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The whole thing was simply free. All I need from you is the acceptance of it. Will you believe it? Will you believe that with God all things are possible?

Mark Well, you can prove it in the not-distant future, but you are the operant power. It will not work itself. If you dare to assume this very night that you have a better job than you now hold or that you have a larger income — you may be fired tomorrow.

You could be fired! You know what happened? I was fired. I have seen that. It takes someone to fire you to get you into a better job.

I have seen that time and again. You may be promoted in the job, or you may be invited by some other concern that is competitive to join them — I do not know how it happens; I only know: I could tell you unnumbered stories of this nature. So, here, I say: So, if I go to the very end, what would it be like were it true? A health case: You can hear anything you want to hear.

Listen this very moment. You may not be able to whistle a tune. Well, can you now imagine that you are hearing The Battle Hymn of the Republic? Did you hear it at the funeral of Senator Kennedy? Did you see it on TV? I doubt there were very many dry eyes when he got through singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

So, you can do this for good or ill.

I advise you: Do it for good. But the choice is yours. Use your imagination always lovingly on behalf of others. But to tell you that you could not do it to hurt is stupid, because you can hurt. So, you imagine what you want. Believe that you have it, and see how it works in the world. Those who scoff at it — well, let them scoff. And that one Christ dwells in us. He did not appropriate a single man, as the priesthoods of the world teach.

They tell you of a single man, and they single out a man that differs from all men. His desire was to save humanity, and so He dwells in us — not in that particular man. Let no one tell you that the Christ in you differs from the Christ — and let them name any man they want.

He cannot differ. And the teachers who teach of an external, objective, different Christ are false teachers.

Neville Goddard Resurrection Volume Complete Download Free

Christ is within, and He rises within. So, you go out and put it to the test. Put it to the extreme test. John 1: He planned everything as it has come out, and as it will be consummated. And the purpose of it all is to awaken in us, so that we and he are one. So, He actually became us, that we may become God. So, He became man, that man may become God. Now tonight, you need not confine it to yourself.

Do you know a friend who is unemployed? Just see him gainfully employed. Here is a friend of mine in L. They are going to fire him. Well, the man had no support outside of the job, and he had a family. He told my friend. He sat quietly at his desk and heard the man tell him that they praised him beyond measure for something that he had done. I have no money. I am going to ask them to give me one week of the two, that I can get myself together and maybe take off a few days and just get my thoughts in order.

My friend — when he told him what he was going to do — my friend knew he could not afford to quit and not work, so he saw him gainfully employed and earning twenty-five percent more than the present job.

He took off the second week. What did it? So, if you precede your visit by an imaginal act, they will see you as you see yourself. But if you walk in the assumption that things are as you desire them to be, they are going to see you that way. And this is life. Now, what greater claim can anyone make than to acclaim that he is God? And when He claimed it, they said, He is blaspheming, for here is a man, and the man claims he is God. Do you know of any greater claim in the world than for a man to identify himself with God and walk as though he were, and not be ashamed to admit it?

And if he imagines a state and it comes to pass, then he knows the creative power that is God. He sleeps in a noble state, because he is one with God. Well, let everyone take that attitude, and the world will change — not be beaten, but you can take the whole vast world, if they feel themselves slaves, and give them the world; they will want it again tomorrow.

Unless a man has self-respect, you can give him all the money in the world, and it means nothing. That goes for the individual, it goes for a family, it goes for a race of people; it goes for a nation. Who has a background? So, you can go back far enough, and almost everyone who now claims importance would be ashamed of that background. Just, all of a sudden, start right now and assume the dignity that is God.

And, then, with that assumption — and if you have children, I hope you do — well, then, instill that into the child. Instill it into all within the environment, and have them feel important.

I have no background, judged by human standards — either intellectual, financial or these things — we made it. Well, I never heard that we had any background, but all of a sudden you begin to feel that you must be important.

She made the name important, so today it is important. All right, who has any background? As far as I am concerned, I refuse to accept the aristocracy of any being in this world, other than the aristocracy of the Spirit.

What other aristocracy? We are all God! So, if that is the start of all of us, well, then, that is our root, and, so, claim it now. The true Israelite is not a descendant after the flesh, but the Elect of God, of whatever nation. And, may I tell you, in the not-distant future — in the immediate present — it will work. It does! Then how do you explain the fact that. My dear, there is a man in this state today by the name of Krishnamurti. He was a member of the Theosophical Society when Annie Besant and Alcott and that entire crowd ran it.

That book is still in print. They brought out a book without his consent. They tried to make him a Christ — the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He allowed it. And that book came out, and there are literally hundreds of full-page pictures of his so called reincarnations of the past — one the male, female, male, female, Chinese, Indian, Oriental, Caucasian — all these. And here he went all the way back, but not into the Negro — he was something different.

Then when he got big enough and courageous enough to deny it, he denied it, but they had printed those books, and they are still in the library and they are still in the homes of individuals; and now he will go from the world as they have departed this world, and those who will come tomorrow will not know that it was refuted, and will go along and believe it.

I tell you, my dear, stick to the Bible. All these are simply theories — man-made theories for one purpose, to make a buck.

If You Can Really Believe--Neville Goddard

Ninety-nine percent of them are in it only for the dollar. You are individualized, and you tend forever towards greater and greater individualization. You will never lose your identity. You will awaken one day, and you are the Lord Jesus Christ Himself — without loss of identity! You will not lose your identity, and yet I will know you to be God.

I will know you to be Jesus, as I know you as you are now, and it will not seem strange to you that you are Jesus.

You will not bow your head in shame, and yet you will not lose your identity. Pour en finir avec un mythe: Gaudete et exsultate: God and His Coexistent Relations to the Universe:: Guardian Angel: Guerres mondiales et totalitarismes Harry Potter: Hillary et Bill Clinton.

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