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the subject of the Oera Linda Book (1. Historical Notes and Explanations; 2. The Royal. Academy and Het Oera Linda Bok), both of which would be very valuable . The Oera Linda Book, tr. by Wiliam R. Sandbach, [], full text etext in a Google page image PDF, which does not give the best OCR yield. byOera Linda bok, Oera Linda, William R. Sandbach, Cornelis Over de Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and.

Oera Linda Book Pdf

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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Oera Linda Book, by Anonymous This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Oera Linda Book, from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. The Oera Linda Book is a controversial manuscript, dated , from the Frisian region of the Netherlands. Today, it is.

There has also appeared in the " Deventer Couraut Though a series of twelve letters on the same subject. The writer evidently entered upon his task of criticism with a feeling of disbelief in the authen- book ticity of the that. I believe they are from the pen of Professor Vitringa. He obtained at the same time permission to make a copy of it for the benefit of the Friesland that it might be of great imSociety. All that was it known was had from generation to careful rests preservation. As the grandson was at that time barely ten years old.

From a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century first came to the attention of scholars in the mid nineteenth century, and the controversy it caused is still sending out ripples today.

Originally in an antiquated Old Frisian, a Germanic language in use for almost a millennium, the unusual manuscript was translated into English by William R. Sandbach and it contained what seemed to be stories of historical and religious import. They spanned a period that covered from around BC to AD. After an initial honeymoon period of widespread acceptance the controversy surrounding the work began to increase and to this day a lively debate about the source of the text exists.

The identity of the original author is shrouded in mystery along with the design and purpose of the work. Many believe that the work may even be the creation of Cornelis Over de Linden, a Dutch man, in collaboration with his associates. A crucial question for every reader will undoubtedly be whether this book was created by a writer seeking to record sense or court sensation.

While that question is one that each reader must answer for themselves as they assess its merits there is no doubt that the alternative history of Europe as a matriarchy under an unfamiliar association of Gods is one which provokes thought, its use by the Nazi party as a prop for their occultism in particular leaves one driven to investigate.

In old writings the ink is very black or brown; but while there has been more writing since the thirteenth century, the colour of the ink is Often grey or yellowish, and sometimes quite pale, showing that it contains iron.

All this affords convincing proof that the manuscript before us belongs to the middle of the thirteenth century, written with clear black letters between fine lines carefully traced with lead. The colour of the ink shows decidedly that it does not contain iron. By these evidences the date given, , is satisfactorily proved, and it is impossible to assign any later date.

Therefore all suspicion of mod ern deception vanishes. Company number Poga sjochticb. Tha roka hropath spar. F6I0 slachta Findas send sn6d enoch. Lydas folk ne mfii nto 6wa to mSikjande ni to hS. The frog cries " Work.

Eternal and unalterable are the signs wisdom and rec- '. The word " Eva " is too sacred for common use. They say a great Finda's people are just like these. The toad blows himself out. The raven cries " Spare. Whoever himself. Lyda's people can make laws nor obey them. Eternity who remains always just and unchangeable. Is ther eng dSn. Mikant tande. Ut-a Skeifta Minnos.

When Nyhalennia. What the least of your slaves sell as a is. I carry own bosom. Feom Minno's Weitings. Your humble But they missed my I have inherited and freedom. The gentlemen went away servants. Ik thrvch tham er Hwanath kvmth-et kwad.

That likath vs Fryas kidde waka. Enis dva. Time will hatch must watch that no harm happens said. Well answered your hand right. What I the dog is to the shepherd I must watch over Frya's very well.

These eggs are the symbols of? Frya's counsels. We understand that but tell us what meE[ns. I cannot ask spirit. Hellenia andere. Thit is forsta. Frya het vs vppe wei brocht S.

Tach ekkorum thervmbe kjasth vs folk sin wis ind god to werthande. Nillath wi navt. All the evil comes from you. That is another. For it wise. Thus doing. Then a prince said. Very possibly. Frya has placed us and remedy we should why does so exceedingly good.

I should think it best to submit. Ak wrdon.

The Oera Linda Book

Tha stand Tha muska folgath vnder vs weld send. They cunningly made themselves masters of our laws and customs. The sparrows follow the sower. The people began to mock and to jeer. They they announced and sold to the simple people advice that she had never given. They appointed who were priestesses apparently under the protection of Festa.

Tha-k althus wei faren was mith mina Ijvd fon Athenia. Tha Nyhellenia fallen was. Hja seidon that ik hjara help anhropen hSde vmbe Ssega to wr wSr.

Thach thS. Enisfand ik gif in min met. When we came away from Athenia with I an island named by arrived at my my followers. When this among us. The and came to me to establish a code of laws. So found poison in my assistance to.

The priests and the princes declared that we had excited their subjects to rebellion. Nyhellenia died. From the Writings of Minno. Tm mot wS. Ende wra skrifta Minnos. ThSrfar tha. Sahwersa imman n4d heth S. AUera mannalik 1. Tacli min witherfara to letande. Every young man ought married at five-and-twenty. Flylaud sailed past. I quietly took ing alone. Here ends Minno's writing. If any man must be brought falls into just therefore and murder. To secure this. If any man becomes poor because he will not work.

These are the Three Principles on which these Laws are founded. I will conclude this by saying that we must not have anything.

Every may it. The people of Einda have tions. Everybody knows that he requires the necessaries of 1. Sahwersa thi bona mei biwisa mith vrkanda tju-. Is hwa wrak. Kan sina burch-fam hin far altid nei tha tiniana helpa er er fat wide. Thissa Domae send makad faea Nydiga Manniska. Sa hwa in hS. Tha berth et wither sa ne mei frydom bistelne likt sa mot-i that vrfate.

Plecht er after nei hordom. Wil thene that dva. If he cannot pay. Any one who commits he.

The Oera Linda Book Index

These Rules ake made foe Aitgey People. If then he will not marry. If the prisoner can prove by proper witnesses that. If he must appeal to the Burgtmaagd in order to be sent to work in the iron or tin mines until he has expiated his crime under the general law. If a young man must be driven from 61 is not married at five-and-twenty. If after that he commits any act of incontinence. If a man is forfeit his own life to the tin mines 2. If a man in a passion or out of illwill breaks another's limb or puts out an eye or a tooth.

Tha stjurar sibba nei en fer eland forstuva. Sahwersa thSr enis imman were sa S. This send Hwa 1. Nen 2. Domae fara Hoeninga.

If he a bastard. These 1. The maidens must curse name in all the states. The mother and to all his relations sailors offspring of must take a desolate island. If any man is to be feared. Zie plaat I. Godfreiath thene alda heth ther asvndergana telnomar fon mSikad f4r stand to fi.

Men Asser gvng thi thredde ejnher nw by tha skelte. S-nd leth sin sted. Sea-King Godfried the Old the set hand and for the not too much that we —made —that runic hand. Fasta was Eeremoeder she made When a running hand out of The Witkoning it.

War had come There were three to an end. We may be eternally thankful to Wr-alda that he allowed his spirit to exercise such an. See Plate What the is. The second and let well. In her time Finda also invented a mode of writing. According to this model Frya formed the set hand which she used to write her Tex. Zie plaat II. An Wr. J6ron ue wrde navt ne telath. The The sun rose higher. This stands inscribed upon all Citadels. See Plate II. Here is a specimen of the set hand and of the running hand.

The years as another. Before the bad time came our country was the most. In doing this they acted very unwisely. Th6ra th6r thana til tha hSinde KrfikaMnda saton. Hja tham thSr saton vppa elanda wrdon LStne hfiten. J Angelara. Thach for that hja navt to skolde. Thera th6r in da hage marka saton. All those now who lived between the Scheldt. Those who lived in the islands were called Letten. Denmark were called Jutten. The banks of these rivers were at one time entirely inhabited by our people.

Those who were settled in the higher marches bounded by Twisklanden Germany were called Saxmannen. B on the forehead. Thence we obtained copper and iron. The Angelaren were men who fished in named because they used lines and the sea. As Those who were settled to the east of different names. Opposite Denmark and Jutland we had colonies and a Burgtmaagd.

Zeekampers naval men. Opposite to us we had Britain. Tbrju j6r was irtba alsa to lydande. H61 tbene siimer was svnne wilde hja irtha navt ne sja.

Tbju Waraburcb nis nen fdmnaburcb. Ho Arge Tid kem. To lik as hju to spfijande fjvr and logha. Troops of Finda's people came and settled in the empty places. During the whole summer the sun had been hid behind the clouds. Rivers changed their course. Many countries were submerged. Whole forests were burned one after the other. The mountains opened to vomit forth fire and flames. Marzaten natives of the fens. During three years this continued. It was not only in Finda's land that the eartli vomited fire.

This is inscribed on the Warabuegt by the Aldegamude. Some sank into the bosom of the earth. Our dispersed people were exterminated Then watchfulness was doubly impressed or made slaves. There was perpetual calm. Hja Magjara men hS. Tha gluppe. Hju is thri p61a. Hja mfeuath th6r inda ma.

Alsa S-nd 1 Tha. They were not wild Magy. They have weapons of stone. Thus is the Preface. But still call them Finns. Now that we have learned to know them. Of clouds. There- fore they were able to take possession of it without contest. This is the One hundred and one driven by another.

Aldland a people came out of the East. This people have not even a because although all the name but we. Scboonland Scandinavia Yes. The rest of the people are of no account. K4t was stonden. Enes was and Inka w6ron sSkamper and anda Alderga-mude t-vs.

Frya warth anhropen. Ouddorp if Lumkamakja bij bithgre Alkmaar. Anda Alder-gamude t Sterik was sin n6me and ther reste en aide sSkaning. As tha jonga kampar nw bi ekk6rum kemon. Tennis and Inka were naval warriors. The navy then sailed to Denmark. X LumkamS. Then all the forces were assembled. From this expedition the history of Wodin sprang. Kat was proud and haughty. Minna this was the name of the mother summoned all the sailors and the young men from Oostflyland and Denmark. This old fellow had three nephews.

Frya was appealed to. Kat or Katerine was the name of the priestess who was Burgtmaagd of Godasburgt. Eighty years afterwards. When they were well established. When the young warriors had assembled together. All who could not flee away were killed. Kiliaau in voce. Th4 kem sjande. Rju f6lo stjurar stornewind S.

Warth vsa kS. Thv folk fon yser. Kat mith nfimande. Hi Thene Meigy heth Frya weldiger is asal wil sin ha. Wodin was sterik. Hja seidon to Wodin. When the Magy heard how his forces had been utterly defeated. Become our king. What glory it would be for you if you Our trumpets would recould drive back the savages sound with your praises. He will lay down his head in her ing with each other. When Wodin was crowned. Then a storm arose and drove the warlike.

The numbers in fight- will come The Magy possesses great riches. Frya was their war-cry. S 77 they arrived immediately in. But Kat.. Wodin was strong. When Schoonland. Hi w6rde that et en rjucht were.

F6I0 Magjara flodon mith hjara Ijvda bik ward. Tha Wodin en stnt w6i w6st h6de. Frya that-i a. He asserted that it was his right given him by his idols. Wodin but the Magy did just as he pleased. The Magy said that he was taken up by their gods and still reigned over us.

Many Magyars fled back with their troops. Next comes upon the stage the and Neef Inka.

The Oera Linda Book, from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century by J. G. Ottema et al.

Whereupon he was incensed with herbs. Those who cared more for themselves than for justice let him work his own way. Magy gave him his daughter to wife.

All history of Neef Tennis Warabuegt. While all were disputing and quarrelling. But besides this dispute there was one between the Magyars and Finns. When Wodin had disappeared some time. His reign lasted seven years. We wished to choose another king. Hi skold alsa Imd brek omkomth hS. Ak et Flyland ne landa. We fleet sepa- shall hear of Teunis afterwards. Neef Teunis coasted through the straits to the Mediter- ranean Sea.

Teunis planted a red flag on the shore.

As the two cousins could not agree. Thus coasting along. Teunis many all this lost to the had reckoned to find there a good. When suffering also on the shores of the Mediterranean. Thv hja. Nef tiinia. Tunis let im bilesa S. Tha sa to tha lesta kemon hja an to Phonisivs kad. As nw hja theran en noma jeva wilde. Men Tiinis th6r flirsjande were. You are only foreign adventurers whom But when we sold them some of our They also wished to iron weapons. Then merchants came and begged him to let them have twenty vessels.

Near the coast they found an island with two deep bays. Twelve ships were then laden with wine. Some wanted to call it Fryasburgt. Then they wanted to give it a name. But Teunis. When they were well estab- some old seamen and Magyars on an lished. Thyr was the name of one of their idols. Vmb nw ira selva en gode skin to j6vane. Skene kapre fara vsa ysere wepne vsa as nomath stjurar leter hja hede. ISton hja ra selva in vsa tal ana trowe wydena selva kirt fon wei ThS. Tha Gola.

In the northernmost part of the Mediterranean there an island close to the coast. X Missellja is Marseilles. Afterwards this place was called Almanaland.

Therefore it was resolved in a general assembly to allow only seven Thyrian ships and no more in a What year. In order to make called Hereafter will be seen The Golen. The mother's advice was asked. This ' Overa Skelda et th6re Flyburch sat Syrh6d.

Min-erva NyhelMnja hwand tha alle was hira red. Thjus fam was fvl renka. Men tha Gola fyradon allerhana wla drochtenlika fersta and to tyadon tha kadhemar thera thrvch todvan Ljarar horiga manghertne S. In Britain there were plenty of men. So all served their purpose to these girls Wr-alda in order to give them children from steal to false gods.

If any of our people had so conducted himself that. And how we thereby lost all our southern lands Britain and to the Golen. When the Golen knew this. Sijrhed presided. This maiden was full of tricks. Near the southern mouth of the Khine and the Scheldt there are seven islands. Above it this city are the words and watch. This name was well chosen. Inna tMve vrsturvene Moder stand E6sa-mvda thet heten. As hju ther hira nocht fon hede. Lik en wrlandeske er thrvch knaked.

Min-erva thet twede S. Min-erva wilde enkel minth wesa. This hurt Sijrhed. Therefore the mariners called her Kalta. S 89 and her tongue was nimble. Eosamond last will of the was named first.

Min-erva second. So then Min-erva went and put a sheep-dog and an owl on The dog. When she had had enough of this she threw herself into the hands of the Gauls but. Hark then frjunda til m6i. In dvl-dryste iver gvngon hja overa Sand fal neidam nacht midlerwil del str6k gvngon hja evin S. Tha hju thi lerste selva nei hira burch tha. Neidam bydriv wSst lera skolde. Sons and daughters of Frya. As soon as she her citadel.

Jon — that -was a sea-king. I I should burn the witch in her nest. I have long kept silence it is. I friends — as well as all the all our must come out with it. We now come to the History of Jon. If should know what to do. Kalta again for Min-erva. In mad haste they hurried over the Sandfal.

On then. Nw filt. Hi dede rjucht.

Helprik thene hSrman let-im'in banna. Under Moder. The landsmen who were fighting were all caught, but Jon with his seamen took refuge on board his fieet, taking with him the two lamps, as well as MinHelprik, the erva and the maidens of both the citadels. His fighting men and many of our people took women and children on board, and when Jon saw that he and his people would be punished for their misdeeds, he secretly took his. Tha kemon tha Gola mith hjara skepum. Minerva seide. Insulae Joniae.

Inaulae piratarum. Hja wSron mith felum wilde wotelum and hvning. Vppa hwand to wetane. That forma gvngon hja vppa run. Tha Minerva that land bisjan hede. That wrde to staden vnder biding that wi skolde helpa hjam with hjara swetsar stridande. Bitwiska tha ferum and heinda Krgkalandum fand Jon svma elanda ther im gvng-er inna likte. Min-erva retained her lamp and her own maidens. They were clothed in skins. How did you get your slaves?

They answered. But Min-erva said. Min-erva replied. Therefore these islands the mountains. Between the near and the distant coasts of Italy Jon found some islands.

Insulse as well as Johannis InsulEe. Upon the largest he built a city in the wood between made expeditions for Tengeance on the Tyrians. Min-erva asked if we This was agreed to on the we should help them to fight against their neighbours. S 99 Jon took the lamp of Kalta and her maidens with him. Hellenja jefta Minerva sturven was. Ak nildon hja nene ore Moder kjasa leta.

As tha prestera sagon that hja hjara hering navt vp vsa fjvr breda ne mochton. That nv willath tha forsta navt. Gert Pire his toghater to vsa Moder was.

As hja that denesse vm nw yrsene burchwepne. If the Krekalanden. But we would not recognise Min-erva as a goddess. This is When the history of Jon and of Min-erva. Therefore When we chose the priests saw that they could not fry their herrings on our fire have everything their own way. The slaves. Geert Pyre's daughter for our mother. This When is about the Geeetmbn.

They refused to it appear erva. Hellenia or Min-erva died. The to give live wisest of the citizens. Three months afterwards Geert departed with the best of Frya's sons. When he saw that with his people he could not storm our wall.

They were on their way to Athens. Soon after they had left with at least thirty ships coming from Tyre with women and children. When they had taken our harbour. If you do that we will burn our ships. Thereupon there arrived three hundred ships full of wild mountain soldiers. Thereupon they gave the people statues of her. The sea-king of. As er makad wrde.

Al thissa ska. For this purpose he had brought great treasures with him. They were from Troy. The King of Tyre afterwards. After twelve years had elapsed without our seeing any MtfetBs in Almanland. When earth so that all the water and the muddy shores were raised up This happened on account of the virtues of the Geertmen.

All these treasures he offered to On the largest of the mother. At last. Pangab J Walhallagara is is the Indus. There there was established a Burgtmaagd whose name was Kaat. At last they landed at the Punjab. Ho-t thermei sy. Fon tha othera Krekalander hetste sekur Sekrops hered. Fon thisse kening hyr en skryver S. Tber gvng en telling that er vs nygen were. From the other Greeks you will have heard a great deal of bad about Oecrops. However it tear up our When the reason of our girls to Egypt.

There was a story cur- he was against oppression. There was left behind by this king a writer of pure of Athens.. At men the first own race. Such a morass in a tropical country poisonous snakes.

As interests. Athens were pleaded in our language. The bastard chil- dren of this connection were the handsomest and cleverest in the world. To 16nga lesta thi. Hja jevon him ysere wSpne Ind mith hjam. Men vrljasa. Thju Moder sand bodon hja skolde thju wandel fara 16ta. Skenlander wer to nimmande. Nw most mS. This How our Ill inscribed in all our Citadels. Magy had become master of the east part of Scandinavia.

The child charity found no place. The general assembly were of the same and opinion. There was danger to their morals in it. Scandinavians back again. She said. Just one after the first ship with provisions sailed coast. I see no danger in their weapons.

They dare not come over the hills and over the sea. The mother would not prevent it. Nw anda winter by wSpende manna wra burchwal wSron. Nw s6idon Vppen helle nacht kenion hja alia. Strid hwilde thervmbe kirt. This wicked accomplished one deed he stormy winter night. Two years afterwards Magy himself came with a fleet of light boats to steal the lamp from the mother of Texland.

There are some who think that they were betrayed by the counts. Before the guard was ready. He immediately gave the saw that already armed alarm. The struggle did not last long. When the had made the bridge. Thernei As er stand is hju twa sp6ka jeftha jer del truled het. As sterva leta. When through her A sword. As the guard had not kept a good watch. After that When it first: My soul. They shall all by murder. At eyes Yes. She resisted him. Althus wer-et ende fon-re Moderum.

Men thene MS. El wel seide thene Magy mith vrborgne wodin. Men thusand wara thusand leste thera hropa. Forth slider to jenst Sa sinar rakkarum. After the murder of the mother. Then he said to his with rage This was the executioners. The Magy. Thenceforth "When she had finished your children shall live in peace.

After that. Time will provide that. We do not ask for revenge. Very good. Throw this woman overboard. Before seven days have passed your soul shall haunt the tombs with the night-birds. The light which at first only glimmered shall gradually become a flame.

Watch watch watch! How IT! I have asked. The blood of the bad shall flow over but freedom. Tha stjurar fon Nw fere tocht ut. Thi M. Men alsa wel rjucht that felo sinra anna brond wSron. To thisre stonde run tha w6re hju ut. In now I will The Magy tried to the bustle of the fight you might forget it. When that they were betrayed. The seafaring men of Stavoren and Alderga would gladly have gone to Jon.

You sent our Eeremoeder to the ship of the Magy. Afterwards he went up the Flymeer because he wished to take the maiden of Medeasblik or Sta- voren and install her as mother but there they were on their. At the Finns saw that. MSd6a mei spotter lakkja. Tham TH. Tha tha stjurar an da kreke lejon was thSr en fon ut Stavora mank.: When the sailors were in the creek. Medea may Upon wag well this. Hail Lake of Medea's laughter.

The occurrences that happened this everybody can rememher. NSidam ne kS. Alrek stfi. Therthrvch nis er nene kSren S. The mother had not named her was nowhere to be found. Seven killed a mother had to be chosen. From what follows you will understand Liudgert. Each state was in favour of its own maiden. Many my mother to alter her an Eeremoeder ought to be as pure people wished decision. My mother was chosen. I cannot be such Thus spoke and reasoned Adela.

It was his turn to live at the great court of Dokhem. My name is Adelbrost. Grevetman over the Linda- Therefore I will continue this book in the same my mother has spoken Magy was After the it. Therefore none was chosen. She had saved my father's life. My heth mS. Ho-r vntleth. Mith-era burchfamna gvnget jeta S.

I6ra Min tat ther siak leide is fon skrik vrstur- Apol min jungere brother fon hyr nei there westsyde fon Skeniand faren. Tha vs leth. Every headman imagined that he did enough his own state. How this happened my mother has explained. He had Wr-alda accorded him five sons. If any case happened which concerned several and one maid had been consulted. Each of them depended upon her own judgment. My father. Two-and-thirty days after my brother Adelbrost was found murdered on the wharf.

Qnalik wildet hS. I skil thervmde min mvla navt ne sluta ner snora. Thit send tha neiletne skrifta Brunnos. Ther mitha ben 't Til thju vs nSn in wralda.

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