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PAS Prerequisite programmes on food safety for design and This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) has been prepared by the British Standards. Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart BS PAS specifies requirements for establishing, implementing. Product Information Page. Banner Promotion Locations ( BannerPromotionLocations): Is Top Priority? (TopPriority): Search engine optimised title (SEOtitle).

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FSSC and PAS for Packaging Manufacturers. Webinar – 07 Dec . AGENDA. Introduction. Webinar in session. FSSC Certification of Food Packaging Material Manufacturing is currently performed using PAS The ISO/TS was published. PAS - Integrating the Food Packaging Industry with the ISO family of Standards. PAS fulfills the ISO requirements for prerequisite programmes as established in clause The combined requirements of ISO and PAS is aligned with the requirements.

Search engine optimised title SEOtitle: PAS is the standard for prerequisite programmes and design requirements for food safety in the manufacture and provision of food packaging. Search engine optimised keywords SEOkeywords: PAS Search engine optimised description SEOdescription: Title Title: PAS prerequisite programmes and design requirements for food safety in the manufacture and provision of food packaging.

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BS PAS This PAS is not designed or intended for use in other parts of the food chain. Food packaging manufacturing organizations are diverse in nature, and not all of the requirements specified in this PAS apply to an individual organization. Each organization is required to conduct a documented food safety hazard and risk assessment that includes each requirement.

Where exclusions are made or alternative measures are implemented, these need to be justified by the food safety hazard and risk assessment. Cross References: Other Browser: Other 0.

PAS 223 to ISO / TS 22002-4

Direct Navigation IP: Not Logged In Member?: Posted 05 June - Posted 13 June - I agree, Charles. I'm excited to have this new standard available.

I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to read through, and make comments if appropriate. This is a positive development.

Posted 24 June - Walls and floors shall be resistant to the cleaning system applied. Standing water shall be avoided in areas where food safety may be impacted. Posted 27 June - The PAS is released on the 1st July and then will be adopted by the food safety foundation who manage the FSSC scheme, they will then prepare a scheme to submit for benchmarking to the GFSI, hopefully this will happen before the end of the year.

The other PAS documents in development are retail and animal feed so there will be more technical specifications supporting ISO in the different food chain sectors. Hope this helps: Posted 30 June - PAS is nowo published and available for sale For further information on PAS or food safety management, visit http: Posted 02 July - ISO Introduction How to Use.

Posted 03 August - Edited by Charles. C, 04 August - Hello everyone, thanks to FSSM I received two weeks ago the PAS last version. BSI July However I will look to get a public version.


I'm checking all PASS points Posted 04 August - It seems there is no problem for the document to be downloaded. Simon, do you know if there any technical issue going on? Kind Regards,.

I tend to agree with Simon's overall summary, but its not bad by any means and if it raises the profile of making safe food packaging so much the better.

I've not had time to go through in any depth, but one thing that jumped out was the requirement to use food grade oils in compressors which is something I'm very keen on.

There is often a lot of resistance to this from compressor manufacturers and service engineers. I also like the comment that food grade lubricants can be a sourse of allergens as this should encourage companies to look at the less obvious when doing allergen risk assessments. Posted 18 September - Dear joy , when you finish work on Pass , then pls provide me some information regarding this.

Posted 10 January - Dear sir, do i get basic idea about pas FSL Articles News Blogs Events Images.

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