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Friday, September 6, 2019

Umme Maryam is the author of the book Dil e Nadan Novel Pdf. It is an interesting social, romantic story which published first in a monthly. Dil e nadan by Umme Maryam from here. Click on the link given below. Download Link Dil e nadan novel by Umm e Maryam. Read Online. Dil e Nadan Novel By Umme Maryam Pdf

Pdf Novel Dil E Nadaan

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Dil e Nadan by Umm e Maryam Urdu Novels Center (UrdunovelsBlogspot. com) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Dil e . Jan 15, Dil e Nadan By Umme Maryam Dil e nadan novel is authored and written by umme maryam contains a social and romantic story in urdu pdf. many novels in different Pakistani digests. Dil e nadan novel by Umme Maryam download pdf. is available in pdf and for online reading.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Mustafa Afridi Daily Times, Ally Adnan. Mustafa Afridi. The story of Aangan is both universal and ageless. His body of work consists of a number of critically and commercially successful television serials, including Aseerzadi , Firaaq , Sang-e-Mar Mar , and Yeh Raha Dil

Thankfully, the hard work, energy and time that I put into the adapting the book has turned out to be personally gratifying and enriching.

Dil e Nadan by Umm e Maryam Urdu Novels Center (

The story of Aangan is set in the first half of the twentieth century and depicts the moral, emotional, political, cultural, and social mores of the time. Do you believe that these are valid today? The story of Aangan is not tied to any one time period.

It is the tale of people living in trying times and deals with their beliefs, emotions and feelings. These elements lie at the core of society and constitute its cultural, political and social foundation. They do not date. The story of Aangan is, therefore, both universal and ageless.

It is as relevant today as it was about a century ago. Our people have the same psychological makeup, the same emotions and the same problems as they did in We still have Jameels chasing dreams, Chammis sacrificing themselves for love, and Aaliyas dealing with the doubts and certitudes of life.

Very little, if anything, has changed.

Kutab Library: Dil e nadan novel pdf by Umme Maryam

Our interpretation of its story and themes may change with time but Aangan will always be relevant and current. On the other hand, the male characters — Jameel, in particular — are relatively weak and uninteresting.

Did you have to reinvent some of the character to make them attractive to twenty first century viewers? No, I did not. Jameel, Aaliya, Safdar, Chammi, Kusum, Asrar and the others, all the characters have been defined in great detail — and with great skill and intelligence — by Khadija Mastoor.

Their strengths and weaknesses, convictions and doubts, and dreams and actions make them real, relatable and interesting.

They do not need to be reinvented for the current generation of television viewers.

I made a deliberate effort to not change the essence of the novel and its characters. Aaliya does not hate men; she is against the system which creates men who lack strength, character and courage.

She is bothered by men who romance women but abandon them in the face of changing circumstances and challenges. Her problem is with a society that allows men to act in dishonorable ways and treat women without care, consideration and empathy.

It is highly reductive — and very unfair — to label her character as just a man-hater.

There is much more to Aaliya than that. Jameel is an unlikely hero for our times. He is weak, capricious and passive. He abandons his first love — Chammi — for the more beautiful Aaliya when she comes to live in his home, and continues to pursue her even after she firmly rejects his romantic advances.

Do you think that people will accept Jamil as the hero of the play?

Jameel is a sensitive man who dreams of better, happier times for himself and for those around him. I think people will empathize with his character and find his unbridled hopefulness attractive.

He, however, always remains a dreamer and this, in my opinion, is the quality that makes him a worthy hero of the story. When did you first think of adapting Aangan for television?

It was in the year Aangan has held me captive ever since. I used to think I would be free of the hold that the novel has over me after adapting it for television, but I was wrong. I still think about Aangan all the time and feel a strong need to take the story forward from where Khadija Mastoor left it. I cannot bear to think of abandoning the characters of the novel.

Dil e Nadan Novel By Umme Maryam Pdf Download

It is my hope to write two sequels to Aangan, one that covers the period between and and the other between and Hopefully, I will find the freedom to move on from Aangan after writing the two serials. Why do you think Aangan will make a good television serial?

Aangan tells a poignant story, full of passion and drama, with great skill, sensitivity and intelligence. It is inhabited by interesting characters and deals with themes, subjects and ideas that will resonate with television viewers. People will be drawn to its characters; some will be loved and some reviled, but all of them will generate strong emotions amongst viewers. Aangan will engage, entertain and give people a lot to think about. I believe that it will be a very successful television serial.

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