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PEDAGOGY MCQS contains all types of pedagogical multiple choice questions especially for the competitive exams of NTS,PPSC,FPSC, SST, CT, PET, DM. The Mcqs of Pedagogy - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Education MCQs, MCQs Solved MCQs (1).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File Latest Top Solved MCQs Education Child Development Pedagogy.

Pedagogy Mcqs Pdf

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+ Pedagogy MCQs (Solved) PDF Book for cittadelmonte.infoors,Head Master, Deputy Head Master. Subject Specialist and all teaching cittadelmonte.infoe all. Pedagogy MCQs. Just Click and Downlaod PDF. MCQs for Assistant Education Officers AEOs / Educators / Pedagogy · List of Education related Abbreviation. Here you will Find the Complete Mcqs of Pedagogy/Education for NTS, KPPSC, FPSC, PPSC,SPSC, CSS, PMS and Educators Test Preparation. these Mcqs.

Prepared and Arranged By: This is only for educational purpose. The material you find here has been collected from different sources e. Facebook, Google etc. Please view and if you like it, then buy it from market as the author, editor, publisher, distributor etc. Important NOTE: Confirm answers at your own.

A to maintain discipline in class B to be punctual in class C to remove difficulties of students D to be good orator Why students should play games in school? A It makes them physically strong B It makes work easier for teachers C It helps in passing time D It develops co-operation and physical balance There is tension among villagers and you are teacher there. A teacher can develop social values among students by — A telling them about great people B developing sense of discipline C behaving ideally D telling them good stories What will you do in leisure time in school?

You like teaching profession because — A it has less responsibility B you are interested in it C it is easy D it provide you more holidays How the students should be motivated to get success in life?

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The essential element of the syllabus for the children remained out of school should be — A Literacy competencies B Life-skills C Numerical competencies D Vocational competencies A time bound testing programme for a students should be implemented in Shools so that — A The progress of the students should be informed to their parents B A regular practice can be carried out C The students can be trained for final examinations D The remedial programme can be adopted on the basis of the feedback from the results The experienced teachers do not require the detailed lesson plan of a topic because — A They can teach in a good manner without its help B The number of curious students is very poor in the class C When they commit some mistake.

The aim of education should be — A To develop vocational skills in the students B To develop social awareness in the students C To prepare the students for examination D To prepare the students for practical life The problem of drop-out in which students leave their schooling in early years can be tackled in a better way through— A Reduction of the weight of curriculum B Sympathy of teachers C Attractive environment of the school D Encouragement of the students To whom the responsibility of organisation of curricular activities should be stored with?

When the students try to solve the questions in some different way as taught by the teacher from prescribed books. The priority to girls education should be given because— A The girls are more intelligent in comparison than the boys B The girls are lesser in number than.

Educators Pedagogy New PDF 2018 Book

Which one of the following statements is not suitable for teachers. Zakir Hussain B Dr. The most important indicator of quality of education in a school is — A Infrastructural facilities of a school B Classroom system C Text-books and Teaching-learning material D Student Achievement level The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon — A Infrastructural facilities B Financial provisions C International support D The quality of teacher education The aim of a teacher is a to help students get through in the examination.

The success of integrated education depends on— A The support of community B The excellence of text-books C The highest quality of teaching-learning material D The attitudinal changes in teachers Teaching Mcqs for the Preparation of Educator Recruitment 1. The idea of Basic Education is propounded by— A Dr. A Practice Test: Educators Entry Test.

If a teacher has to prove his credibility in the evaluation of answer booklets. A teacher with sober thoughts. Why will you ask questions from students during the course of a lecture? As a teacher. Those students. The objective of education is to implement all the abilities o1children to the maximum possible extent.

Effective teaching is a function of a Clear and precise communication b Perfect classroom discipline c Regular teaching d Students self-learning. Teachers should not have such expectations from their students as are beyond the development stage of the latter.

This indicates that a the teacher and parents should know how able the children are.

Education MCQs, B.Ed. MCQs Solved MCQs (1).pdf

One will have more chances of being successful as a teacher. If the former do so they a generate inferiority b generate inferiority. Which of the following is most important for a teacher? A good teacher is one who a is highly intelligent b lives simple life c has mastery over his teaching subject d has genuine interest in his students Ans. What I like about teaching is that it is the a Most peaceful job b Resort of even the least competent persons c Most challenging job d Most lucrative job because of the scope for private tuition Ans.

The teacher should a keep distance with his students b help the students to get good marks c do whatever is needed to promote the welfare of his students d teach well and think that his job is over Ans. Which is the most sensible idea about teaching and research? Which of the following is most desirable for a teacher? A good teacher is one who a Reads a lot b Publishes lots of research gaper c. Teaches well d Cooperates well with the principal Ans. I will appreciate the teacher who a has strict control over his students b knows the problems of students and helps them c is friendly with the students d has a charming personality Ans.

All these four children react differently to the abuse and the ways in which they react are listed below. Which of the following will make communication more effective? Communication will be effective a if it is delivered slowly and clearly b if it is delivered in a calm situation c if it reaches the receiver completely d if it reaches the receiver as intended by the sender Ans. Which one of the reactions shows the maximum emotional maturity?

Four children are abused by a fifth one. Communication in the classroom often fails because a the students are inattentive b the teacher is monotonous in delivering the message c the students have no interest in the lesson being taught d there is very much noise in and around the classroom Ans. Teaching will be effective if the teacher a is a master of the subject b has much experience in teaching the subject c starts from what students know already d uses many instructional aids Ans.

Which of the following statements has the high probability of being correct as applied to higher education? A teacher has to be a a strict disciplinarian. A college teacher will really help the students when she a dictates notes in the class b is objective in her evaluation c encourages students to ask questions d covers the syllabus completely in the class Ans.

One can be a good teacher. Which is the more desirable outcome of teaching in higher education? In higher education. The most important skill of teaching is. Absenteeism in the class can be minimized by a telling students that it is bad to be absent in the class b punishing the students c teaching the class effectively and regularly d ignoring the fact of absenteeism Ans. Which is the least important in teaching? The facial expressions of students relate to which element of the communication process?

Effective teaching. The psychological aspects of the classroom are best managed by a the class teacher b the subject teacher c the principal d the students themselves Ans. Students learn more from a teacher who is a affectionate b one who communicates his ideas precisely and clearly c gentle d hard working Ans.

Books can be powerful source of communication. Meaningful learning takes place when a students are interested in the topics taught b explanations are given within the reach of the students c the new content being taught is related to the previous knowledge of the students d students raise questions and get them clarified Ans. Which of the following steps would you consider first for an effective communication?

There may be something wrong with a the students concerned b the teaching process c the content taught. Majority of students in a large class are found dozing. The main aim of classroom teaching is a to give information b to develop inquiring mind c to develop personality of students d to help students pass examinations Ans.

Good teaching is best reflected by a attendance of students b number of distinctions c meaningful questions asked by students d pin-drop silence in the class Ans.

The Mcqs of Pedagogy

SSE All Post 1. Which of the following is related with teaching skill? Students who ask questions in the class should be A Advised to meet the teacher after the class B Encouraged to participate in the discussion in the class C Encouraged to continue asking questions D Encouraged to search answers independently Answer. C Headmaster centered D Experience based Answer. The name of Yashpal Committee Report is A l.

Which of the following is not a level of teaching learning? Erikson B ]ean Piaget. Which of the following is die brain of the computer? C Jerorne S. Bruner D Sigmund Freud Answer. Spare the rod —. Skiner D McDonald Answer. The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is A N.

The determinant of teaching skill training is A Components B Pupil-teacher. C Supervisor D Headmaster Answer. Data C. Review Answer D. View 7.

In Excel, by default Numeric Values appears in A. Left aligned B. Right aligned Answer C. Center aligned D. Justify aligned 8. Yes or No B.

Pedagogy Mcqs for Preparation of Educators PST SST Teachers

True or False Answer C. Value of A1 D. Value of B1 In Excel may not contain in Formula A.

Text Constant B. Number Constant C.

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