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Create your own Portugal travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you . Portugal Rouge Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book It's also a horribly hot time to tour the Alentejo or to expect to do much. Portugal, in Southern Europe, shares the Iberian peninsula at the western tip of Europe with Your book will be sent in PDF format readable on any device.

Portugal Travel Guide Pdf

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Portugal. THIS EDITION WRITTEN AND RESEARCHED BY. Regis St Louis The Algarve A long-established travel guide author, Marc cut his Portuguese. Free Guides PDF For families traveling with children, it's always a challenge of what to do and what to visit. Nude Beaches In Portugal PDF Download FREE. Whether you dream of creating classic. Portuguese dishes with a master chef or of being inspired on a private tour of Madrid's museums with a Spanish artist, we .

Not registered? Join our mailing list Receive the latest travel news: Your privacy is very important to us at Europe Express. We keep our customers' personal information safe and never provide it to third parties for marketing purposes. Portugal Return to Main Page Portugal's natural beauty and sunny weather have made it a popular destination for travelers. Whether you are looking to spend your vacation on the beach, on a golf course, or sightseeing, Portugal has everything you need to make you vacation memorable.

Check also with your insurance company to see if you are covered for such activities. A tourada opens with the bull.

At indoor municipal pools open all year you may have to show your passport. His job is to provoke and exhaust the bull and to plant the dart-like farpas or bandarilhas in its back while avoiding the charge — a demonstration of incredible riding prowess and elegance.

Prices vary considerably. For a full. FC Porto has swept up every title available. The Greater Lisbon area and the Algarve have the bulk of the courses: In theory. The leading clubs. Horse-riding stables around the country offer one-hour or full-day rides. If you want to improve your game. The main areas for tourist rides are Estoril and Sintra.

Cascais and at Albufeira and Lagos on the Algarve. The other big team is Sporting. The exploits of the most famous Portuguese coach. Of these. Over the last decade. The Superliga season runs from the end of August to mid-May. Just about every Portuguese supports one of these three teams and. Local towns and villages in the Ribatejo also feature bull-running through the streets at various of their festivals. Many larger Algarve hotels also have yearround tennis courts.

Scuba diving for beginners is best off Praia do Carvoeiro near Lagoa in the Algarve. English is rarely spoken. The lifts. All the main parks. Marked walking routes are becoming more popular. All of the parks have information centres contact details noted in the guide. Experienced divers should appreciate the wrecked German U submarine off Matosinhos in the north of Portugal: Ericeira on the Estramadura coast is another popular centre and frequently hosts pro competitions.

The west coast of the Algarve. On the west coast. Espinho south of Porto popular with bodyboarders. The only skiing is in the Serra da Estrela usually possible from December to February. In Lisbon namely Columbo. Specialist craft and souvenir shops might be able to arrange shipping home for you. Viana do Castelo Minho. Shopping Though most large towns in Portugal have at least one out-of-town shopping centre.

In the case of the great weekly markets at Barcelos Minho. Carcavelos Lisbon. The Lisbon and Porto accounts also have their own dedicated shopping sections. In larger towns they are open daily not Sunday. The virtual symbol of Portuguese tourism. Pingo Doce. You can buy rustic. Estremoz Alentejo. The biggest and best pieces command high prices. Estremoz in the Alentejo has an even older heritage. Virtually every region in Portugal produces table wine.

See p. In many ways. Taking food home is more problematic. Other suggestions include a jar of mountain honey from the Serra da Estrela. But they are also good for dirt-cheap toys and electronics — all made in the Far East. Hand-woven woollen rugs and blankets are a more realistic buy. Food and drink Port wine is the most popular buy.

Tapestries from Portalegre Alentejo have been known since the seventeenth century. The colour section tells you more about port. For quality designer clothes. Leather goods have a fair reputation in Portugal. Some of the larger shopping centres also have designer boutiques. On public transport. Most museums.

Fresh milk for babies leite pasteurizado is sold in larger supermarkets. Keep young children covered up between 11am and 3pm. Babysitting and child supervision are available at most four. Travelling with children As Portuguese society largely revolves round family life. The biggest single cost is usually accommodation — travelling out of season when many hotels drop their prices and with a companion to share rooms will always save you money.

Stretch to a budget of e40 per person per day. Portugal is a remarkably crime-free country — people really do still leave their cars and house doors unlocked in the country. Apart from accommodation. The website W www. Listings are in local newspapers or on boards placed somewhere in the central square of every small town. Even transport is not going to break the bank. Car-hire prices are low and petrol reasonable while public transport is good value.

Museums and attractions are rarely more than e3 to enter. A bottle of house wine rarely comes to more than e7. Screenings are cheap. Drivers should never leave anything visible in the car preferably. Valued added tax known as IVA. There are two main police forces: In an emergency.

Either handles incidents involving tourists. Unless you camp with a night from around e5 or stay in a hostel dorm from around e8 a night. You can always get a substantial basic meal for around e8. Dinner in the smartest of restaurants is unlikely to cost more than e20 a head.

A second-class train journey from Porto to Lisbon. Violence directed at tourists is rare — if you are threatened. Best advice is not too carry too much cash or valuables. Eating out can be very cheap. To this end. Expect it to take ages. If you do have anything stolen. Porto and Faro airports have ramps. In this guide. Self-drive vehicles with automatic gear-shifts are available from the larger car rental companies.

If you are on your own or feel uncomfortable anywhere. Disabled travellers Portugal is slowly coming to terms with the needs of travellers with disabilities. In rural areas. On the whole. Apartado followed by a number is a PO Box. Local turismos should be able to help plan your stay. Av for Avenida. Wheeling Around the Algarve Portugal T Eembportcamb internode.

Entry conditions can change. Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa for stays of up to ninety days. South Africa Leyds Street. Portugal has become increasingly tolerant of homosexuality. Extended stay Gay and lesbian travellers Though traditionally a conservative society.

Small tour operator offering Algarve accommodation suitable for the disabled. Citizens of Canada. Canada Island Park Drive. You should apply at least a week before your time runs out and be prepared to prove that you can support yourself without working for example by keeping your bank exchange forms every time you change money.

The biggest scene is in Lisbon. Eportemb satis. Publishes an information pack about holidaying in Portugal. Boston and San Francisco. All facilities are personally inspected before recommendation. Eembport Dublin. New Zealand Nearest embassy is in Australia see above. Eembportugal embportugal-ottawa. USA Massachusetts Avenue. Plugs are the European two round pin variety. Plus consulates in Vancouver. The government organization promoting awareness of.

Ireland Knocksinna House. Plus consulates in Sydney. Entry requirements EU citizens need only a valid passport or identity card to enter Portugal. Darwin and Fremantle.

The centre organizes events and can help with information. As there is no mention of homosexuality in law. Another good website is W www. Plus consulates in New York. Wed—Thurs 6—11pm.

Portugal Travel Guide – Download and Print Your Copy

PO Box Montreal and Toronto. E london portembassy. Accessible holiday accommodation. In more rural areas. If necessary. Suite 1. UK 11 Belgrave Sq. Eembportwash mindspring. In more rural places you may have to ask and the pharmacist will set out an array on the counter.

Pharmacists are highly trained and can dispense drugs that would be prescription-only in Britain or North America. No inoculations are required.

When securing baggage cover. Tap water is generally safe to drink. If you do take medical coverage. Saturday 9am to 1pm. Generic drugs are widely available. Mosquitorepellent lotion and coils are widely sold in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Mosquitoes can be a menace in the summer. EU citizens can simply show their European Health Insurance Card and passport at a health centre or hospital for treatment. Most of them exclude so-called dangerous sports unless an extra premium is paid: As an EU country. Standards of care are perfectly adequate once you get past the waiting room.

Portugal has free reciprocal health agreements with other member states. Take care to use a high-factor sun cream as the sun is extremely powerful. Even so. Condoms — preservativos — are widely available from street vending machines and in pharmacies and supermarkets.

A typical travel insurance policy usually provides cover for the loss of baggage. Opening hours are usually Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 3 to 7pm. Basic hospital treatment is free for EU citizens. Health Portugal poses few health problems for the visitor. Travel essentials Food and wine Wwww. Rough Guides has teamed up with Columbus Direct to offer you travel insurance that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Different sports and activities trekking. See our website W www. Some turismos. Products include a low-cost backpacker option for long stays. Sport and leisure Wwww. There are also annual multi-trip policies for those who travel regularly. Telephone numbers can also be found through W www. If you need to make a claim. Only some pages have English translations. Larger branches sometimes open on Saturday mornings.

Language study and cultural immersion. Letters or cards should take three or four days to arrive at destinations in Europe. Culture W www. Teaching English is a common route — there are language schools in every major town — and bar work might be a possibility on the Algarve. To collect. Hotels generally have a laundry service. Wherever you are from. Global UNrecognized organization running summer programmes to foster international understanding.

For walking and hiking. The amounts withdrawn on debit cards are not liable to interest payments. Currently only the Nationwide Building Society do not charge for this service.

See also p.

The big car hire companies in Portugal have an interest in keeping their maps as up to date as possible. Maps Recommended are the waterproof and untearable Rough Guide Map: Portugal 1: You can order them online from the Institute.

Porto and the Algarve. Similar maps and more detailed regional plans can be bought at most service stations in cities. Sheets from either series cost e5. The Geocid website at Whttp: The Algarve 1: Money Portugal is one of the twelve European Union countries to use the euro e. Changing cash in banks is quick and easy. Instructions are available in English. In Lisbon and larger Algarve resorts. For the Algarve.

Credit cards can also be used over the counter. Also in Portugal. Rough Guides also produces a map of Lisbon marked with shops. Standard opening hours are Monday to Friday 8. Euro notes are issued in denominations of 5. Up-to-the-minute rates are displayed at W www. For northern Portugal. No matter the design. At the time of writing. It might be worth considering them as a back-up if your plastic is lost.

Look out. The issuing company will expect you to report the loss immediately to the police. In the event that cheques are lost or stolen. Clocks go forward Useful telephone numbers Calling home: Almost all museums and monuments. There are also endless local festivals and holidays when entire towns.

On national public holidays see list on p. Land lines start with a 2. Good Friday and other public holidays.

This might be convenient. To call Portugal from abroad. The cheap rate for national and international calls operates Monday to Friday 9pm to 9am. The national operator is Portugal Telecom Wwww. Phones All Portuguese phone numbers have nine digits. Numbers starting with are free.

Most overseas phone companies provide telephone charge cards. Avoid making any calls from hotel phones.

Portugal Rouge Guide

Prices are coming down. You might be able simply to buy a replacement SIM card for your own phone. Restaurants tend to close one day a week. Larger shopping centres and malls stay open seven days a week. Most mobile phones bought in the UK and Ireland.

You can search for national phone numbers for free online at Wwww. USA Fifth Avenue. UK Portuguese Embassy. A sign reading Sanita. Most are listed in the guide. Suite Calls are charged at local rates. Etourism portugal. Einfo icep. Toilets Public toilets are neither numerous nor obvious. Tourist information You can request a wide range of free brochures and maps from ICEP Portugal the Portuguese trade and tourism agency in your home country.

Ireland 54 Dawson St. New York. Mon—Fri 8am—7pm. Sintra A splendid royal retreat in the summer residence of kings. Built on a switchback of hills above the broad Tejo estuary. Down by the river. Over the past hundred years. Lisbon is immediately likeable.

Rio-like statue of Christ embrace one of the grandest of all suspension bridges and a fleet of cross-river ferries. Cabo Verde. The retornados imposed a heavy burden on an already strained economy. For visitors. For much of the last century. Two major museums demand attention. Gentler than any port or capital should expect to be. Lisbon now has superb Latin and African bands and a panoply of international restaurants and bars. Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. It would take a few days to do Lisbon justice.

These phases were the great ages of Portuguese patronage. Lisbon has once more echoed to the sounds of reconstruction on a scale not seen for two hundred years. The eighteenth century. In the Middle Ages. Before the earthquake. The description does not extend to its modern expanse. The city had been prosperous since Roman. It was not until The destruction of the city shocked the continent. Lisbon Physically. Within the space of ten minutes there had been three major tremors and the candles of a hundred church altars had started fires that raged throughout the capital.

For Portugal. In the last two decades. The first phase came with the great Portuguese discoveries of the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Over the following centuries Lisbon was twice at the forefront of European development and trade. The sixteenth century was dominated by Dom Manuel I. The second was in the opening decades of the eighteenth century. A vast tidal wave swept the seafront. These events boosted the transport infrastructure.

The Great Earthquake. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the city was more notable for its political upheavals — from the assassination of Carlos I in to the Revolution in — than for any architectural legacy.

The historic bairros districts and riverfront have also been given makeovers. T The easiest way into the centre is by taxi and. The vouchers allow you to jump the queue for airport taxis and establish the cost beforehand. Buses 9. The ticket. Arrival and information By air The airport T The tourist office at the airport also sells taxi vouchers.

T and an exchange bureau. In summer. If this non-stop rebuilding and renovation has somewhat diminished the erstwhile lost-in-time feel of the city. Cheaper local buses 44 or Although Lisbon ranks as one of the safer European cities it does have its share of pickpockets.

Expect to pay around e8—10 per day. Wherever you park. Services from Cascais and Estoril arrive at the other local station. Parking is also very difficult in the centre.

If you are renting a car on arrival for touring outside Lisbon. Pay-and-display bays get snapped up quickly. Heading to or from the south on these occasions. Parque Eduardo VII. City transport and tours By car Driving into Lisbon can take years off your life.

You can usually buy tickets if you turn up half an hour or so in advance. If you are driving. As well as the tram. If you want to see the city quickly.

City transport and tours Most places of interest are within easy walking distance of each other. Rossio and Baixa-Chiado. Public transport in the city is operated by Carris T For a five-day pass bilhete cinco dias. For longer stays.

You can just buy a single ticket bilhete simples each time you ride. A day pass bilhete um dia. Cards and passes are available at main metro stations. The most central metro stations are those at Restauradores.

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The best route is Elevador de Santa Justa: Most trams. Ascending some of the steepest gradients of any city in the world. Lapa and Estrela. The hours of operation are daily from 6.

Other local trains depart from the central Rossio station to Queluz e1. Elevador do Lavra: Elevadores Elevador da Bica: Individual tickets bilhetes. At night. Reservations on T March—Oct hourly 9am—6pm.

Nov—Feb departures at Art Shuttle offers an upmarket minibus service which can take 2—8 people on three-hour city tours for e35 May—Sept. The price includes a drink and a bilingual commentary. The turismos have more information about any of the tours covered below. City transport and tours Ferries Ferries cross the Rio Tejo at various points. Travel passes see p. Mon—Sat 6. Bus tours Carris T Walks Four themed two-hour guided walks are offered by Lisbon Walker T Punch the ticket in the machine next to the driver when you board.

Sun 7. All taxis have meters. Outside the rush hour taxis can be hailed quite easily in the street. Fares are higher from 10pm to 6am. Tours Public transport is good fun but can be crowded. These cost e0. Unless stated. Baixa and Chiado The following are marked on the Baixa and Chiado map on p. Hotel Borges Rua Garrett T Between June and September. Lisbon also has several youth hostels. Cheaper guest houses can be found on the streets parallel to Avenida da Liberdade.

Although air conditioning is standard in the better establishments. The airport information desk. The Baixa grid. The most atmospheric part of town. Accommodation Hotel capacity has almost doubled since and Lisbon has no shortage of sumptuous places to stay. At peak times. During the rest of the year you should have little difficulty finding a room.

The humbler guest houses also often lack central heating. Many hotels are located outside the historic centre. Also has triples. The bar overlooks a quiet pedestrianized street. Internet access on request. Esenhoradomonte hotmail. Rooms are not huge but are plush and contemporary. Superb views of Rossio. Limited parking available. Those with private bath cost e5 more. Compact studios and apartments sleeping up to four people. Pr da Figueira and the castle from the street-honkingly noisy frontfacing rooms.

F Climb up the staircase and past the bird cages. Englishspeaking owners. Artists Gilbert and George often stay here.

An amazing old hotel that has suffered from an appalling conversion. Boutique hotel in a historic eighteenth-century mansion abutting the castle walls on the site of the former palace kitchens. All studios come with dishwashers. This historic Baixa townhouse has been given a superb makeover. No credit cards or breakfast.

Disabled access. No breakfast. Just fourteen bright. Very centrally located period hotel. Parking available or tram 28 passes close by. Others vary in attraction. The cheapest rooms lack much of a view. Lots of bright African art. The varyingsized rooms are simply furnished and all have TVs and showers. For all that. Rooms are bright but spartan. Some are also much larger than others. Rooms are rather ordinary but come with private bathroom and TV.

In a quiet side street near the happening Miradouro de Santa Catarina. On a busy road. Moorish courtyard. A stunning nineteenth-century mansion in the heart of the Diplomatic Quarter. Installed in a seventeenth-century carmelite convent. A tall. The best are grouped around a beautiful interior courtyard. There are just twenty simple but attractive rooms. In a great if noisy position. Breakfast provided April—Oct only. No breakfast but communal kitchen.

See map on p. Set in an early twentieth-century palace full of priceless works of art. Best rooms have showers and views. Rooms — which cost around e a night — are luxurious.

This discreet eighteenth-century town house is just metres from the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. Recently renovated. Grand eighteenth-century building modernized into a fashionable boutique hotel. The highly rated restaurant is also open to non-residents. Just eighteen rooms.

There are wellproportioned rooms with marble-clad bathrooms. Unusually for central Lisbon.

Residencial 13 da Sorte Rua do Salitre 13 T A superb buffet breakfast is served in the ballroom. Spacious and modern three-star in a quiet part of town with a small outdoor pool. Prices start at about e a night. Breakfast charged as extra. The reception can be a bit brusque. There are indoor and outdoor pools. Decent three-star hotel. Limited disabled access.

Though most of the rooms are in a bland modern extension. Rooms have showers. Just off the Avenida. Garage parking. The rest of the hotel is more ordinary.

Tucked into the back of the Tivoli Forum shopping centre. Five-star facilities include a health club and restaurant. The en-suite rooms are spacious. Great position. Good value. Welcoming and goodvalue guest house just off the pedestrianized stretch. Tucked around the corner from the elevador. The hotel interior. Emiraparque esoterica. The intriguing mock-baronial bar is the best bit.

One of the few inexpensive options right on the Avenida. Also a bar and restaurant. All rooms have satellite TVs and minibars. The best rooms have balconies facing the traditional Lisbon houses at the back.

Built in Thirty rooms sleeping four or six with shared bathrooms. Oeiras T Guincho T The rooms are comfortable. Dorms from e In a good position a short. Dorms e Almada T This is the main city hostel. Eliboaparque movijovem. This modern. Set in an eighteenth-century sea fort overlooking the seapools in Oeiras. Parque Florestal de Monsanto T Smart hotel with in-house restaurant and small but well-equipped rooms.

Rooms are huge. The City Eighteenth-century prints show a pre-quake Lisbon of tremendous opulence. Elisboa movijovem. The main city campsite — with disabled facilities. This vast modern building is one of the grandest and — at e a double — one of the most expensive hotels in Lisbon.

Monte de Caparica T There are glimpses of this still — the old Moorish hillside of Alfama survived the destruction. Facilities are good. Attractive campsite set among pine trees close to Guincho beach. Orbitur members get a ten-percent discount. E liboaparque movijovem. E almada movijovem. The site. Good off-season rates and special deals available. Though the campsite is secure.

Orbitur Guincho N Reception open 8am to midnight. Lugar da Areia. Giving orders. At the western side of the square lies the Lisbon Welcome Centre daily 9am—8pm. King Carlos I and his eldest son were shot and killed.

Portugal Travel Guide

Between the two districts. In an imposing quarter of ramrod-straight thoroughfares. East of the Baixa. The lower town. At night the focus shifts to the Bairro Alto. From Rossio.

Arco da Rua Augusta. At the western end of Rua de Santa Justa in the upper reaches of the Baixa. The local African population hangs out on the street corner. The great rose window Thurs 3—5pm. The nineteenth-century statue atop the central column is of Dom Pedro IV after whom the square is officially named.

Many of the streets in the Baixa grid take their names from traditional crafts and businesses once carried out here. Although the trades have largely disappeared. It contains some of the main city bus and tram stops and. It was gutted by a fire in the s. Christian burial place and Moorish ceramics.

Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Portugal is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Stand at Europe's southwestern edge on the barren cliffs of Cabo de Sao Vicente, stretch a towel on the golden sands of Algarve and hear soulful fado in Lisbon; all with your trusted travel companion.

Get to the heart of Portugal and begin your journey now! Colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience - architecture, arts, music, religion, history, wine, cuisine Over 70 maps Covers Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto, the Douro valley, Faro, Sintra, Evora, the Alentejo, the Beiras, Coimbra, the Minho, Estremadura and more.

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