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Proficiency Masterclass, New Edition: Teacher's Book. Fill & Sign Online Votes. Keywords relevant to proficiency masterclass pdf download form. Select the links below to download the complete audio for Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book ('Audio CD 1' and 'Audio CD 2'), audio scripts for all the. Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass - Student's Book - CD2. audio; pdf preparation and practice for the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) exam.

Proficiency Masterclass Students Book Pdf 2013

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Скачать / Download: Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass. Student's Book. Teacher's Pack. Gude K., Duckworth M., Rogers L. (For the exam) (+ Audio) (pdf. Proficiency Masterclass - Student's Book - Ebook download as PDF File About the exam Revisions to the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) exam for Uploaded by. mikefrog Proficiency Masterclass Student's Uploaded by Proficiency Testbuilder (Without Key). Uploaded by. AMDOT

Educational resources of the Internet - English. Oxford University Press, - For the exam. Advanced C2. This fully-updated and revised edition of Proficiency Masterclass provides material which gives prospective candidates appropriate preparation and practice for the Cambridge English: Proficiency CPE exam. The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on a broader level for success in the real world beyond the exam.

The Online Skills and Language Practice your unique access code is on the card at the back of this book contains over exercises which build on and extend the language and skills covered in the Student's Book.

It includes: The access code for your Online Skills and Language Practice also gives access to a full online practice test. We hope you enjoy using Proficiency Masterclass to help you to prepare for the Cambridge English: Proficiency exam. Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass. Oxford University Press, - For the exam Level: E f How does Obed effectively convey the atmosphere of Africa? C He has found living in Africa a solitary experience.

B His life has been a hard struggle to make ends meet. C or D which you think fits best according to the text. Read the question carefully to find words that ask for this kind of interpretation. C Few people are interested in the lives of ordinary people. D Bad news is never as bad as it seems. G in the text. Mma Ramotswe. A The doctor was reluctant to tell him any bad news. B there were opportunities for peo ple to take advantage of. B We have no control over our memories but they are a part of us.

C the geography had a profound effect on people's character. Obed paints a picture of A a group of houses reflecting a social divide. B The railway employees had little control over how they behaved. A They often tried to rob the people. And who am I? I am Precious Ramotswe. The track came down from Bulawayo. His life was unrecorded. They both spoke Setswana. All those years ago 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 We don't forget. You could be killed by falling rock or you could be killed years later. But I can look back over my sixty years and think of everything that I have seen and of how I started with nothing and ended up with almost two hundred cattle..

A man could walk. Even when you have left them. As he spoke. He could tell that I had been a miner. When I am dead I shall miss the smell of Africa. They sang: The stoker would shout at us.

Hm... Are You a Human?

We are far from the sea here. There was a school run by an old Anglican priest and a white woman whose face had been half-destroyed by the sun. Perhaps there will be a few years more.. Mahalapye is halfway between Gaborone and Francistown. I am Obed Ramotswe. The mines would come back for their payment.

We saw the white people look out of their windows. I remembered a song the Sotho miners used to sing. When you see the hills from a distance. No sailor could be lonelier than a man standing in the middle of our land.

As a boy. I love Africa. So I was not surprised by what Dr Moffat said. Some people cannot bear news like that. It was a world that seemed to have no end.

They think they must live forever. Mahalapye was a straggling village of huts made of brown. And I have a good daughter. These belonged to the Government or the Railways. It was a dirt road in those days. They let out great clouds of steam. I do not feel like that. I think. There was no end to it. The only thing that makes me sad is that I shall be leaving Africa when I die.

I am sixty now. From The NO. It was a featureless land. I used to watch the trains as they drew up at the siding. We all knew this was true. We hid behind plants and boxes and dashed out to ask for coins from the closed windows of the trains.

Our heads may be small. How could each use be paraphrased? Try to use some ofthe vocabulary in 8 and I have dinner with my boss last night and he say that things are looking up for the company. I've only just got in. I sat down and had a nice cup of tea.. Some words might fit more than one category. Would you be interested in reading the rest of the book? Grammar See notes page Past tenses 12 Complete a-j with a suitable past tense of the verbs in brackets.

It's far from ideal but we're getting there. I bury erase bring back evoke trigger conjure up block out rekindle push aside push away spark stir up blot out hold come flooding back fade 10 Talk to a partner about memories. For each sentence. What does get mean here? I just don't get it. As soon as he open the present. Your views 11 Look back at the text on page Where more than one tense is possible. Word knowledge: What meaning is the writer trying to convey with the use of would?

Is there any difference between the use of would and used to? You would tell him about the party! Listen and check. Use the pictures below for some ideas.. Past verb forms with 13 What effect do the past tenses have in each of the sentences in a-g? Then read it out to a partner. In the first part of the test.

Make a note of the six questions the examiner asks. Make a note of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate's response. After each one. Match them to their uses Both examiners need to be able to hear you. How might they improve their answers? How many questions do you think the examiner will ask the candidates? Vocabulary Link words 4 The following link words a-i will help you to structure your responses..

Listen to some candidates answering them. Before you answer a question. What do you like about living there? Q b How do you like to spend your leisure time? Quickly thinking of two or three different angles for each question will help you to start talking immediately. Listen to the introduction to this part of the speaking test.

How important is itforyou to travel? How would you feel about living there? Exam practice 3 Read the text again. There is an example at the beginning He sings in Greenla ndic but his can be really bothersome in summer I love the albums of Ole Christianson.

I like to start my day at the only place in Nuuk where you can Songwriter and Nuuk native Nuuk really is off the get smoked reindeer And there nothing there apart from a few ho liday homes If you want to quit town C or D best fits each gap For a start There's that's as fascinat ing as it is inspiring L heed if you go there: But are plenty of those here That's why people use lyrics alone were reason enough to encourage people to mosquito nets on boat trips What do you think it would be like to live in these places?

It looks pretty funny but.. Nive Neilson. Northern light All roads do not lead to Nuuk It's a the coastline On the other hand But although it's difficult to find good coffee.. For questions C determined that he would return. S sympathetic for the children's predicament. S a small contribution towards a good cause. Extract 2: You hear a presenter making a charity appeal on TV. C an insignificant gesture given the circumstances.

S It interviews sponsors personally. A It's prepared to advertise in newspapers. As you listen for the first time. I'll admit that's true. C were able to find the money to finance the trip. Extract 1: Your views 3 Which of the methods of helping people mentioned in the extracts do you consider to be the most effective?

Vocabulary Word knowledge: C It cooperates with the local population. Tip III Q. S whatever help we can give is welcome. You will be given time to do this in the exam. Extract 3: You hear two people on a radio programme talking about sponsoring a child. Listening Part 1 1 Do you agree with this statement? The only way to give effective help to people in need is to go and 'li e i:: C it's up to us all to ensure funds reach their target. C have a clear conscience tonight. S feel guilty for not having done so earlier.

B or C which fits best according to what you hear. Always read all the questions and the options through carefully before the recording starts.

There are twc. B managed to fit all the toys and clothing into two lorries. Writing Part Spend as much time studying the minor characters as the main characters. Set text 1 Discuss these questions Some of the guidance is wrong If so. Vocabulary 4 Read these extracts from some literature essays and reviews There may be more than one possible answer. Against this.

Preparing for the tasks 2 Here is a list of things you should do when preparing for the set text task.. Complete a-g with a suitable word from the list below in the correct form.. Cross out the guidance that is incorrect. Write a report commenting on how the book may help students learn about the culture and history of the country in which it is set.

Write your review focusing on the main characters and their situations and relationships. Exam practice See Writing guide page 5 Read each of the exam questions and answer the questions that follow.

What are you trying to achieve through your letter? Write about the pressures they meet through their own differences in personality and circumstances. Write a letter to the magazine recommending your chosen book.! Write an article about your chosen book. It is asking its readers for suggestions. You should briefly describe the character and circumstances of the protagonist. What will they expect to learn from such an article?

Make notes about what the students say. S Discuss these questions. The massive increase in the emission of greenhouse gases is bound to increase global warming.

Check your answers on page Tick the problems they mention.. Introduction 1 Discuss the questions in this quiz and find out how much you know about the world we live in.

There are a number of possible answers. Exam practice I I Tip The words before and after each space give valuable clues about the type of word missing. Try saying each gapped sentence in your head to help you decide what type of word is missing. The experiment clearly shows that 1. More nations will be approaching US consumption levels in years to 5 and previous data suggests that at least four additional Earths will be needed to sustain 6.

The long-term consequences of rising consumption have already been demonstrated empirically. The problem is that we only have so 3 land to share out..

Oxford - Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book New Edition[1].pdf

After two years.. The planet's 10 bill ion hectares sound a lot 4 one considers the size of the population and the fact that it is going to rise.. In an experiment in sustainability By Which ones. Correct the ones that are wrong Grammar Future forms See notes page 4 Find five examples of future forms in the text on page Future phrases o to depart..

Match them to a-d.. I b When you've read the report. Look at those dark clouds! Everyone is all s s:: Explain the effect of each form He is due to address the conference on Environmental Protection tomorrow where he is to deliver a warning that much more needs to be done to protect the environment The Prime Minister's plane is about to land in Zurich.. The working group still has some more evidence to University of Leicester. Ellis says.

But others feel that the new epoch is upon us and we should come to terms with its implications for the planet. I recognised as what they call the Anthropocene. What is the text about? Geologists press for recognition of Earth-changing 'huma epoc These are epoch-making times. There is now "compelling The Anthropocene Working Group 0': By officially stating that human actions are having an effect on the make-up of the Earth.

Gude Kathy, Duckworth Michael. Proficiency Masterclass. Student's Book [PDF] - Все для студента

The start and end of the period are defined by carefully selected locations. It means 'the Age of Man'. We are the guiding.

Text analysis E But this is not just a question of everyone agreeing unanimously on an epithet. Formal recognition of the epoch could have wider significance beyond the geology community. Even the presence of the first human-produced chemicals like PCBs. Choose from the paragraphs A-H the one which fits each gap Missing paragraphs A And the last time we passed a geological boundary. Exam practice Tip The paragraph may link with words or information that come before or after the paragraph in the text.

Other epochs have lasted millions of years. B And there is plenty of geological proof to consider. J 3 Now read the missing paragraphs and. There is one extra paragraph which you do not need to use. D Millions ofyears from now. G Why does the writer refer to the plastic bag as humble?

B Find a word which means: C F However. C There is some friction because some members are very cautious and think it's premature to define the Anthropocene. A f What does the writer mean by the word epithet? E g What does the writer mean by the expression on a par with?

G h Find two idiomatic compound adjectives the writer uses to make his point. Qj a The judge pronounced that the landfill company had delllo.. Vocabulary o 5 Complete a-j with an adjective from the list. What is the most common preposition? Can you see any patterns in how it is used? How many can you use together to make one.. Prepositions an times.

What 6 Here is a list of words and phrases taken fro m the text 0 prepositions were used with each one? All the adjectives appear in the listening More than one answer may be correct Shaun and the wolves lived mainly on a diet of l Shaun felt no desire for DI during his time with the wolves. Vocabulary Collocations 5 Match the adjectives in list A with the nouns in list B to form collocations. Then explain what the expressions mean. Shaun developed 1 El.

The missing words you need for the answers may be in a different context from the wording in the questions After his initial encounter with wolves As a young child. Shaun experienced a massive.. There are two words you do not need Everyone else seemed so intense and committed. Do not paraphrase the information..

Shaun's colleagues considered his method of studying wolves extremely D Listening Part 2 1 Which of these statements about wolves are true? Shaun's knowledge of wolves came from In his twenties. Complete the survey for the area where you live..

Help us to help you! Te ll us what you think ofyour area. Exam practice Tip Take up the opportunity to show what you can do but don't forget to give your partner an opportunity to speak. Suggest two images for the leaflet to illustrate your ideas. Suggesting alternatives 28 7 In the second phase of Part 2. Answer questions a You have about three minutes to do this phase of Part 2. Try to use some of the expressions from 3.

Listen and make a note of what you have to do in this phase of the task. Listen to two students doing the first phase of this part of the test using some of the photos.

Yet some now argue that. It is blatantly obvious that our planet is already struggling to bear the current burden of human existence. Write an essay summarizing and evaluating the key points from both texts. Only a couple of decades ago Whilst anti-aging crusaders strive to pursue longevity. Read the two texts below. It is said that there are people in existence today whose lives Instead.

Out-living the world In an overpopulated and under-resourced world. In the face of the strain our society is already placed under from a growing population. What are they? Live long and prosper The announcement by Aubrey de Grey that the first person to reach the age of 1. Write your answer in words.

I fear that we will suffer damaging consequences. Text analysis 2 Read the texts. Writing Part 1 Understanding the task 1 Read the exam question and answer questions a. The finite nature of humanity should be seen as a blessing not a challenge to overcome. But should we even be are pouring resources into their quest to prolong their lives considering trying to extend our life expectancy in a world whose indefinitely? All creatures.

Use your own words throughout as far as possible. There are two main points in each.. Some people believe that the ability to fulfil the long-held human then. I do not subscribe to this claim and I improve the standard of living for everyone.

In short. If human factors have made a species' own habitat a threatening environment. Write your answer in Which one do you think is the best paraphrase?

Every country must make a commitment to population stabilization and resource conservation. Added to this is the need for zoos to benefit the scientific community: C Q loo:: Read each text through quickly before you identify these. Ban the zoo There is always the risk that those visiting zoos will get the idea that it is acceptable to use these places for their own educational gain without considering how this might impinge on the animals' freedom and quality of life.

Paraphrasing 4 Tick the elements which can be changed when paraphrasing. E c oloo ':. Whatever the good intentions of zookeepers. How can it be that a visitor can learn anything about animals in such an artificial environment? This cruelty exists under the guise of education. Speaker 1: Discuss your choice.: Use some of the words from the list below. Just get people to stop reading them.

Choose two elements that you think best represent the idea of culture. Ray Bradbury c We can learn more about a culture from its art than its literature. Ellen Dissanayake For each speaker Marcus Garvey b You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture D the fulfilment of the artist's hopes and dreams.

C or D which fits best according to what you hear. C should play an instructive role in a modern industrial society. D He wanted to decorate the clothing with jewels.

D need not have any practical value. J Tip Don't try to guess what the answers might be. Listening Part 3 1 Look at the painting and discuss these questions. B must have a clear moral point. Your views 5 What was people's reaction to the painting?

B They realized how personal the painting was for the artist. Why do yo u think this happens? Listen carefully for clues which will lead you to the right answer. D taken up by novelists at a later stage. D They did not approve of the subj ect matter of the painting. B popularized by a poet. A He wanted to portray the beggar very realistically. B He copied parts of the painting from an Italian masterpiece.

B the great sadness of the artist. Dickens and his world It was with the circulation of Pick wick Papers in that young Dickens began to enjoy a truly O. His immense popularity was based on the widespread perception of him as a great champion of the poor and the Advanced C2 This fully-updated and revised edition of Proficiency Masterclass provides material which gives prospective candidates appropriate preparation and practice for the Cambridge English: Proficiency CPE exam.

The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on a broader level for The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on a broader This fully-updated and revised edition of Proficiency Masterclass provides material which gives prospective candidates appropriate preparation and practice for the Cambridge English: The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on OUP Oxford, — 71 pages.

The material in this course also provides opportunities for candidates to develop their English on a broader level for success in the real A revised and updated edition of this highly successful course for the revised Cambridge Proficiency exam.

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