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Saturday, July 27, 2019

We have Rainbow Loom patterns, instructions, and how-to videos for bracelets & rings - starburst, double rhombus and more. Rainbow Loom patterns can be so much fun and there is a wide variety of what you can make! We'd love to see your Rainbow Loom designs. These awesome one-of-a-kind Rainbow Loom themed Valentines are in printable PDF form and they include five different Valentine designs.

Rainbow Loom Patterns Pdf

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The Ultimate Rainbow Loom Guide: Time to start making with your Rainbow Loom! the loom and work you up to making crazy starburst bracelets and fun little. Patterns, designs and video instructions for creating bracelets on the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, FunLoom, Wonder Loom, bandaloom. rainbow loom chart Loom Band Patterns, Loom Bracelet Patterns, Rainbow Loom Kopje Thee(a): Rainbow Loom PDF Instructies: Infinity armband Rainbow.

Here at LoomLove. This has helped us to discover some of the most beautiful patterns. Here are 20 of our favourite Rainbow Loom designs. All of the photos link to the tutorial page:. The Arrow Stitch.

I would like make a link to your website and share images from this page. Is it possible to do this? This is my first time on this website and I like all the fun and amazing new bracelets that I like, I even wore them to school.

And everybody was oohing and aahing some kids even asked to give me them. Thanks a million and never stop this website.

Thanks Loom Love your inspirational loom creations have made me a pro. If im ever bored I will create Loom Designs. I love making stuff with the loom I find it very stress relieving my nieces and nephews are always asking me to make things for them and I wear them to work and show my friends. Thanks for teaching me loom love!!!!!!!!! All your braclets are amazing.

Bracelet Patterns

My favourite pattern is inverted fishtail. I love making loom designs so do my friends.

Hi loom love iam upsessed with them and I have made Elsa Who inspired you to start utube and a website??? Love so much love it…. Then there were some boys then the girls started. Who knows a really long way of making a fishtail using 3 pins do you think I should write instructons for them.

Loom love. From watching your vidioes it has helped me a lot now I am the best at loombands in the hole school. Also could you do a really Coll one like the best one you can think of. Or you could have a teatchure who teaches you! O and what is her name. Hi Loom Love! I searched high and low for a board that would work and finally got it! This site was the first loom band site I had been on and by far is the best.

Your tutorials are really informative and easy to go along with. I now can do the hardest of loom bracelets, thanks to you, Loom Love. I can make loom bracelets of any difficulty thanks to Loom Love. You guys are the best! Thanks for all these different types of loom bands. Here in England, people are going crazy over them!

I love those gorgess designs the nautique is the best hug There all beatifulllllll!! The only thing I can say: Hi Loom Love I have checked out something called pencil huggers there made of loom bands and they hug your pencil please can you add a video about them I love the colours you use they give me inspiration.

Lots of wishes and thanks Alina. I love it so much I made regular,fish tail,star fish,double fish tail,Hexafish,triple single,triple double,the arrow stich,Basket wave,the kalidoscope,double cross and ect.

U guys made me the rainbow loom queen in my school and now im never bored i come to ur website all the time! Very Beautiful bracelets… Just love them all …! Everybody just likes them I love them. I am very much Interested in all thee creative works. I also do origami.

They all are fun Loomlove is made by the two who love creativity. Love you!!! I am waiting for reply …. I love these designs because look at the at the colour of them and who ever done them or made them am proud.

I am impressed???? I love your designs! They are sooooo innovative! I wish to have the talent that you guys have! This year on Frendship Day, I gave an Ziagonal Bracelet to my best friend and everybody was asking me if i could make it for them also! I just love love love your designs!!!!! I personally love some of these designs too! Especially Arrow Stitch. The inverted fishtail was my second thing to loom when I first started making Rainbow Loom bracelets. At my school loom bands arent allowed to be worn or made, and the teachers wear them.

The Ultimate Rainbow Loom Guide

Btw am i the only british girl here?? You guys are awesome!!! And I really wanted to make it again…And guess what? It was here on this webpage!

I also love the warrior, the double-braid, and the arrow head. Thank you so much for posting all these videos. It must take a lot of time and effort to create and make all these bracelets: Sorry if that sounds mean, I was just wondering. Me too! I was the first to wear them my school, now everybody wears them!!!!!

Hanzy xx. I personally love making them once spent a whole 5 hours making bracelets for my friends. Loom it up, peeps! I really love this website and I am also happy you made this website: I would love to enter the contest I have a great wacky braclet: NEVER stop making those bracelets your truly the best loomer???? Notice that this is the end of the loom opposite the starting arrows. Step 2. Place 3 separate bands each in a figure 8 in order to form a triangle over the 3 pins as shown here: Step 3.

In the next layer, place 3 separate bands straight on to form the triangle.

Step 4. Start forming your chain by looping the bottom layer of bands over the pins, as in a fishtail pattern. The difference here is that you have only 2 layers on instead of 3 when you are looping the bottom layer over.

Loop the bottom layer of bands up over the top layer. Do this for all 3 pins. Step 5. Continue adding 3 bands in a triangle layer and looping the bottom layer up until your chain is as long as you want. Pull your chain down as you go to make it easier.

I think this pattern looks best if you use a single color for each layer.

Rainbow Loom Valentines - Printable PDF

Finish your creation with a final band and a c clip or keychain ring. Start of the Rainbow Loom 3 pin chain. I had recently made the wreath and candy cane patterns from Kim S. As I was trying different things, I somehow stumbled upon the 3 pin chain pattern. I used the 3 pin chain to make a wreath and candy cane that look very similar to those created by her, but they are larger. Thank you to Kim and to all of you who share your Rainbow Loom creations for helping to inspire me. Happiness is Looming!

Left side — patterns from MadeByMommy. Right side — creations made from 3 pin chain pattern. Here is a link to his tutorial on youtube and to a printable guide that was created at MadeByMommy. Here are the characters that I made using this pattern. Thanks also to the creator of MadebyMommy.

I was able to complete the project by following the pattern on her site. Make sure to check out the Rainbow Loom facebook page for more examples. What characters are you going to create?

Basic Bracelets. Simple single chain bracelets in Halloween colors make a great hand-out item for any Trick-Or-Treaters that come by your house. Halloween Necklace. Candy Corn inspired beaded Rainbow Loom bracelet.

From the Rainbow Loom facebook page.

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