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Russia Online Bookstore, books, maps and more from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe. Now the Russian State Library stores in its holdings more than 47 million books, documents and artefacts. More than thousand people visit the library. This is the home page of the website of the National Library of Russia in books with Bourbon bookplates from personal libraries of the French kings, queens.

Russian Book Site

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Library Genesis or LibGen is a search engine for articles and books on various topics, which In , the website became involved in a legal case when Elsevier accused it of providing pirate access to articles and books. LibGen is reported to be registered in both Russia and Amsterdam, making it unclear which . Tecnology blogger FriedBeef (love it) has put together a great list of the best sites from which to score free books. All the really good ones are here: Project Gutenberg, BookMooch, Google Book Search, etc., along with quite a few I haven't seen before. We've blogged about free. Website Recommendations: Where can I download free e-books in PDF as this Russia based website is actually a search engine that helps.

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These and much more are waiting for you to discover. The board game corner is packed with old classics, like Backgammon and Clue, as well as the latest in strategy, co-operative, adventure, party, family and kids games.

For on the go, you will find cross-word books and pocket travel games. Jigsaw puzzles and memory games. Recommendations are welcomed by our Game Master. This volume brings top scholars together to examine Russian art and thought in Russia, Central Asia, Israel, and North America as well as on the Internet, among other places. The result is a highly contemporary series of essays on how and why Russian culture moves that likely contains both challenging analyses and entertaining anecdotes.

This book will be published by a scholarly journal, but it is not a scholarly work. As Dolinina walks readers through the highs and lows of that reading adventure, she offers both cultural background Tolstoy may have neglected to explain and encouragement for those times when readers may want to throw War and Peace out the nearest window.

Denner and Juharyan, who are both experienced guides for students of Russian literature in the U. Russian music has found such a welcoming adoptive home in the Anglophone world that Americans celebrate both Christmas and Independence Day by listening to Tchaikovsky.

These books pick up on that global level of interest and take it in both reliable and entirely new directions.

They make an excellent starting point for readers who have heard the big names but want to think beyond them: Before she gained fame, however, she was a young Jewish girl from Odessa.

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Don Quixote are still massively popular, but this is the first English-language biography of their choreographer. Meisner uses this opportunity to illustrate the development of ballet throughout the nineteenth century and beyond with extensive research and newly published photographs.

Johnson means this title literally. Suchet was a well-regarded British television reporter before he turned his voice toward classical music.

This biography of Tchaikovsky may read more vividly and smoothly than some of its counterparts that are already on the market. This final handful of books is limited to just a few bestsellers that are already available but will be published in new editions or reach U. They are listed chronologically in the order of their planned publication dates. Image credits: Tauris; Random House; W. Knopf provided a review copy of Disappearing Earth during a celebratory lunch; Oneworld provided a review copy of Zuleikha.

Skip to main content. Categories at a glance Poetry Contemporary classics: Jewish life and history Art and art history On literature and philosophy On classical music Now in paperback. Ilya Kaminsky, Deaf Republic: Graywolf Press, March Aigerim Tazhi, Paper-Thin Skin. Translated by J. Zephyr Press, May Gala Mukomolova, Without Protection. Coffee House Press, April Anzhelina Polonskaya, To the Ashes. Translated by Andrew Wachtel. Zephyr Press, February Translated by Simon Schuchat.

Ugly Duckling Presse, Andrei Monastyrski, Elementary Poetry. Translated by Brian Droitcour and Yelena Kalinsky. Contemporary classics: Click for seven books. Guzel Yakhina, Zuleikha: A Novel. Translated by Lisa C. Oneworld Publications, February Maxim Osipov, Rock, Paper, Scissors: And Other Stories.

New York Review Books, April Translated by Polly Gannon. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, July New Russian Drama: An Anthology. Tilted Axis Press, November Sergei Lebedev, The Goose Fritz.

The New Russian Book

Translated by Antonina W. New Vessel Press, March Evgeni Grishkovets, The Hemingway Game. Translated by Steven Volynets. Glagoslav Publications, New covers for old favorites. Vasily Grossman, Stalingrad. Translated by Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler. Karolina Pavlova, A Double Life.

Translated by Barbara Heldt. Irina Odoevtseva, Isolde. Translated by Irina Steinberg; Pushkin Press, Banine, Days in the Caucasus. Translated from French by Anne Thompson-Ahmadova. Pushkin Press, April Russian Stories. Edited by Christoph Keller. Translated by Constance Garnett; introduction by Paul Bailey. Political intrigues real and imagined. Forward by General Michael V. Thomas Dunne Books, April How the West Gets Him Wrong. Penguin, Eliot Borenstein, Plots against Russia: Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism.

National Library of Russia. St. Petersburg

Cornell University Press, April Owen Matthews, Black Sun: Doubleday, July Rachel S. Georgetown University Press, April The Twisted Life of David Karr.

Encounter Books, July Alexander Zvyagintsev, The Nuremberg Trials. Translated by Christopher Culver. Polity, April Soviet and post-Soviet farce. The Tale of an Authentic Human Being. Translated by Marian Schwartz; introduction by Mark Lipovetsky.

Zach Powers, First Cosmic Velocity. Translated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega. Yuz Aleshkovsky, Nikolai Nikolaevich and Camouflage: Two Novels. Translated by Duffield White; edited by Susanne Fusso.

Andrei Egunov-Nikolev, Beyond Tula: A Soviet Pastoral. Translated by Ainsley Morse. Academic Studies Press, May Russian-American literature.

Library Genesis

Sophia Shalmiyev, Mother Winter: A Memoir. David Bezmozgis, Immigrant City. Harper Collins, March Maria Kuznetsova, Oksana, Behave!

WTAW Press, fall Irina Reyn, Mother Country: Thomas Dunne Books, February Maxim D. Shrayer, A Russian Immigrant: Three Novellas. Cherry Orchard Books, September American-Russian literature. Julia Phillips, Disappearin g Earth: Knopf, May Penguin Press, April Karen Ellis, Last Night.

Mulholland Books, February Chris Cander, The Weight of a Piano: Knopf, January Nonfiction of the past. Joanna Lillis, Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan. Tauris, January Svetlana Alexievich, Last Witnesses: Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.

Random House, July Bathsheba Demuth, Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait. Mikhail Zygar, Eyewitness The Russian Revolution as it Happened.

Translators to be announced. Fontanka Publishers, March Mark Galeotti, Kulikovo The Battle that Made Russia. Illustrated by Darren Tan; maps by Paul Kime. Osprey Publishing, February Nonfiction of the future.

Click for three books. From Russia with Code: Programming Migrations in Post-Soviet Times. Duke University Press, March Kate Brown, Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future. Anya Bernstein, The Future of Immortality: Remaking Life and Death in Contemporary Russia.

Princeton University Press, June For young adults and kids of all ages. Starobinets, Anna: Claws of Rage: The Plucker: Alexander Utkin, The Water Spirit: Gamayun Tales Vol. Shadow Libraries: Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education.

MIT Press. Financial Times. Wired UK. Retrieved 7 January Library Genesis. Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 4 June Free-culture and open-source movements.

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