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Get this from a library! Sandry's book. [Tamora Pierce] -- Four young misfits find themselves living in a strictly disciplined temple community where they become. dkj9js0rjflkm - Read and download Tamora Pierce's book Circle of Magic #1 : Sandry's Book in PDF, EPub online. Free Circle of Magic #1: Sandry's Book. Tamora Pierce - Collection. | YA/Fantasy | epub | mb |. List: Beka Cooper: 01 -Terrier. Bloodhound. Mastiff. Circle of Magic: Sandry's Book.

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Circle Of Magic 01 - Sandry's Book was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. DOWNLOAD LIT. Topics Kisubo, Daja (Fictitious character) -- Juvenile fiction, Tris (Fictitious character: Pierce) -- Juvenile fiction, Sandry (Fictitious character. Sandry's book. byTamora Pierce Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. IN COLLECTIONS. Books to Borrow · Books for People.

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Circle Of Magic 01 - Sandry's Book

The main and secondary characters are so dull. Aside from having no sort of chemistry between themselves, the main characters - Daja, Sandry, Tris and Briar - they seem to make it their life mission to not have interaction of the natural sort with any of the secondary characters either.

Daja is this lone, silent type of character, with a lot of hardship behind her and she also seems to be the most mature of the four youngsters and her powers show the most potential.

Tris is a rejectee and cannot control her emotions that directly influence the weather around her. Of all the characters she is my least favorite. Briar is a thief and has a secret interest in plants. Of all the characters I find him the most endearing, though he can be mean-spirited and a total prick sometimes with no real and palpable reason.

I say that he's the most endearing because he seems to be the most fleshed out of all the characters and he does seem to have a more easy to grasp backstory and most of the other characters. Even though this book is named after her, Sandry does not appear all that much, the main focus is instead on Briar and Daja, most of the times.

She is the stuck-up, cloudcoocoolander, bossy type of charcter that likes the idea of befriending people and not giving a rat's ass what other people say.

Of all the characters I find her backstory to be the least understandable and even though I read it twice I still dunno how she got herself into that situation that she had to be taken out of by Master Niko.

This guy has my freaking name and he's a mage. He's supposed to be this sort of mentor figure to the four of them, but I get the impression that none of them actually look up to him. The other characters are really one dimensional, Lark and Rosethorn I cannot distinguish between the two of them and rest is down the drain.

When it comes to the writing I just have to say that it is not engaging, not humorous, not enthralling and while it is a children's book primarily see page count - it's 10 times smaller than A Dance with Dragons I don't think I would've been captivated with it even if I were the same age as the book is meant to be.

Because I can't connect with the characters.

Download: Tamora Pierce - Collection

And the use of third person limited is so jarring that after the main character eventually do come together, the 3rd person limited tends to still be used instead of shifting to omniscient. And the vocabulary used, does tend to be rather juvenile at times. I mean instead of proper swear words of at least using something that resembles a palpable swear the terms used are along the lines of "donkey dung" and "cat dirt". Let's Rate This - 2. D My other reviews: Dec 29, Nidofito rated it liked it Shelves: So nice.

Apr 25, Wealhtheow rated it liked it Shelves: Sandry hides from a smallpox epidemic in a cupboard--only to find that she's trapped inside. When her candle runs out, she is comforted by a glow in her embroidery.

Daja survives a shipwreck by willing a supply box toward her. A petty thief, Briar is thrown in jail and tends to the moss he finds there. Tris is tormented at school, but her bullies find themselves threatened by wild winds. None of them have traditional forms of magic, but Niko Goldeneye believes they might have hidden powers.

He hopes Sandry hides from a smallpox epidemic in a cupboard--only to find that she's trapped inside. He hopes to teach them to harness their gifts, before their uncontrolled power leads to tragedy. But though the children are thrilled to be taught, they're wary of associating with each other. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The characters' personalities come across in a ham-handed way, and their hidden fears and powers are hardly subtle.

But I think that's mostly because this is YA for a younger crowd under 15 than I'm used to.

The magic is wonderfully described. No matter how exciting the action or weird the magic, I was always clear on what was happening. I've heard this mocked as having "weather for a villain," but that was actually a positive point, for me. The climax is "just" the children view spoiler [trying to survive being buried in an avalanche hide spoiler ] , but it was very stirring, and I was glad to find that the scope was kept personal.

I'm tired of heroes having to save the kingdom, the world, the universe; it's a refreshing change to have them struggle to just save themselves. Oct 17, Kayla Edwards rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sandry, Briar, Tris, and Daja meet one another and find out about their unique abilities in this first installment of the wonderful Emelan universe.

They don't exactly get along. But when their very lives are threatened, can they learn to work together to save themselves? This is probably my fifth or sixth reread of the entire series. I cannot express my love for these books enough. Sandry is a spunky little noble with great big ideas about honor and protecting others.

She wants nothing more tha Sandry, Briar, Tris, and Daja meet one another and find out about their unique abilities in this first installment of the wonderful Emelan universe. She wants nothing more than for everyone in her new household to get along - a tall order, to be sure.

Watching her explore her newfound magic with thread is incredible and I cannot recommend this book, and those that follow, enough. Jun 15, Summer rated it it was ok Shelves: Tamora Pierce was one of my favorite authors growing up and still remains one of my favorites today.

However this series does not seem to be for me. Tamora Pierce has had books with different POVs before but not to the extent it is here. There are four main characters with four different POVs, each changing within a couple of pages.

If you've read enough reviews from me you may have noticed that constantly changing POVs are on my list of things I do not like in a book. The world seemed interesti Tamora Pierce was one of my favorite authors growing up and still remains one of my favorites today.

The world seemed interesting and the set-ups were fine but even for Tamora Pierce I couldn't make it very far. It did get me hyped up for her next Beka Cooper book coming out next year though: Dec 31, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: I don't think this is good, exactly - but I love the ideas. That magic can be overlooked because it's part of something mundane is a great idea, and to take that a step further and show how magic can itself be treated like those mundane things is innovative and exciting, to the point where I actually don't mind that the entire novel is setup.

Nov 20, Deepasri rated it it was amazing. A tale of bravery, loyalty, friendship,sorrow, and magic. And mystery,too I can't stop reading!!

Try this book if you like mystery and magic. Aug 21, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed learning about these four kids who are thrown together at a school. Each of these kids had a past that wasn't sunshine and flowers. They had to learn how to be okay with the past and how to learn to move forward. One thing I didn't understand is why this book is Sandry's book as she doesn't seem to be a majority.

The book was pretty evenly split between Sandry, Tris, Briar and Daja. But I enjoyed all four of them and the friendship that bloomed between them.

I love that they have uniqu I enjoyed learning about these four kids who are thrown together at a school. I love that they have unique magic that is more targeted. My favorite part of this book was probably Nico mentoring these kids.

Excited to see what these kids get up to next! Jun 19, Amanda Vu rated it really liked it Shelves: This book left me in such a happy mood. View 1 comment. It's about her as well as her foster siblings - Daja metals , Briar plants , and Tris weather - as they come to the Winding Circle Temple to learn how to use their unique powers.

All of them are outcasts in some way; and while they struggle to fit in and stay out of trouble at Winding Circle, they manage to find common ground together. But when disaster threatens their new home, the quartet must find a way to save themselves and the only place where they feel like they belong.

It was mostly due to the POV characters. Daja was the only one I connected with for a while because of her maturity, solemnity, and loyalty to everyone she cares about. But Tris and Briar were difficult to like early on, and Sandry seemed Too childish? Also, once all four students have arrived at Winding Circle, there's quite a bit of "head-hopping" from one POV character to another during the same scene.

Some readers don't mind it, but personally I prefer to stay in one character's head at a time. Once Sandry and her new foster siblings warm up to each other, they accept one another's differences and become curious about each other's talents and pre-Circle lives.

There are shades of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian influences here; I admit I geeked out a bit about meditation as a calming force for mages. And I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of character diversity examples: Daja is dark-skinned, Briar is brown-skinned and biracial, and Tris wear glasses and views herself as chubby.

It's a quick, entertaining read about new friendships, magic, and belonging, with that familiar "coming of age" theme that naturally comes with characters discovering their unique abilities.

A lot of readers seem to love this story, but to me it wasn't as memorable as Pierce's Tortall books. Which reminds me: I need to finish that series this year!

But I'm curious to see how Sandry and her friends grow up with each other and into their powers, so I'll definitely continue the Circle of Magic series. Sandry's Book is the first in the Circle of Magic series. It begins with Lady Sandrilene who is alone and afraid after being hidden by magic in a small storeroom by her nurse, to keep her safe from a smallpox outbreak and rioting villagers. Her nurse is killed and Sandry is left for a very long time without light and only her needlework to keep her company.

She is found by Niko, a mage, who was able to locate her and save her from the dark and lonely room where she was held safe. Her parents and Sandry's Book is the first in the Circle of Magic series.

Her parents and nurse are now dead so Niko delivers her to her uncle, Duke Vedris, who lives near the Winding Circle temple. The duke is a widower, who's children are all grown, so it is decided that Sandry shall go to live at the Winding Circle temple with other children who have been sent there to study.

These three come from very different walks of life and are brought together by Niko, who seems to be acting on a vision or a prophecy in seeking out these four and bringing them to study at the Winding Circle temple. Daja is a Trader and the sole survivor when her family's trading ship sinks in dangerous seas. She is saved from the sea by Niko but then cast out by her people for being "bad luck". Briar is a thief, twice convicted, who is arrested and sent for his final sentencing.

He is saved when Niko offers to take him to Winding Circle instead of punishment. Trisana is the daughter of a merchant who's strange powers have terrified her family, causing them to send her away, time and time again. She is expelled from yet another boarding school after strange weather causes chaos at the school. Niko is there visiting the the director and offers to take Tris to the Winding Circle instead of trying to convince yet another relative or school to take her.

The four children are brought together at the Discipline House after having been rejected by the other houses of the Winding Circle for various reasons. They begin to form a tenuous friendship and find that they all have something in common, a hidden ability in magic that until coming to Winding Circle, had remained untapped or misunderstood.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series. It was a quick read and I expect to gulp down the next three pretty quickly! Each character has his or her own voice actor, reading the lines of dialogue or thoughts as if they were in the story itself. Tamora Pierce has been most supportive of the FCA style of work, reading as narrator for not only her own books, but in other casts as well.

Each voice is distinct and seems appropriately aged for the young characters. Also be sure to stay tuned after the end of the novel! Following the voice credits there is a short interview of Tamora Pierce about the inspiration behind the Circle of Magic series. Ever wonder where the idea for sewing magic came from? Wonder no more! Click here for my review of the story itself. Tamora Pierce has captured me again!

Oh my goodness, this was a lovely introduction to the world of Emelan. As much as I do and will miss Tortall and the characters that populate it, I am so pleased to be immersed in this new world. Watching Pierce allow her characters to stand up to bullies, use privilege in all the best wa Tamora Pierce has captured me again! Seeing adults in these books treat the children with respect and care was rewarding and lovely. Pierce writes fantasy the way I wish more fantasy was written- it corrects wrongs, it draws characters in a million different shapes and colors and it just While a big part of me wishes I'd seen these books as a child, I'm thrilled to be discovering them now.

Excited to continue my journey into Emelan!

Sandry's book

Feb 22, Kirsten rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this! This series, Circle of Magic, centers on four young people who are just discovering the powerful magic they were born with.

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