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THE PHENOMENAL #1 BESTSELLING SEQUEL TO MARGARET MITCHELL'S GONE WITH THE WIND"Alexandra Ripley is true to Scarlett's. Picks up the story begun in Margaret Mitchell's classic Gone With the Wind. What happens to Ashley now that Melanie is gone? Does Scarlett find a way to get. Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind by, unknown Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY.

Scarlett Sequel To Gone With The Wind Ebook

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Ripley's ultra-mega-hyped sequel to Margaret Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction. Scarlett: the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the wind. [Alexandra Edition/Format: eBook: Document: Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Read "Scarlett The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind" by Alexandra Ripley available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first.

With constant thoughts of how to win back her only true love, the story takes us to a still occupied Charleston where Rhett makes a lucrative offer to be rid of her forever, but a frightening experience gives her hope once again. I'm afraid, he said quietly, afraid that it will all begin again. I know that she's heartless and completely selfish, that she's like a child who cries for a toy and then breaks it once she has it. But there are some moments when she tilts her head at a certain angle, or she smiles that gleeful smile, or she suddenly looks lost With fairies and Irish superstitions from days of old, shocking news of a Fenian Brotherhood, and the horror of All Hallows Eve, a self-absorbed, and still gorgeous but ambitious SCARLETT struggles to find a new life with dreams of what could have been with Rhett at her side. One final note: Similar, but better storyline than the movie for me with more characters, but in no way compares to GWTW.

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Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind

To ask other readers questions about Scarlett , please sign up. Is this book as good as Gone with the Wind? Agnes Not as good, but worth reading if you have the time. It's interesting that there are not more sequel's or re-writes of Gone With The Wind. I understand Rhett Butler's People is more a prequel. Do other readers have thoughts about why this is?

Anne Martin Margaret Mitchell's estate has sued all the writers who inspired themselves from the story. In France, in the 90s, Regine Desforges wrote a series of …more Margaret Mitchell's estate has sued all the writers who inspired themselves from the story.

In France, in the 90s, Regine Desforges wrote a series of books quite successfully, using the backbone of Scarlett's story to create another universe. Her books are set during the second world war, her heroine is torn between two men and it evolves and leaves Gone with he wind after a while. The estate made a ten-year-long process against her, with nothing to really gain, but discourage anyone with the same idea. It is very sad, when you think of it.

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Jul 15, Namrirru rated it it was ok Shelves: Horrible, over-dramatised, unbelievable, a very bad, bad book. A couple months ago, I was at Barnes and Noble. A Romanian girl was talking to her American friend about how she read Gone with the Wind in Romanian.

Now she'd love to read it in English. She had a book in her hands, but it was not Gone with the Wind. It was Scarlett! I informed her that the book she was holding was not Gone with the Wind , but a sequel. A horrible sequel she would regret reading.

Then I picked up the right book for he Horrible, over-dramatised, unbelievable, a very bad, bad book. Then I picked up the right book for her. I believe I did a good deed. View all 8 comments. The book debuted on The New York Times bestsellers list, but both critics and fans of the original novel found Ripley's version to be inconsistent with the literary quality of Gone with the Wind.

View all 10 comments. May 16, Rory rated it did not like it. View all 4 comments. I got this book in hardback for Christmas in , shortly after it was first published. It was highly anticipated and, of course, there were folks lining up on both sides of the issue as to whether it could even hope to be a worthy follow-up to Margaret Mitchell's epic novel or whether it should be judged on its own merits as the continuation of Scarlett's and Rhett's story.

Margaret Mitche I got this book in hardback for Christmas in , shortly after it was first published. Margaret Mitchell left us hanging and more than 50 years later, the interest in this sequel was fever pitch. I started reading the book very early in the morning December 26, , in the waiting room of Texas Children's Hospital where my oldest grandchild was undergoing hernia repair surgery. I was more than stressed and the book was the perfect distraction from the agony of waiting.

I enjoyed the continuation of the saga as written by Alexandra Ripley. I think she tuned into Scarlett's more mature self and spun a yarn worthy of her personality.

I was happy that Scarlett finally realized how much she loved and needed Rhett. I believe Ms. Ripley took Scarlett along a path of growth we all wanted for her. And, finally It was 'way too long in coming! View all 6 comments. Rhett nu putea vorbi serios. This book was so awful I sent it back to the publisher and demanded my money back.

They sent it to me.

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View all 5 comments. Jul 10, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: History Lovers, Romantics. Many have made the mistake of judging Scarlett by the horrible TV movie that was made from it. Please don't! This book is such a good read and really goes along with Margaret Mitchell's book. Much was left out of the Gone With the Wind movie. Scarlett gives closure to Gone With the Wind fans.

I've read it multiple times and have enjoyed it more each time. I definitely recommmend this book! View 2 comments. Aug 15, Heidi rated it did not like it. Not only did I not like this book, I hated it! I fell in love with " Gone With the Wind " when I was little and watched the movie over and over with my aunts. When I finally read the book, it was one of the best I have ever read!

I even fell in love with Margaret Mitchell's story and why she wrote the book. When the made-for-tv "Scarlett" movie was made, I watched it with my sister.

It wasn't the worst ever, but nothing to the original. I eventually read this book as well and thought it was writte Not only did I not like this book, I hated it! I eventually read this book as well and thought it was written well, but veered so far from the first book, there is no way it could redeem itself. My friend claims that as a separate book, not seen as a sequel, it is a pretty good book. However, I have trouble seeing it separately as it is not at all what I would think Mitchell would want to happen.

As its own story, it has no background and basis for the characters. In conclusion, even though Ripley writes an okay story, she does not stay true to Mitchell's charcters. Jul 25, Joslyn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of Gone With the Wind or a good love story. So I am a huge Gone With the Wind groupie. I even own the Scarlett Collector's Item Barbie!

A Sequel to Gone With the Wind is an amazing book. It picks up right where GWtW left off and never disappoints. It's about pages, but I swear you never even notice. The storyline is believable and the plot has so many twists and turns that you're never bored. My only regret: It wasn't written early enough to make a good movie sequel: Aug 02, Ellen rated it it was ok. As trash fiction, this was fun to read. As a sequel to GWTW it indeed gave closure; Scarlett is such a tragic character with so many flaws and strengths that it was sort of satisfying to see her finally figure out something approximating happiness.

That said, I didn't find it at all convincing. Scarlett may have realized her love for Ashley was a childish fantasy and her loves for Rhett and Melanie were real, but that doesn't mean that she would suddenly be able to throw off a lifetime of the beh As trash fiction, this was fun to read.

Scarlett may have realized her love for Ashley was a childish fantasy and her loves for Rhett and Melanie were real, but that doesn't mean that she would suddenly be able to throw off a lifetime of the behaviors and traumas that made her so closed and obstinate.

I didn't find her transition from selfish to loving at all convincing: Ripley can plot a story arc, but her characters are pretty flat. She didn't do a good job moving Scarlett from psychic point A to point B.

View all 3 comments. Jun 20, Krystal rated it did not like it Shelves: This was the first book I remember being so anticipated, and dreaded at the same time. I didn't think anyone could do justice to the first story and thought they should leave well enough alone. Yet I had to read it the first chance I got, and it truly did suck, with as much force as a book can suck. The characters were watered down versions of their original glory, and Scarlet, though never an angel, was just this simpering fool of a woman that the original would never have put up with.

Seriousl This was the first book I remember being so anticipated, and dreaded at the same time. Seriously, what the hell. View 1 comment. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Then the peeps in charge of the Margaret Mitchell estate caved in to stuffing their wallets reader demands for a sequel to hear the 'rest of the story'.

And so Alexandra Ripley takes on the nearly impossible task of stepping into another author's shoes and making those characters her own. So what happens? Melly dies, Ashley wants to die with her, but Scarlett won't let him. Everyone in town shuns Scarlett so she decides to pack up and follow Rhett to Charleston and get her man back. Rhett still wants nothing to do with her, but his mother sure seems to take to Scarlett. He had been their childhood playmate and had been given to the twins for their own on their tenth birthday.

At the sight of him, the Tarleton hounds rose up out of the red dust and stood waiting expectantly for their masters. Then they were off down the walk at a rush, mounted their horses and, followed by Jeems, went down the avenue of cedars at a gallop, waving their hats and yelling back to her. When they had rounded the curve of the dusty road that hid them from Tara, Brent drew his horse to a stop under a clump of dogwood.

Stuart halted, too, and the darky boy pulled up a few paces behind them. The horses, feeling slack reins, stretched down their necks to crop the tender spring grass, and the patient hounds lay down again in the soft red dust and looked up longingly at the chimney swallows circling in the gathering dusk. What do you make of it? But it just looks to me like she might of. And we had lots more things to tell her. Besides, when Scarlett gets mad, everybody knows it.

But it was something we did or said that made her shut up talking and look sort of sick. I could swear she was glad to see us when we came and was aiming to ask us to supper. She laughed like everything when we told her about it. You darkies know everything that goes on. Why, you liar, I saw you with my own eyes sidle round the corner of the porch and squat in the cape jessamine bush by the wall.

Now, did you hear us say anything that might have made Miss Scarlett mad — or hurt her feelings? Thus appealed to, Jeems gave up further pretense of not having overheard the conversation and furrowed his black brow. Girls set a big store on knowing such things first. But Scarlett must have known he was going to marry Miss Melly sometime. The Wilkes and Hamiltons always marry their own cousins. You know what a slick talker that little varmint is. You know he always can smooth her down.

He has to talk around in circles till Ma gets so confused that she gives up and tells him to save his voice for his law practice. The twins looked at each other glumly. Until the previous summer, Stuart had courted India Wilkes with the approbation of both families and the entire County. The County felt that perhaps the cool and contained India Wilkes would have a quieting effect on him. They fervently hoped so, at any rate. And Stuart might have made the match, but Brent had not been satisfied.

Brent liked India but he thought her mighty plain and tame, and he simply could not fall in love with her himself to keep Stuart company. They had known her for years, and, since their childhood, she had been a favorite playmate, for she could ride horses and climb trees almost as well as they.

But now to their amazement she had become a grown-up young lady and quite the most charming one in all the world. They noticed for the first time how her green eyes danced, how deep her dimples were when she laughed, how tiny her hands and feet and what a small waist she had. Their clever remarks sent her into merry peals of laughter and, inspired by the thought that she considered them a remarkable pair, they fairly outdid themselves.

It was a memorable day in the life of the twins. They never arrived at the correct answer, which was that Scarlett on that day had decided to make them notice. She was constitutionally unable to endure any man being in love with any woman not herself, and the sight of India Wilkes and Stuart at the speaking had been too much for her predatory nature. Not content with Stuart alone, she had set her cap for Brent as well, and with a thoroughness that overwhelmed the two of them.

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell : Chapter 1

Now they were both in love with her, and India Wilkes and Letty Munroe, from Lovejoy, whom Brent had been half-heartedly courting, were far in the back of their minds. Just what the loser would do, should Scarlett accept either one of them, the twins did not ask.

They would cross that bridge when they came to it. For the present they were quite satisfied to be in accord again about one girl, for they had no jealousies between them.

It was a situation which interested the neighbors and annoyed their mother, who had no liking for Scarlett. But that might not be a bad idea either. Not that India ever reproached him or even indicated by look or gesture that she was aware of his abruptly changed allegiance.

She was too much of a lady. But Stuart felt guilty and ill at ease with her. He knew he had made India love him and he knew that she still loved him and, deep in his heart, he had the feeling that he had not played the gentleman. He still liked her tremendously and respected her for her cool good breeding, her book learning and all the sterling qualities she possessed. You always knew where you stood with India and you never had the slightest notion with Scarlett.

That was enough to drive a man to distraction, but it had its charm. Scarlett said Cathleen was home from Charleston. And she fusses around so much, trying to do the right thing and make you feel at home, that she always manages to say and do just exactly the wrong thing.

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell

She gives me the fidgets! And she thinks Southerners are wild barbarians. She even told Ma so. She reminds me of a skinny hen perched on a chair, her eyes kind of bright and blank and scared, all ready to flap and squawk at the slightest move anybody makes.

Neither did Cathleen or Raiford or Mr. Said she guessed licker was spoiling his marksmanship. Remember how mad that made Tony? What is there to see in Europe? Cheryl Holt. Rogue of the Highlands. Cynthia Breeding. Amanda Berry. Whitney, My Love.

Judith McNaught. The Runaway Children. Sandy Taylor. Love and War. How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy. The Giver Quartet Omnibus. Lois Lowry. Firefly Summer. Nan Rossiter.

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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Buy the eBook Price: Choose Store. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 9 59 star ratings 9 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. After reading gone with the wind I felt as though I must go on. Sadly that's what this book does, goes on and on and on. Great story lines but not all were needed. If it was a trilogy that would have been less irratating.

It was worth 89 chapters to see a happy ending. Good read, interesting. But the timeline does not jive and the characters' personalities change almost enough to make them unrecognizable.

Excellent sequel, felt like I was reading Margaret Mitchell's finale to her epic novel. Would recommend to any fan. After reading gone with the wind, and having my mom and grandma tell me how much they enjoyed it. I found this book, and i have been nagging them to read it.

Worth every minute! Johnston on January 8, This story really captured Scarlet's and Rett's spirit! It was facinating to discover the Irish world through Scarlet's eyes. Wish there was more to read about their love and Cat growing up!

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