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Simply the largest collection of pdf screenplays. Shotgun Wedding () · SHRAPNEL () · Shutter Island · Sicario - Taylor Sheridan · Sideways. U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo ) arrive on Shutter Island to assist in the search for a missing. Taxi Driver Shutter Island -

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Read the Shutter Island script, written by Laeta Kalogridisand Dennis Lehane. Shutter Island PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LenaSam. collection of coral speaking Uploaded by. Full script/screenplay for the movie Shutter Island. Starring Leonardo Decaprio and Directed by Martin Scorsese. Great tool for someone learning to write their own screenplays is to read professional ones.

DiCarpio Get it together Teddy! Get it together! It's just water. It's a lot of water Come on. Not the best way to know you half head in the toilet.

I cry every night. How am I supposed to survive? I'm so sorry, but I buried you I buried an empty basket. Your body was nothing but blood and chunke of My jim is dead, So who the fuck are you? Who are you? I'm sorry about that I didn't wanted to interrupt, I thought she might trll you something, but We have no idea how she get there. We have food, water, and cots. It's the safest place to be when the hurricane hits. You look pale. I'm fine, it's just Boss, are you okay?

It's so goddamn bright? Photo sensitivity, headaches sometime? Marshal are you having migraine? Yeah, right. Take these, marshall. You'll sleep a couple of hours, wake up clear as bell. You have a migraine. Imagine someone sawed open your head and filled it with razors then shook it as hard as they could Take these pills, marshall. Take pills.

You'll need to lay down carefull. Gonna be okay. That's the warden. Do not worry about him, allright? Looks like ex-military prick. You know I can not argue with you onthat. You should have saved me.

You should have saved all of us. Hey buddy Hi, buddy. No hard feelings, right? No hard feelings. Little something for later. I know how much you need it. Wer're running out of time. I could get in trouble. I'm dead? I'm so sorry.

Why did not you saved me? I tried, I wanted to, but by the time I got there, it was too late. It's not beautiful? Why are you all wet, baby? Laeddis isn't dead. He isn't gone. He's still here. I know. We need to find him, Teddy. It's okay. Generaytor is faulty Are you okay boss? Back up generator failed. What do you want to do? No, no, no!

Put it down. You think the whole electrical system is fried? I think that is a good possibility. All electronic security system Nice day for a stroll don't you think? He told me this is where they keep the worse ones The guys in the other wards are scared of Noyce did not say anything about the lab? Not really. All that he remember was people scream day and night.

There were no windows. There were bars everywhere. Jesus Christ!. You haven't heard shit. If you see some don't try to restrain him yourself These fuckers will kill you. Well get your ass moving, then c'mon he's here.

I can feel him. You are it. Hey, hey! Listen to me! I do not want to leave, all right? Why wouldn't anyone want that? I have heard many things here. About the outside world. About atolls, about the hydrogen bomb tests. You know how a hydrogen bomb works?

Other bombs exploding, right? But not the hydrogen bomb It's imploding. An explosion that is hundredth thousand millionth degree. What are you doing? Jesus Christ, Teddy. What's the matter with you guys? He jumped at us. You give me a hand with him we've got to get him to the infirmary No! Not you, not you.

Please, please! You lied. That's pretty damned funny. Your vioce Don't you recognize it? After all the talks we've had? After all the lies that you've tell me? Let me see your face.

They say i'm theirs now They say i'll never leave. Your match is about to go out. Let me see your goddamn face! And Laeddis. That's all it's ever been about. I was incidental. George Noyce?

No, it is not possible, You can not be here. Who did this to you, George? You did! What are you talking all of your fucking talk And I'm back here because of you! George, I get you out of here. I'll find a way to fix this I'll never get out now. I got out once, But not twice, never twice - Tell me how sis they got you here?

Don't you get it? Everything you were up to. Your whole plan. This is a game. All of this You're not investigating anything. You're a fucking rat in a maze. Been alone much since you got here? I'm with my partner. You have never worked with him before, right? He's a US Marshall from Seattle. You have never worked with him before, have you? George, look I know people. I trust this man. Then, they've already won. And I'm only here because of you! George, I'm going to get you out of here.

You're not going to the lighthouse. You can't kill Leaddis and expose the truth at the same time You have to make a choice you understand that, don't you? I'm not here to kill anyone. I swear to you She's death. Let her go Let her go. Tell him Teddy.. Tell him.. You've got to do it There's no other way.

You have to do! And I told you and you broke my heart. And you asked me why? Play with your mind. And then i told you it broke from happiness she kill you. You want to uncover the truth? I can't. I can't! Then you'll never leave this island. He's not in this ward. He was transferred Out of here. If he's not in ward A There's only one place he can be The lighthouse. God help you. Boss, we have problems. Cawley and McPherson are in the building. Cawley heard an orderly went batshit on a patient, then got sent up to the roof.

He went up to look for him Let's get the hell out of here. This way Just keep going. Where were you? It was weired here, take a look. I'll take a look later. What's the matter boss? I'll look at it later, that's all. Ashecliffe's that way. I'm not going to Ashecliffe. I'm going to the lighthouse. I'm going to find out what the fuck is hapening in thid island.

Here it is. What can I say to you stop. Because climbing down there when it's dark And now I am trapped on this rock. On the island. Without anyone we know. And now you acting like Like what? How my acting? What the hell happened in those cells, Ted? I'll go alone I said alone Fine. Damn it! I knew it will take long. Where are you, chuck! I am Teddy Daniels. I'm a cop. You're a marshal. To make sure what you have hold there does not hurt me I'm gonna keep this If you do not mind.

You're Rachel Solando. I never had children. I was never married. You were a nurse? I was a doctor, marshall.

That's the Kafkaesque genius of it. I do not following you. Once you are declared insane, then anything you do is called as a part of insanity. Your reasonable protests or denial. You're smarter than you look marshall that's probably not a good thing Tell me something What happened to you?


I started asking about shipping this this large amount of sodium. And I began to ask about the surgeries, too Ever heard of transorbital lobotomy?

Tractable It's barbaric.

Unconscionable Do you know how pain enters the body marshal? Depends on where you hurt.

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No, it has nothing to the flesh The brain controls pain. The brain controls fear, empathy, sleep, anger, hunger To re-create a man, so he doesn't feel pain Or love. Or sympathy. A man who can't be interrogated because he has no memories to confess They can never takes all men memories Never. And you know the North Koreans use american POWs during brainwashing experiments they turns soldiers into traitors.

Creates ghosts and give way in the world. And do things sane man never do. Years of research, experiments on hundreds of patients. For 50 years now, people will look back and they say The Nazis used the Jews the Soviets used prisoners in their own gulags and we We tested patients, on Shutter Island. No, they won't I'm a federal marshall I was a esteemed psychiatrist, from a respected family. It did not matter. If a particular event is past the reason you lost your sanity And who would do it, after what happened.

That could be said of anyone - anyone at all. How's your head? I'm prone to migraine Jesus! And you ate in the canteen and of drinking coffee that gave it.

Tell me that even Smoking Cigars of you. I haven't. It takes between 36 and 48 hours for neuroleptics narcotics To reach sufficient blood that you-and take effect. Tell me what's going on in that lighthouse? Tell me. Like, "to open the skull to see What if we pull on this kind.

Who knows about this? Come on, the nurses, the orderlies? They think i'm dead, that I drowned. If they come looking for you, they might finf me I'm sorry, but you have to go. I'm gonna come back for you. I will not be here. I move during the day. Haven't you heard a word I've said?

The only way off the island is ferry and they control it You'll never leave here. I had a friend. Have you seen him? You have no friends. There you are. We've been wondering when you'd show up Take a seat. Come on. Taking a leisurely stroll? I just Did you enjoy God's latest gift?

God loves violence. Why else would there be so much of it? It's in us. Because God gave us violence to wage in his honor. I thought God gave us moral orders. There is no moral orders as pure as this storm. There's no moral order at all. You're violent as they come. I know, because I am as violent as they come.

From constructred society we were lifted If I always stood between you and my meal you would crack my skull with rock and steal my meal Poor you Cawley thinks you're harmless, you can be controled, but I know are different. We've known each other for centuries. If I am to send my teeth to sank into your eye right now, could you stop me before I blinded you? Give it a try. That's the spirit. Where have you been? Wandering, just looking at your island.

You'll be leaving, Now that Rachel has been found. Apparently there was an unidentified man in ward C yesterday He subdued a very dangerous patient.

Even so? It seems he had a long concersation with a paranoid schizophrenic, George Noyce. This Noyce, so you said his name was, - he's delusional, right?

No, thanks. I quit. So, you'll taking the ferry? I think we've gotten all we came here for "We" Marshall? Speaking of a My partner, Chuck. You don't have a partner, Marshall. You came here alone. You know, I've built something valuable here But valuable things have a way of being misunderstood in their own time Everyone wants a quick fix, they always have I'm trying to do something that people that even you don't undersyand And I'm not going to give up without a fight I can see that What partner?

Going somewhere? I'm afraid it's the other side. If you wait a moment, I find someone to take you to the port. What is this, Doctor? What are you going to do? To kill me? And that too And of course, memories, dreams And what's the German word for "dream" is "traumen.

Wounds can creates monsters. And you I think you're agree, when you see a monster you must stop it.

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What are you doing, baby? You've got to get to the ferry. If the world thinks that Chuck is dead, then he is perfect for their experiments. Only one place they'd take him You go there and you'll die.

He's my partner. Do not go there. Please don 't do this Teddy. I'm sorry, honey. I love this because you gave it to me But the truth is Do not move! Stay where you are.

Are you going to kill me? I will not kill you. The rifle's empty by the way. How badly did you hurt the guard? I do not know what are you talking about.

Have Dr. Sheehan take a good look at your man before you send him up So, Dr. He came on the ferry this morining. Not exactly. You blew up my car. I really loved that car. Tremors are getting pretty bad. How are the hallucinations? Go away, Teddy I found her doctor,in a cave on the cliffs. But you won't get her. I don't doubt it. But your hallucinations are more severe than I thought. You are not on neuroleptics. You are not on neuroleptics as a matter of fact Then what the fuck is this?

Huh, what the fuck is this? From what? I haven't even had a goddamned drink since we got on this island. Chlorpromazine I'm not a fan of pharmacology but I have to see in your case So in the past two years you have had somebody in Boston who gave me drugs Not Boston.

You've been here for two years. After everythings I see here, Doctor, You really thinks you can convince me I'm crazy? You know what kind of people we are dealing? I'm U. Proof of the 67th patient If you'd gotten to the mainland, you could have blown the lid off this place.

Decorated army veteran. Former U. I am tired of this bullshits. Where's my partner? Where's Chuck? Where is he?

Let's try this in another way. Notice anything these four names have in common? What do you see? Edward Daniels has exactly same As Andrew Laeddis. All names - Are anagrams of each other. You came here for the truth. Your name is Andrew Laeddis. Bullshit You were committed here by court order 24 months ago. One you can't forgieve yourself. So you invented another self. Let us return to the facts. And have created a story in which you're not a murderer, you are hearless S marshal.

I've been hearing this fantasy for two years. I know every details. Patient Rachel Solando. You were at Dachave, But it could not have killed any guards. I wish i could let you just live in your fantasy world I really do. But are violent, trained, dangerous. You're the most dangerous patient we have.

You've injured all of the guards Other patients. Two weeks ago you attacked George Noyce. I did so something! Give me one reason why i even touch him. Because he called you Laeddis and you do anything not to be him I have a transcript of that conversation you had with Noyce yesterday. This is about you and Laeddis That's all it's ever been about This says it's about "me and Laeddis". When you've asked him what happened to his face, said, and I quote again, "You did it".

The warden and the board of overseas are determined that something be done it's been decided nevertheles we can bring you back in sanity now right now Permanent measures will be taken to ensure you can't hurt anyone ever again they lobotomine you, Andrew.

Yes, I understand. I understand just fine If , if I don't play along with your little game here Dr. Naehring will turn me into one of his ghosts. What about my partner? Hey, boss. What the fuck is going on here? I'm sorry about that someone had to stay with you, keep you safe You've been watch me, right? I've been you primary psychiatrist for the last two years. I am Lester Sheehan. And I told you about my wife I trusted you. I risked everything, after you.

I thought if we let you play this out we could get you to see how untrue how impossible it is we've had to tun of the place for two days Tell me, where are the Nazi experiments The satanic O. If we fail on you then everything we've tried to do here will be discredited. We are on the first line of a war, Andrew and right now, in this place it comes down to you Do not move!

This one is loaded. I can tell from the weight. I see. There's a dent in the barrel from the day Philip Stacks shot at me You're not going to mind-fuck me out of this doc Then blast away, because that's the only way you're ever getting off this island Andrew, please don't.

My gun What have you done to my goddamned gun. It's a toy, Andrew. Dolores was insane. You drank. You moved in that lake house after she, purposely, set your city apartment on fire Andrew Andrew stop it you're lying These are your children. Your wife drowned them in the cabin by the lake. And here, the little girl, you dream about every night. I never had a daughter. Her name is Rachel. Andrew, are you? I'm so sorry, honey.. I told you not to coming here.

I told you I came back. Why are you all wet? I missed you. I want to go home. You're home! Where are the kids?

Shutter Island Screenplay

It's Saturday, honey. My God! Oh, Good God, no! Please, God, no. Let put them in the kitchen. They'll be our living dolls Tomorrow we can take them on a picnic. If you ever loved me , Dolores Shutter Island Movie Script. DiCarpio Get it together Teddy!

Get it together! It's just water. It's a lot of water Come on. Not the best way to know you half head in the toilet. Doesn't exactly square with Teddy Daniels: What the hell are you boys smoking out there in Portland anyway?

I came from the office in Seatle. How long have you been with Marshals? Four years. So you know how small it is What about you? I was. Boss, i didn't There was a fire in our apartment building, while i was out Four People died. It was the smoke that got her not the fire - That's important. Where are my goddamn Cigars? Government employees, rob you blind thanks Have you received any briefing about the institution befor you left? All I know is it's a mental hospital For the criminally insane.

Well, if it was just folks hearing voices and chasing butterflies, i guess they wouldn,t need us - that's where we're headed? The other side of the island is rock bluffs all to ended in water The dock, it's the only way on, or off we will casting off again as soon as you two are ashore i'd appreciate if you two hurry about it - Why?

I've never seen a marshal badge before. Welcome to Shutter Island. I'll be taking you up to Ashecliffe.

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