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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

UDON Entertainment is putting together a Street Fighter-themed comic book in celebration of Free Comic Book day. In it, notable players from. UDON's Street Fighter comic book series are based on the Street Fighter video game franchise . (Free Comic Book Day ) - A one-shot Street Fighter issue was published on Free Comic Book Day in May It features Ryu, Charlie. They've been adversaries since high school, but now Sakura and Karin's rivalry enters a new arena - the arcade! Martial arts meets e-sports as.

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Martial arts meets e-sports as two of Street Fighter's fan-favorite femmes battle it out It's all-new action in UDON's newest Free Comic Book Day adventure!. AC (@andrewcockroach) • Instagram photos and videos Street Fighter . rainy day recess, Search results for: Batman Dc Comic Books, Comic Book Heroes. It’s Final Order Cut-Off date for almost all (apart from the Marvel) Free Comic Book Day titles this weekend. And Udon Entertainment has Street Fighter: Sakura Vs Karin to give away. They’ve been adversaries since high school, but now Sakura and Karin’s rivalry enters a new.

Street Fighter is a comic book franchise based on Capcom 's famous fighting game series of the same name. This series is loosely based on the established Street Fighter canon, and also occasionally addresses other various continuities and official sources as well. Street Fighter follows various storylines set around different series characters. Various writers and artists contributed to each issue working separately on independent short stories that occasionally tied into a main storyline. Some plot points featured in this series include:. The main story follows Ryu as he searches for Akuma , who has just murdered his master.

Some plot points featured in this series include:. The main story follows Ryu as he searches for Akuma , who has just murdered his master. Ryu wants to avenge his master Gouken , but avoid succumbing to the Dark Hadou — the dark power buried in his style of martial art that Akuma has embraced.

The second Street Fighter tournament begins in earnest as fighters from all over the world compete to see who is the World's Strongest. Street Fighter Legends is a series of four issue comic books focusing on the female fighters of the Street Fighter cast.

UDON created an ongoing side-story to the Street Fighter universe, focusing on the life of Sakura and the events that happened since she and Ryu parted ways at the end of Street Fighter The third Street Fighter Legends series follows Ibuki as she struggles between her life as a ninja and a normal teenager, and also features Makoto and Elena in prominent roles. The fourth and latest of the Legends seris follows Cammy as she leads the newly formed "Delta Blue" team which includes Abel , Juli , Juni , and Ginzu.

The Street Fighter IV comic currently consists of a four issue miniseries detailing the actions of several fighter's interactions with S. Volume one Super Street Fighter: New Generations and volume two are available in comic stores.


A new exclusive Street Fighter comic book was available for free on free comic book day, May 2nd, Viper among others. Comical panels are also included. Udon stated that they had plans for comics tie-in for Street Fighter V and that they were working with Capcom in order to have the right amount of synergy with the game's story.

The Life and Death s of Charlie Nash , focus on Charlie's status since his last appearance in Udon's Street Fighter comics, and the details behind his "revival" leading up to his appearance in Street Fighter V. UDON has shared a handful of preview panels of the upcoming issue on Twitter, as well as the cover.

The company has also shown us a glimpse of some very familiar faces from the FGC within this book's pages. Additionally, CYG Daigo The Beast Umehara also makes an appearance as the person who aims to hand the trophy over to the winner of the bout.

Hit up your local comic book store this Saturday to snag a copy of Street Fighter: Karin 1. Click images for larger versions. Tournament Players.

Sakura Vs Karin to the Death in Street Fighter Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

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