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A telephone directory, commonly called a telephone book, telephone address book, phone book, or the white/yellow pages, is a listing of telephone subscribers . Phone directory is a substantial and easy-to-use project. It is a huge base of information, which consists of telephone codes and references to the telephone. A couple of lines of descriptive text. Table of Contents. Popular Categories · Cover · Information Pages · Amherst White Pages · Yellow Pages · Outlying White .

Since the advent of the internet, the print phone book has largely become an artifact of a past age. But in February , the phone book was cutting-edge technology. First published on this day in , the telephone directory widely considered to be the absolute first phone book was nothing but a sheet of cardboard with the names of both private people and businesses who had a telephone. The fact that there were 50 people to call in New Haven, Connecticut in definitely had something to do with the fact that the telephone was invented near there less than two years previously and was first demonstrated by inventor Alexander Graham Bell in New Haven. In November he was awarded a Bell telephone franchise for New Haven and Middlesex counties and spent the next two months getting partners and financial backing.

A postal questionnaire was sent to homes, chosen at random from the local telephone directory , in each of the 8 towns. Controls were obtained for each case by telephoning sequentially the phone numbers on a randomly selected page of the telephone directory for the district in which their case resided.

The research team does not claim to produce a full-scale systematic review, and readers are relieved of the need to thumb through a telephone directory of appraisals of primary studies. There will be government by codes—probably there will be more codes than there are in the telephone directory.

From the Hansard archive.

That is the telephone directory survey undertaken in the last two years. I am not quite sure where reverse searches of the telephone directory fall, whether under traffic data or communications data.

I could have been reciting the telephone directory for all the response that they gave. A telephone directory now seems like a good read in comparison.

An on-line telephone directory has also been developed. He had not troubled to look at a telephone directory or a street directory. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of telephone directory? Find UK residential and business phone numbers listed by name with our easy to use online telephone directory service.

The First Telephone Book Had Fifty Listings and No Numbers

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