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The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. The older sections of the text are estimated . The Book of Enoch Audiobook. likes. Only one apocryphal book is directly quoted in the New Testament: The Book of Enoch. And only one professional. Read in English by CJ PlogueThe Book of Enoch, is an ancient, non-canonical. Topics librivox, audiobooks, ancient texts, enoch, lost books.

The Book Of Enoch Audiobook

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M4B Audiobook (MB) The Book of Enoch, is an ancient, non-canonical Jewish work. Estimates vary on the actual dates of authorship. However, Enoch was alive during the Antediluvian period as recorded in the Hebrew. Written by Robert Bagley III, Audiobook narrated by Steve Cook. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. AUTHOR: Enoch, Noah (few chapters), Unknown Compiler DATE OF COMPOSITION: pre-flood. ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: Hebrew(?) EXTANT VERSIONS.

After nearly 3 years and over reviews, The Book of Enoch Audiobook continues to be the best-selling and best-rated audio version of 1Enoch ever. Thank you! DeadSeaScrolls Jude Prophecy. Book of Enoch Audiobook - The best-selling and best-rated audio recording of 1Enoch ever. Find out why this weekend! Jump to. Sections of this page.

Most people presume all there is to know about angels is what has been passed on in Christian tradition, but in reality, that tradition is quite incomplete and often inaccurate.

Angels is not guided by traditions, stories, speculations, or myths about angels. Since AD , when Saint Jerome began his historic revision of the Latin Bible, up to the present day version of these works, the books known collectively as the Biblical Apocrypha, or simply "the Apocrypha" have been distinguished by controversy, acceptance, inclusion, exclusion, and curiosity.

In The Unseen Realm , Dr. Michael Heiser examines the ancient context of scripture, explaining how its supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of God. He illuminates intriguing and amazing passages of the Bible that have been hiding in plain sight. You'll find yourself engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for God's word. You will hear the number one best-selling narrator, Steve Cook, bring life to these timeless manuscripts that have been enjoyed for millennia.

The Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts - 18 of the most sought-after books available, which shed light on the evolution of our faith, our theology, and our church. Who were the sons of God? Who were the Nephilim? Where do angels fit into the supernatural hierarchy?

The Book of Enoch (Audiobook) by Robert Bagley III |

Why did God find it necessary to have the Israelites destroy the populations of entire cities man, woman, and child? What relation does Jesus bear to the rest of the supernatural world? Michael S. Heiser tackles these questions and many more in his books Supernatural and The Unseen Realm. This world-famous best seller has withstood the test of time, inspiring countless books and films, including the author's own popular sequel, The Eye of the Sphinx.

Three of the most popular and sought after apocryphal books are now presented in a single volume. The Book of Enoch is quoted by Jude, cited by Peter, and read by the apostles, Enoch 1 Enoch informs our ideas of angels and demons.

The book describes the fall of a group of angels called the Watchers, who took the daughters of men as wives and fathered the Nephilim Genesis 6: Enoch goes on to record amazing visions of heaven and the workings thereof.

Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work, traditionally ascribed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. This expansive audiobook contains copious notes and commentaries in all three audiobooks, designed to guide the listener through the difficulties of language, theology, and mystical references.

It is a necessary resource for those curious about angels, demons, watchers, Nephilim, Melchizedek, the angel Metatron, or the Merkabah chariot of God.

This volume is an indispensable resource for those engaged in the study of religion, religious history, angelology, demonology, mysticism or the Kabbalah.

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That, which is usually presented as the first 36 chapters of The Book of Enoch was originally known as the Book of the Watchers and dates to around BC. This translation of the Book of the Watchers comes to us from notable scholar of apocryphal literature, R.

Charles, who published it in The narrative of the Book of the Watchers is told from the point of view of Enoch and not surprisingly focuses on a class of angels known as the Watchers. The Books of 1Enoch and Jubilees are by far the two most common extra-biblical texts discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. That alone is reason enough to study them with great interest.

Below are a few more reasons to give each of these "time capsules" of Pre-Christian Jewish thought and theology the unabridged and uninterrupted listens they deserve.

Only then can one completely grasp the teachings of the New Testament for oneself. Following in the apocalyptic visions of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation, The War Scroll reveals the conflict between good and evil in the final days of mankind.

The War Scroll is a very important piece of literature in our understanding of the concepts of divine justice and retribution held by the Jewish community of the Essenes and the Qumran Community in the time of Jewish persecution by Rome. The scroll reflects a belief that in the end times, evil would be eradicated by the Power of God and his Sons of Light. The history of the tablets translated in the following book is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists.

Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36, years. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country. He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops.

In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis. This audiobook quotes ancient authorities and the ancient Arabs themselves to show that they were considered by themselves, and others, as Black.

It also demonstrates how the Arabs became more intermixed with time. A must buy for those interested in ancient Asiatic Black people! This is the full, uninterrupted audiobook reading of I Enoch or First Enoch - read with the passion this masterpiece deserves by number one best-selling voice talent, Steve Cook.

The answer is simple: It is directly quoted in the New Testament by Jude vv. Themes of the book referenced in 2 Peter 2: The first 36 chapters have been considered scripture in the Ethiopic Coptic Church a church that ascribes their founder as the Apostle John.

It was one of the most significant Jewish Pseudepigrapha writings ascribed to someone other than the real author. It is believed that The Book of Enoch was taken out of the Jewish Canon by the Sanhedrin just after Jesus' death because of the prophesies they thought pointed to Jesus as the Messiah.

Nor are they represented in the Greek and Latin fragments. It is probable, therefore, that they are a later Christian insertion into the Book and that it was the New Testament which influenced them rather than vice versa. In this text, you will hear the word of God through this amazing document.

We will take this amazing journey together and learn why this text is not an official book of the bible as well as other amazing fun facts and surprises. So put your hand in mine and walk the same path that I walk as we enter into The Book of Enoch. Very informative, it gives insights into the way it was in the Days of Noah, before the flood.

I have played this book multiple times and read along with the book of Enoch Its a must have. Now Im waiting on the book of Jasher next in audibles hopefully they will get it soon. I really enjoyed this book. It took me places I can only hope to see in my eternal life. I felt as if I was there and could really picture all of it. Very informative and believable. I wanted no part of it.

After listening to this particular book I knew I had made the right choice. It just felt right. Like the books of the Bible I felt as if this book had been written with Devine inspiration. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the books of the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Great read if you're all about getting deeper into the bible. If you have strong faith you should listen. I loved the narration and the contents!

I've had this book for years trying to read but was a book I couldn't stop Listening to! It helps me to listen as I am in bed quite a bit with pain and chronic fatigue. The Book of Enoch is a must for anyone who is compelled to seek hidden truth.

The Book of Enoch

Love this book! Interesting preface comment reguarding the Sanhedrin de-canonizing chapters I wonder if it was their copy of the scroll of Enoch that they thought was corrupted after crucifying their Mesiah? This book was amazingly intensified due to my companion read wile journeying through chapters end.

I recomend Zen Garcia's book titled The flat earth as key to decrypting the book of Enoch. The book states that it was written not for his generations but a generation far into the future, the last generation. It was a wild ride and I've listened to it several times now. I'm convinced this book was de-cannonized and hidden to help humanity stay asleep and to keep people of faith weak in their walk. Thank You for sharing this precious ancient knowlege.

I love that I was able to finish this book in one day. It was very interesting and a great addition to my studies.

Book Of Enoch – Full Audio Book

Therefore, both day was turned into night, and light into a darkness which was darker and thicker than any night. And indeed, some thought that the giants were rising up again for at this time, many of their apparitions shown through the smoke, and above all, a sound like a trumpet was also heard ; but others even believed that the entire world was being consumed into chaos and fire.

And for this reason, they fled; indeed, some from the houses into the roads, but others from outside inside; both from the sea to the land, and from there to the sea.

For in their excitement, they regarded any place where they were not as safer than where they were. While this was happening, an unspeakable amount of ashes puffed out of the mountain. These dark and horrible clouds, rent by twisted and quivering fiery spirits, opened into long figures of flames, like lightning, but bigger. And the ashes covered both the land and the sea like a flood, and filled all the air.

And indeed, they wrought many and various kinds of injury, even to humans and countries and fattened-animals; but it utterly-destroyed all of both the fish and the birds. For not only the smoke, but the trembling of the earth caused the sea to be sucked backwards. And with the shoreline receding, many sea-creatures were left on dry sand. And the ash was so thick, that the one who did not continuously shake it off, was crushed by the weight.

The darkness was not like a moonless or cloudy night, but more like the black of closed and unlit rooms. There was the wailing of women, the cries of infants, the clamor of men, the calling of relatives. They could only be recognized by their voices. Some, who were so afraid of death, prayed for death. Many raised their hands to whatever they considered a god, and even more believed that no god existed anywhere, and that this was the last night of the world.

And above all this, two entire cities were buried in ash like snow, both Herculaneum which used to be called Herakleion and Pompeii, the latter while the throng was seated in a theater. And even until this day, nearly 2, years later, these cities have not been rebuilt.

For the amount of all the dust was so great that, indeed, some even reached Africa and Syria and Egypt, but it also reached Roma, and both filled the air overhead and overshadowed the sun. And here there was no little anxiety, which lasted for several days, since the humans did not know and could not imagine what had happened.

Instead, they believed that everything was being turned upside-down, and, indeed, that the sun was disappearing into the earth, but that the earth was going up into the heaven. Therefore, indeed, these ashes did no great evil to the Romans at this time, though later, they brought down upon them a terrible pestilential sickness, the like of which had hardly been known before. But I know for certain that this proves the divine inspiration of the prophecies given in Enoch.

This happened 70 generations after Enoch down to the exact. And that is the 77 th generation. So, I do not think that I have to linger any more on the inspiration of the book of Enoch, when it has proved prophecies such as this which could not have been fabricated.

I should also mention, that there is no other event like this found at all within Roman history, where people state that they saw spirits coming out of a volcano, or anything supernatural to this magnitude at all. This is a very unique event testified by secular historians. This is a full list of all the known authors with surviving works during this period. However, many of them have little to no works surviving.

Therefore, it would be assumed that an author with only a few fragments or a single work would have less of a chance of mentioning Enoch even if he believed in it, not to mention the rest of the holy scriptures. This must be taken into account in order to ascertain a proper survey of the beliefs of the Christians about this book during this period. Authors which should be most-considered due either to their closeness to the apostles or because they have a substantial amount of writings still extant have been bolded.

Barnabas c. In his one letter, he refers to Enoch three times, twice without mentioning the name of the prophet, showing that his audience clearly was familiar enough with the book that he did not have to even mention its title when quoting from it. Barnabas 4: The final stumbling-block approaches, concerning which it is written, as Enoch says: Barnabas Yet he says again: It is happening now.

For because they [the Israelites] went to war [in 70AD], it was demolished by their enemies [Romans]. And now, they, as the servants of the enemy, will rebuild it. Again, it was revealed that the city and the inner-sanctum and the people of Israel would be surrendered. For the writing says: But let us inquire whether there is still an inner-sanctum of God. Yes, there is—where he himself says, that he is making and perfecting it. For it is written: Barnabas also preserves quotations from books which we no longer have, plus, in addition to many other New and Old Testament passages, also quotes from 2 Ezekiel which was unknown until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls , as well as 2 Baruch and Wisdom of Solomon.

Strangely, this passage, which would have been quoted from the Greek book of Enoch, does not seem to be present in the current extant fragments of the Ethiopic Enoch though, after the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, there was evidence that entire sections have went missing from the Ethiopic version. And I grieved exceedingly over that tower, and because that house of the sheeps had been demolished. And they began again to place a table before the tower, but all the bread on it was polluted and impure.

And a tower is also referenced in Enoch A great punishment will come from the heavens upon all these,. And after this there will arise a seventh week…. And at its conclusion, they will acquire possessions in righteousness, and an inner-sanctum of the kingdom of the Great-One will be built in the greatness of his glory for all the generations of eternity. Clement of Roma c. Does not refer to Enoch at all in his one long letter, which is comprised of quotations from primarily the Old Testament, including Wisdom of Solomon and Judith and some unknown scriptures which are now lost.

Ignatios AD [disciple of John]. Does not refer to Enoch. However, despite a collection of 7 letters, he has very few scripture quotations at all, a saying of Jesus which is possibly of uncertain origin. Aristeides AD. Quadratus of Athens AD. Neither refers to any scriptures in their writings at all. Mathetes AD. Does not refer to Enoch, however he only has one New Testament quotation in his single letter.

Hermas Shepherd of Hermas c AD. Does not refer to this book at all. Aristo of Pella AD. However only a few fragments of his writings remain, and there is only a single quotation from any scripture. Polykarpos Polycarp AD [disciple of John]. However he only has one short letter and a martyrdom account, in which he quotes several times from the New Testament and twice from the Old Testament of which is Psalms and Tobit. Papias c. Only very few fragments of his works remain.

However, he does have Jesus quoting from 2 Baruch, a so-called apocryphal work. Justinus Justin Martyr c. Second Apology. God, when He had made the whole world, and subjected things earthly to man, and arranged the heavenly elements for the increase of fruits and rotation of the seasons, and appointed this divine law--for these things also He evidently made for man--committed the care of men and of all things under heaven to heavenly messengers whom He appointed over them.

But the messengers transgressed this appointment, and were captivated by love of women, and begat children who are those that are called demons; and besides, they afterwards subdued the human race to themselves, partly by magical writings, and partly by fears and the punishments they occasioned, and partly by teaching them to offer sacrifices, and incense, and libations, of which things they stood in need after they were enslaved by lustful passions; and among men they sowed murders, wars, adulteries, intemperate deeds, and all wickedness.

Justinus has a collection of several lengthy works. Tatianus c. However, he has only one writing which is long but has very few scripture quotations. However, only fragments of a few of his works survive. However, in them, he quotes from Wisdom of Solomon and Martyrdom of Isaiah, showing that he is not limited to the modern day canon. Theophilus He only has one writing. Hegesippus Only fragments of his one writing survive, which is a church history and does not have many quotations at all.

Dionysios of Korinthos Only a few fragments of his letters remain, which only have a few quotations. Athenagoras A Plea for the Christians. Just as with men, who have freedom of choice as to both virtue and vice for you would not either honor the good or punish the bad, unless vice and virtue were in their own power; and some are diligent in the matters entrusted to them by you, and others faithless , so is it among the heavenly messengers. Some, free agents, you will observe, such as they were created by God, continued in those things for which God had made and over which He had ordained them; but some outraged both the constitution of their nature and the government entrusted to them: Of these lovers of virgins, therefore, were begotten those who are called giants….

Therefore, these messengers, who have fallen from heaven, and who haunt the air and the earth, and who are no longer able to rise to heavenly things, along with the souls of the giants, which are the demons who wander about the world, perform similar actions.

The one, that is, the demons, perform actions to the natures they have received. The other, that is, the messengers, performs actions to the appetites they have indulged. Only has two writings, which despite their length, has relatively little references to holy scriptures. One however is Enoch. However, only a few fragments of his writings exist, consisting of only a few scripture quotations. Many lengthy writings in circulation, with many scripture quotations including 1 Baruch, Daniel Additions, Shepherd of Hermas and several unknown scriptures He references to Enoch at least four times in his extant writings.

Proof of Apostolic Preaching. And for a very long while wickedness extended and spread, and reached and laid hold upon the whole race of the humans, until a very small seed of righteousness remained among them: And the messengers brought as presents to their wives teachings of wickedness, in that they brought them the virtues of roots and herbs, dyeing in colors and cosmetics, the discovery of rare substances, love-potions, aversions, amours, concupiscence, constraints of love, spells of bewitchment, and all sorcery and idolatry hateful to God; by the entry of which things into the world evil extended and spread, while righteousness was diminished and enfeebled.

Against Heresies. Therefore, fittingly shall his name possess the number six hundred and sixty-six, since he sums up in his own person all the commixture of wickedness which took place previous to the deluge, due to the apostasy of the heavenly messengers. Therefore, with good reason, and very fittingly, in reference to your rash attempt, has that holy elder and preacher of the truth burst forth in verse against you as follows: Marcus… furnishing signs… by… power… which which the Adversary, your true father, enables you still to accomplish, by means of Azazel, that fallen and yet mighty messenger—thereby making you the precursor of his own impious actions.

Azazel one of the leaders of the sons of God or the watchers, or the heavenly-messengers who descended from the heavens to commit sexual-immorality with the daughters of the humans, and was subsequently punished for doing this. He appears many times throughout the book, too many to reference here. Clemens Clement of Alexandreia AD. The Instructor Book 3. For the mind is carried away by pleasure; and the unsullied principle of reason, when not instructed by the Word, slides down into licentiousness, and gets a fall as the due reward of its transgression.

An example of this are the heavenly messengers, who renounced the beauty of God for a beauty which fades, and so fell from heaven to earth. Book 3. In the past certain heavenly messengers became incontinent and were seized by desire so that they fell from heaven to earth. Book 5. To which also we shall add, that the heavenly messengers who had obtained the superior rank, having sunk into pleasures, told to the women the secrets which had come to their knowledge; while the rest of the messengers concealed them, or rather, kept them against the coming of the Lord.

Book 7. For he knows that some of the heavenly messengers, through carelessness, were hurled to the earth, not having yet quite reached that state of oneness. Book 6. The first-born princes of the heavenly messengers who have the greatest power, are seven. Commentary on Jude. Many lengthy writings in circulation.

Enoch 17 As with Jude itself about, see Enoch 19 Clemens knew that this scene in Enoch was what Jude was referring to. See the Letter of Jude above. Only fragments remain. Only a single scripture quotation altogether in them. Rhodon Theophilus of Caesarea Minucius Felix Alexandros of Kappadokia Authors do not have any scripture quotations at all in their writings. For we are sure that, if the heavenly messengers likewise had not been possessed of personal freedom, they would not have consorted with the daughters of men, and sinned, and fallen from their places.

Only a few writings remain. Even though this is mentioned in Enoch, this is likely a summary from Genesis 6, as all of this information may be obtained from there. And already Enoch had said, that the heavenly messengers who transgressed taught men astronomy and divination and the rest of the arts. Excepts of Theodotos II. Excerpts of Theodotos LV. The stars, spiritual bodies, that have communications with the heavenly messengers set over them, and are governed by them, are not the cause of the production of things, but are signs of what is taking place.

In them, he refers to Enoch at least twice. He also uses the dubious Revelation of Peter and other so-called apocrypha books. Enoch 20 I, Enoch, alone saw the spectacles, the extremities of all things. And the moon also rises and sets in those gates, as well as the leaders of the stars together with the ones which they lead. And Enoch And the leaders of the chiefs of the thousands, who are over all the creation and over all the stars…. Tertullianus, next to Origenes, has the most extant writings of any Ante-Nicean Christian.

The first quotation here will be his general opinion on the book. On the Apparel of Women. I am aware that the Scripture of Enoch is not received by some, because it is not admitted into the Judean Jewish canon either. I suppose they did not think that, having been published before the flood, that it could have safely survived that worldwide calamity, the abolisher of all things.

Therefore, Noah, no doubt, might have succeeded in the trusteeship of preaching; or, had the case been otherwise, he would not have been silent alike concerning the disposition by God, his Preserver, and concerning the particular glory of his own house. If Noah had not had this conservative power by so short a route, there would still be this consideration to warrant our assertion of the genuineness of this Scripture: But since Enoch, in the same Scripture, has also preached about the Lord, nothing at all must be rejected by us which pertains to us.

Nor, of course, is this fact wonderful, that they did not receive some Scriptures which spoke of Him whom even in person, speaking in their presence, they were not to receive. To these considerations is added the fact that Enoch possesses a testimony in the Apostle Jude. And I have revealed all of them to you and have given you the books about all these things. My son, keep the book written by the hand of your father so that you may deliver it to the generations of the age.

The letter which Enoch wrote and gave to [his son] Methuselah [and to all his brothers: To all my sons [and] to the future generations, to all who will dwell on the earth who will observe truth and peace. For they, withal, who instituted them are assigned, under condemnation, to the penalty of death,--those heavenly messengers, to wit, who rushed from heaven on the daughters of men; so that this ignominy also attaches to woman.

For when to an age much more ignorant than ours they had disclosed certain well-concealed material substances, and several not well-revealed scientific arts—if it is true that they had laid bare the operations of metallurgy, and had divulged the natural properties of herbs, and had promulgated the powers of enchantments, and had traced out every curious art, even to the interpretation of the stars—they conferred properly and as it were peculiarly upon women that instrumental mean of womanly ostentation, the radiances of jewels wherewith necklaces are variegated, and the circlets of gold wherewith the arms are compressed, and the medicaments of orchil with which wools are colored, and that black powder itself wherewith the eyelids and eyelashes are made prominent….

But, if the self-same heavenly messengers who disclosed both the material substances of this kind and their charms--of gold, I mean, and lustrous stones—and taught men how to work them, and by and by instructed them, among their other instructions , in the virtues of eyelid-powder and the dyeings of fleeces, have been condemned by God, as Enoch tells us, how shall we please God while we joy in the things of those messengers who, on these accounts, have provoked the anger and the vengeance of God?

We are instructed, moreover, by our sacred books how from certain heavenly messengers, who fell of their own free-will, there sprang a more wicked demon-brood, condemned of God along with the authors of their race, and that chief we have referred to. It will for the present be enough, however, that some account is given of their work.

Their great business is the ruin of mankind. So, from the very first, spiritual wickedness sought our destruction. They inflict, accordingly, upon our bodies diseases and other grievous calamities, while by violent assaults they hurry the soul into sudden and extraordinary excesses. The same homage is paid, dutifully too, by those who consult astrologers, and soothsayers, and augurs, and magicians, about the life of the Caesars—arts which, as made known by the heavenly messengers who sinned, and forbidden by God.

One proposition I lay down: Ad Nationes. In what manner demons, the offspring of evil messengers who have been long engaged in their mission…. On the Flesh of Christ. It is plain that the heavenly messengers bore a flesh which was not naturally their own; their nature being of a spiritual substance, although in some sense peculiar to themselves, corporeal; and yet they could be transfigured into human shape, and for the time be able to appear and have intercourse with men.

Since, therefore, it has not been told us whence they obtained their flesh, it remains for us not to doubt in our minds that a property of messenger power is this, to assume to themselves bodily shape out of no material substance. Against Marcion: What heavenly messengers? In other words, whose messengers? If he means the fallen messengers of the Creator, there is great propriety in his meaning. It is right that that face which was a snare to them should wear some mark of a humble guise and obscured beauty.

On the Veiling of Virgins. For if it is on account of the heavenly messengers--those, to wit, whom we read of as having fallen from God and heaven on account of lust after females--who can presume that it was bodies already defiled, and relics of human lust, which such messengers yearned after, so as not rather to have been inflamed for virgins, whose bloom pleads an excuse for human lust likewise?

On Idolatry. Already earlier, Enoch had predicted that the demons and spirits, that is the apostate messengers, would employ all elements, everything belonging to the world, everything that the heaven, the sea, and the earth contain, for idolatrous purposes, so that they were hallowed, instead of God, against God. Therefore, everything is worshipped by human error except the Creator of everything himself. The images of these things are idols, the consecration of the images is idolatry. Every offense committed by idolatry must of necessary be imputed to every make of every idol.

After all, the same Enoch threatened and forejudges at the same time both the worshippers and the makers of an idol: You, who serve stones and who make images of gold and silver and wood and stone and clay, and serve phantoms and demons and spirits in sanctuaries and all errors, not according to knowledge, you will not find any help from them.

These things, therefore, the Holy Spirit foreseeing from the beginning, fore-chanted, through the most ancient prophet Enoch, that even entrances would come into superstitious use. On the Resurrection of the Flesh. But, that you may not suppose that it is merely those bodies which are consigned to tombs whose resurrection is foretold, you have it declared in Scripture: This is told in depth in Enoch, though the allusion is vague and could also be a reference to something said by Jesus himself.

May be a general reference, but see Enoch 20 Then after this, he quotes directly from Enoch And again I swear to you, sinners,. And those who worship stones,. Uncertain which verse he is exactly referring to, but he is referring to something about entrances to idol temples, which may be a simple alluding to the book as a whole. Seems to possibly be quoting from Enoch And these measures will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the earth,.

Five Book in Reply to Marcion. Of old. Her Enoch, signal ornament,. Limb from her body sprung, by counsel strove. To recall peoples gone astray from God. And following misdeed, while raves on earth. The horde of robber-renegades, to flee. Faithful in all himself.

With groaning deep. Did he please God, and by deserved toil. Translated [] is reserved as a pledge,. With honor high. Perfect in praise, and found. Faultless, and just--God witnessing the fact Five anonymous writings. One is a hall of righteous men from the beginning of the world until the present day among the Christians. Apollonios Only a few scripture quotations altogether in them.

Commodianus When Almighty God, to beautify the nature of the world, willed that that earth should be visited by heavenly messengers, when they were sent down they despised His laws. Such was the beauty of women, that it turned them aside; so that, being contaminated, they could not return to heaven. Rebels from God, they uttered words against Him. Then the Highest uttered His judgment against them; and from their seed giants are said to have been born.

By them arts were made known in the earth, and they taught the dyeing of wool, and everything which is done; and to them, when they died, men erected images. But the Almighty, because they were of an evil seed, did not approve that, when dead, they should be brought back from death. Whence wandering they now subvert many bodies, and it is such as these especially that ye this day worship and pray to as gods. Only two poetry type writings of his are extant. His scriptural references are limited primarily to historical scriptural events.

First Principles. He will know, moreover, the nature of the apostate messengers, and the reason why they have power to flatter in some things those who do not despise them with the whole power of faith, and why they exist for the purpose of deceiving and leading men astray. Against Celsus, Book 4. In my opinion, however, it is certain wicked demons, and, so to speak, of the race of Titans or Giants, who have been guilty of impiety towards the true God, and towards the messengers in heaven, and who have fallen from it, and who haunt the denser parts of bodies, and frequent unclean places upon earth….

Commentary on John. Let us look at the words of the Good-Message now before us. That all things were created by God, and that there is no creature which exists but has derived from Him its being, is established from many declarations of Scripture… For even in that little treatise called The Shepherd or Messenger of Repentance, composed by Hermas, we have the following: And in the book of Enoch also we have similar descriptions.

But up to the present time we have been able to find no statement in holy Scripture in which the Holy Spirit could be said to be made or created, not even in the way in which we have shown above that the divine wisdom is spoken of by Solomon, or in which those expressions which we have discussed are to be understood of the life, or the word, or the other appellations of the Son of God.

The Spirit of God, therefore, which was borne upon the waters, as is written in the beginning of the creation of the world, is, I am of opinion, no other than the Holy Spirit, so far as I can understand; as indeed we have shown in our exposition of the passages themselves, not according to the historical, but according to the spiritual method of interpretation.

A similar method must be followed in treating of the heavenly messengers; nor are we to suppose that it is the result of accident that a particular office is assigned to a particular messenger: Moreover, Enoch speaks the following in his book: Against Celsus, Book 5. For Apelles… does not believe the books of the Judeans Jews with relate miracles.

He will much less admit what Celsus [a heretic] seems to have affirmed because he misunderstood what is written in the book of Enoch. Nobody, then, convicts us of telling lies and of contradicting ourselves as if we said both that only our Savior has come and that none the less many others have often come.

However, because he was hopelessly muddled in his discussion about the heavenly messengers who have come to men, he uses the instances, which he failed to understand, which were suggested to him by what is written in the Book of Enoch.

He seems neither to have read them nor to have been aware that the books entitled Enoch are not generally held to be divine by the assemblies, although perhaps he took from this source his statement that sixty or seventy messengers came down at once and became evil…. Then he [Celsus] muddles and confuses what he has somehow heard, and what is written in some book or other, whether believed by Christians to be divine or not, saying that sixty or seventy messengers came down at once and were punished by being cast under the earth in chains.

And he quoted as from Enoch, though he does not name it, that their tears are the cause of hot springs, a notion neither mentioned nor heard of in the assemblies of God. For no one has been so stupid as to imagine that the tears of the messengers which came down from heaven were physical tears like those of men. Against Celsus. Moreover the goat , which in the book of Leviticus] is sent away into the wilderness , and which in the Hebrew language is named Azazel, was none other than this [destroying messengers — the devil]; and it was necessary to send it away into the desert, and to treat it as an expiatory sacrifice, because on it the lot fell.

Homilies on Numbers For he who made the multitude of the stars gives name to them all. But since these books do not appear to have authority among the Hebrews, for the present we will postpones citing examples from the things which are identified in them. Instead, let us pursue our investigation of realities from the things which we have in hand, concerning whose authority no doubts can arise.

Due to how many works of his are extant and their unimportance not all of his works have appeared in English, so I have not went through all of them. These are what I have found, however. Enoch 6: Then they all swore together and bound one another with imprecations. Now they were, all of them, two hundred, who descended in the days of Jared onto the peak of Mount Hermon.

And they called the mountain Hermon, because they swore and bound one another with imprecations upon it. It is not entirely certain which specific passage Origenes is referring to from Enoch, but there are vast elements of creation elaborated upon in Enoch.

However, it should be noted that he quotes from Hermas, then Enoch, and then from Proverbs? Possibly referring to Enoch 17 But Enoch 17 Michael, one of the holy messengers, the one who has been appointed over the good-things of the people. The first, who is merciful and long-suffering, is Michael. And the second, who is set over every sickness and every wound of the sons of the humans, is Raphael. And the third, who is set over every power, is Gabriel.

Though there is also a fourth mentioned there, Phanuel. And I [Enoch] traveled to the unformed- void. Then they [apostate heavenly messengers] all swore together and bound one another with imprecations.

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