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Complete Option Player (5th edition) Paperback – March 2, Kenneth R. Trester is recognized as a leading international options advisor. Start reading Complete Option Player on your Kindle in under a minute. Apr 20, The complete option player. byTrester, Kenneth R. Publication PublisherLake Tahoe, NV: Institute for Options Research. Collectioninlibrary. The Complete Option Player book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is one of the best selling options books ever. This.

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I tried very hard to maintain balance while still providing new and interesting options.

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It's version 1. The only issues I saw after a quick read was that some of the backgrounds gave in-game mechanical effects which isn't supposed to work like that. Yes, a few of them did. I debated on whether or not to do that. The PHB doesn't do it, but other 3rd party backgrounds I've seen do. I avoided it as much as possible, and tried to make sure they were very limited and appropriate when I did include them. However, if people have suggestions for non-mechanical features for the backgrounds that have them, I'm certainly willing to listen, and I'll keep trying to think of some too.

Don't trust other 3rd party background. Only look to official stuff when trying to emulate. Backgrounds should never have a mechanical benefit. Do you or anyone reading this have suggestions for non-mechanical benefits for those that have them?

I'm thinking about it, but a background like Bodyguard just screams "helps defend others" rather than some non-mechanical benefit. I'm open to suggestions. Including mechanical benefits in a background won't work unfortunately, players will feel like they are being punished by not selecting a background that has a mechanical effect.

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As for something like bodyguard, just include intimidate as one of the skills they get and leave it as that. All mechanical stuff should come from their class or feats. I believe there is a fighter thing that is essentially body guarding isn't there? Throughout your life, people have viewed you as a defender of the weak, a protector of the downtrodden.

People will often look to you for help, offering whatever they might have for your assistance. In addition, your history helping others has given you a genuine aura; when dealing with others, your motives are rarely questioned. Just off the cuff. Stuff like that.

Imagine what the type of person who was a bodyguard might act like. Then start to shape how that may help them during interactions with people, places, and institutions. I can play however I want, and so can he. If he wants backgrounds with mechanical benefits, more power to him!

Besides, you notice that all the features, involve NPC's which, are mechanical constructs of the game. I noticed the Warlock Pact of the Vestiges 1st Level feature gives you a versatile Invocation at 1st level when you only get Invocations at 2nd level. Maybe you could switch that option with the one you would normally get at 6th? For the Warlock, I wanted to start the concept of adopting a vestige for the day as soon as possible, rather than waiting until 6th level to do it.

Since 1st level goes so fast in 5e anyway, I didn't see much harm in choosing the Vestige Invocation at 1st level, even though that is earlier than most Warlocks. I'll give it some consideration though. I think the name may also be a bit confusing. Maybe just "The Vestiges" would work fine since that's the same naming convention used for the other patrons. I would change the wording slightly though.

I would instead just rely on the after long rest part you already have. I'll change the wording to "long rest". It already says that it must be an Invocation you are qualified to use. Make it level 2 or 3 then. There is the idea that each class is built up over the first 3 levels.

That's when every class picks from it's archetypes and the like. As long as they have it level 3 at the latest, it fits in the rhythm of every other class. I have to fit it into the Warlock's "Patron feature" progression. They get 1 at 1st, 6th, 10th, and 14th level. Giving them an ability at a level no other Warlock normally gets one, and not giving them an ability at 1st when all other Warlocks do get one, would be strange.

Is there anywhere online where people have been compiling lists of player generated character options? I would love to see way more of this, since there isn't much available yet. I thought about that but then considered the following: If the campaign rarely involves water, that character will not only find most of his racial abilities useless, they will suffer penalties on top of it!

And if it involves a lot of water, they will not only find their abilities commonly useful, they will rarely if ever suffer the penalty. It only reinforces the idea of "only take this race if the campaign involves water", in which case the penalty will rarely apply. In the end, I felt not being able to use their abilities is penalty enough if they are away from water for an extended time, but if others disagree with that, something could be added.

Ah, the Aquaman Dilemma. I love the sorcerer but I would say its too OP and it would be the only sorcerer option I would ever pick, hands down. The extra spell slots alone make it worth it. All that extra sorcery point stuff is way over the top. I would say instead of layering on the sorcery point stuff especially being able to make slots about 5th add in some knowledge skill stuff esp around arcana. Like maybe expertise for a couple knowledge skills.

Ok, I think that maybe removing the better price for changing spell slots into sorcery points at 6th level would help, maybe replace that with the Arcana skill proficiency. The cost for getting a higher level slot is very high It is the same as 7. In terms of converting lower level spells, It would cost 3 5th level slots, or 3 1st, 3 2nd, and 2 3rd level slots. IMO, the Wild Mage is very underpowered and dangerous to his own self and the rest of the party, I don't know that I'd ever choose to play one except in a comedic game.

The Dragon sorcerer is quite powerful though, and about on par with the Arcane bloodline once I make the change mentioned above. The Arcane's abilities have limited uses as they cost Sorcery points, competing with other things you might use them for instead.

Maybe I should reread the conversion section of the phb, but I dont recall there being any sort of limit. Normally, when you convert a spell slot into Sorc pts, you only get the spell level. When you buy a spell slot with Sorc pts, you use the chart on pg , which gives the costs as 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. That means you could trade 1st and 2nd level slots freely and you'd lose a point on 3rd-5th level slots.

For any other kind of Sorcerer, you lose 1 point trading 1st and 2nd lvl slots, and 2 pts on 3rd to 5th. However, I think I may remove this option for version 1. Instead, they'll get proficiency in the Arcana skill. You might consider adding even more wizard list spells instead similar to the amounts that the Lore Bards get.

With the first being strong and useful and proficiency in Arcana being thoroughly meh. I know, someone had made the comment that the archetype was too powerful compared to the Draconic and especially the Wild Mage bloodlines. After looking it over, I felt the synergy between more Sorcery pts for trading in low level slots and the ability to buy high level slots was the only thing that seemed very powerful to me.

I like the ability to buy high level slots, so I removed the increased value for trading in slots. Do you think the archetype as a whole additional Wizard spells known, 2 additional Meta-magics of which 1 is unique to them, and the ability to buy higher level spell slots needs more to maintain balance?

I liked the more efficient trading at low level personally but you're right that you couldn't really have the two together. Personally, I doubt I'd very often trade a spell slot for more sorcery points at the RAW exchange rate, it isn't really worth it.

That's why my inclination was to increase it to something I felt was more worthwhile. Oh well, maybe on a future archetype I also felt that I'd personally rather be able to exchange lower level spells more easily rather than buying high level spells for a few reasons. Hmm, well, I could remove the higher level slots and put the other option back in.

Here was my reasoning for removing what I did:. I figured the Meta-magic choice could stand on its own. I supposed I could bump some of the others up and insert the exchange rate earlier, but none of them really scream capstone ability to me either. So, after weighing things, I figured it was better to remove the extraneous exchange rate bump and leave Sorcerer Supreme as a unique and special capstone ability at 18th level.

The dual weapon feat is seriously OP How do you get 16 attacks? This feat would give him 12 attacks instead of 11, and he'd still have his Bonus Action to do something other than attack.

So 12 max vs current 11 max, by my count. On a non-surge, there is no additional attack at all, it simply gives him his bonus action back, but he can't use it to attack. Fighters max out at four attacks, not five. I was reading it as giving you an offhand attack with every attack, so eight instead of five and sixteen instead of nine with action surge. So, actually it would remain as five normally, but with ten instead of nine with action surge? Not quite so OP.

You're right, 4 max for a Fighter, not 5. And it still limits you to just a single off-hand attack, it just folds it into the Action rather than as a Bonus Action, yes. I'll see if I can make that clearer. I love the cleave feat.

No idea if it is powerful enough but it is really cool. Same with the Channel Divinity option for the Justice paladin. The Dreadknight doesn't seem very dreadlike. Surely there is something else it can be called that evokes a more defensive image.

Bulwark maybe or Golden Warrior I wasn't all that happy with the name either, it's a play on "dreadnaught". Bulwark could work, hmmm, have to think about it more. I think "Dreadknight" sounds more like an evil themed warrior who uses limited necromancy spells or something. I think any one of the suggestions above fit the theme better. My problem was that I couldn't think of anything I really liked for it, but one of the ones you just said sounds great to me: Stalwart Defender.

That will be the new name in version 1. Cool, I really like how most of your stuff works mechanically and hope you keep adding more so I can add them to my games.

I do plan to keep adding stuff. I'll put out version 1. Then I plan to start adding more content! Love the Justice Paladin so much. Weapon of Judgment: For when you really just need to beat the truth out of a bad guy.

I figured it'd be a great roleplaying opportunity Lie or refuse to answer and you'll pay the price! Minor error: All in all great content, I'd permit most of it in my home campaign. I like the Warlock Vestige Pact, but I'm unsure how balanced the 6th level feature is. By 6th level most full casters have 10 spell slots, which means the Warlock would need to take at least 2 short rests to even come close to them, and Sorcerers and Wizards have ways of regaining their slots too.

And at higher levels it is 5 instead of 4, not that big an increase. I didn't want to have 1 slot regained after 1 length of time and other slots regained after a different length of time, too much hassle to track. Very lovely. Excellent work! Very inspiring and shows just how effective this system is for people to develop their own plug-ins.

I only made it to the barbarian first skill before realizing it was late. Ill finish the review when i wake, but yea Spell immune green paladins seem pretty op.

By comparison, the Spellbreaker is inferior! Plenty of non-damage spells still work fine. Resistance doesn't stack. If 1 ability gives you resistance to fire and another ability gives you resistance to fire, you are simply resistant to fire. See the 3rd paragraph on pg of the PHB, it says it doesn't stack. We use one of our own: Allows for quite some spread and luck good or bad but doesn't cripple anyone. Double proficiency. Rogues get it as an ability, I spread it to several other classes.

Ooo, interesting. Allows characters to be an expert at maybe one or two particular skills with much higher success rates at those checks at the cost of potentially lower combat abilities. Neat stuff.

This is great! Definitely gonna playtest these if I get the chance. P advantage only bumps the average roll up to Not sure if I'm going to keep the mechanical benefits a few of the backgrounds get, sentiment seems to be running against it.

I could replace it with a detailed knowledge of rats, their habits, diseases, etc. Combined with the sewer knowledge, it may be enough, not sure yet. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Rat-catcher's "small but vicious dog" reference yet Of the 4 spells they get, 3 of them can't be modified by spell level. Charm Person is the only one that can, and I'll make note in 1. It's called "Argos". You can download it for free.

I can't tell if anyone already said this but in con-artist under the feint skill it says that you get advantage on the attack and roll weapon damage twice, is this supposed to be an automatic critical hit like the assassinate feature of the assassin subclass.

The complete option player

Just wondering. I was actually thinking of the Battlemaster Fighter's Feinting Attack, which gets Advantage and then adds the Superiority die to damage. Since the Rogue doesn't have Superiority dice, I figured I'd just say "roll the weapon damage die twice", which is not the same as a Critical hit like Assassinate, because that would double sneak attack dice as well.

Hmm, I may rework that ability a bit. There are 2 kinds of "Inspiration" in 5e they really should have named one of them something different They are "Bardic Inspiration" see pg 53 and "Inspiration" see pg for this kind.

Bard's have a number of Bardic Inspiration points equal to their Chr mod. These are typically handed out to others as a 1-time bonus die to add to certain rolls, but the Akashic Bard can use them to gain temporary access to things they don't know.

I went through the description and put "Bardic Inspiration" instead of just "Inspiration" so that is clearer. Thanks for pointing that out. The former is a bardic ability to give a single target the ability to add a bonus to a non-damage roll with uses up to your Charisma mod that recharges after long rests.

After I think 5th level it recharges after short rests too. The latter is the "Nice role-playing ol' chap. Alternatively it can be given away to other people when you think their RP or creativity is deserving. I like a lot of it, hate the HP roll idea as it eliminates risk vs reward and just leaves you with reward or safety.

My preferred houserule for HP rolls is Player rolls hp, DM rolls for the players HP in secret. This quick checklist will help keep you out of harms way by making sure you make smarter entries. Do you know how many trades you need to make each year so that high probability odds work out in your favor?

We'll break it down here so you know how active you need to be.

Naked or undefined risk trades have a higher probability of profit but also need to monitored more closely. Broken down by option strategy we'll give you concrete guidelines on the best exit points and prices for each trade type in order to maximize your win rate and profits long-term.

Helping you figure out exactly how to calculate new position size as well as how much you should be allocating to your each position based on your overall portfolio balance. Considering rolling a position from one month to the next? Then this outline will help you make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and that it actually makes sense to do so. A blueprint to the top strategies and tips for trading in a retirement account including some of the easiest ways to reduce margin requirements and trade synthetic strategies.

I think the key is that you are generous with your information and you are repetitive in your approach to teaching. As a student, this is the best way to learn. The fact that you 'show your work' every day really makes a difference. I really appreciate the learning process and how these courses are laid out and specifically how to roll positions, and approach markets moving the wrong way.

I've had more than a couple chances cut short by emotional closing and won't do that again. I found your youtube videos to be really helpful. There is a sea of people out there selling get rich quick schemes esp.

That, plus tons of self-education over the last 6 months has me rolling, however, with their trades, I was losing money at an alarming rate!

Your training is better that theirs and it was FREE! I learned more from you than I did from them! I quit them, joined your program in August and did make back a good chunk of the money.

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