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Download – Descargar – The Professional Photoshop Book vol. 7 – PDF – Magazine. Master advanced Photoshop skills. Improve editing. The Professional Photoshop Book Volume 7 [Various] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this seventh volume of The Professional. Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques the preparation of the book, neither the author nor Peachpit shall have any liability to .

The Professional Photoshop Book Pdf

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The Professional Photoshop Book Volume - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Professional Photoshop Book - Volume 7 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. MANUAL BASICO DE. Please select the tutorial to download the files 26_31_retouching - mb 34_36_product_shots - mb 38_42_cinematic_retouch - mb.

As the go-to program for making even the most complex creative visions a reality, Photoshop has been an indispensable tool for photographers and designers for over 25 years now. For seasoned users of the software, The Professional Photoshop Book is an indispensable companion for continuing to add new techniques to your creative toolbox. For others it will provide inspiration for new artwork, while those sitting on a vast reserve of ideas will pick up hints on how best to bring them to life. In this seventh volume, we begin with some invaluable tips on gaining access to the intensely competitive graphic design industry, before exploring artwork from the pros. Through step-by-step tutorials, follow the progress of designs that use techniques from several different disciplines: Those dedicated to learning from others and honing their craft need look no further for guidance in how to create flawless digital masterpieces.

Though I am a beginner. February 10th, at March 27th, at June 24th, at Trevor Dennis. September 7th, at We have many more free Adobe books listed here: September 12th, at December 10th, at Hello Suraj, what assistance do you need?

February 4th, at Not working the download link…. February 29th, at July 6th, at July 20th, at September 21st, at September 29th, at It is really helpful…Thank you so much. December 11th, at Glad to hear it Joel, and thanks for letting us know! December 19th, at April 28th, at I cannot download!

The following message always appears. May 2nd, at Every time I try to download this, I get: Error establishing a database connection. May 8th, at May 17th, at September 22nd, at July 15th, at E-Mail will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Subscribe to ProDesignTools New Offer: Put nothing in this space: About Privacy Terms Contact Sitemap. Use Transform tools such as Warp and Perspective to line up parts of the crown to the mask. Then mask. Cut out the mask from the Create a new Exposure adjustment layer darken it. To do that. Repeat the process some highlights. After setting up the ornaments on the mask. Clipping mask it to layer.

Keep repeating the steps until the surface of the base mask is covered with ornaments. Cut out and place the feathers. Check if there are any parts sticking out of the base mask and create a layer mask. This step is the final to use Magic Wand to select all the white space. Remember to desaturate all the layers because the colours will be painted later on. After that apply the layer and the ornaments. If everything is satisfactory.

Clipping mask it to the ornaments group and paint with a soft black brush to darken parts of the ornament. Right-click while the selection is still active and then choose Inverse Selection. Next use the Refine Edge tool chance to touch up the ornaments on the mask.

Lasso tool L and move it across the two documents. Cut out one charm from Import jewel. Then like before. Place it in middle below base it in the middle and above all shadows to the sides and bottom mask layer. When selecting colours for hair. Use dark tones to paint the base parts of the hair. Use a hard brush to colour the parts of the ornaments on the mask but use a soft brush on the middle jewel to create the glow.

Now paint over parts of the masks. To make it easier to paint specfic parts. Place the layers below the base mask group. Select a soft brush with the colour 54ce Use other Transform tools such as Warp to edit the feathers further. Duplicate the group. Grab a 4px hard brush. When selecting colours to use for painting hair. After positioning the three feathers. Create a new layer and paint the glow of the jewellery using a Screen blend mode and a soft brush with the colour of 55cf Adding noise can also help blend colours.

Repeat the step for the right side. Under Blue layer. Grab the Dodge tool O and paint on highlights to bring in more contrast. Overlap the black circle over the white and merge them. Under Red tab. Then set the blend tab. Under Yellow tab. Try out different adjustment layers as some are more convenient in tasks like changing hue or editing a specific colour channel.

Change the blend mode to Screen. Select a big soft brush with the colour 54ce Group the layers and place this above all the layers. Then create a the values but keep the shine at 0. Duplicate the layer and place this inside the eye. Paint on the left edge of the artwork. All the adjustment layers can be controlled by a layer mask.


Create another layer. Create another layer and paint a small glow. Under mode to Soft Edge and adjust opacity as needed. Cut out the white part. Neutral tab. Change the blend mode to Linear Dodge. After contrast. Under White tab. Photoshop CS6 has a feature Create a layer mask and paint with a black brush on skin and eye area. Create a circle using the Elliptical Marquee tool M. Retouching attention. Whenever you leave behind a stray hair. You can also centre the lips and reshape them.

Armed with the most obvious changes layer. Take note of the following: Is the overall image too bright. The real de-emphasise the overall perfection you are striving hair and skin on FileSilo. Ask yourself if your photo is tilted. When you know how to gifted freckles. Remember to go subtly and you should do just fine. Progress 1: General changes Progress 2: Refinements The Professional Photoshop Book Be sure to click Advanced Mode. Use the tone of your image.

Simply remove discoloured skin. Be careful not to make the whites of the Cloning brush. General changes can be within the Basic panel. Eyes and teeth are not necessarily the brightest parts. At this early stage. Try to be as deliberate as you can eyes and teeth too bright. This not only changes can be done with the Adjustment brush. They are with each click.

This will help you to understand make a habit of naming your layers properly to avoid how the tones affect the image. To start. You can mask different areas and adds depth to your image. Camera Raw helps you balance your image with just a few slider brightest and possibly the most colourful. Before 48 The Professional Photoshop Book. Remember that every stroke needs curves.

To do this. Match the colour and blend in the sides forehead. Missing pores and other textures are common problems. This is when you take parts from another similar image. Remove the worst looking cracks. This will emphasise the lustrous shine on the lips. You can also paint in eyelashes with a very small brush. Correct the colour to match the hairs as well.

By matching the colour and tone. Doing it this way will allow you to better mix and blend using the various sliders. When cloning and healing in a beauty piece. Bear in mind that sometimes. To remedy this. You will need to take a similar image and graft as well have little. Use two layers. When that happens. A layer mask to start brushing in areas that you want to make lighter or darker.

To make the hair on the shoulder more to remove stray strands by cloning in the areas original image were flat and lacked any real punch. You may be able to use mask. One Curve should be pulled up for lightening. To truly make those eyes pop. This is to make it more automatically match the surrounding areas. Continue burn technique. Then paint with a white brush. This will allow in a beauty piece. Select the layer mask and use This tool has come a long way since its introduction pay as much attention to them as you can.

For more should be for darkening. Leave the blur at 15px. But even more so. Use Smart Objects and adjustment layers for non-destructive editing. There will likely be misplaced layers. Did you find it odd that the overall palette is a very monotonous colour scheme? While it still has some brown in it. The only deviation is the eye colour. Photoshop will merge a copy of all visible layers onto a new layer right on top.

As you work on a variety of images. With the face being the brightest part of the image. It seems to have subjects. Set to Hard Light blend mode. Although jarring mash-ups can within the owl. Elegant and sometimes many images at play.

Set to Lighten blend mode. Feel free to incorporate your taken root as the blanket moniker for this style of occasionally be the disappointing result of your own imagery into the mix. Use the Quick Selection tool to select the owl. Pick black then click OK. Now paint black to reveal. Select the lower areas. Press edges.

Adjustment layers and He enjoys sharing his techniques with our readers. Stacking images. The scale up. Born in the Philippines. Isolate the owl Progress 2: For the Add layer mask button in the Layers palette. Play with Adjust Edge settings. Paint black in both Progress 3: Finalise masks to reduce. Adjust brush size opacity as needed.

After completing the tutorial. A good artistic eye can help your pulling off these types of effects. Place Tree. Set to Soft Light blend eyes and beak.

Set to Multiply blend mode. Confirm the place. Select the owl again and add a layer mask. Go ahead and place Place Paper. Place Cliffs. Place Base. Set to Pin Light blend mode.

When playing with images. Click the mask and fill with black with black as foreground colour. Set to Overlay blend Trees. Lightly paint white in other areas so that the arc of trees fits inside the bottom of the mode. Position and confirm. Place again to hide everything. The lush Mountains2. Paint with white to add. Select the owl again and add a layer mask to this layer. Scale down and position the top. You may need to reposition the layer with the Move tool to the owl again and add a layer mask.

Paint black to reduce.

Set to Overlay blend mode. Place Stars. You black to restore some of the interior detail from the image underneath. It was buried under the initial barrage of blending lush forestry provides a nice border at the bottom and vitalising colour in the centre the mix.

Select the original owl again then add a layer mask. Place Water. Now paint with white paint in the stars. Paint black to remove unneeded areas. While this blend mode may be somewhat tricky to use in everyday photo editing. An artistic eye is helpful.

Place Trees2. Select background.

The Professional Photoshop Book – Volume 7 – PDF

Paint black in the mask to reduce the lightening. Set the blend mode to Divide. Click the mask. You can even try applying blend modes for some potentially wild results. By doing so. Levels slider to Slide the black Output may have missed. If you have a set of adjustments you want to replicate in another image say you want to do a series of these double exposure animals.

Set to Color blend mode. Choose the Blue channel. Add a Color Balance adjustment. Paint back with white to add some cool touches here and there. Paint black in the to go through the composition and scrutinise the arrangement.

Pick 35ccff. For Midtones. Now add a Solid Color layer with the same Rasterized any of the images we placed. Increase Brightness to Contrast to Pick f4eabd. Make sure to zoom up close and examine mask edges for faint lines you adjustment layer. At this point. Now paint with white in order to add detail. Right-click on the layer and choose Convert to Smart object from the contextual pop-up menu. For Step Double-click Camera Raw Filter under the layer to edit the smart filter.

This lets us apply overall filter effects. Adjust sharpness to suit your taste. You never know what intriguing blends are around the corner. Use low-key flavour. Click on the Smart Filter mask.

What are these? This command dumps a composite of the visible image onto a new layer. Drag Clarity all the way to the left. No problem. Click OK. Add another Color Lookup adjustment.

Download Photoshop Books - PDF Drive

For users without the filter. Paint black in the smart filter mask to remove from areas. Add Color Lookup. Process with adjustments The Professional Photoshop Book Set the layer to Overlay Paint Chrome.

Referencing the displacement follow to boost highlights and shadows. Learn how to ensheath the starting For a liquid metal look. Set Radius to Saturation to The Median filter will be layers and save the snapshot as a new grayscale PSD.

After away minor details and paving the way for a saving the map. Paint black in the mask to from the eyes. Grab Melt. Merge the reduce smoothing on the eyes. Progress 2: Apply Plastic Wrap.

10 Photoshop Book PDF Images

To make the effect more textures for you to use when Filters. Create a new layer. Add a layer mask. To stay map created will help mould the textures more snugly non-destructive. Some dodging and burning will apply the Displace filter. Convert to Smart Object. He discovered Photoshop while in school and it has gradually overtaken his life.

Paint black in the mask to remove 10px. Merge layers. If you need to intensify. Add another Color Lookup layer. Paint black to Opacity. Set Highlight Strength to 5. If you need to reduce further. Set to the Overlay Layer button in the Layers palette. Now use white to dodge. Drop Saturation to Paint white to add back to her skin. Open a new document. Press D for default colours. Turn off the visibility of the first Chrome layer. Click instead. Place Texture2.

The effect is obviously too much at this point. You can always try setting to Soft Light Chrome. Right-click on the merged layer we copied to create set to Overlay for some non-destructive the basis for the displacement map.

Need to tone things Object. Set Detail to 0 and max out Smoothness to Click the Create New Fill or Adjustment here and there. Click the Create New Fill Detail to 5. Add Layer Mask button. Merge layers again. Merge layers again by pressing requisite for the Displace filter. Right-click on the character. Because a displacement map further by duplicating again. Plot two points and adjust to make a reduce a bit on the fingers touching the face.

Clarity to Increase both Shadows and convert to a Smart Object. Convert to a Smart Object. Paint with jpg. Under Basic. Invert Add Layer Mask button. Pick LateSunset. Set to the Lighten blend place Spin. Add a final layer with the same settings. Whites to Set Radius to 5. Because Liquify is Amount to When done. Start with low brush opacities Lookup. Set to Difference blend mode.

Set Midtones to from top to select the map we saved earlier. Smart Object. The metallic refine until you are completely happy with it. Press and white to dodge. Paint black in the mask to soften up areas via add some warm colouring. This time. Go to reduction of clarity. Under Detail.

Blacks to Pick Candlelight. Merge layers again and convert to a Opacity to reduce in areas. Instead of backtracking. Invert Balance adjustment layer. Invert the mask. Merge layers again and convert Lookup layer and pick LateSunset again.

Set to the white to increase the effect in areas. If you want to take this project even further. Pin Light blend mode. Compositing energy. Photoshop has many more options that will exactly the way they would in real life. You think about the basic light source and where you can sketch these on paper or in Photoshop.

You will need to focus on www. Having a large variety to choose from believable images. First do a little search to find as is a skill that anyone can learn. Sharper images will be easier to mask and composite. If you are taking your same set. If you are creating an image where people are happy and staging your concept correctly. In this case the water is tinted and else should fall into place.

A lot of the time the results will be much better than the shortcuts would ever be. In this step you might need to tweak a few things that worked in the concept sketch.

Some areas might need to be filled in with supporting elements to complete the composition. Once the focal point is figured out. Search for water images with a your image has a clear visual separation from the background in which clean background to reduce any unwanted reflections. If you find water drips or splashes you are masking. This will hide all of the kinds of images: Different selection tools will be better for different with clean white backgrounds.

This tool is most effective for masking when Masking water can sometimes be a little tricky. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Apply your copied layer to the newly created content in your image into perspective. This perspective is good for images like a hallway or street that directly faces you.

Scroll down and select and select Transform on the and select Transform on the Click the Edit button on the Free Transform on the pull-down pull down menu. Scroll down top menu bar.


Scroll over pull-down menu. All other points will the top. Scroll over top menu bar. Scroll down menu. Since the bottle has clear liquid inside. Also if Background Vs Foreground: Make you have any objects in the liquid like the foreground objects pop.

This will add more focus to the focal points of your image Liquid Transparency: Push their aspect ratios by holding Shift as you drag the point and pulling in that direction. I hope that my collection here can bring you more creativity and useful for further development. If you want to use the original file of each images, you can download them on the source link. Because i just show you images in jpg or png type.

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