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The Silver Eyed Prince and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. .. I've read the ebook edition but I had to have the paperback edition. The Silver Eyed Prince By V.J. Dunraven - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Read and Download Ebook The Silver Eyed Prince: Highest Royal Coven of Europe (Volume 1) The Silver Eyed Prince: Highest.

The Silver Eyed Prince Ebook

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The Silver Eyed Prince (Highest Royal Coven of Europe, #1) .. Shelves: fantasy -scifi, military-ex-military, own-ebooks, mythology, romance, second-chances. DOWNLOAD OR READ: THE SILVER EYED PRINCE HIGHEST ROYAL COVEN OF EUROPE 1 VJ DUNRAVEN. PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. VJ Dunraven was educated with a Bachelor's in Arts and Mary-Nancy Smith. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon. com.

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May 13, Matet Tanda rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A very well written book. Catches your attention right from the start and you would definitely not put it down until you finish it. I love the way it is written, it's so original. VjDunraven has managed to infuse everything in this book; humor, romance, drama, action and so much more.

And if u delve deeper it even actually touches the concept of spirituality.

It maybe graphical in some scenes but that's what makes it par excellence. It was depicted sharply and succinctly that it will definitely A very well written book. It was depicted sharply and succinctly that it will definitely invoke emotions from the readers thus a feeling of being part of the novel. Trust me on this part, i was a total crybaby in many parts of this book.

A very well-deserved 5. May 06, Khaleeda rated it it was amazing. Its amazing!!!!!! I wanna Read it. May 04, Eva rated it did not like it. I'm not quite sure what to say about this book and whether it deserved just one or two stars.

I decided for 2 but it's more like 1.

To learn about herself, she has to change into a school especially for her kind from where the story becomes quite convuluted. Let's just say that there is I'm not quite sure what to say about this book and whether it deserved just one or two stars. Let's just say that there is some big destiny for her, though no one tells her about it, so she stumbles through the story with little sense, at least not that I could see.

Then there's the prince part of her destiny who tries to get into her pants. After the first pages I had to force myself to continue reading, because the story often made little sense. One thing I really didn't like was how the heroine, a 17 year old girl who was quite inexperienced never had a boyfriend and wasn't even kissed once was thrown by everyone, even her own mother at this over years old prince because that was her destiny.

I really didn't like how even her mother obviosly thought lying and manipulating her was for the grater good. He the prince is quite arrogant and expects her to be grateful for his attention and while he tries to redeem himself, he isn't quite succesfull. There was this scene, after he has decided he has to gain the trust of Elizabeth and get her to relax, and to do that he takes this inexperienced virgin girl to his house to stay overnight somewhat against her protest and the first and only room he shows her is his bedroom with his "enormous" bed.

Way to get a 17 year old virgin to relax, right? Another thing I didn't like was the authors way to give us background information.

It didn't come naturally but seemed forced into the situation. Admittedly, she wasn't very nice, but as far as I could tell, she hadn't done anything to deserve it and it was more or less as punishment for the villain. Way to go, good team, right? On the positive side, the story was somewhat interesting and could have been quite good if not for the aforementioned flaws hide spoiler ] View all 22 comments.

Not your typical Vampire Romance, It is so much more, The trials and tribulations of discovering your other half, while finding out your life is not at all what you'd been raised to believe it was. Finding your twin flame is not all happy go lucky, sail off into the sunset kind of fantasy. VJ has the insight to make this so realistic you believe you're actually apart of this story. If you didn't believe in TF or SM before reading this, you more then likely will after xoxoxoxox LOVE THIS can't w Not your typical Vampire Romance, It is so much more, The trials and tribulations of discovering your other half, while finding out your life is not at all what you'd been raised to believe it was.

A surprising jewel I have followed VJ Don't even on face book for her photography and just discovered that she is an author. I had to check out her stuff. I loved this story of finding the best within yourself and plan to five into the rest of this series. Great Book The content of the book is great.

The story is also interesting. Very well written. Keep up the good work. Reminds me of Harry Potter with a little of Anastasia combined into it. This is similar how Elizabeth doesn't know what she is until someone reveals it to her, then goes to school with other people of her species. It was cute how Elizabeth was after she received the white rose from William. Also, the change was good between Prince William and Elizabeth; them getting closer and all loved up instead of constantly fighting.

I don't mean that I wish something bad to happen to her, but I just wished to have some excitement to be added to scenes instead of everything being happy or mundane way that it was. The drama starts when Princess Catherine makes an appearance, along with a person from Elizabeth's family's past.

At first I didn't like the bad guys, but the way the author wrote about them changed my perspective, especially as I read on in the story. He was such a nice guy. He was very noble and put duty and the ones he loved first before himself. She was always meant to be with William, not only because they were soul mates but because of her status.

He did the right thing by not pursuing Elizabeth, but he was still breaking my heart. I couldn't help but be moved by his nobleness to give up on Elizabeth and leave her to protect her, instead of pursuing her.

It pulled at my heart strings when Elizabeth begged him to stay, but he still managed to distance himself from her. Then, the author decided to shatter my heart completely by killing him off. Feb 07, Alia Ros rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most importantly, it shows you the power of faith, unconditional love, and the wisdom of forgiveness.

May you keep this knowledge and share it with others. Such emotions portrayed in this, everything has been tested, love , trust , loyalty soo many things. I wept, cried, laughed in this book like every incident occurred to me. This was not a normal cliche book but an extraordinary one! I pray for yall to give this book a chance to give you an adventure of a life time like it did to me. Well excuse me now imma go mourn for the fallen characters. It definitely did not disappoint.

Have a good day! View 2 comments. Apr 26, Jenifer Hubbart rated it it was ok. Well I have to say I am surprised by the other reviews of this book.

Yes the story was interesting because it was a new spin on vampires. However the story was not well written. It was choppy writing to say the least. It seems as though the author doesn't know how to use punctuation properly and there were several typos which irritate the hell out of me!! Spell check was invented for a reason and only idiots don't spell check and proof read. Editors are important if only for this one reason.

I d Well I have to say I am surprised by the other reviews of this book. I did like the new spin on vampires. I did not like this book. It was too easy to already know what was going to happen and there is no need to read any future books in this series because the author already spilled the beans on what's to come! May 07, Anya rated it really liked it. At first while reading this I felt it was very twilight-ish but as I read along I actually grown to like it, this book has its own mettle.

The main difference IMHO was that characters actually died in this book. Overall, I immensely enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to the next one! Sep 15, Ladyintown rated it liked it. Don't want to sound like a hipster or anything I read this book as it was being written, people.

The Silver Eyed Prince by V.J. Dunraven - FictionDB

And perhaps thats one of the reasons I didnt like it too much- it was only a rough draft. But from what I've seen, its the exact same thing, and that makes me a little upset.

On Wattpad, this story was popular because it was about vampires and royalty. Oh, and lets not forget the redheaded main character, who does practically nothing the whole Don't want to sound like a hipster or anything Oh, and lets not forget the redheaded main character, who does practically nothing the whole time. Apr 19, Jeminus rated it it was amazing. Feb 03, Mari rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm sorry to say this but it was so ridiculous in so many ways I forced myself to finish it Jun 11, Tegan rated it really liked it.

Very motivational story, inspires thoughts of friendship and family.. May 20, Ayana rated it really liked it Shelves: I've got some mixed feelings for this one.

Review to come. Jan 31, Frances Antonette rated it really liked it. I love it so much but i hate how it left me hanging at the end! A lot of new whys and whats. Can't wait to read the next book. Nov 30, Inna rated it liked it.

The Silver Eyed Prince

The ending has me so angry Don' t think I want to even talk about it. Maria rated it really liked it Jan 23, Nat rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Then, just when she thought he sincerely cared for her, the secret of her identity unravels along with the discovery of his real intent, plunging her life into a dimension beyond her comprehension.

Disoriented and heartbroken, Elizabeth is desperate to know the truth. Does he truly love her, or did he simply woo her out of the dire need to fulfill an inevitable royal obligation? He has been searching for his Twin Flame, so that together, they can fulfill their destiny.

The Prince had everything under control--until he met Elizabeth Hamilton, and discovered she was nothing like the one he had envisioned and waited for--for over a hundred years. Reviews from Goodreads.

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